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Based centrally in the heart of the West End, Rainforest Cafe is a distinctive jungle themed venue offering fun nights out amongst alligators and tropical fish. The Rainforest Cafe also features themed rooms with impressive animatronics, so expect to find a range of realistic jungle inhabitants peering through the undergrowth.

The cafe boasts an allergy friendly menu and can cater for different dietary needs for both adults and children.

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"Located in the heart of the West End in Piccadilly Circus, Rainforest Cafe is designed as an exotic jungle, recreating the sights and sounds of the Amazon rainforest. Enjoy great food and drinks in this spectacular restaurant whilst the unique jungle surroundings are brought to life with the help of stunning special effects including thunder and lightning storms, tropical showers and cascading waterfalls, as well as lifelike, animatronic inhabitants including chattering gorillas, a menacing jaguar, snapping crocodile and of course our trumpeting elephants. The cafe boasts an allergy friendly menu and can cater for different dietary needs for both adults and children."

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Rainforest Cafe reviews

By Chris B.

Great place to bring the family

Great place to bring the family - the staff were really smiley and good fun and the kids absolutely loved it. The food was good quality and I would happily return.

By Josh C.

this place is what it is. If you want to take the kids somewhere we they will be entertained for an hour or so and you will be fed food that they will enjoy (and you probably wont) then the Rainforest Cafe is ideal. Dont just rock up book as it gets incredibly busy. Also be prepared you have to walk through a shop on the way out so prepare some excuses why you cant get another soft toy!

By Al C.

My daughter absolutely loved it!

The Rainforest Cafe is a really fun place to bring your kids - I visited with my little girl last week, she loved meeting cha cha and seeing the jungle. The food was absolutely fine, just don't expect high-end dining. The price is a little bit on the high-ish side, but given the location (smack bang on Piccadilly) and the effort they must have been through to make the restaurant look so amazing, you can't really complain too much. My daughter loved it and that's the main thing!

By Neil F.

My wife, our 2 sons and I visited the Rainforest Cafe, London on Sat 27th November 2010 at about 5pm expecting not to get a table for an hour or so. I was pleasantly surprised to be told 15-20 mins and decided to wait downstairs in the waiting/bar area. Whilst waiting, I bought 2 bottles of beer which cost £9.60. 30 mins after getting to the waiting area our table was called. We ordered 2 burgers + chips and 2 kiddies meal deals with 2 more beers but nothing else and the bill came to £79. This included a mandatory 12.5% service charge which annoyed me. It annoyed me due to the fact I had not read it anywhere and also because the service was terrible. I understand the prices being OTT for the "experience" but to milk another £10 is poor IMO. I also understand it was probably one of their busier shifts but that did not excuse our poor service. For: The kids meal deal included a pack full of goodies which they loved. The "experience" was worth doing, even if my youngest (4yrs) got a bit scared of the thunder effects. Seated 30 mins after arrival on a busy Sat afternoon/evening without booking. Against: Price Service Charge Quality of Service Quality of food Overall for £90, the food and service were definitely below par but if you go there knowing this, you won't be disappointed. Do it once for the "experience" for the kids..............I will not be going back.

By Wayne B.

Really enjoyed our visit to the restaurant. May have been more of a place for children but all the other adults seemed to be enjoying theselves as well as us. The steak was deliocious and so was the brownie. Price is a bit steep, but I guess that's what every restaurant in central London is like. Waiter was very good and patient when we were deciding what to have and asking him for his opinion. Will be back hopefully in the near future.

By Alison W.

Given this 2 stars because of the gimmicks and the fact that the kids enjoyed the animals and the special effects. Based on atmosphere, food and value for money, I would struggle to give this place 1 star. I has Mexican quesidillas which were basically diced potatoes in tortillas - not a great combination and at nearly £17 an absolute rip off. The kids had small plates of penne with bolognese - greasy and not very tasty - followed by ice cream topped with whipped cream - who eats that? Certainly no one who has a waistline! The kids menu was nearly £13 which is disgusting. Topped with a smoothie each and lunch for 4 was £90! No wonder tourists think London is overpriced and the food is terrible! I can honestly say I felt embarassed for my city to be serving up this slop.

