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Set over two floors, Po Na Na nightclub is located in the heart of Wimbledon and has a large roof terrace and resident DJs playing funk, house and R&B throughout the week. The interior features a retro dance floor, Moroccan decor and a Souk vibe.

Ranked #91 of 225 clubs in London

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Tue-Sat 22:00-03:00

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Po Na Na reviews

By Andrew M.

Po Na Na has gigs happening every night. Last night we checked out a couple of DJs who were mixing some awesome tunes. The crowd were loving it and having a great time. If you get on the guest list of Po Na Na you can get a cheap door charge - worthwhile especially for special gigs.

By David L.

No idea what it is like inside the club coz the door man did not let me in, I was too casual. Unfortunately this took 30 mins to decide. In my black jeans, shoes and tee shirt I thought I actually looked well hot. I think in truth it was probably more to do with the amount of blokes already inside. my advice to the owners is to check out the queuing potential customers and let them know earlier if they are not fit for purpose. my advice to new punters might be to consider somewhere else first where the cut of your cloth and gender won't be taken as a judgement of you as a person. This is exactly how the Nazi movement began.... well maybe not exactly and perhaps that's why I only got an E at A level but it must have been similar! Anyway I digress.... unfortunately this did spoil a previously fab night as 2 friends had already gone in. However as it happens the 2 left with me went on to The Watershed and had a good time where the others joined them and I went home on the last train and didn't have a hangover on Sunday and felt tickity boo.... so actually thanks Poo Na Na. BTW we did go to a pub a few doors down where there was a live band and a relaxed crowd and staff. If you don't mind people wearing tee shirts this could be the place for you!

By Jim J.

You will not have a minutes peace, this club is just a rabble of drunk louts and the music is blasted so loud you cannot hear yourself think never mind talk.

By Michelle Y.

If you're thinking of booking a booth/table or celebrate a special occasion here, I would strongly advise against it. I made the mistake of having my birthday here. Your 'waitress service all night' basically consisted of her coming and collecting your minimum spend at when you sit down and you never see her again, we had to go to keep going to the bar to buy drinks and even had to ask for more glasses to actually drink our drink, not sure how far 4 glasses were meant to get us for 15 people... I've booked plenty places before and always been able to leave belongings there and felt reassured that noone would just come into our area, at Po Na Na? Not the case, we left the table for about 5mins and someone just came and took our half bottle of vodka which was worth £100 at least. I even caught someone actually taking my drink. Bouncers, other staff and even the manager didn't care 1.75 litre bottle of vodka and you're telling me you didn't see anyone walk off with it?! Booth isn't even suited for 15, place is tiny and the kind of people it attracts is far from nice considering my friends were getting groped by random guys on the dancefloor. If this is the best Wimbledon has to offer then I definitely will not be going again. Avoid at all cost.

By Oliver J.

Well me and my mates can't remember much of our night, always a great sign of a fantastic night. I have to say I will be going back at some point for more partying wahoo a great club great drinks and great people!

By Susan B.

Po Na Na has a great vibe And don't try to say that I'm taking sides I love the staff and all the great drinks The people are friendly too, methinks. As a local club, this is definitely the best Po Na Na rocks, screw all the rest!

By Will T.

I went to Po Na Na on Friday and I have to say, it was absolutely buzzing! Everyone was smiling and dancing downstairs or chilling upstairs and the music was banging! The place has a really nice feel about it cos it's a local club in Wimbledon. I'll definitely head there again sometime.

By Angela W.

There are not many late night venues on offer in Wimbledon so you will find many locals frequenting Po Na Na just for that reason - they’ve been kicked out of whatever pub or bar has closed on the Broadway and stumbled down here to carry on.

The Venue
Situated on the Broadway, about a 10 minute walk from Wimbledon station, Po Na Na is easy to spot; just look for the crowds, it’s the only club there.

On entering the roped doorway and being searched by the OTT security, you enter the dark, low-ceilinged, Moroccan-themed main room where the DJ takes his little spot behind the bar. There are a few intimate booths around the dancefloor, which incidentally carries you back to the seventies with its luminous squares of flashing lights.

The bar is in the back of the room in the corner so it can get very crowded queuing up for a much needed pint on a Saturday night, as its only small and the punters are often packed in to the rafters. There is also a very small room upstairs on the same floor as the toilets, this has its own bar and more seating but no DJ – it's more cosy and intimate, usually only used for VIPs. They have also moved with the times of the smoking ban and provide an outdoor oasis for the smokers in the form of a very nice roof terrace with heaters.

The Atmosphere
The large number of drunken partygoers makes for a party atmosphere if that’s what you’re after, but beware of young social butterflies flitting around the place far too drunk to notice they’ve spilled red wine on your favourite white top or trodden on your delicate toes. The bar staff are friendly and the DJ is happy to play requests. However, it feels more like someone’s eighteenth birthday than a trendy cosmopolitan club.

The Music
Mainly mainstream cheesy house anthems to sing along to at the weekends, although Po Na Na also has themed nights. They cater for the whole spectrum of clubber: students can enjoy a cheap drinks night, wannabe posh birds can attend the Cosmopolitan night where the cocktail is half price all night; they even hold a speed dating event once a month. All individual nights are accompanied by their own music policy so it’s just a case of trial and error till you find the right night for you at Po Na Na.

The Drink
There are promos aplenty almost every night of the week, either half price bottled beer, reduced cocktails or cheap pints. Usual suspects present behind the bar are WKD, Budweiser, Stella, Absolute, shots, and Champagne by the glass or bottle.

The Last Word
If you’re in the area and your tipsy toes just cant stop dancing then head down to Po Na Na, but if it’s a more discerning, mature clubbing experience with cool, up-to-date music, classy people that can handle their alcohol and friendly professional security you’re after pay the extra couple of pounds and head further into the capital for a proper night out.

By Yasmin Yunmi G.

Anyone saying anything bad about Po Na Na Souk Bar in Wimbledon probably has never been there before.

The drinks are not that pricey. The music is good on most days - great on Saturday and Wednesday. And how many other clubs this far away from central London are anywhere near a decent club all week long? Ponana has got something on every single night. Normally £5 at the door but worth every penny. Bouncers are friendly, manager is too. Quick service and average prices at bar and a lot of people I have seen in there are quite friendly too. Place gets packed but not too packed. It closes at 4 and although nothing wrong before 11pm it gets better by the hour afterwards.

By M.

I went to the Po Na Na Souk Bar on Saturday and it was brilliant! The music was great and, even though some may consider this venue small, it was perfectly formed! One of the highlights of the night was that a comopolitan cocktail was only £6! With prices like that, coupled with the music and atmosphere, the Po Na Na Souk Bar could easily rival clubs like Isis or Capisce in the West End!

By M.

Po Na Na Souk Bar Wimbledon is a great place to go. I went with my friends and we became frequent visitors of this nice club. Great atmosphere, people and music!

When I visit London and Wimbledon again I will definitely go to Po Na Na Souk Bar.

By R.

Ahh, Po Na Na - Bouncers are friendly - rare for a club like this - but that might be because we were a group of girls. The music is a bit crap and the place a bit dead before midnight, but it soon livens up, and dance music is replaced by more up to date numbers, and the dance floor is filled by sleazy middle-aged men trying their best to grope the nearest underage girl. Drinks expensive...all in all, ok, if you've nowhere better to go (which is pretty much nowhere in Wimbledon).

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