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The Rainbow Sports Bar is a strip tease club on Shoreditch High Street.

Ranked #55 of 225 clubs in London

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Rainbow Sports Bar reviews

By Matt P.

This is a genuinely terrible venue. The trouble started before I even entered, with door staff cheerlessly barking the entrance fee at me, then ushering me to the place you buy them, which was unmanned. They created a huge drama to get someone there to take my money from me, then unceremoniously ushered me inside. Once inside, I was greeted by a large crowd of men and a dozen or so Romanian girls, mingling to try and encourage the men to buy dancers. It had a sad and desperate atmosphere to it, interspersed only by downbeat looking staff demanding pound coins from everyone in attendance, so we could watch a below-average looking girl performing a below-average dance. Before long, I was accosted by one of the girls who persuaded me to have a dance with her, for £20. The dance was ok, but essentially acted as a sales pitch to go 'VIP' in a sofa area where "nobody could see" where "anything could happen". I agreed, at a cost of £100, plus £20 for the cheapest, most low-quality bottle of wine you can imagine (she actually agreed to pay for it, since I wasn't prepared to stump up ten times the value for something neither of us wanted to drink). The VIP area turned out to be on a stage, in full view of everyone. "Anything could happen" turned out to be this girl slating the club and everyone who works in it, demanding a massage and then starting a conversation with somebody else. I counted my losses and left. In a nutshell: this is an expensive dive. It will leave you much lighter in the wallet, but is about as unerotic and charmless as you can imagine. It's basically a stereo-type of what this place ought not to be.

By Peter C.

I visited last Friday night. Not knowing what to expect, i walked in to find dozens of hot girls!! As soonas i was ordering a drink, i was approached by a lovely Hungarian girl called Lily. She gave me a great lapdance, then i spent an hour with her in the VIP area. We got on so well, we swapped mobile numbers!! Now i cant wait to come back again, and neither can she!!

By Dan M.

Wow! Oh what a night! Don't go out that often but this place was incredible. There was this one girl who was really hot and hairy and had really thick glasses on - think she def liked me cos she was dancing for me. Bit shocked when she asked me for money cos I thought we had something special - but TYG. I groped her a bit and then asked for her number but the bouncer threw me out, not sure why really. Anyway it's a great bar and I've never had so much attention from the girls, they all kept on dancing for me! Def recommend it if you like ugly women who look like your Mum's ugly friend - big and hairy - YEAH!!

By Spiros M.

waste of money

I went last week, want a total waste of money. lap dance was done within a couple of minutes. Girls are rude. We not go back. no where to sit down

By Alex V.

Top strip bar. Great atmosphere, all the girls seem down to earth and classy. You feel part of a members club in there. Bouncers are well alright as is Gary behind the bar. Absolutely in love with the latino in there. She knows who she is ;) Down there once a week minimum. Couldn't recommend enough. Alex Vaughan.

By Ben N.

Always a good party atmosphere and lots of girls to choose from, and stays open til 3am. Much prefer it to Browns, Nags Head, Griffin or the horrible Axe. I went Sports Bar last night and noticed the girls are getting more hands on during the private dances than they were 6 months ago. Some will now stick a nipple in your mouth and rub their undercarriage on your face! I guess with so many girls there they are getting competitive.

By Tony G.

I went to this bar on Tuesday lunchtime at 1.30. It was closed. I went back about 3, and had to wait a long time before the barmaid served me. When she did serve me she was rude and unfriendly. There are some nice, friendly girls there, but the atmosphere is spoiled by poor service. Waiting 15 minutes for a drink, without any kind of apology being offered is not the way to get repeat custom.

By Alan B.

Stage performances were pretty uninspired, lots of Brazilian girls here. Not the best looking girls in the business. One girl in particular should have never started this job in the first place. Overall though, the girls are nice and private dances were only 10,- till 18:00 and pretty intimate. Bar prices are very reasonable as well. Good enough place to chill out for a bit.

By T.

I went to Rainbow Sports Bar the other night and really enjoyed it! The girls are from all over the world. I met a nice South American lady (Venezuela) and liked her so much I almost asked for her phone number. There's lots to choose from, drinks are cheap and the setting is good as well, with small tables at the back to let you chat with the girlies. Would like to go to the Rainbow Sports Bar again.

By Mark P.