By Emma K.

I went to Rainforest Cafe for my belated birthday celebrations. My friends and I wanted to go there as we heard from a few people it was good. We did find the moving animals funny and the thunderstorm above was pretty cool. Plus they got me to stand on a chair and sing happy birthday. But the PRICE WAS OUCH on the purse! Luckily, my friend bought me my cocktail, but I ended up spending £50 still on my meal and dessert. Be prepared to spend a lot of money for a plate. It was more of the tourists than for the locals. But I can say I have been there. Will I go back? I'm not sure to be honest.

By S_Funandtrue

This is definitely somewhere to take the kids to experience the magic of the Rainforest. Food and drink is over priced. Lack of flavour. I had the rib starter as a main, which was okay, but tasted microwaved from frozen. Fast with bringing the food out.

By Darren L.

Very overpriced, food is poor, customer care is appalling and my partner and daughter got food poisoning. Stay well away.

By K G.

The food is definitely overpriced, but a fun experience - especially if it's someone's birthday!

By Joanne C.

Shocking food! A total rip off and I am appalled that tourists will come to London and suffer such a poor food experience! Don't waste your money!

By Susan M.

I knew this place was pricey before we went, but as a one off thought i would treat my two sons. The atmosphere was great especially for them we turned up at 12.15 on a Sunday and had no trouble obtaining a table, food was delivered very fast, bit too fast.. the children's menu was either £11.95 for meal and desert or £13.95 for meal, desert drink and activity pack, since a drink would have cost £2.20 went for the latter option. My one son had Penne pasta which for a 6 year old was a decent size portion and jelly and ice cream for desert with an orange juice. My other son had a fiery Pizza which was on the small size for a 9 year old, chocolate ice-cream and a coke which was a full size coke. The activity packs were well received though and contained a wallet, stickers, colouring book and stationary set. I went for the vegetarian quesadilla which was very tasty but I was still very hungry afterwards. 12% service charge added to bill. All in all a nice treat for our day out in London, and I suppose they are not looking for return trade so get away with the prices there was a large que at 1.30 when we left.

By Ian S.

Had a really good time with family from out of town when we went down. The atmosphere was great, service was wonderful, the food was good, bit pricey but the experience made up for it. All in all a good time was had by all, especially the younger ones in the group.

By Jon G.

I had their Classic Burger which was anything but classic. Very over priced at £15 for what just a luke warm basic burger with a sprinkle of cheese thrown over. On a plus side, my son loved the rainforest sounds and effects which made up for my overpriced and disappointing meal. Would not go back again!

By Faye S.

Had wonderful time at the restaurant with my family. The decor and visual effects were brilliant. The waiter was fantastic and entertaining. The food was ok, but the menu selection was very good and caters for various allergies which was very helpful for one of my children. The manager even came over to reassure us on what else they could do to cater for the allergy. We look forward to coming back during our next visit to London.

By C L.

What a rip-off tourist trap! I knew I'd made a mistake in going there, but we had friends visiting the uk with their young son, so thought it would be a nice place for kids. Prices are absolutely extortionate and food quality is nothing special. Bottles of beer are £4.60 each(!). And to add insult to our stupidity in ordering them, they had to cheek to serve 275ml bottles, less than a can of soda! The waitress was miserable, place was dark and loud, and the "entertainment value" of moving animals and thunder/rain sounds wore off very quickly. Avoid at all costs and spend your money more wisely elsewhere!

By Leon S.

Very Average forest cafe food very average- children set menu a real ripe-off . Really small portions. Miserable staff. i think the darkness of the place making it interesting for the children. Day light robbery is correct wording.

By Eve D.

