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Entry to the first floor is via membership only. You will not gain access unless you're a member or are accompanied by a member.

Playboy Club London features a restaurant, gaming floor with a world class casino and three bar areas, each with its own character and style.

Ranked #42 of 225 clubs in London
"Playboy Club London is the ultimate Mayfair venue. Our world-class casino with iconic Bunny croupiers, two fabulous salle privés, and relaxed Players Bar, offers luxurious gaming and sports around the clock, while fine dining comes courtesy of The Dining Room restaurant or privately in a lavish hideaway. For non-members, internationally celebrated cocktail maestro Salvatore Calabrese hosts our sophisticated cocktail bar. In Baroque, we have a uniquely decadent, flamboyant nightspot where you can enjoy live music, Champagne towers and great food."

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Playboy Club London reviews

By Mike R.

Same thing happened to me. Had a Good dinner than was invited to meet the "world famous" Salvatore and he took my Fiancée and her cousin to see :his world" and came back to the table with a bottle and said "you must taste this"...only 8 people have ever tasted this..its amazing...was bottled when Hailyes comet etc etc poured 2 very very very small portions into 2 glasses and they tried it... wham...$7300 US... they wont tell you the price "before" or even inform you that you are being Fiancée is a celebrity and people offer her free all the time ,, bottom line is in America anyone will tell you the price "b4" you consume anything so you are making an informed decision before you drink or consume anything that you will be responsible for. Salvatore told me... Arabs and Russian get offended if you mention price so they don't....last I cked I wasn't Arab or Russian....that is a STUPID blanket policy to have and in the US it would be considered fraud and a scam....

By Carlos K.

Keep far away of this scam club...they offer you liquor after dinner and they do not tell you the price only to see that one shot cost us$4,000.- because they said that you drank a 1840 liquor ( one shot)....when you complain why they did not inform the price before being ripped..they say that do not have that if you do not want to be robbed or be very far from this place...they are open because this kind of charges...nothing special.

By Dino B.

Friday night's recreation of 'Belle Epoque' by The Playboy Club was a truly spectacular event. In addition to the succulent and colourful fayre 14 Old Park Lane's transformation into a slice of 19th Century France encompassed some world class jazz singing by the mercurial Emma Topolski. 'Plat de résistance' can can, performed by The Pocket Belles, topped a truly memorable night.

By Mark A.

The bunnies are charming, if not a bit outdated. The costumes are very 1960s. Nothing that sexy in this era. Live music in Baroque is excellent. Great night out. Dinner upstairs is marvelous. Food is truly fantastic, cocktails are excellent. Excellent venue in general.

By David H.

Brilliant food actually. Surprisingly good food. Drinks in Salvatore's were lovely as well. I am coming back with more friends.

By Anon A.

The bar that was voted best bar in 2012 was Salvatore's bar, downstairs. The bar you went to was the players lounge upstairs- two totally different environments.

By Andrew J.

I'm American and came in with a friend who is a member. I have been living in London not that long and really enjoyed all of the great American bar snacks. The mini burgers are extremely good. I would go back just to eat them alone. The girls could be hotter, but they were very nice. Some were hot. Drinks in the lounge downstairs were great. Beautiful setting too. I don't know what the other reviewers are talking about the decor not being nice. maybe they didn't walk around to all of the different rooms. A great place for great food, drinks and a nice time with friends.

By Li P.

Bravo to the Bunnies!! But slightly change your restrictions in lending out the bunny ears!! Or please have them on sale somewhere...

By Andy L.

Salvatore's bar is quite posh and was full of a young good looking crowd. someone was having a birthday party. the mini burgers were the best I ate in london so far. cocktails were excellent and very long list of choices. great place and i will be back.

By E C.

Total pants. As a female who is actually very into the Playboy image for its fun and frivolity, I was so so so excited to go to this bar. I love the idea of the Bunny Girls and the 1970s glamour throwback. And the fact it had won cocktail bar of 2012 meant I had high hopes. Clearly I'd overhyped it in my mind - it was nothing more than a brightly lit geezer bar playing Sky Sports on the screens and serving below average cocktails by girls who were dead behind the eyes. Total waste of time and money. Don't bother!

By Rob W.

