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Pizza East is brought to you by the Soho House group and serves a variety of freshly made pizzas cooked in wood burning ovens. The menu also boasts a variety of cold, baked and dessert dishes.

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Pizza East reviews

By Aileen G.

We've had a lunch here with my boyfriend, left with a highly unpleasant experience. Tiny pricey menu, my meatballs were cold, the salad is too saucy, and the 'best pizza that we have' was tasteless. The manager seemed to be upset that we asked to take off the 12.5 service charge (optional) and give some tips to the waiter. As he was the best experience happened to us during our lunch. Don't waste your time here, it's just an other money making canteen for those who work in office to pop out for a quick lunch.

By Ben M.

I love a good pizza – it must be thin though. Really thin. The thought of a Domino’s makes me want to murder passers-by. Or hang myself with a stuffed crust. So it was with a little shudder of joy when I learn't that a really decent pizzeria had opened close to my Shoreditch flat. The area has log been crying out for such a place. I was pumped with excitement when I arrived, just in the mood for some quality dough cooked in the searing heat of a wood oven, blistered and chewy, weeping pustules of molten mozzarella and tomato, bedecked with fine Italian artisan produce. This is basically what I got, so I was pretty chuffed. And beer. I actually went for a pizza with veal meatballs, cream and sage. Unusual – and gloriously so. The others listed aren’t necessarily run of the mill either – which is refreshing to see, even though I am a bit of a purist. There’s still pizza’s available for the less imaginative and also stuff for people who don’t like pizzas. But if you don’t like pizzas….well. Continuing the theme on dough I had doughnuts for pudding. And my girlfriend’s portion. And I asked for extra sauce. The stomach cramps later were entirely my own doing. As far as I’m concerned, the gods of fast-food gastronomy have rained sweet fortune on Shoreditch with Pizza East. Long may the rain fall.

By Jack S.

Really swish interior, tables and New York style canteen benches... It's obviously a stylish place. Unfortunately the pizzas are just really odd. There's rustic, and then there's hard, burned, ugly and tasteless. I have been three or four times, hoping it would get better, but the food just really doesn't do it for me. The staff are cute though!

By Charlotte K.

I am always astonished at the change in atmosphere from the "Liverpool street" to the "Shoreditch" end of Shoreditch High street. You go from suits and commercial bars, to trendy secret hangouts in a matter of steps. Pizza East is one of them. Beneath the old TEA building lies the perfect venue for just about any event. With its distressed chic interior (chandeliers and old brick walls) you feel instantly welcome. While the tables are extremely intimate (stuck together) you immediately feel like you are one of the “cool kids”. While I could sit and waffle about the decor and atmosphere (both fabulous) – it is the food that I think deserves the credit. Their reasonably priced stone baked pizza’s are to die for! With a thin base and crispy crusts and toppings that you would never think would work (spicy sausage and broccoli) they are the perfect combination of filling meal and a light delight! As you can tell – I love it and have not stopped recommending this place to people. So whether you want a late dinner date (it is open until 2am!) a girly catch up or after work bite it is the perfect place to unwind and munch!

By Adeline T.

had dinner with friends and then stopped in the downstairs club called concrete. had a classic margherita for 7 pounds, and friend had a courgette with marjoram for 8 pounds. crust was thick, but that didn't bothers me since i quite like the crispiness of it. starter was amazing - meat balls and a deep fried liver with polenta (which is a lot tastier then one may expect) overall bill with a beer each came to 40 pounds. so a bit on the pricey side, but then again, probably similar to pizza express with double the atmosphere. didn't have dessert since we were fulled up, but the menu did look tempting with choice of gelato to cake. would definitely drop by again when i am in the area, but not one that i would travel to.

By Adam C.

