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Vibrant restaurant Poncho 8 offers Mexican burritos with different bases and fillings. They also offer quesadillas, nacho boxes and homemade aguas frescas drinks.

Ranked #2264 of 5241 restaurants in London
"Voted best burritos in London (and possibly the world) by avid burrito lovers and who are we to argue?!

Poncho 8 offers freshly prepared and flavoursome Mexican classics such as tacos, nachos and burritos and low carb options including salads devised by nutritionists. "

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Opening Hours

10:45 - 21:30


10:45 - 21:30


10:45 - 21:30


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Poncho 8 reviews

By Juls H.

I keep going back here in the hope that they will get things right. The quality of food is good however for the money they are very light on their fillings for £6.30! I don't have rice and some salads and they do not compensate for this on beans meat or salad however they charge the same for a much smaller burrito. I generally get a tablespoon of meat (this time the server even took meat away from the measly amount they gave me) and this is the smallest burrito of anywhere else in town for the highest price. For once quality is not worth the price in comparison of what you can get elsewhere, bitterly disappointed again next time we will ensure we go elsewhere such as Daddy Donkey’s the best burrito for the best price. Even the stall on Bow lane is much better.

By Stephanie C.

Very stingy with the rice and the salad is not drained properly so got a soggy mess in my skinny box. Everything always slightly too cold.

By Mike S.

This place is excellent. No complaints, does the business every time. Office recently moved here from Liverpool Street where I was a Poncho regular, so I guess I lucked out by now being next door to what is, I reckon, a better Poncho. It's bigger, brighter and generally snazzier. What I love about the food is the subtle differences in taste each time I go, meaning you can be pretty sure (correct if I'm wrong!) that the food is made fresh on the day. And if it's fresh, its almost always good. And Poncho is good. M

By Richard B.

My favourite place for lunch in the area, really great burritos, not the cheapest lunch but really filling. There can be a queue up the road at lunch time but you can skip this by ordering ahead on the website.

By Vikki C.

For a quick trip to taste the flavours of Mexico, Poncho No 8 is the place to go for an alternative to a heavy sandwich.

The Venue
Poncho No 8 sits down an easily missed alley connecting a busy road and a square full of restaurants. The wonderfully airy and simple space is similar to a cafe, with its open fridge, food counter and last-minute buys in the form of popcorn, chilli chocolate and home-baked treats. The white walls are made less bland with colourful lines and pictures of farmers and plants painted on to it. Cleverly, a small curved ceiling feature is placed on one side to avoid feeling like you’re in a box room; seating is limited but as it’s mainly a place for grabbing a lunch to go that's not too much of a problem.

To add a bit of freshness, plants hang upside-down as a part of the lights above the window seating bar, which draws some attention to the otherwise plain panel. The great touches that really making this place different are the lime wedges and the hand sanitizer sitting on the tables for you to use before diving in – it clearly understands its location and its cuisine.

The Atmosphere
House music is played in the background, and with the colourful features around, a casual, buzzing vibe abounds. The staff are extremely clued-up on the fillings and are happy to help if you’re unfamiliar with how to compile your ideal burrito. For most of the day, you can expect to see City workers grabbing something on their lunch break or intrigued individuals wanting to experience some Poncho No 8 food.

The Food
A word of warning: after picking your fillings and watching them be wrapped up, you’ll find that your burrito is pretty large, so it can be a little messy when eating. But that’s just part of the fun. The coriander rice adds little flavour to the burrito as a whole but along with the spicy Mexican beans, helps to bring a bit of texture. The barbacoa beef (£6) is very soft and an ideal filler because it’s really tender,. even if it's not the most flavoursome. The freshly-made guacamole (80p) is beautifully creamy and full of fresh coriander, and matched with the smoked chipotle salsa, is Mexican food heaven. As it’s a wrap, with each bite you can expect to taste different combinations, so you won’t get bored.

If you've got any room for dessert then the home-made rocky road (£1.90) is a little treat you have to indulge in. The squidgy, mini marshmallows and the crunchy biscuit surrounded by chocolate that's dusted with icing sugar is moreish, and your stomach really will try its hardest to make room for it.

The Drinks
The latte (£2.20) is full of rich flavour and has a soft milky finish. Cold, home-made health drinks (£1.85) including hibiscus juice and sweetened rice water are also available, offering visitors plenty of choice for lunchtime diners.

The Last Word
As the newest of a soon-to-be chain, Poncho No 8 is a refreshing change to the sandwich scene, and with so many combinations and delicious fillings, it could easily become a regular haunt for locals.

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