Booked an evening meal in advance after finding Rainforest Cafe online. The restaurant was decked out like a rainforest and had rainforest noises - atmosphere and appearance were good. Unfortunately, the food and prices were a complete letdown! I had a starter of nachos, which were okay but didn't have much of a taste. My partner and son shared a cheesy garlic bread, which was also okay, though small so they probably should have got one each. For main course my partner got a burger, again he said this was okay, but absolutely not worth £15. I ordered the egg noodle stirfry, which I didn't eat as I didn't like it. For £14.95 my son got a deal which was for a main meal, desert, activity pack and drink. He ordered a margarita pizza, of which he had two small slices. I tried the pizza and have to say that it is the worst I have ever tasted - it was inedible! The ice cream for desert was fine. However, the drink was in a ridiculously small glass and therefore lasted about 2 minutes. For each refill of the glass I was charged £3! For the above food, plus 1 bottle of lager, 2 vodka and lemonades and an apple juice, we were charged the pricely sum of £85.00. I feel this is absolutely extortionate. I would not have minded paying such a high price had we had a lovely meal, but we left feeling disatisfied and were not full. There is a shop above the restaurant, which was charging the most ridiculous prices too. My advice would be simply do not go to Rainforest Cafe! Save your money! We had a great time in London, this was the only letdown!

By Kennett D.

We visited London on the weekend and were told about Rainforest cafe from family members so decided to take the kids on Saturday after a day of sightseeing. Although we couldn't make a reservation which nearly put us off we decided to turn up and were sat fairly quickly. The children absolutely loved the atmosphere and met a lovable big frog who came to all tables! Our waiter was fab with the kids and was very helpful when choosing our food as my son is allergic to nuts. I was amazed at the level of knowledge she had on the menu. I had the Major mojo bones and my wife enjoyed an Asian salad. Overall we enjoyed the food, it was a little pricey but the kids were so happy and enjoyed themselves we felt all in all it was a fantastic experience. Definitely will be going back when next in London!

By Rebecca T.

Typical West End tourist trap. This is great for the kids, please don't get me wrong, and whilst we didn't have to wait for a table we did have to wait an age for our food. We got there at 12pm so it wasn't busy! The food was soooo overpriced for what it was. I couldn't taste the seafood in my small bowl of linguine and had to pay £16 for the pleasure. £11.99 for a kids portion of macaroni and cheese - terrible! There are so many other places to take your kids to in London and places where you'll get a hell of a better meal.

By Mark C.

A treat for my daughter, I decided to take her there about 3 years ago, first impressions were good in regard to the decor, a nice atmosphere for children I thought. I must have caught them at a good time as there was no waiting for a table as such. However the experience started to fall down at the second hurdle when they showed their customer service skills. Which were non-existant. Basically the place is run by kids. Then the food come out which was the most disappointing dish I've ever seen. We both had the burger and it came out looking like a round piece of cardboard, tasted like it too. I believe that they are serving the absolute cheapest food products they can lay their hands on, seriously, McDonald's will serve you a better burger! The poor service continued throughout the meal, an order for drinks had to be chased up 3 times and in the end I think I just gave up on the thought of actually drinking something with my meal. Overall this place is not worthy of the prices charged for the food and service provided. I'd say that the kids burger meal is worth no more than £1.99. And don't even think about leaving a tip! Take them to an local Italian instead and give them some decent food made by a proper chef, rather than a pre-prepared microwave establishment.

By Rebecca D.

Visited here on 26th December, had booked about 1 month before so table ready more or less straight away. Kids loved the atmosphere and the face painting whilst waiting the short time for our table. Was very disappointed to be sat right at the bottom end of the restaurant, in a type of 'cave' enclosure. Therefore, we didnt see any of the gimmicks (gorilla's moving etc). We asked could we be moved, they said we could but it would be 45 mins. We declined but were disappointed as we had booked the table so far in advance and would have expected to be seated at better seat. The food - in all honesty it was soooo average. I suspect it is boil in the bag and pre packed stuff. Now, I wouldnt have minded this if the price was reasonable, but £186 for 6 of us for such mediocre food. Rip off! Would I go back. No chance!