I had a really unpleasant experience at Pizza East. One waiter there rudely explained to me that it was nobody's fault that there was only black mud inside the clam in my fish stew, after I asked him about the chef's opinion on my discovery. (There was no apology whatsoever, which really got on my nerves.)And as my friend was on the way back from the ladies' room, she encountered that the very waiter was behind our back moaning about my complaint to other staff, calling me "unreasonable". The manager was not of much help either. Nothing was done to resolve the problem. We were simply left extremely unsatisfied.I would not recommend it to anyone unless you expect everything could be dealt WITHOUT any assistance from the people who work there. Because it is surely rude and unprofessional.

By Tenille P.

Went on Saturday night - we ordered a pizza each and as one review said the edge of crust was quite thick and very difficult to cut with the cutlery provided.

There is very little on offer by way of pizzas for vegetarians and I had to settle for the Margarita pizza which is not choice when going out for gourmet pizzas.

My dinner date said the salami pizza was quite good. The Spanish style donuts were nice for desert however the chocolate sauce could have been thicker or perhaps more of the donuts as there was an imbalance of sauce-donut ratio.

Not quite as good as the ones in Spain but the chef has successfully created his own version of the dish which was very yummy.

The staff were fantastic and the atmosphere was very good - sophisticated but casual enough so as not to be pretentious.

By Chiara P.

Very cool venue, lovely atmosphere and friendly staff. Varied menu and very reasonable prices.

Shame the pizza was really average: crispy at start but quite hard to eat as it got colder. The tomato sauce was cheap and of a weird taste.

I had a margherita and there was very little cheese on it.

By Matthew H.

Nice atmosphere, well planned out, decent service but sub-standard pizzas.

Go for one of the other options on the menu.

By Michelle C.

The Soho House Group’s latest venue is stylish and trendy enough to keep the Shoreditch crowd happy and homey and friendly enough to succeed as a pizzeria.

The Venue
Located in the Tea Building, a former Lipton tea factory and most recently the site of the T Bar before its move to Houndsditch, Pizza East still has a very purposeful warehouse feel. The entrance (guarded by a bouncer in the later hours, lest passers-by still think T Bar is on the site) is up a few concrete stairs. Once through the doors, though, it becomes much more warm and welcoming. Whilst still keeping its industrial edge (think exposed ceiling fittings and paint-flecked concrete pillars), the warm woods and small touches like checked cloth napkins add a feeling of Italian old school authenticity.

The venue is large and there are several different areas, from the communal wooden table in the corner, surrounded by Italian wines and produce, to the open kitchen and the square green and white tiled bar in the centre of the vast space. There are several long tables in the main dining area with benches made up of individual interlocking stools, plus tables for two with banquette seating along one wall and circular tables spread throughout the venue. It all seems very Manhattan, whilst still being very East London.

The Atmosphere
Staff are very friendly and helpful, with some of the staff having moved over from Shoreditch House. They’re all well trained on the menu, so no matter who you pull over with a question you can be sure of a correct, concise answer. The crowd is more of the glam East London scene than the scruffy hipsters you can find in the area, and by 8pm, it’s packed. The music is great, with upbeat classics from the likes of Stevie Wonder, the Rolling Stones and the Jackson 5 – a bit of a change from the minimal techno of T Bar.

The Food
Pizza East’s menu is printed on a single sheet, with food on one side and drinks on the other. Prices vary, and you can get a main course priced at anything from £6 to £15. Starters are tapas style and it’s suggested to have a few before moving on to your main. They’re divided up into categories of cold, baked and fried, and there’s also a selection of meats and cheeses, served antipasto style on a plank of wood. There are six meats and six cheeses on the list, priced from £4 to £5, although choices vary depending on what’s available and you can get a board of three choices for £11. Prosciutto (£4), which on a recent occasion was from San Daniele, is thinly sliced and not too salty, with a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Sicilian aubergine (£5) has been fried and sliced into wedges and arrives looking almost like a trio of thick, fat chips. The crisp outer layer and sweet and sour topping of orange, balsamic vinegar and chilli are a good combination, with the blend of flavours tasting almost like something you’d find in a pan-Asian restaurant. Sheep’s milk ricotta bruchetta (£6), from the cold options, consists of two pieces of bread dressed with honeycomb and ricotta cheese. The cheese is soft and delicate, and the honeycomb is melted over it, almost like a jam, balancing the savoury flavour of the cheese well. Flecks of sea salt keep it from being too sweet. A trio of lamb meatballs are large, good quality and well cooked. The tomato sauce they’re served with is rich but not too overwhelming, standing up nicely to the herby flavour of the lamb.

