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This is a members only bar. Non-members are welcome before 20:00

The Phoenix Artist Club is located below The Phoenix Theatre and is a theatrical late night bar that acts as a members club for actors. Low on pretension, it's open to everyone as long as you arrive before 20:00.

Ranked #138 of 225 clubs in London
"The Phoenix Artist Club - 'A hidden gem' - secreted away down a little side street (used in the opening sequences of 'Harry Potter') and tucked beneath The Phoenix Theatre lies this charming escape from the London norm.

As featured in many films and TV Productions, Travel Channel's "The Layover" with Anthony Bourdain, written about by Rupert Everett in "Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins", visited by Princess Michael of Kent, Kiera Knightly, Jude Law, David Soul, John Hurt or Janice Dickinson to name but a few, inspiring screenwriters, authors and poets and refreshing worn out theatre staff from every London Theatre - you can perhaps understand why they want to keep us for themselves!

We are the perfect antidote to corporate 'all the same' pubs. A private members club, open to the public and theatre goers for afternoon tea, group bookings or just somewhere to relax in old world charm.

Thank you for your interest in 'our family'. That may seem a strange statement to make about a club, but it's not our claim - it's that of our members! We 'entertain entertainers' here at the Phoenix and we have been doing so since 1988.
The Phoenix Artist Club is a private members' club located in the heart of London Theatreland and our membership is made up of professionals from the performing arts and media industries.

This lively and nostalgic theatre bar is located in the original dressing and rehearsal rooms of the Phoenix Theatre where Laurence Olivier made his debut on stage in the 1930s in "Private Lives" with Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence.
In the late '70s it was transformed into a wine bar and restaurant with a decor to complement its theatrical past. The unique decor includes some very special artworks such as the costume designs of the Rhine Stone Ballet, a hand-made model of the Old Vic Theatre and prints detailing how to dress well in 1930s London.

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Opening Hours

17:00 - 02:00


17:00 - 02:00


17:00 - 02:00


17:00 - 02:00


17:00 - 02:00


17:00 - 02:00



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Phoenix Artist Club reviews

By Andrew M.

A large cellar-like space with worn wooden tables and theatrical memorabilia. As you'd expect, the Phoenix Artist Club serves an arty looking clientele, from the usual old soaks to Topshop girlies. Members-only apparently, but they don't always check for a card. The Phoenix Artist Club is pleasantly dark and nicotine stained; more a wine and pint place than for cocktails.

By Andrew M.

A large cellar like space with worn wooden tables and theatrical memorabilia. As you'd expect, the Phoenix Artist Club serves an arty looking clientele, from the usual old soaks to Topshop girlies. Members-only apparently, but they don't always check for a card. The Phoenix Artist Club is pleasantly dark and nicotine stained; more a wine and pint place than for cocktails.

By Colin S.

Hey - isn't it hilarious that some people think Phoenix Artist Club is rude - it is to people who are a bit up themselves. That's cos it's brilliant at not making a fuss over the celebs, luvvies and other music stars that come down for some piece and quiet. Long may it stay that way!

By L.

Run by a bunch of self important, bitchy staff with no sense of what it means to have good customer service. i can't actually believe people pay to come here!!

By Ken W.

Was lucky enough to watch eurovision here last Saturday. Two big screens, tables to sit at, fun atmosphere and surprisingly nice comfort food... Long time since I ate chips that had been hand cut! You either get this place or you don't. If you want posh go pay at century or the hospital. If you want a bit less pretension and somewhere a bit more eccentric come here. Saturday music is a walk down memory lane and they do a lot to help theatre and literary groups.

By Vasquez L.

Not a nice place.. tacky.. smelly.. annoying people.. and they want to charge a membership fee for this dive.. get real.. avoid avoid avoid

By Keith H.

I was invited here by a fellow actor during the summer and promptly fell in love with the place!!!

Joined soon after and hope to be a member for many years to come!

Long live Maurice and The Phoenx!!!

By R J.

Nestled under one of the West Ends livelier theatres and sandwiched between a main road and a side street lies what can only be described as a diamond in the rough.

To describe the Phoenix Artist Club as a hidden gem would not do the place justice.