I visited the club with friends on a Friday and it was great, really a positive experience. The bunny girls are really nice and cute. They give you attention and do actually talk to you. The club is a typical Mayfair venue when it comes to size. I prefer larger clubs. In essence there are 2 rooms and the casino upstairs. The Baroque bar had tables with a minimum dirndl from £500 to £2000. The decor is as the name unusual yet. Sophisticated. But your typical club decor or interiors. This is the main club area. They had live music which was good but the dj was appalling. He kept mixing tunes like a dance track followed by an old classic. Strange mix. Security were low key and businesslike. No problems there. Playboy Club London attracts an older wealthy crowd. Nice people in general and sociable. It was about 50% capacity. Promoters use the club to bring guests as in all clubs and then take them on elsewhere. Dress code was mixed with some men wearing T shirts which surprised me as it is an upmarket place and they dragged it down. You do have to make an effort to look good to fit in there. I won't take out membership but I will visit again. Prepare to forbid money though drinks aren't that cheap.

By Dave T.

must be run by chavs with no ideas or inspiration --- bad furniture, crooked staff, ugly bunny girls - what a way to ruin a brand

By Mara S.

"Terrible" .. Terrible is the word to express the regrettable behavior of the local bouncer. With the justification (implicit) wants to keep "high" level of customers do not have permission to re-enter me and my colleagues who went out for a break from local, turn the way (so far from local) had given three throws to a joint. The arrogance of the 3 characters at the entrance was regrettable. Treat your customers well, they pay and spend much money in this place where the minimum drink costs 15/20 £. I hope this message can be read by people going to the Playboy London hoping to find a warm up and respectful atmosphere. Perhaps to who spends £ 5,000 for the most expensive drink do not do happen certain things. Although some people probably do much worse .. .. Mara

By Mara S.

"Terribile".. Terribile è il termine per esprimere il comportamento increscioso dei buttafuori del locale. Con la giustificazione (implicita) di voler mantenere "elevato" il livello di clientela non hanno permesso di ri-entrare a me e ai miei colleghi che, usciti per una pausa dal locale, girata la via (quindi lontano dal locale) avevamo dato 3 tiri a uno spinello. L'arroganza dei 3 personaggi all'ingresso è stata incresciosa. Trattare i propri clienti così, che pagano e spendono gran soldi in questo locale dove la consumazione minima costa 15/20£. Spero che questo messaggio possa essere letto dalle persone che andando al Playboy di Londra sperano di trovare un'accoglienza all'altezza e rispettosa. Forse a coloro che spendono 5.000£ per il drink più costoso che hanno non le fanno certe cose. Anche se probabilmente certa gente fa molto di peggio.. senza probabilmente. Mara

By Mark G.

Brilliant Club. Spent the evening here with my girlfriend who loved the Club as much as I did. Service, food and bunnies are all great. Strongly recommend the Club for dinner followed by cocktails in Salvatores. Best cocktail bar in London.

By Hasting T.

I went last weekend for drinks with a friend who got on the guest list through a work colleague. It is really hard to get in, as when we were at the reception, they turned away 2 people since they weren't on the list. we sat in the cocktail bar downstairs and had some great drinks. Then we ordered some baby burgers and they were really good. We smoked on the very cool smoking terrace, and played a couple of hands of blackjack with a really hot bunny. I'd go back. It was a fun night.

By Becky W.

I went in to the Playboy Club about a week ago, with a group of girls for a friends birthday. I have to admit I was a little sceptical about the venue as the associations with Playboy are not always the best....I was hugely mistaken. We had our party in the cocktail lounge, I was blown away by the service and atmosphere I felt like I had stepped back in time! The bunnies were lovely, so welcoming (as a gaggle of girls, they really looked after us and had a giggle!) They made my night. In particular, I have to mention Bunny Sarah, who gave us a tour of the venue. She was articulate, well informed and brilliantly entertaining. She went that extra mile for us, advising on cocktails, introducing us to the bartenders etc. She really made our night extra special and we are all looking at membership now. My only criticism of the place was that Sarah couldn't sit down and have a drink with us all!

By Dave C.

