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Platinum Lace on Coventry Street is a relaxed venue hosting dancers and DJs throughout the week. The venue features VIP booths, live sports on TV, gaming consoles and WiFi. Winner of the Best Gentlemen's Club, Platinum Lace welcomes gentlemen, ladies and couples.

Ranked #18 of 225 clubs in London

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Platinum Lace London reviews

By Cecil F.

This is still probably the best lapdancing club in London but only just. The average age of the women had increased on my recent visit, to around 27. Several were clearly in their 30's, which is fair enough if they're hot, but these weren't. However, the women walk around wearing next to nothing which is great, unlike Spearmint Rhino, where they wear too much. Most private shows I had were good. Just one, with tall, English, 30-ish, wide-hipped, blonde Megan was bad, as she didn't even fully strip,said the song had finished and I had to pay another £20. Cheek! After approx 90 seconds. Not a festive spirit from her at Xmas time.

By Cecil F.

I went to Platinum Lace for the Loaded Magazine 'Bikini Night' annual party on Thursday 19th July. It was truly awesome. Imagine walking into a nightclub where all the women are wearing bikinis, well that was it. It was packed with approx 80 men and 30 women lapdancers. Plus quite a few women out for the party and they were happy there too. The lapdancers were mingling and weaving in and out and around the guys, talking to us all, with 3 girls also topless poledancing the whole time, and unlike Spearmint Rhino the women weren't really pushy to get you to have the £20 'private show' with them. I had mine voluntarily! Music really good too, plus beach balls and balloons everywhere. It really was great fun and I was sad to leave. Spent approx £70. The bouncers were a little bit twitchy inside as it was full, but they needn't have been. Men often fight over women or trivial stuff but no need to here, we were in a very good mood.

By Matt P.

I attended last weekend on a Saturday night, quite late (about 2am). I arrived on my own and was fairly smartly dressed. I got in without a hitch and paid the cover fee. On arrival I headed to the bar and ordered a drink. I was immediately pounced upon by one of the girls and that's understandable - they're there to make money. But I don't like to be rushed so I had to decline and ended up making my way down to a seat. Fairly soon afterwards, a tattooed girl introduced herself and we had a nice chat and a drink or two. I was invited for a dance and quickly told that prices start at £20 but I should buy one for £40 as that will get a hotter and lengthier dance. I agreed but sadly, the dance was neither hot nor long. We ended up going back to the seat and credit where it's due, she stayed with me and we were chatting for so long I gave her a tip at the end for her time. The club was fairly empty, and although there were stage dances happening, unfortunately none of them were very good with the girls looking a bit tired and fed up more than anything. I've been to many strip clubs in my time, and this one is nicely laid out, has a good, non-threatening feel about it and is comfortable to spend some time with. Like any club of this nature, you have to learn to say no - sometimes quite firmly - and be respectful at all times. Keep track of what's in your wallet and you should have a good time here.

By Richard R.

If you're looking for a good strip club then avoid this place like the plague. It's more an extortio

First time here. Myself and two friends were escorted to a table when we first entered where the girls instantly came over, began sitting on us and trying to coerce us into buying expensive drinks. One girl asked if we wanted a bottle of vodka to which I asked "how much?" She replied "£70 each" (could've just said £210) so I tried to put my foot down and tell her no way are we paying that! My rather worse-for-wear mate however said yes and as I tried to argue saying he was too drunk to make rational decisions but the girl told me "your mate's agreed to it" as she grabbed his card and put it in the reader. Girls then kept coming over and taking glasses of vodka for themselves which is cheeky before you consider the extortionate price tag! We later had problems removing our drunk friend from the club, he started attacking me as I tried to drag him out due to the state he was in, I asked the bouncer to kick him out but he refused as my friend was a "good customer" spending lots of money.

I also ended up spending £50 on a private dance which should've been £20.

By Mike S.

I Made the mistake of trying this place again, awful - just awful. As a lot of the good reviews appear to be similarly worded I wouldn't automatically assume they are legitimate. I won't be making the same mistake again.

By Daryl T.

When I visited here I expected big things, unfortunately I was disapointed. This place just seems like it's trying too hard, the girls are exactly that - girls, all skin and bone, no womanly curves in sight. Where are the real women? The private dance area feels cold, although modern it's not particularly comfortable and the club itself feels like a small dingy theatre. I think from now on i'll stick to the best gentleman's club in london - Spearmint Rhino!

By John C.