For mains, there’s a choice of more than 10 pizzas, plus a few salads and dishes from Pizza East’s wood oven. Pizzas range in price from £6 to £13 and contain everyday options like margherita, plus slightly more interesting choices: think veal meatballs with prosciutto, sage, lemon, parsley and cream; clams, tomato, oregano, garlic, chilli flakes and pecorino; or potato, garlic, rosemary, fontina and parmesan cheese. A pizza made with duck sausage, artichokes, parmesan and boschetto al tartufo (a soft cheese made with a blend of sheep’s milk, cow’s milk and truffles) is certainly unusual and well worth trying. The duck has the consistency of ground beef but with a much spicier, richer flavour, and the artichoke leaves add a subtle taste. It would be nice if there was a bit of lemon or something tangy to add variety to the creamy cheese, but the crisp, puffy, airy crust is perfect. A sea bass fillet (£15) is presented on top of a bed of steamed spinach, pulped butternut squash and broccoli florets. The crisply grilled skin of the sea bass gives way to the fish’s delicate meat, whilst the dressing is sharp and slightly bitter, offsetting the sweetness of the squash.

A choice of about six puddings range from £5 to £6 and include a fig cornmeal cake, orchard fruit deep dish pie, hot cinnamon doughnuts with Valrhona chocolate, a lemon pot and a trio of gelato. The latter is a good choice if you’ve gone a bit overboard on the mains, as it’s light but still satisfying and well worth the £4. Flavours include interesting combinations like a zesty, icy quince and grapefruit, an indulgent, darkly rich chocolate and mint and an intriguing lemon buttermilk, which has a buttery consistency and a salty and sweet flavour. Another option is the salted chocolate caramel tart (£5), which is a stunning slice of sticky gooey toffee tart with a sprinkle of sea salt on top and a pool of whipped cream on the side. It has a dense, cocoa-rich topping and a caramelised biscuit base, and the salt is something a bit different – it might be brushed off the top by some diners, but it’s definitely an attention-grabbing flavour.

The Drink
The wines on offer are nearly all Italian, with a few bottles from the Western US – Oregon, Washington and California – as a nod to the American influence on the menu. There are a choice of six whites, six reds and one rose by the glass and 500ml carafe, priced from £4 to £9 a glass and £10 to £20 a carafe. Bottles start at a nicely priced £17 and hit £47 for a Californian white and £85 for a Tuscan red. Champagne and sparkling wine ranges from £29 to £85 a bottle.

The most interesting thing about Pizza East’s drinks list is that they have prosecco and wine on tap. The prosecco on tap is a Brut NV, and according to the staff the only difference is that it’s slightly less bubbly than if it had come from the bottle. Three wines are also on tap, a white Trebbiano 08 (£4 a glass and £10 a carafe) and a red and a rose Sangiovese (also £4 a glass and £10 a carafe). Although Sangiovese experts might break out in a cold sweat at the thought of the Italian wine coming out of the tap, unless you’re a connoisseur you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. The red has a lovely brambly flavour with hints of spice. If you’d rather stick to the bottle, though, a glass of Viognier Cline California 07 (£7 a glass and £19 a carafe) is sweet and medium-bodied, with a pleasant honey flavour.

The Last Word
The food is impressive and you’ll want to come back to try more of the interesting, inventive menu, but also because you just can’t help but feel at home.

By D P.

Pizza is the key dish of this restaurant obviously and it is very good. Went on a Sunday night and it was buzzing.

Service still needs a bit ironing out.Would be interesting to see if it has staying power.

Seating can be a bit uncomfortable if you end up on the bench table.

Overall, probably the only place to eat that level of pizza in that neighbourhood.

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