I went there last night (Saturday) as one of my colleagues spoke very highly of it, being the place to be atm since it also just recently opened. Well, what a dissappointmet it was. They are very exclusive about who is getting in, and if you're not on the guestlist you will find it most likely impossible. Yet, my impression was that once you know someone there, they let anyone in there regardless of dress code and overall impression. I saw several 40-50 yr old creeping around the dance floor, also other few guys in t-shirts and jeans at the tables, even at the VIP table behind the DJ. Generally I felt its a mafiosi club.. The music was ok. It was nice that they had a life drummer going well to the house beats. But when the DJ started playing Haddawy - What is Love, I knew it was time to get the hell out of there at 2ish, I had seen enough. Won't go there agian. I feel sorry for the members who are paying a 1000pm / 15k for a lifetime membership.

By Robert C.

Club is great fun for a night out. Salvatore's bar has a nice ambiance. Great bar food as well. Had a signature cocktail and a Cheesesteak. Both were smashing. Bunnies were cute.

By Simon R.

I never write reviews. I went here on a business trip to London. I was surprised mostly by the food. I thought it was just going to be average, but it was really good. Dont know who the chef is but the sommelier knew his stuff too. I dont gamble but would go back just to eat and drink and watch.

By Amber J.

club is for old people, way to stiffy and they dont let girls in there who work for Playboy? figure that out??? a club bing run by a 90yr old .... u can tell fo sure

By Kelly H.

Shock! Outrage! Protests! The Playboy Club didn’t have the easiest of openings when it launched in central London. However, if you manage to get inside this members' club, you’ll find it’s actually very tame and even - shock horror - sophisticated.

The Venue
The Playboy Club has more in common with other London members' clubs than your usual casinos and strip bars. This is a place that has everything its members could ever want covered. Annual membership costs £1200, plus a £1000 joining fee, so it's priced at the top end of the market.

The club itself is divided into several distinct areas: a casino, for the high rollers and gamblers; the Players Bar, with three large-screen TVs that show the latest big game; Salvatore's, a high-end cocktail bar courtesy of the cocktail-making legend Salvatore Calabrese; The Dining Room, headed up by a chef from the Fat Duck; the Cottontail Lounge for the clubbers; and, yes, they even have a salon. Each area has its own identity but they all follow the same basic design – dark, brooding and glamorous with flashes of Playboy imagery everywhere you look, from the iconic logo to pictures showcasing the Playboy Bunnies of the past.

The Atmosphere
You’d be forgiven, perhaps, for imagining the Playboy Club as a seedy strip bar where dirty old men go for a lap dance. However, nothing could be further from the truth. For a start, the girls aren’t naked here. In fact, the iconic Playboy Bunnies are taught how to serve in a ladylike manner that avoids them bending over and stops ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ from occurring. Of course, the girls are totally gorgeous, but they are glamorous rather than tacky and they are friendly, polite and well spoken on the whole. And far from being filled with old men – although there is a skew toward gentleman, naturally – this is a club that also has its fair share of female customers, totally unperturbed by the bunny girls flitting about. After all, you’re likely to see more nudity in a Leicester Square nightclub on a typical Saturday night out.

Each area of the club has its own appeal and its own atmosphere, which is good for members - and yes you do have to be a member, a prospective member or a friend of a member to get in here – as it offers a different experience each time you visit. This is a place where you can drink a £2000 vintage cocktail, watch the football, enjoy Michelin-style food and even hit the dancefloor.

The Food
The Playboy Club’s food is served in their restaurant - The Dining Room. Far from being just an afterthought they have really pushed the boat out, hiring celebrity chef Judy Joo, who appeared on Iron Chef UK and is known for working in Michelin starred kitchens including Heston’s Fat Duck. The menu has a British/American skew with simple dishes that focus on flavour, such as Wagyu burgers, oysters, and fish and chips. And the prices aren’t cheap. The Hef burger is a whopping £42, and that doesn’t even include sides (although it is made from top quality Wagyu beef). If you haven’t got that kind of cash to splash then their standard burger is ‘only’ £12. And yes, it is delicious.

The Drink
Drink is available across the Playboy Club with several bars offering premium spirits and cocktails – especially good if you want to channel Don Draper. However, if you REALLY want to sample what this place has to offer drinks wise then head straight for Salvatore's bar. This is a place all about vintage spirits and dusty whisky bottles, although they have the price tags to match. Some of their cocktails cost as much as £2000 a glass (ouch!) but they do offer some options for as ‘little’ as £16 a drink, including a cocktail made from garlic. Yup, best not to get too close to the Bunnies after one of those! If you’re really into your spirits then they offer old – and we mean old – premium shots for as much as £550 for a 1913 McBrayer Kentucky bourbon. If that doesn’t appeal then bottled beer and simple spirits and mixers are available across the venue as well.

