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Ravi Shankar is a popular venue that boasts a wide range of dishes on a modern menu, accompanied by a selection of drinks.

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Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00

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Ravi Shankar reviews

By Andrew M.

Went to Ravi Shanker for dinner last week and quite enjoyed it. The service was very fast and attentive and the food delicious!

Ravi Shanker's not the most upmarket building and the decor needs a little work, but we had a nice evening nonetheless.

By Tahir Z.

Poor quality food. Space issues- cramped with no room to move. The dirty and uncomfortable ambience may be a reflection of the rude staff. Camden Council should seriously look at its licence and check the kitchen out.

By N N.

went to this restaurant last week and have no words to describe the awful experience! I am doing this restaurant a favour by giving it one star! the food was cold, stale, tasteless, strange and hybrid version of all kinds of cuisines ...... definitely not "Indian". The service was bad....the staff was noisy and thought its Ok to sing worse publicly in the restaurant then they would do in their shower. So an overall.... bad food, really bad choice of music and not to mention out of tune and useless service! take my advice don't go there!

By Sue M.

only giving one star because there doesnt seem to be option to give none. went early last evening and even the poppodums were horrible and stale. as were the chapattis. had a thali and idlis. all the curries were made with the same orange coloured sauce which matched the decor and tasted unpleasant and bland. the vegetables were only peas and sweetcorn and bits of potato. rice seemed to be sort of re fried in a bad way. this is not how south indian food should be. it should be simple and fresh tasting. perhaps if we had dosas we wouldnt have noticed how bad the food is here. it doesnt matter how much you pay for food there is no excuse for it to be bad.

By Kim S.

I think people might be forgetting that you tend to 'get what you pay for'.

And for the price, Ravi Shankar's, right in the heart of central London, is a steal...if I had to eat the food provided with my hands, I would happily do so, rather than pay grossily inflated prices for inferior food, with great table service and posh interiors...

This is Indian street food at its best.Don't knock it if you want a bargain!

By Bari N.

Ate there last night. Know a bit about Indian food, coming as I do from Manchester and eating almost every day on the Curry Mile.

This place wouldn't survive 5 seconds there. It was far too costly, the food was terrible and the guy who served us was a rude ...

By N T.

The food was awful, decor was terrible, service was pathetic.I highly NOT to go this resturant. They are spolining India's name . NO NO NO to FOOD i Ravi Shankar.....

By N T.

Worst resturant.......... It is a bangladeshi resturant not indian. Secondly staff is extremely rude. Food is no where close to authentic indian cusine. I am a vegetarian and I have never had such a bad vegetarian food ever in my life.I will never go there ever. Chutney resturant on same street is better.

By A.

I am amazed at these bad reviews - are we talking about the same place? I had lunch at Ravi Shankar yesterday and it was fabulous! My husband was extremely impressed and he is not even a vegetarian. My Mutter Paneer was perfectly spiced and I liked the creamy rice pud that comes with the thali. The service was very quick, though not smiley.

We chose Ravi Shankar over another in the street that was simply doing a buffet. Is there another place of this name in Drummond Street that is causing the confusion? The music was too loud when we arrived but they turned it down immediately when I politely asked them to. The main big drawback was the noisy families there. We were subjected to a loud American woman holding court on the other side of the room. She was vile.

By A.

After my experience at Ravi Shankar last night, which I would easily describe as the worst in my life, I am not really surprised to find the only other review here complaining about the rude behaviour of the staff. As we found out, to our horror, ordering starters five minutes before ordering the main course is totally unacceptable to these people (even when you have two small kids with you) and never make the mistake of complaining about the attitude of one of their staff members because you will only get another one with a worse attitude coming to your table.

Ravi Shankar should be on top of the list of most avoidable places, alongside a weekend break in Baghdad!

By V.

The food was OK at Ravi Shankar but the service was appalling! They automatically charged service charge, then became aggressive when I requested not to pay optional service charge. There were other customers also who were too afraid to stay when the staff started shouting. Ridiculous Ravi Shankar!

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