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This venue is now closed. Please visit Proud Cabaret Embankment.

Ranked #8 of 225 clubs in London
"Proud Camden is a 19th-century horse hospital by Camden Market turned into a beautiful nightclub with cutting-edge music nights, live music performances and cabaret. It is a jaw-dropping and edgy night out in London boasting horse stables available to book for your own intimate area and place to party!

Proud Camden is perfect for an all-in-one night with Proud Cabaret offering dinner and shows early evening, the gallery club room housing early evening live band performances from emerging hot UK acts and later a full-on night club experience with raucous club nights (see the events calendar).

Proud Camden is all the grime and glamour of North London in one iconic venue. Music varies from indie to the latest urban and pop acts and banging House music. Proud Camden’s big outdoor terrace, of which you can hire for your own party, nicely complement the madness inside, where a young and cool crowd come to party it up in a truly unique destination.

Booking a table, your own Horse stable or tickets is highly recommended any night as Proud Camden is extremely popular."

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Proud Camden reviews

By Harry P.

Terrible. As stated in the previous reviews, very very rude door staff, completely ruined our entire night. Went there expecting to have a great night for my best friend's 22nd but turned out to be the worst night i've ever had. Expensive drinks and aggressive staff soiled what could have been a good night.

By Mann M.

I'm in the habit of visiting a variety of clubs. Tonight was my third time at the Proud Camden. Let me just say this: the Proud Camden does not disappoint. Every single time I've gone, I've had a spectacular time. Drink prices are reasonable, the women are glamourous, diverse, and classy, and the atmosphere is literally ecstatic. Supernova Saturday nights are bombastic and fashionable, and Friday nights are typified by dance-floor madness, sweaty bodies, and a mix beats delivered by a lineup of both celebrity-ish and novice DJs. My only qualm is that it closes around 2am...I suppose it's rule designed to restrict an already wild party from becoming absolutely and head-smashingly euphoric. Who knows, perhaps they'll lift the curfew in the future? All in all, choose Proud Camden if you want to have a fantastic and unpredictable night out.

By Abbey R.

can anyone give me a review specifically for the Friday night horsepower, my 18th is coming up soon and i was thinking about going with some friends, would it be something you recommend?

By Emma B.

Been on Thursdays and Saturdays and had a great time, good crowd and music. Only complaint is maybe bouncers should think a bit more about how many people they let in on Saturdays, bit silly when you can't physically move in there!


Amazing Friday night

Such a great night. Thought I'd check out their new Friday night, SHIFT. Was wicked - whoever was DJing was amazing. Ended up staying till the lights came on!

By Dan W.

An incredibly fun and versatile venue in Camden town.

What a venue! This place is so versatile and caters for everyone. I came down for Lynched and thought it was a great night, even stayed for the club night til the early hours. Terrace bar's a bit of a beauty too!

By Jack O.

Great Night Out!

I came on Saturday for their event POLO and I was very impressed. The djs, atmosphere and fire performers were incredible. More than just your average night out.

By Shaun H.

Best Night Out in London

Great night out! The place is awesome there's loads of rooms and all types of music! Not to mention it's a horse stables! We spoke to one of the staff and she said they've got a cabaret restaurant to. We'll be back very soon!

By Barry S.

Amazing place

Amazing place, really has something for everyone.
Great terrace bar, live music and club nights.
I went to the Polo saturday night event and it was great!

By Lina G.

I was very disappointing with my NYE experience at PROUD. The tickets were not too expensive at £14 but not too cheap either to say that it was expected. It seemed like the organizers were confused about the theme and tried to please everyone by making everyone dress up in burlesque outfits, listen to SKA band (which wasn't even that good), followed by some r'n'b DJing and 5 minutes of fire breathing girls walking around the stage just before midnight. I would have happily paid 25-30 pounds and gone somewhere else if I had known. But instead I had to apologies to my friends. Also, the girl at the door was very unprofessional: rude and irritated, when we asked to explain what was going on and why we weren't allowed to see the show in the south gallery. She just told us to move away. Lesson learnt, never going there again.

By Elena M.

I had a terrible experience on my first-(and last!) attempt at visiting Proud. On Halloween evening I queued up for about half an hour , only to find out that I need an ID( I am 41...). The person in charge( young Black woman)was extremely rude and patronising, talking to me in a manner I have never experienced in my 12 years in London.Obviously they also forgot to tell us there is another queue further on just to enter the bar area... we abandoned the place as soon as we could, incredibly primitive behaviour towards customers so only go if you enjoy being verbally abused.Shame, all other places in Camden had very helpful and solicitous customer service.