The Last Word
If you see any 'Eff Off Heff!' protestors outside the Playboy Club then direct them to the nearest lapdancing club instead. This polished members' club is far too tame to merit such moral outrage.

By Andrew J.

This place is fun. The food is very good. Bunnys are hot. Casino is full. Had tacos in the bar. Lovely. Salvatores bar is richly decorated. Bunnies are hot. No beers on tap though. I will go back. Bunnies are hot.

By Andrew J.

This place is fun. The food is very good. Bunnys are hot. Casino is full. Had tacos in the bar. Lovely. Salvatores bar is richly decorated. Bunnies are hot. No beers on tap though. I will go back. Bunnies are hot.

By Christopher S.

I went last week and had a really fun time. Simon Cowell was there as well as Rod Stewart. The bunnies are really gorgeous and fun. I had the Philly Cheesesteak. It was very good.

By Nicola B.

Food is fabulous! Was there with a few friends and we ordered a mixture of items, all were great. The macaroni with truffles is a must have. The mixture of venues is nice so you can tailor your experience.

By J B.

Been a few times now and in all honesty still disappointed. Thought it would be avantgarde with a good isn't. Bunnies are a bit tacky, casino is awful, club again is tacky- only part I did like was the terrace...

By Adam G.

I had dinner in here the other night. I had one of the best steaks in London i have had ever. great cocktails with vintage mixers. Bunnies are very nice and attractive. I can't wait to go back. Actually, I want to move in.

By Hunter M.

i did not go to the casino, just had dinner and drinks. Dinner was great. I had a very large burger. Really tasty. the wine expert was very knowledgable. I loved the desserts. i had an american sunday and my friend had a snickers dessert. they were both very delicious. then we wnt to the bar downstairs and drank cocktails. the nightclub got very busy as there were some celebrities there. i am going to join.

By Dan C.

Excellent cocktails that were very unique and well blended. Dinner was tasty, non-traditional, and well presented - with prices not too outrageous especially for a club of this caliber. Service was best I've had in London. All male-clientele, although this was a weekday night. I did not try the casino or the nightclub.

By Carlo D.

I've been at the Club as a guest and I have to say that I had a great time. The atmosphere is much more classy than I expected and the food is just great. I had mac&cheese for the first time in my life and they were just superb (even though I don't think truffles are part of the traditional recipe ;-) Only negative side is that I didn't have time to try my luck at the roulette, so I have a good excuse to come back for more!

By Sophie M.

Bunnies are quite pretty and surprisingly warm in personality and nice. Some of them are not that pretty, but some of them really are strikingly beautiful. I went in, not thinking I would think much of the place, but it was pretty fun I hate to admit. I am a female and so the allure of playboy doesn't really work on me. But, I had a great night- with really nice cocktails, waitstaff and some really tasty bar food. My boyfriend had the tacos and I had buffalo wings. They were really good. I want to go back!

By Micky G.

this club is actually really cool, i was taken as a guest and i unexpectedly really loved it. it is slick looking. the casino is small, so if you are not a gambler, you don't feel imposed by it all. there is a funny barber shop where men can get their hair done! i'm a woman, so i wouldn't go there for a haircut, but it looks cool. the drinks are great. i only ate in the bar as the restaurant was full, but the bar snacks are a lot and we filled ourselved up on them. we had a really good cheesesteak sandwich and these fried pepper things. and i loved the spicey fried chicken. there is a cool nightclub area too but we didn't go there.

By Eat E.

The food at the club is very fun. Great us dishes like Oyster's Rockefeller, Kobe-beef Sliders and the Hef Burger! We tried the Disco Fries, which are like Quebec's Poutine, fries with cheese, duck confit and gravy. The wine list was also outstanding with a knowledgeable sommelier. Prices are reasonable. The desserts are also to die for, which makes sense as Chef Judy Joo was a pastry chef for Gordon Ramsay for several years before becoming the Exec Chef here. The deconstructed Snickers Bar is a fun dish and the Key Lime Pie the best I've ever had! Go if you can get a reservation or have a member take you.!

By Carl M.

i love the duck disco fries. it is about time poutine made it over here! and the oriental style tacos are really good.

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