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The Pembroke is a light and airy gastro pub with a welcoming atmosphere. With a great terrace for Saturday afternoon celeb spotting or chilling out to the laid back tunes. Fine food and great staff in a chilled atmosphere.

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Opening Hours
Mon-Thu 11:00-23:00
Fri-Sat 11:00-00:00
Sun 11:00-22:30

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Pembroke reviews

By Andrew M.

Pembroke Castle stuck in my mind for two reasons...very slow service and very camp staff. The place was full of people who cannot pronounce the word "yes" and talk about Big Brother way too much. Pembroke Castle is hardly a pub worthy of Primrose Hill.

By Any L.

Great pub in the coolest part of London, lovely location and the pub has recently be done up so its one of the nicest ones in the areas, good food good beer definitely one of the friendliest pubs in the area. I really like it and when it sunny every one else seems to love it too because it is the place to be and hang out in the sunshine in the beer garden

By Amy L.

Lovely little pub, nice and set out, lovely drinks served by nice staff, we didn't have food but saw it going out and it looked very nice, pub fare like pies and burgers and even pizzas, definitely want to come back and try the food because we only had drinks when we went in

By Todd C.

A small little pub just over the bridge into primrose hill, lovely looking, lovely atmosphere, we had really nice food - pub food, I had a burger and my girlfriend had risotto, all very good for a pub local. The guys behind the bar were fun and courteous, I think there aren't enough places like this out there - I've seen some reviews about kids on here, there weren't any when I was in (thank god) but lets be honest a pub really isn't the place for a child any way - you walk in to this pub or any pub for that manner and the bar and back bar are full of booze waiting to be sold. Great little pub.

By Tim T.

Wow wow wow, they have out some money into this place, it looks amazing - the garden has this cool type of astro-turf and these cool red and white chairs with lots of terracotta plants and plant pots. The outside is nearly unrecognisable but still a beautiful victorian pub, it has cool new signage and jumbo umbrella with the logo on it and inside is amazing with its sanded down wood and old but cool paint colours and decoration even down to the frames on the wall inside with amazing details of the local area, can't tell you enough how positively this has changed and it always seems busy, well done the pembroke well done

By Darren T.

A great little find in the primrose hill area just as you come over the bridge, it is not very imposing as you cross over the bridge into primrose hill but then as you come over the brow of the hill you see a big inviting beer garden hiding in plain site. Once inside you find an amazing little pub untouched by modern standards - it has lovely wooden floors, wooden back bar and subtle features and two really cool stain glass windows that when lit up at night look amazing. This is a must for those hot summer days in primrose hill. Just going to or coming from the hill, it's always packed so that has got to be a good thing and really say something about the place. I would recommend this place after a fun sunny day on the hill or a quiet summers eve. Cider in the sun in the lovely beer garden.

By Darren T.

This is a lovely little pub that serves great pizzas and burgers. They always have a large selection of cask ales and a very reasonable wine list. This place really takes off in the sunshine - great weather means the hill will be full and so will their beer garden. Staff are always friendly and the music is pretty cool too, i'd recommend this place as a stop off before you get to the hill or even when your coming back off it :-)

By A G.

Visited for Sunday afternoon drink - the bar area was dirty, the staff had a poor attitude to service and the drinks were expensive. Mainly because of the poor staff attitude, I will think twice before returning and will try some others in the area before going here again.

By Fiona M.

Came here for a Sunday pub roast this week and was sadly disappointed. Having booked a table for 8, we were given a table with 3 chairs and only big enough for 4. Since my friends - although close - were unable to squash up quite that snugly and since the staff didn't seem at all bothered, it was left to us to speak with other guests to eventually get a table big enough. Thank heavens the other patrons were more friendly than the staff. Obviously our waitress had more important things to do than serve tables, and she made this clear by looking bored and annoyed while taking our order. She proved this by never returning with an answer to one guest’s question. When our food arrived (albeit quickly) each person at the table who had been dreaming of a proper pub roast was disappointed. The beef was gristly and tough, the pork was tasteless, all the veg was undercooked and the Yorkshire puds were burnt. There was a small joy in the guise of tasty roast potatoes; however some had 2 quarters while others had 5. (P.s. drowning your plates in watery gravy does not a meal make.) When we wanted salt and horseradish, we were humiliated to have to stand and wave at a waiter to get his attention. We then asked for 2 more glasses of red wine as he put down the salt, only for him to leave and never be seen again. We’d have liked to leave our comments with someone there, however we were at no point asked if we had enjoyed the food, or if there was anything else we’d like to order. Our journey across London for a pub roast at The Pembroke Castle will never, unsurprisingly, be repeated.

By John S.

Nice little pub, warm inviting and full of character. Looks great from outside with fairy lights in the patio area, had some lovely food as well; Sirloin steak and a fish finger sandwich and a particularly nice bottle of Sauv B. would definitely recommend this little gem, passed by a few others in the area and this seemed like the liveliest of the bunch and I could see why,10 out of 10!

By Mark S.