Spending an evening in there is like taking part in your very own west end production,the crowds arrive,sporting all manner of flora and fauna,the cast(barstaff) assemble,sporting nationalities only equalled by a Eurovision line up,and the proprieter conducts proceedings,sporting if not one of his many world famous waistcoats, then a glittering outfit from his back room- even Mr Benn couldn't equal this.

And so the early evening turns into post theatre into late night drinkers,the buzz erupts and engulfs all who fear to tread- slightly sozzled,new friends made I head into the nearest taxi ,safe in the knowledge a good night was had by all,but wait i still have £20 left in my pocket

- either i've picked up someone elses wallet or the prices are pretty damned cheap,thankfully the latter- roll on next Saturday - if i can wait till then that is!

By Tom W.

I love this bar, you are never quite sure what the night will turn into but aside from the morning after it is always a great one.

The Eurovision Party last week is just one example, great atmosphere, people from nearly all the countries or so it seemed (4 different nationalities behind the bar alone!), big screen action, live entertainment, it had it all

The larger than life owner is normally in residence and if you are lucky he will do a turn.

The music is played at background level meaning that you can enjoy a really good conversation without shouting all night long.

Members only but the trick is to get in before 8pm and then you can stay all night long but that said at just over a couple of quid a week it is worth getting membership anyway and considering its a members club that serves till 2am Monday-Saturday the bar prices are pretty much pub prices.

In a line, this is how a bar should be.

By Ana F.

A discreet yet lively institution where one can never be sure as to how the night will end, due to the interesting clientelle and atmosphere. One of london's hidden away jewels!


Want to experience an artistic haunt that's low on pretension? Head along to this members' club for artists and immerse yourself in the theatrical side of London.

The Venue
Opposite the neon-signed Foyles, nestled between Blackwells and a second hand bookshop beneath the Phoenix Theatre (where the everlasting Blood Brothers plays) lies the appropriately named Phoenix Artist Club. An inconspicuous side door wards off any unwanteds from the tourist-worker-shopper heavy crowds of Charing Cross Road with the sign declaring it’s members only. It is true, you must sign in after 8pm; however, before then anyone is welcome.

This is an actor’s bar, on either side of the stairs leading down to the cabaret-styled Phoenix Artist Club hang heavy red velvet curtains for their entrances. Inside you are welcomed with show tunes quietly playing amongst the chit-chat of the customers and newcomers' eyes settle on frame upon frame of washed up actors, old play posters and the odd phallic flower picture. The bar runs alongside one wall and looks out to the plentiful tables, chairs, booths, arches, nooks and crannies. The back room is separated by bookshelves and a curtained archway and this space is often reserved for birthdays, leaving dos or book launches. Lights are dim, walls are dark and the furniture oak heavy – on a side note the owner is always present, almost a part of the furnishings himself.

The Atmosphere
The Phoenix Artist Club is like no other. With the continuous show tunes playing and the plethora of theatre pictures one could assume that this bar isn’t to everyone’s taste but somehow instead of hindering, these aspects only add to the friendly, buzzing atmosphere of the place. Conversations always appear to be passionate and the urge to play musical chairs around every group is strong. It is an artist’s bar and there is an element of the bohemian to the Phoenix, making it a perfect romantic spot and conversely the perfect social spot to meet a group of friends for drinks, then more drinks before tumbling back out into the grey of Charing Cross Road.

The Food
Food is served until 9pm and includes a basic but filling selection of cheap platters for £6 or sharing combos for £11 and a standard choice of main meals such as burgers, fish and chips, sausage and mash, and stir fry (£6.50-£8.50). The ubiquitous bowls of chips for £2.60 are an inexpensive way of lining the stomach.

The Drink
The Phoenix Artist Clubs is a place to go to for the atmosphere and the people; drinks are your usual fare. Red Stripe, Kronenbourg, Ichiban and Guinness are on tap. The wine list is limited, with the house red and white just about drinkable; however, prices are low with bottles costing just £12.50-£19.50. Even the Champagne is cheap – a bottle of Veuve Clicquot is just £54 here, which far undercuts most bars in Central London. There are a also a wide selection of spirits.

The Last Word
The Phoenix Artist Club is a jewel amongst the urban drool of Central London. This is a proper old school luvvie haunt and all the better for it.

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