By Nicky T.

I really disliked my experience at Proud. The place is vastly overrated...just like Camden in general. The drinks are too expensive, smelly and the atmosphere isn't that brilliant. You can go somewhere else and have a better night.

By Dominic T.

I concur with many of the previous reviewers. The woman on the door was patronising and rude. I too was asked for ID before they would let me in, and I'm 39. They explained this was "because we are a licensed venue" but this has never happened to me before in 20 years of living in London. I live nearby so I trudged home to get my ID and came back. No apology for wasting my time, and once inside I wish I hadn't bothered. The rest of the staff were as disinterested in serving as the woman on the door was rude. The toilets were filthy despite the place being almost empty. The walls are posted with officious notices telling you if you put your coat down anywhere someone will take it to the cloakroom and charge you for it. Again, something I've not experienced in any other bar, club, restaurant or pub. Terrible venue. I doubt I will ever go back.

By Emily B.

Dear Proud Camdenfrom my brief look at the hundreds of awful reviews about Proud Camden I dont know how you can call your self proud. Unless you like smell of sweaty teenagers, rude staff, bad music and expensive drinks. I got offered a 'runner up prize'' to go Proud Camden,im so glad I did my research before hand, I will happily let a grubby students skive a day off uni to take my place. My advice:take peoples comments into consideration. Your pathetic replys, simply apologizing and wondering why people keep getting this experience isnt enough. It might even help if you shut down altogether and stop scamming people of their night. ( also notice that your rating is very exaggerated compared to the actual user rating!

By Emma P.

I am just going to be really brief I am highly disappointed in Aquila I have used them twice and both times they have been unacceptable in numerous areas including customer service, event management and majorly not correctly listing what they are selling. The first awful encounter with them was when they had first opened and I was offered a VIP table which did not have any of the perks it was meant to, then when I mentioned it to a staff member they simply listed off some speech about their VIP policies. The second experience which spurred me to write this review was Scott Disick's boat party. i again had supposedly won some discounted tickets at £30 each however when we arrived not only was it not on a boat, Scott Disick wasn't there! They only announced this 2 days before the event on their Facebook page as a status, no email, no Facebook message and no alternatives or compensation. I am a very unhappy customer and when i messaged them about this they AGAIN offered no refunds or alternatives! In the end what annoys me is not that Scott didnt turn up or that they substituted him for some random people from Made In Chelsea, but more because they seemed to expect everyone to be happy with paying 30-80 quid for a mediocre night and then were defensive when people asked for their money back when the night ended at 10:30pm. I can safely say none of my friends nor I will ever use them again, and considering this is a business based on reputation I cant see how much longer you guys can last pulling stunts like this.

By Jo W.

The bouncers in proud are so aggressive that it spoils your night. Save yourselves some money and stay away folks

By Michael P.

Aquila at Proud Camden... The 'Share & Like' competitions these guys run on Facebook is one hell of a con! Well done to whoever thought it up! Everyone at the club either is or was brought by a runner up, no one really wins the main prize, ALL the booths are shared, apparently everyone's a VIP, the stripper is a woman in her underwear who spends roughly 3 mins in the booth and then leaves without stripping, the goodie bags are filled with sweets, no drinks vouchers or cash in the golden envelope, just a Golden Ticket for free entry for 10 friends NEXT time. Presumably because they know everyone will feel so conned by it all that there probably won't be a next time. Unless people have a passion for the watered down Jagerbombs & Vodka Lemonades the bar staff have no clue how to conceal. But hey, round of applause for everyone at Proud for this brilliant con. That and the fact that the security were absolutely no help at all when 2 of my friends had their jackets stolen, has made me realise what a god forsaken hipster sh*t hole of club it really is. Mikey.

By Steph S.