I tried to enter this club on 29th DEC 2012. The security guard asked me if i was in guest list. then he said guest list only today. I phoned up their reception, the girl told me no guest list needed. anyone can enter with entry fee. I think i was discriminated as i was asian. I was in the club 3 times before, and I spend over 150 each time. It is not a good feeling when they get rejected and walk away after spending that much money in the club before. I do like the dancers inside and i spent money and enjoyed before.

By Francis E.

Popped in the other night after the work Christmas party. Tanned, petite, brunette receptionist is VERY grumpy so a frosty 'welcome'. Full of non-English skinny girls who look miserable and you can't chat to due to language barrier. You'd expect to see some sexy figures with full chests in a lap-dancing club but these girls all look under-fed and mostly have small chests (I'm a boob man!). Really nice club interior though, the nicest I've seen in London. Friendly bar staff and good drinks selection. But you don;t go into a strip club for the arm chairs and drinks.... Better girls at Rhinos, Sophisticats and Stringfellows - gorgeous figures, more smiles, can make conversation - no skin and bone like Platinum Lace and far more English girls. Disappointing - I shall avoid.

By Matt D.

I was surprised upon entering Platinum Lace at how classy it is (ironic I know to say about a stripclub) as all the private dances seemed to be done in private booths. I almost forgot where I was. We was shown to a table by a quiet door runner and greeted by a tall gorgeous blonde by the name of Sarah. She talked us through the menu to help us decide which champagne to buy. After swiftly delivering and expertly serving our drinks we were joined by some stunning ladies. A couple of bottles and few dances later we was treated to a live singer performing with an amazing voice and banter. We left with our wallets significantly lighter and smiles on our faces. A great night, a great venue. We will certainly be returning soon.

By Matt D.

My first impression upon entering the club was of how classy it is, ironic to say about a stripclub I know. Private dances are conducted in private booths so I almost forgot what kind of venue I was in! The service from door to drinks was topnotch. We was shown to a table by a quiet door runner and immediately greeted by a gorgeous tall blonde by the name of Sarah. She talked us through the champagne list so we could chose to our preference of taste. Once delivered and expertly served we were joined by some of the stunning dancers who flirted and entertained us for the rest of the night. We left the club having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you to the team for a memorable visit, especially to the waitress who ensured our glasses were always full and the table clean and clear. Our only regret was that in hindsight we should have tipped her more as she worked the hardest for us. We shall be returning soon to make amends!

By Sam W.

After my visit last night, I was very impressed indeed, the welcoming service from the front door security was real hospitality. During my time in the club the atmosphere and customer service was 1st class, I will be returning to Platinum Lace London with my colleagues in the future. Well done to all the team who make that club what it is. The only thing I did not like was the fact I had to leave due to business commitment; on the plus side to this I will be back. Thank you to the Platinum Lace venue for the great experience I had it was a fabulous night.

By James H.

I have visited Platinum Lace last Friday and it was an amazing experience. I couldn't believe how lively the venue was! I have been approached by many girls and they all were very encouraging and friendly, but after having a few dances I have set my heart on one of them and have been taken to a private lounge that felt very intimate and lush. I wish I could have afforded to stay there longer as we were having such a good undisturbed time. After coming back from the VIP lounge I have sat on a main floor and got really surprised how much entertainment was actually going on. Big part of entertainment was stage shows with saxophone player, singer and a belly dancer. The girl I was with was so friendly she entertained me for a while after coming back from a private room for free and even introduced me to her friends. Definitely a top venue for a night out whether you are on your own or with friends! P.S. don't forget to take some cash off as the club charges 20% surcharge for paying for girls on the card. That might pay for your cab home or few extra dances.

By Paul N.

After visiting Platinum Lace recently I felt compelled to write a review. From the minute you are welcomed at the front door, you are treated like kings,....we were shown to a table in the middle of the club and were impressed with the overall ambience of this venue and I must say all in our group were pleasently suprised at the high level of service we received and we all had a great night. We shall indeed be visting again soon and have actually already reccomended this venue to a couple of collegues for fun work nights out during the festive season.

By Luke S.

I have visited this club a few times now and I must say I always have a wonderful evening. The girls are not pushy like they can be in other clubs I've been too and they are all stunning as well. The actual venue its self isn't what you would class as a "typical" lap dancing club with tacky decor and seedy men, it’s very stylish with a great atmosphere and great music. I've just booked my Christmas party there and the offices are very much looking forward to checking it out, even the girls are coming along!! I have promised them they won’t be disappointed.

By Mervyn Q.

