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This is strictly members only. You will not get in unless you're a member or are accompanied by a member.

Raffles is one of the most famous and most exclusive private members clubs in the capital. Located on the Kings Road it prides itself on its discretion and unless you are an approved member you will not be able to visit the members club.

Ranked #58 of 225 clubs in London

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Raffles reviews

By Lisa G.

had a great night, met loads of funny people. and the manager is the most hilarious person you could wish too meet. he brings the whole place together... good location and would go again. with a group of girls.

By T.

I had a really bad night here, it really doesn't offer much in the way of atmosphere or good service. I wasn't impressed at all, but maybe it is ok for people with low standards.

By J S.

New Year Eve party completely ruined by the incompence of this poor place. The guest clipboard woman has literally no people skills what so ever. Completely incompetent person with disgusting attitude. The whole event meant to be ticketed so there should not be a massive que outside. The idiotic women couldn't handle her job any worst than she did. She actually called out to organise some drinks for them to toast New Year! No regards to the fact that she has paying customers she is dealing with seriously badly and with an awful attitude and rudnes. We barely made it in 2 minutes before midnight as with so little time we didn't even managed to get a drink to toast New Year! What supposed to be drinks inclusive deal did not offer champagne to toast the year and the poor TWO (I mean ONLY TWO) barman who were serving thorough the night decided to stop serving and toast to 2016 while their customers were trying to get a drink to welcome the New Year; the reason they have actually paid to come their. To top it of they started a FaceTime call while we were still trying to get served. Completely ruined our night. And I would under no circumstances go back to such a shit hole. Would not recommend to anyone!

By Anita D.

Last night I was extremely disappointed with door hostes (blach hair) , such a rude attitude. So unfriendly, she really has to go on a course how to deal with guests. Besides the bar and making the price drink in the heads, three times when to the bar ordered 3x passion fruit martini and each time the prices was different. What is going on there? Sounds really dodgy, no drink menu...

By Ray W.

It's basically a very tiny local club (The mirror magic of interior design had been well used there tho... it's so tiny.) If you catch up with friends, it's not too bad, because you can find your friends easily.

By Gee F.

Awful. Ridiculous prices for drinks for no reason other than they can. DJ unable to play any song for more than 20seconds. Clientele just push you out of the way, spill your drinks without a second glance and carry on their way. Most of them not buying drinks but skiing their way through all night presumably why they're such aholes. I could understand the prices if it was a nice place or the drinks were high class, but it's not and they're not. Avoid at all costs.

By Oleg S.

Complete dump! Music was awful, they only seem to play old crap that no one listened to when it came out and definitely don't listen to it now. furthermore the staff are horrendous.

By Lily M.

Excellent club! Music is excellent, really fun, the staff are ledges! The bar staff are friendly, the doormen really nice. The vibe is a little older which is nice if you're an over 25. The music isn't too loud so you can have a good conversation and the regulars are a lot of fun. It's open later than some too which is brill if you don't want to be in bed by 3. One of the best London clubs.

By Úlfur U.

Don´t try Rafael, a total waste of time

One of my worst night ever , they think they are so cool with all there staff that have no manors at all. Very overrated , there are so many other fantastic places to go to if you want to spend some money. The private club house called Home is so much better that I just don´t understand why anybody would like to spend there money and time in Rafael. A huge dissapointment

By Jane M.

So sad this place used to be a great place to go, we went many times and you were almost guaranteed a good night. Now it is awful, bartenders service are very poor, and the atmosphere in the dance floor it's just disaster. We will not be going here anymore. Miss J.

By Tom J.

I've been a loyal cusomer in raffles for long time, and I see this place going down lately, they changed all the best,charismatic people, who used to work there. I don't feel warm and welcoming atmosphere anymore as it used to be.I think i'ts bad job from new management. Tom.

By Lucy L.

I don't agree at all, I was there on friday and I had worst night for long time , weard crowd, service doesn't worth the prices. Lucy.

By Jasper F.

Raffles is an amazing club. I love the attitude of the new management and the staff are really friendly and warm. I went last night (Friday night) with some work mates and we had the most fantastic time. The drinks were reasonably priced and the crowd were good looking and dressed really trendy plus the music was really good as well. The DJ played all the hits and threw in some nice mashups to keep us dancing all night. This is definitely a club we all fell in love with again and will be going back more often. Keep up the good work

By Tod W.

Haven't been here for years, but recently went on a Thursday and holy moly what a tonne of fun we had! Was full of Hot Young Things and i have to say the CrackBaby maybe my new favourite tipple... will definitely be frequenting it more often... new love for the raffles!!!

By Annie L.

really fun last night - went after an engagement party - and we came down and the guy looking after the tables was soo funny! made our night- a real joker who got us all dancing and drinking far too much!! Good fun place on a Thursday it looks like! ha :)

By Mo G.

I love Raffles, with the new ownership and management its amazing. You can meet the own and just complain about anything if you see. However, the stuff are very polite and make you enjoy the night. I've been before this management but it wasn't that exciting place but now everytime we go there we having fun. Hopefully going this weekend if friends coming

By Sexy G.

The best club in london! I will definitely recommend to visit! Friendly staff and great managers! Club nr 1! Sexy xxx

By Laura B.

The funniest night I have had in months and months, honestly I went along not expecting too much but within half hour I was dancing like I had not danced for years, buying far too many bottles and just generally having the time of my life. The bunch are so different to west end, they are full of life, full of fun and NEW. Not the same old faces. such a cool mix too, some eccentrics, some city, some artists, all wanting the same thing, a jolly good time !

By Alison J.