I love this pub, its clean tidy and its not in your face and that can not be said for some of the other pubs in the area. The food is great - if yo get the chance you should really try the burger or pizza! Cask ale range is great I don't think anywhere else is doing as many a s three like here... they always seem to be changing and they seem to know what they are doing because they are always tip top

By Steve W.

I visited The Pembroke with two friends a few weeks ago for Sunday lunch. I went to the bar and ordered our three main meals. The girl behind the bar went and put the order in, and came back to me for payment. I realised I'd forgotten to order some chips - which we wanted with the main meal - so she went back and put them in, then I paid. The chips arrived very quickly, with the meals following around 25 minutes later. I complained to the server, who was extraordinarily rude, informing me in no uncertain terms that "the menu very clearly states any food not ordered together will not arrive together". I explained that they had been ordered at the same time, and he couldn't have cared less. He was wearing a white shirt, had scraggly shoulder length hair, a wispy beard, was wearing some of those cloth band things on one wrist and a watch with a thick leather strap on the other. The way he spoke to us was disgusting. I would advise anyone not to visit The Pembroke, at least until he has been relieved of his duties.

By Sylvia S.

I went to the Pembroke Castle this weekend with some friends, the service was really bad, none of the waitress had any experience at the bar or on the tables. We kept asking for drinks and out table was full of empty glasses and bottles, none of the waitress who came to serve the food even thought in taking them away, we had to ask in order to have space to eat. The manager at the bar was quite unfriendly, when we asked to split the bill he didn't help at all in making us to understand that we had to split the amount between the number of people who was going to pay, because his till only accept that, that was ok, but his manners in explaining it were not defenelty from someone who is a profesional in the industry. Food was good the pub is beautiful, but the staff have no idea on how to run a quality pub

By D L.

I only give Pembroke one star, as unfortunately I cannot give the bar a zero in order to write a comment. If you are after the rudest stupidest Bar Manager in the world, then go to Pembroke! The owners of Pembroke should sack this guy! Never anywhere in London, let alone the world have I experienced such treatment from a service establishment. Me and 15 (all professional, well paid) friends had travelled into the area via on a function boat on the canal and decided to stop off in the area. We came across the half empty Pembroke bar with a half empty garden. Admittingly it wasn't a great look, but we had a few beers that we wanted to finish off outside the bar on the street (not illegal!). A couple of people proceeded to finish off their beverages before entering the pub, leaving the empty bottles outside (maybe not the best idea, but not hurting anyone). Half of the party were inside and half entered once they had finished their beverages, and were met by the Bar Manager who proceeded to kick all 16 of us out of the pub because we apparently were breaching a bylaw for drinking outside his pub. Further he cited health and safety dribble that the empty bottles could harm children playing in the street - um, there weren't any, and it was a fairly busy road so wouldn't expect any! We then asked if we could dispose of the bottles in his bin and he refused. At no time was it suggested by the manager that we had drunk too much, or were disruptive, he only seemed to have issue with 4 people finishing off their drinks outside. The bar manager is a moron, we went down the road to another bar and mentioned that we had been kicked out of the Pembroke, and he told us that it happened all the time and they did well out of it!

By Tom H.

AVOID. Me and my friends came in here for dinner and it was a terrible experience. The staff were surly and unhelpful, refusing to let six of us move two tables together to seat us all. When we asked 'how do you seat a party of six then?', they shrugged and said 'It's a small pub'. The food we ordered was atrocious - the stuffed peppers we'd asked for were microscopic when they arrived, and my friend's bangers and mash consisted of greasy and equally miniscule sausages, and mash that had more lumps than I've had hot dinners. AWFUL food with rude staff.

By Richard W.

I'd been meaning to visit this pub for some time but having eventually made the trip in I was left disappointed, primarily due to the kind of service I expect from a student bar. On the plus side, the beer was good, the place was quiet on a Sunday night and the service friendly. On the flip side, the quietness meant that the place was devoid of atmosphere and the rudeness of the staff at kicking out time left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I appreciate the need for encouraging your customers to drink up in a timely manner but to make people wait outside whilst one of the party is in the WC is petty at best and to start quoting the licensing laws is only going to alienate your customers. I've worked on both sides of the bar and this isn't how to do it; could be a nice place but fails due to lack of customer empathy.

By Tojo P.

No way. I had just reviewed Pembroke and said it was a good venue despite the exterior not being up to scratch and low and behold I was walking by the place today and couldn't believe it - they are completely refurbishing the garden, brand new plants, brand new furniture were being delivered as I went by - I like to beieve that it was my review that made them invest haha. It looks like its going to be great - they ust have spent loads on it - go check it out already looking good!

By Tojo P.

I had some good food in here - i liked it, loads of beers to choose from its got a really big beer garden a bit tatty but its big and its busy especially on a scorcher, check it out its worth the adventure to get to

By Bernice M.