I've been to many strip club in various countries and I've got to say that Platinum Lace is THE best one that I've ever been to. It doesn't feel like you're in a strip club, as the seediness factor is not present here. It feels as though you're in a normal bar and it's only the presence of semi naked stunning women that makes you remember that you're in a strip club. From the security to waitresses, everyone was friendly and I was made to feel welcome. I ended up spending about 500 quid by the end of the night out of my own accord, and I was happy to part with it. I didn't feel pressured at all to go for dances, like I have done in spearmint rhino before. One girl in particular caught my eye, a blonde haired English girl with massive boobs! Absolutely stunning! A MUST VISIT PLACE! Ill definitely be back here again.

By Kenny F.

Hello Sir, I can only say that if you had a credit card query then you should have called us immediately to discuss and verify the charges that you seemed to have been charged or are querying? There are strict procedural guidelines we operate by when completing transactions, our system is able to tell us immediately all charges, voids and refunds that have gone through our system. If there has been a void transaction then by no means should you have been charged. If you would like to get this matter cleared I suggest you contact me and we can investigate the matter further. Kenny Favel, General Manager

By Abc D.

I visited here last thursday with a collegue for a leaving drink. At first we were impressed and enjoyed the night immensely. But the following morning I found reciepts in my wallet to the tune of £1800 pounds, but to my horror when I checked my credit card statement another 2500 was taken. I keep receipts for everything so can only conclude the "void" transactions the girls claimed to make, we not void at all. I have had to change my credit card as they copy you ID for security purposes. Never ever going back to this place. Just wish I was more sober and aware on the night in question

By Kenny F.

Dear Sir, sorry to hear your visit was unpleasant. We pride ourselves on the customer enjoying his/her visit to Platinum Lace. I only hope that you reported your experience to a manager on duty that evening and we would of been more than happy to help and investigate the matter further. The behaviour you mentioned is not tolerated or condoned at all within any of our venues. I would be happy to meet and discuss the matter further with you at a time convenient to yourself in the very near future. Regards Kenny Favel, Director of Operations

By Nick F.

Very Entertaining. I entered Platinum Lace at 9pm and stayed right till the end (6 am). Time just seemed to have gone like a train. All the staff were fab and would recommend to those who have a good sense of fun and thick wallet. All in all i ended up spending £128 but it was worth it.

By Totes M.

Sounds like you had a good night apart from the clerical error? Are you a regular? I'm going to the Christmas party on the 16th december for the first time. Everyone who has been said its by-far the best Gentleman's club in London??

By Totes M.


By Totes M.

Mmmhmm, did someone have there advances rejected by a dancer perchance. Is someone a little bitter.2 points:1: £5 pounds a drink. Have you actually been out of your parents basement lately in London? £5 is cheap! Take it up with the chancellor Swampy.2: Hahaha, sausage-fest. Hello mcfly, it's A gentleman’s club!

By Karim T.

great night at platinum lace

i visited platinum lace on friday night with my friends and it was an absolute blast. we had so much fun, the drinks, music and the girls were great. we had great fun and the staff and the management team were very friendly and we will definitely go back for another night and another.

By Charles M.

Best Strip club in the UK, Loved the service and value for £20 a dance no messing enough said

Easily London's No1 Club, for girls and interiors these Platinum Laces are second to none
Best Strip club in the uk, Loved the service and value for £20 a dance no messing enough said

By Alex W.

I've been to many strip clubs in London and Platinum is one of the best. The quality of girls is great however slightly intimidating at times as there are so many in there! The Romanian and Brazillian girls are rather aggressive but I coped. I had a lovely chat with two young ladies- Kimberly and Julie. Had dances with both and they were fantastic! Great to talk to and overall very pleasant, I will definitely be coming back and maybe even on a regular basis.

By Alex S.

Excellent quality of girls (and lots of them!), friendly staff and very smart venue. Girls were a little pushy for dances but that's probably to be expected. £20 per dance but the VIP dance (£40) isn't that much better.

By Karl T.

Been to this place on a Friday night. I have to admit that this was one of the best Gentleman's Club I've ever been to. Starting from the door staff, waitresses and management were all very polite and provided us with a great service. Most importantly the dancers were 10 out of 10 attitude and stunning. Also they had a lot of shows going on. Check it out, it's highly recommended!! Karl

By Niklaus C.

Great atmosphere very nicely done, girls are very forward but what do you expect from them. Best sales people in the world!! but also the hottest. Red is a favourite personally and would defo see her again

By Simon F.

Visited Platinum Lace on Saturday 15/2/14 and once again I could not fault the club from the door staff to the dancers, we had a great night out. This time we had a VIP room , this I can highly recommend, yes you do have a minimum drinks spend but you are treated like kings. Definitely going again !

By Terry A.

Excellent service and management . Will be visiting again with clients . We were treated like royalty from all the staff and dancers. Sold our deal so a job well done ;-)

By Simon F.