By Stewart A.

Went to the restaurant with my wife and children as a pre-Christmas treat for us all. Was busy when we arrived, but then I guess they normally are around this time of year. While waiting we were informed about a Santa's Grotto, which they were running so we took them up on it, to preoccupy the children while we waited. The Grotto was magnificent, especially the questionnaire we fill out about the children and that is then passed on to the Santa so he knows a little about the children. To see the children's faces after seeing Santa shocked and surprised that Santa knows about them was brilliant. Our meal was good, but really enjoyed our desserts. The children opted to share the volcano, which was delicious, while I settled for the apple tart and my wife the chocolate brownie. All three desserts are widly recommended. The only downside is the price, I really would love to come more often but the price is a bit too steep for myself. Otherwise a wonderful restaurant to visit and have recommended.

By Emma M.

What an overpriced hole. Maybe it was good 30 years ago when it opened, but now the decor is outdated, and the food is incredibly overpriced for what you get served up. As a previous reviewer said, if you pay £17 for a burger, you expect better than you could cook yourself at home... And for £4 for a tiny pot of guacamole, I'd expect it to be fresh - which is obviously wasn't.

By Clarissa M.

Went during school holidays with a couple of friends as one of them had a 15% discount voucher. Had an ok time. The food was good, atmosphere was good, service a little slower than what was expected and food was a little pricey but did have an overall good time.

By Robert K.

Decided to take my nephew to Rainforest Cafe as a late birthday treat. Took a while for us to get sat but didn't mind as we were able to wait in the bar area and have a drink while we waited and witness the show from the bar, which was great. We were seated around the corner from the bar by a large fish tank, which was brilliant as we had full view of the waterfall and gorillas. Our waiter was superb with my nephew who is a very picky eater but was very patient. Food was good, service was superb despite the restaurant being extremely busy. We both loved our visit and intend on coming back again.

By A.

Your little monkeys will blend in perfectly!

The Venue
This underground cavern, filled with vegetation, is filled with the sounds of the jungle. Hidden amongst the leaves are Maya and Nile, Cha Cha and Bamba - the famous animatronic animals of the Rainforest Cafe who periodically come to life to growl, shriek and shake the branches. A bar shaped like a snake winds its way across one end of the room and there are several private booths – perfect for birthday parties – dotted around the outside.

The Atmosphere
A combination of audio effects, waterfalls and over-stimulated children give the Rainforest Cafe a lively atmosphere. It also seems to be everybody’s birthday so you will find yourself being constantly coerced into singing between mouthfuls. If you don’t know the words to Happy Birthday by now, you certainly will after a visit to this place!

The Food
With a menu brimming with egg-free, gluten-free and dairy-free options, your child can be allergic to almost anything here! Kids will struggle to choose between dishes such as Rasta Pasta with Alfredo sauce, Plant Pizza topped with sweetcorn and pineapple and Bamba’s Bangers and Mash, whilst the adults feast on sea bass, catfish and steak. Desserts such as cheesecake brulee, chocolate chunk brownie and seasonal fruit salad will be turned away by your little ones who will have seen Sparkling Volcano ice-cream Sundaes the size of their heads arriving on the other tables. Wear sweatpants and don’t come here if you’re on a diet!

The Drink
There are a range of cocktails, wines, spirits and beers for those in need of a stiff drink, and smoothies, fresh fruit juices, cordials and sodas for teetotallers both large and small. If the prospect of exiting through the well-stocked souvenir shop with your sugar-fuelled girls and boys is causing too many palpitations, then it might be a good idea to round off the meal with one of the special alcoholic coffees.

The Last Word
Very well organised and brilliantly run. Your children will love it, you will survive it and everyone will go home with a smile on their face!

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