It was not my cup of tea however if you are an 18 year old student looking for a relatively fun night out with cheap drinks, this is the place for you! The pros were that there was a very small queue and there are bouncers so although there are bouncy teens around they are kept relatively in check.The VIP room is average and it's not exactly exclusive. The floor is uneven so don't make the mistake of wearing stilettos or your mode of transportation home will be an ambulance. It's definitely aimed at very young adults as I don't think I saw anyone over 18 there! I did bump into Proudlock from Made in Chelsea though so that did make things better!! My biggest complaint is that I left my coat in one of our stable and when attempting to get it back at the end of the night I was rudely told by one of the bouncers that I had to wait until the whole club was vacated before I could go in and get it. Although I tried to explain that the cab is waiting for me outside he refused to help me get my jacket back! But I guess that's not the club's fault! Overlooking the end incident, I had a relatively good night... so it really does depend what you're looking for in a club.

By John W.

Bloody awful. Asked to turn up unusually early "to beat the queues", get inside and there is about 20 people in the whole place for the first hour. After expecting the paid for VIP experience you soon realise that every Tom, Dick and Harry is VIP making for a pretty underwhelming experience. My mate Tom that won a stable turned up to find out that stables were either already given to other groups or they had been "upgraded" to a singular tiny 5 man circular table after being asked to bring a group of 30-40 people at £6 entry a head. Drinks are reasonably price to be fair which dulled the blow. The friendly security guard laughed and joked when he heard us complaining, retorting that he gets the same complaints every wednesday and that we had fallen for their cander and the "stable promise" and joked that the only remotely exclusive place in the whole club was the disabled toilets. A definite on the miss lsit people.

By Anita B.

I am shocked to read these negative reviews, I went to Proud before Xmas as a birthday outing, male and female group of family from 21 - 40 years, I found the club had a great atmosphere,the drinks were of brand name and not watered down, we had a good service, we partied till the end of the night, all staff were friendly and the venue is amazing. We have partied worldwide over the years and we Would recommend Proud in Camden any day!

By Proud C.

Hi, We are so sorry to hear about your disappointing evening at Proud. We do have other sets of toilets with more cubicles in, but we were exceptionally busy on NYE hence the longer than normal queues. We are extremely concerned to hear you accusations towards our bar staff. We have not received complaints like this before. More likely that on such a busy night a genuine mistake was made with your change. We will ensure that staff are aware of this and more careful going forward. Thanks, Proud Camden

By Proud C.

Hi there, Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your experience at Proud. On NYE we were exceptionally busy hence the crowding and queuing for the cloakroom. This is something we are looking into. We hope if you attend us on another evening you would change your mind and enjoy the club. Thanks, Proud Camden

By Kimberly S.

If you like queueing then Proud is the club for you. Queued to put our coats in the cloakroom for ages, at least 30 minute queue for the ladies, queued for an hour (not exaggerating) to get our coats out of the cloakroom (with the usual pushers in)! It was very crowded so walking through the club was difficult. There were lots of idiots in there who seemed to be looking for a fight but I suppose Proud can't really be blamed for that! We did however enjoy the music. We will not be returning.

By Ann S.

Would also like to mention that I got charged differently each time for the same round of drinks - the bar staff were obviously pocketing the money!

By Ann S.

Gutted I had to give this place 1 star! (that is being generous) What an awful venue, rude staff and horrible clientele. If you want to hang out with under 20's looking for a fight, then look no further this is the venue for you. I spent my NYE in this place and i have to say it is the worst place i have ever been. The ladies toilet's only had 4 cubicles until 12:00! So you had to queue 30 minutes, it was so ridiculous. If you have a few brain cells you will stay away from this venue!

By Nicole H.

Absolutely awful New Year's Eve. Most of the staff are on a power kick and looking for problems where they just don't exist. The management obviously haven't understood this judging by all the other reviews on here and instead defend this bad behaviour. I wonder what nonesense will be said in response to this review! It's a shame because the music was not bad and the venue itself could be good, but if the management don't learn some PR skills very fast they will not be in business for very long in 2013.

By Proud C.

Hi, We are really sorry to hear you did not have a good experience at Proud. As it was Halloween weekend we did experience high numbers through our door. Despite the inconvenience the security checks are designed for your safety, and we are forced by our licence to have ID scanners on the door, again to improve security. Our drinks prices are in line with other venues in London, and it is a shame to hear that the music was not to your taste. We will take on board your comments about our staff being overly aggressive and ensure that feedback is communicated back throughout the whole team. Thank you, Proud Camden Team

By Ed K.

This place is terrible. Don't bother with the big queues and aggressive staff. Super strict security to get into the venue (make sure you have ID) and once you are in everyone makes you feel as though you shouldn't be in there anyway. I am 27. There were loads of police cars outside when we left. One friend had her bank card stolen and I saw another person on the floor injured as we were leaving. Other than that it was great...