I used to be a regular at this place, in the days when almost every boozer in the locality offered exotic dancing during opening hours, but that was a while ago. It just seems to get worse and worse ... Used to be full of Brazilian girls until the management fired them all for refusing to work on Christmas Day either last year or the year before ! Who wants to go to such a dump on Christmas Day, for Christ's sake, especially when there is no public transport ? I still can't quite fathom the thinking there ... The girls with any sense left of their own accord before the mass sacking. Now full of Eastern European girls of varying quality who have to pay so much to work there they are absolutely desperate to the point of rudeness for your cash. You will be constantly hassled for private dances, VIP room (£120.00 for nothing, basically - avoid) or £1 in the pot for the next (very lack-lustre) performance on the stage. I generally steer clear these days, or pop in at the start of a night out to experience a low point up front. They even have the audacity to charge an entry fee, but can't be bothered to keep the toilets clean. The White Horse, Browns and the Olde Axe are much better bets.

By James W.

Hi Sophie, I'm sure you would be welcome but there are better clubs to go to if you are keen on going to a strip club. The girls get fully naked and the also get up close and personal (don't seem to be any rules on not touching) I hope that helps James

By Chris T.

bar is full of girls but only 1 or 2 are more than average looking. most of the girls are incredibly rude and seem to be really desperate to get money off you. also the barkeepers are rude as well. smelly place in overall. you better off to the white horse or browns where you dont have to pay any entrance fee!!!

By Bob A.

Some very very horny chicks in there , BUT if you go in their drunk beware . They definately rob you . !00% . Like an idiot been drunk few times and always always get robbed ...........

By John H.

hi iv been a couple of times and i have seen women customers in there, its great club, you get a few guys in there who just perv over the girls but the majority of people are there to have a laugh, the girls go full naked and get naughty, iv seen girls getting private dances, the last time i was there with a couple of mates a girl attempted to dance for us we had her in fits of laughter she couldnt do it and had to stop, we bought her a drink and had a chat near the bar instead, go and chech it out, you will have a great time, Jonny

By John M.

Well! What can I say? There are some girls who have lovely personalities. I love that petite girl. She's got the perfect smile, but she never asked me for a dance. She's always busy and having champagne in the VIP area when I am there. Oh! Well, I am going to keep going to the Sports Bar, until get her to dance for me.

By Terry K.

I went to the Sports Bar recently and had a good time. Most of the girls were great fun and made me feel very welcome. The only problem was the staff. They were unfriendly and did not seem interested on whether customers enjoyed themselves or not. Perhaps they need reminding about why they are there.

By Jhon S.

reasonable bar prices and some pretty hot girls, one girl called kayleigh with massive tits and a sexy smile was exceptionally nice, seemed happy to talk and not pushing for a dance unlike some of the other girls.

By Lester M.

Apart from the obvious sights, do they actually show football, was thinking of the ESPN game on Saturday evening?

By David J.

One girl charged me for 4 dances, £80 when she only did 2. Another customer came over to me and said she tried to do the same thing to him.

By Micheal K.

nice and clean place, been there twice had fun i meet some intresting people, one girl called kludia from romania gave me a free dance

By Ian H.

Geat venue ! Just gets better and better. Alterations have made the place look a lot better. As a regular visitor i think that this is the most hospitable club in London and though you get a little bit of hastle from the girls it is always in good fun.

By Tom D.

Heard about the Rainbow Bar from friends .. Was so disappointed when I turned up , Place was full of scantily clad young ladies offering to undress for oney .... No sign of Geoffery Zippy or Bungle .... Gutted !!

By Lisa L.

If you like dark and lovely girls you must see Avalon (I think that was her name).
Pretty looking fit girl with enormous knockers!!!!

I couldn't get enough.

Aint been for a while as have been off town.

Anyone know if she's still there cause if she is I'm heading back there.

By Graeme M.

I was in London From Belfast. I never seen anything like it. Great women. I did not see any London sites as I was in this place night and day. Recomended A ++

By T.

Oh dear. We went there again last night.
Still awesome and full of some great women.
We were all hammered by the time we got in there, but the array of girls on offer was rather excellent.

Always fun. However I am having trouble cleaning the stain out of my character.

By Joking R.

This place has not improved over the years, the same old girls, the same miserable management. There are a lot of better strip pubs in London.

By C.

Popped in to the Rainbow Sports Bar last night, and was immediately set at ease by a couple of Brazilian girls. There is a really easy and relaxed ambiance about the place. No aggressive competition like in some nightclubs! I will definitely return to the Rainbow Sports Bar next Sunday!

By T.

I went to the Rainbow Sports Bar expecting something very different. To my amazement there were naked women strutting their stuff on the stage.

A very good friend of mine told me that the Rainbow Sports Bar was a hairy bikers club!

The disappointment was hard to bear. So we left and ran away!

By V.

I went to this bar at around 8 PM, I saw 16 different girls pole dancing before 10 PM. When the girls came to collect money I gave each girl 50p. This bar is really excellent. It was my first visit, I had no problem or pressures from staff or the dancers in the bar. I strongly recommend everyone to visit this bar. Take bus 36 from Liverpool Street station.

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