I struggle to even score Pembroke with a single star rating. I visited Pembroke over the easter weekend with a group of friends. I had reserved a table with a member of staff 3 days beforehand and on the day before called ahead to amend the booking from 7 to 10. On the day itself, I called ahead to reconfirm but was told by the General Manager we do not take bookings. This was a suprise as I had previously confirmed with 2 members of his staff. I explained to the gm that I had a gathering of 10 friends who had travelled to London for a reunion. He explained there was nothing he could do, as gm he made the rules and they don't take bookings, they operate on first come first served. He asked me how I would like him to resolve the situtation. I explained that I would like him to look to reserve the next table that comes available for me and my friends as it was his staff that had accepted the booking. He refused. After calling a number of other pubs to reserve a table, every where was booked up as it was Easter weekend. We decided to give the Pembroke one last chance and go along to see if we could secure a table. On arriving only one table was occupied by a couple. We had the option of a window seat/private area at the back/table by the door - I was amazed having only been told 15 minutes earlier that they were full!- On arriving we slid two tables togther so that we could sit as a group, this apparently threatened H&s!- Staff were deliberately rude, unhelpful and openly annoyed that they actually had customers turning up that they were expected to serve- The gm ("puppeteer") directed staff around the pub to do everything possible to ruin any chance of an enjoyable visit- The toilets were like those you'd expect to find at the end of Glastonbury festivalplease never visit Pembroke. We refused to eat here and spend any more hard earned cash to keep the gm in a job. Belgos on the other hand a round the corner was a true delight! We happily spent £500!

By Helen P.

I love the Pembroke it is a fun friendly bar the sunday roast is second to none great for those sunny after noons.


I am amazed at some of the positive comments given to this venue. i have never experienced service as bad as this anywhere in London. We were told that there would be a wait for food by the barmen when ordering, which we accepted and took our drinks to our table. After approximately 3 minutes we were surprised to find that our order was ready (must be that microwave technology i've been reading about). My friend had ordered soup of the day for starters followed by sausage and mash. I had ordered soup for starters followed by shepherds pie with a side of sweet potatoes. A fairly straight forward order, or so i thought. The waitress came over with a soup, sausage and mash and a side of sweet potatoes. My friend decided it was best to avoid confrontation and make do with eating starter and mains as a combo! meanwhile i decided to eat my side dish and await my mains.....after waiting for some time and after a few complaints to the manager my food arrived (although sausage and mash instead of shepherds pie initially) as all food was cold i felt i should mention something to the manager and to my surprise he argued that most people have their starters and mains together and that he did ask us whether we wanted our meals together (despite never serving us). Im sure this pub would be fine for a few drinks...but please avoid food at all costs. I never received an apology from the boss for the poor service, although from an individual that obnoxious it came as no surprise.

By Giuliana C.

Very friendly staff, filled with regulars who obviously enjoy the atmosphere. The wine list is pretty poor, but the food isn't as bad as other reviews might make out. A good place to hang out if in the area, even if I probably wouldn't go out of my way to go here.

By G.

I like Pembroke Castle on the Primrose Hill border and enjoy sitting out on the decked heated patio in summer and winter. It's a friendly pub with a mixed clientele. Pembroke Castle does terrible food but it's a fun pub!

By W.

Pembroke Castle is a fairly average 20-somethings boozer. Service is slow and the clientele are a mixed bunch - they can be the type you roll your eyes at with their rowdy antics, or just fairly normal. The plus points of Pembroke Castle are that it features outdoor seating and is relatively easy to find. But other than that, there's little else to say.

By Eleanor B.

The Pembroke is a great outdoor venue for a pub night out in one of the most pleasant areas in London or as meeting point on your way to the heady Camden nightlife.

The Venue
Located close to Chalk Farm, The Pembroke is in an area with a more refined feel than the wilder mixture of entertainment available along Camden High Street, just a short walk away. This popular pub is particularly good as it offers a more affordable alternative to a number of upmarket eateries and cafes further down the high street.

The Pembroke has a great open patio and garden area complete with patio heaters, tables and chairs, and on a sunny day it can become very busy so expect to stand at peak times or arrive early in the evening (it is not possible to book tables here). Although this area is beside the roadside, the passing traffic offers little distraction to the hum of chatting punters. Inside, there's a fairly standard bar area, comfy chairs and tables and a dark maroon colour scheme. Upstairs there is a function room available for hire.

The Atmosphere
Standing by Primrose Hill Village, the clientele at The Pembroke ranges from Primrose Hillbillies to media types working in the area and punters on their way to Camden. This creates a lively atmosphere, particularly on the patio in the summer months. The staff are quite brisk, but serve customers quickly, being used to busy evenings.

The Food
The Pembroke serves good quality pub grub. Starters range from £4-£7 – you can get a decent soup of the day for £3.95, and the side orders are great value costing no more than £3. For mains, a range of burgers, steaks, salads and more unusual dishes and vegetarian options all come in at the £8-£15 mark.

The Drink
A range of drink is on offer here, typical of an English pub, including beers and ales at an average £3.50 a pint and a variety of wine (£13-£20). A spirit and mixer such as the ever popular G and T costs £4. Jugs of Pimms are also available in the summer for £17.50, and are popular for sipping on with friends in the summer months.

The Last Word
The Pembroke is a great place to sit out and watch the world go by, including Primrose Hill locals (and possibly the odd celebrity) whilst enjoying a pint or two.

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