The BEST party of the summer so far BY FAR! Well Done Peter and Emma. Beautiful people, wild times in the VIP (no I won't tell except to say that half clothed scantilly clad beautiful people can only lead to crazy crazy times) great music, great vibe. While the West End dies long live Raffles. And all for a good cause - charity drinks too!

By Alison J.

Place gets better and better. Everybody talking about it again so thought I had to check it out with my girlfriends for third consecutive month and boy did we have a wonderful night - again! Good music, great vibe, new sexy bar girls means men in a good mood which is always good. new English host really knows what hospitality means and made our group feel like we were royalty. As said, place just getting better and better. Couldn't get upstairs this time because of VIP private party but didn't need to as downstairs was full up and my girlfriends who showed up at 1am were told "it's already full". Quickly becoming my favorite place to go. So much more life than Kitts, Boujis and The Brompton Club. Great night. Great place.

By S B.

Old school fun ! Lots of lovely ladies and gentlemanly gentleman. Casino Poker Wednesday and a bi monthly 'naughty' party called my boyfriends out of town, well worth visiting. Bring friends and grab a table, minimum spend is very reasonable.

By Anthony P.

Raffles is by far one of the best and most exclusive nightclubs around. Went down saturday night as new friend started work there in management team and the place was amazing. Good Looking people, great atmosphere, great staff, good security, good music and a great mix of older and younger people. Vip room packed. And while I am on here let me rebut a few of the other reviews; Yes it's expensive and exclusive so if you cant afford to buy a drink dont complain about the proices and go to some crappy west end nightclub! No you cant just walk in off the street and thank God for that! Great job the team at Raffles.

By Tony F.

An amazing night. I did spend a lot of money, but hey in a classy Chelsea Club, what do you expect?

I went on a Saturday night and although crowded, I still managed to enjoy myself.Fun bartenders, and a good crowd.

When it gets too crowded in the dancefloor I park at the cloakroom and the cloakgroom girl was patient enough to put up with drunk people like me the whole night.

Would definitely come back and perhaps try a weeknight and see how its like.

By Stuart B.

One of the best nights out ever! All this trash about it being a bad club and full of WAG, s - hello?????

What club in London doesn't have their fair share of wags! Ok, initially it’s a little pretentious but after some drink and a slaking of those old inhibitions, this bar/club is actually quite cool!

Yes there are a few uptight academic derived weirdo’s but at least you know they are harmless and like everyone else, looking for a good night!

The bar staff were one of the best in London, remembered orders, courteous and always helpful. The waitress/waiter service was fab and the security staff made sure nothing funky kicked off!

This place is cool no matter what the rest say, it’s obviously not their type of place and should therefore look mainstream at the weatherspoons perhaps?

Decor to be fair is chic, a little worn looking perhaps but nevertheless smart. The mosaic floors are cool and the pillar at the centre of the room offers a focal point for the dance floor.

If you’re lucky enough to get into the VIP lounge upstairs then all is well. With its own bar and private cushioned seating area you will get that special treatment.

To be honest downstairs is by far better and with good acoustics the club has some good taste in music.

Awesome night enjoyed by the Bosley Brothers.

By Peta-Jane C.


From the rude doorman, the rude bar staff, rude toilet attendant, rude cloakroom girl and even the rude OWNER!

i bought clients there who were thinking of using the location to film a music video in.

The owner was so rude to me.It has the smallest dancefloor in london, full of snobby art students and wannabe WAGS.

the DJ may as well be replaced with radio 3 in the background, and the drink prices are extortionate.

I would never go back there again, let alone pay them to film in there!Horrible, would advise people to stay at home, rather than go to this club.

By Charo M.

From the lovely & gorgeous girl at the front door, lovely security guys, smiley ladies at the cloakroom & toilets, & chatty waiters. Raffles' staffs make your night. Raffles wouldn’t be the same without such an amazing staff.

By Adrien D.

Mysterious, dark yet colourful, Raffles caters for Chelsea’s finest party harders, tastelessly celebrating their wealth with an extensive range of luxury drinks. An exclusive private members' club, the only way you will be allowed to step inside is if you are a member or a guest of one.

The Venue
Situated on the Kings Road, Raffles is between Sloane Square and Kensington tube stations. It is comprised of one main room with several private booths and a VIP area where you can have some intimacy. The bar, separated from the main room by stairs, dazzles with its 15 metre long shelf supporting every liquor you can imagine.

The black walls give a sense of privacy while the square-shaped multicoloured lights delineating the dancefloor from the extensive seating area seem to be begging you to rock your body until late (or at least until 6.30 in the morning). The main focal point of the club is a mirrored column in the middle of the dancefloor inciting you to be narcissist.

The Atmosphere
Expect to mingle with Chelsea and Kensington’s richest and slickest inhabitants along with top-notch celebrities who appreciate the exclusiveness of this private members club. It’s hard to get in, but once you’re inside it’s never completely packed so you can always circulate smoothly and dance like crazy. That said, if you’re bothered about spending £9 for a shot of vodka then this is not the place for you.

The Music
Raffles attracts rising Ibiza and French Riviera style DJs playing a rather unexpected funky house oriented mix of pop, electro, RnB and indie tunes, which can be considered as pop music now.

The Drink
The private members' club offers a stunning variety of drinks, from Cristal to Cognac and everything in between. The cocktails are well made, large and extremely alcoholic (there are no 25ml or 35ml limitations here, just say when you want them to stop pouring). For the amount of alcohol they're reasonably priced too and start at £12 for a basic mojito and rise to £20 for more sophisticated ones.

The Last Word
Raffles is a great members' club with a really funky dancefloor, delicious drinks and good albeit unoriginal music. A great place to party until late with wealthy friends before contemplating the London sunrise. Having said all this, that's only provided you get in. This is a private members' club for the very wealthy who value their privacy so security is understandably strict.

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