By Ed K.

Don't go it's rubbish. The bouncers are aggressive and the drinks are overpriced. Don't go here for your 18th. Go to Dalston.

By Zoe G.

Love this place! very unique layout which is a refreshing change from the likes of the generic Leicester square clubs. Been on Thurs, Sat and was pleasantly suprised by the hip hop music when i went on tuesday. Friendly atmosphere and lovely bar staff, great place to just have a really good time.

By Oliver F.

A unique venue, with an alternative vibe, if the standard set up of most bars and nightclubs has grown tiresome, and you're looking for a night out with a difference, Proud stands out as a pillar of individuality. Whether it's to watch a band perform, perform in a band yourself, or to just have a night out, you'll find proud won't let you down for a good time!

By Proud C.

Hello DBM, Firstly apologies for the late reply on this. I was there on the night in question and was called to deal with what had happened as you had requested my presence from my head of security on the front door, I spoke with you directly on two occasions. The party who had moved your belongings aside did so because they had booked the area, something which you had already been told by our assistant restaurant manager as we were turning the room over. I know you felt hard done by as a result of this, but I did offer you another booth plus a round of drinks for you and your wife for free to compensate as the aforementioned restaurant manager had mentioned you had been a very good customer for the restaurant. You didn’t want this, you wanted “out of principle” for the booked in party to be ejected from the venue, something I wasn’t willing to do based on what had happened. I am truly sorry I couldn’t resolve what happened to you that night to your liking.

By David M.

Good to see that no response has been made to this review. After reading other reviews and the arrogant responses to them I'm not surprised. Just makes me think that they agree with my points and don't care about the customers who spend the most money. Totally unprofessional and rude. I reiterate my point, do not book this show or go to this club

By David M.

Do not use Proud Camden, worst night for years. Booked burlesque show,1 burlesque dancer who was rushed, advised free entry to club afterwards, weren't told club was where we were sitting and table would be moved. Told strict dress code,only for hundreds of young people to come in wearing dirty jeans, trainers, and ripped t shirts, who pushed us out of seats we agreed to share with other people who apparently paid extra for. Complained to staff who were rude and said we should move. Obviously the younger crowd are more important and the club con people to watch a show and have a meal until the younger crowd have had their drink and ready to club the night away. Can name staff if required. Disgusted with whole experience and would not recommend to anyone.

By Lucy P.

I went to Proud last weekend on sunday afternoon, the venue is beautiful and the staff were really friendly and observant. I loved the atmosphere outside and the live acoustic music made me feel like i was sat at glastonbury festival again! They had mulled wine which was a huge comfort in the chilly air. The bands inside were also fantastic! was nice to have a choice of entertainment. I saw that they also have an area for children in the restaurant which was a lovely touch. Having such a large venue but still managing to be cosy was fantastic to experience. I only wish I lived closer and could go every weekend. Somewhere perfect to chill in the day and dance in the evening!

By Proud C.

Hi Kelly,I am sorry you did not enjoy your evening and am very surprised.I would love you to send a more detailed account of your experience to so i can look into this and would like to offer you and your friends tickets to any other event in the future so you can see why your friends have always had good nights in the past.Best,Jade

By Star K.

Worst Night out in such a long time! Over priced, rude staff and pretty disgusting! Friends have had good nights here in the past but it has completely gone down hill, really rude door staff and then dirty, disgusting club!

By Maria H.

Myself and friends visited Proud Camden last Thursday for the Burlesque evening and we were very impressed. We were welcomed into the venue and upon entering, the decor was beautiful. We thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment for the night - especially the host/compere, this lady really made us laugh. We have recommended Proud Camden to our friends and will definitely return, as the food was absolutely delicious too! Very satisfied customers indeed. :)

By Jamie M.

Valentine's Day. You'd think it was a time or an intimate time with your girl. Clearly not something that crossed the mind of management at Proud. Booked a table at £39pp only to arrive to a 4 person table, barely able to accommodate 2. The waitstaff claimed we couldn't move as it would cause problems with orders. Few if any had ordered anything yet however as few customers had had any orders taken! Then the waitstaff tries to smooth things over by offering a cocktail and later, a bottle of champagne. Both were a part of the package. #Fail. They called it an anti-vallentine's right which was right. Next time, go somewhere else.

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