My wife and I visited Platinum Lace a couple of Saturdays ago, and this was the best experiance that we have had. The bouncers were kind and polite , we were greeted with a smile at the reception desk, the whole atmosphere was so much more relaxed, the girls did not pounce on us as we walked though the door like some other clubs, to me it was like going into upmarket pub with girls walking around in there underwear than a full in your face strip club. My wife and I had the best dances we have had in all the time we have been going to stripclubs, It was good to see that they did not just have the same moves to every song, and we have to say the girls are a lot more friendlier, happier and prettier than the other clubs. We will be visting this club again.

By David G.

Great club and nice girls! When i went there they also had live music on it felt more of a club/bar than a stip bar will definalty return!

By H W.

Been to this place a few times now and keep coming back. A good place to go before bars/clubs or after with the 6am licence. Lots of different girls and the drinks aren't too bad for central London. Fiver for a beer and 8 quid for a double.

By Paul W.

Great night out enjoyed by myself and all the staff for a friends leaving party. Quite different to most strip clubs with some live cabaret style shows on whilst we were there. Girls are pretty damn hot as well! To each their own I suppose. Will definitely be back with more money though next time! Money well spent

By Jeff H.

I have been to this club now a few times and i must say its one the best places to just hang out with friends before or even after you have been out in town the late opening hours come in handy if you just want to chilll for a while before heading home the music is not too loud and the sitting arrangement means everyone in your group gets involved in the conversation, the girls are really nice and dont bother too much unless you ask them to sit with you. The other thing i like this club is the amount of women that go in there with or without there partners this gives the place a nicer feeling as most strip clubs that i have been to look and feel sleasy this place could not be further from that the staff are really first class and on the ball. Drinks at the club are reasonably priced for a club in central london and you dont walk away feeling that you have been done like you do in most other clubs in town. On the few times that i have had the pleasure of coming in here they has always been different acts going on to keep you entertained from live music to live shows you really dont know what to expect and the thats the fun thing about this place the hours just seem to slip away and before you know it the door staff are calling you a cab making sure that you get home ok. anyway not much more i can say about this place, "but check it out" J Harper

By Jul C.

Just come back from here (24/10/12). I have been to Platinum Lace a few times now. Today, at first the security guard almost never let me in because he thought I was someone he had thrown out before (which obviously hadn't happened). I left after 25 minutes today. The last time I left after 10 minutes. I prefer women who are English, but what usually happens is I get jumped by European women and I can't shake them off. Today I had to keep repeating what I say, and she kept asking me what I meant. The thing I don't like is the woman who takes your entrance fee (who is extremely miserable looking) and all the women who serve you drinks see you leaving so early but say nothing. All they would have to do is ask and then point me to an English girl. I had £1000 in cash today ready to spend, but left having spent only £63 (£10 entry, £12 drink for first European girl, £21 drink for second European girl, £20 dance with first European girl (i bought the drinks and dance in an attempt to shake them off), due to their being no proper customer service.

By Kal E.

Beware of sly women! after the night i had i trust hookers more than strippers. i was taken to the special private room (over rated) £100+ it cost (the normal lap dance rooms are about £20-40) and the stripper didn't even take off all her clothes she bought herself a drink with my money when the waitress took my order although i had spent £120 its extremely poor taste to just sneak yourself a drink without asking. even after spending 120 she kept asking for more and if i had a card and could pay on that...i was pestered at least 5 times i told her firmly NO each time but she kept asking me to pay more by card. i would recommend taking only cash. one of the strippers asked my friend where he was from he said India and she said no thanks and walked away...although hilarious slightly presumptuous (and little racist) that he doesn't have money! comparing this to spearmint rhino the lapdance booths are better and more comfortable than the rooms they take you to but spearmint rhino had the hotter girls. They really should have a 5 star ratings system as some of these women cannot dance(imo sticking your fingers in someones mouth and rubbing their teeth is not a move),my opinion go for the girls who can't speak English as well, they have better moves and don't try to rip you off...well not as much!

By Tony H.

I have quite exactly the same experience as alecristiano. One dancer promised things that she couldn't deliever to my friend and overcharged him for that. Luckily I reported it to the manager and get a partial refund. So be careful and do negotiate hard with those dancers. In case you feel you are ripped off, talk to the manager, the one I talked to was very helpful. Another disappointment is there was a fat ass dancing on the stage, no idea why she is still in this business. Other girls are nice.

By Al C.

Overall, and average place, tbh some extremely gorgeous girls, but they lie too much and promise certain things but do not practice them. Good atmosphere and everyone else is friendly, both waitresses and security; but some girls need to be vetted more.

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