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Portobello Star is a funky little pub with wooden furniture and a walnut bar top. They serve a good range of beers and wines and are well known for their heavenly cocktails. They serve simple homemade food during the week and more advanced pub food at the weekend.

Ranked #314 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Portobello Star reviews

By Andrew M.

A good mix of locals and tourists end up drinking at the Portobello Star and the atmosphere relaxed and friendly. It is a good place to stop in after you've finished shopping at the markets.

By Scott T.

This place is honestly awesome. Great ecliptic tunes, amazing drinks and damn good bar staff. If u are from out of London and fancy and authentic night out then look no further.

By Pauline S.

I would just like to express my disgust at how rude the bar staff are in this bar! I have live local and have drunk in this bar on may occasions however I will not be again! The staff seem to think there are something rather special, just because I do not speak with I posh accent dose not mean that I do not deserve good customer care and really just politeness!

By Kelly H.

Is it a pub? Is it a cocktail bar? No, it’s the Portobello Star, a hip and hectic watering hole that suffers from its cramped layout.

The Venue
Portobello Star is quite possibly one of the worst laid out bars for somewhere that’s consistently busy. The exterior looks more like an upmarket gastropub than a cocktail bar, but step inside and you'll see it’s definitely more of the latter.

Initially, the space is incredibly narrow - it's almost corridor-like at the front with a few tables and chairs leading to a long bar on the left with a few high stools and chairs positioned by it, which makes it even tougher to negotiate your way through when there’s a crowd. It does, however, open out at the back to a larger seating area with brown leather sofa-style seating running around the outer edge of the space and white leather armchairs. A mirror helps to create the illusion of more space but it’s still very claustrophobic. The décor is neutral with lots of dark woods and brown and white leather, but it’s enlivened by a large orange starburst pattern covering one of the walls, which adds some interest.

The Atmosphere
Prepare to get squashed. The Portobello Star draws in tourists, market-goers and locals - and it draws in lots of them. It can get very cramped in here very quickly and you’ll soon be struggling to get to and from the bar. When they crank the music up loud at the weekend you’ll be shouting to be heard, elbowing your way in and out of the crowd, and will quickly tire of the melee. And the staff aren’t the most friendly in London, proving that hip isn’t always best.

The Drink
Give ‘em their dues, the cocktails at the Portobello Star are excellent and they are very well priced with many coming in at £7-£8. And the cocktail menu itself is something to behold, more of a book with cute and interesting stories on each of the cocktails, really adding something to the experience of drinking here. They offer a good mix of classics and twists, such as the Earl Grey mar-tea-ni - a well mixed martini with a strong undertone of tea, which makes it surprisingly refreshing with an almost herbal kick. Otherwise, they mix a mean margarita that packs quite a kick but has a gentle aftertaste that shows they’re not trawling out the cheap spirits, despite the competitive prices.

The Last Word
Portobello Star would get a higher rating if it was based on the quality of the drinks alone; unfortunately, the cramped conditions really detract from the experience of drinking here. If you’re heading down early in the week when it’s quieter then stick another star on the rating.

By Becki D.

I can't say enough nice things about this place, which manages to be simultaneously trendy and cosy, and both tourist and local friendly. Whether you're looking for a rocking night out with their hot young bartenders and djs, or a quiet cocktail masterfully prepared by jake Burger, mixologist extraordinaire, this is the place to go. With fast, friendly service, a relaxed and fun vibe, and killer chocolate brownies; this gem is sure to leave you starry-eyed.

By Elena M.

Appalling service. I recently visited the establishment and noticed that the price that was being charged consistently for drinks was not the price marked on the drinks menu. I mentioned that to the waiter and indicated that legally they are bound to charge the customer only the price as marked on the menu. To that he replied that those prices were only a 'guideline' and that the increased VAT was not included in the price. I mentioned that there is no such reference to that on the menu and that they should either charge the price as marked or update the menu. I did manage to pay the price as marked once but was subsequently refused service due to my complaints about the price. Aside from the refusal of service, the charging higher prices than those advertised on menus, the service and treatment I received was appalling and as such I would not visit it again. Avoid.

By Jenna H.

The Portobello Star is an award winning cocktail bar on Portobello Road in Notting Hill that is well worth a visit. Cosy décor and a relaxed atmosphere it's the perfect place to chill out with a cocktail and one of their famous home made chocolate brownies. With a recently updated cocktail menu, the Portobello Star offers a wide range of unique and classic drinks created by award winning mixologist, Jake Burger. If you have a sweet tooth, like me, try The Guinness Punch - a Caribbean drink made with white rum, Guinness Stout, condensed milk, vanilla, all spice, cocoa and cinnamon, served up in a pewter tankard. Rock the Kasbah is one of Jake's own creations - a cocktail which was created for the Eva Herzegovia designed bar at the Annual Character & Cocktails fundraising event, in aid of the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Made up with vodka, lemon juice, mint tea syrup, orange flower water and egg white - £1.00 from each sale goes to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Every drink is made carefully to perfection making your visit feel even more special. If you fancy splashing out, Jake can whip up a Brandy Crusta which will set you back £100. A cocktail made to the original recipe by Harry Johnson in 1882 that includes one of the last surviving Bokers Bitters in the world. "The only bar in the world where you can enjoy such a treat". If cocktails aren't to your taste the Portobello Star has a wide range of beers and wines. Also if a bit peckish try their home-made comfort food. The chocolate brownies are a must!

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