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Reflex harks back to the glory days of the 80s with the cream of 80s hits on the menu and plenty of shocking fashion choices for the dedicated revivalists.

Ranked #13 of 225 clubs in London
"A great night out for those who want to bop all the way back to when Jon Bon Jovi first rocked our world and the A-Team ruled Saturday-night telly. Party people come to dance and sing the night away, led by DJs pumping out nothing but the best tunes from the 80s and early 90s."

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Reflex reviews

By Andrew M.

Reflex was excellent! Plenty of drunken girls to get friendly with. I'm an old fella, but the ladies seemed all to pleased to oblige. I met a really friendly girl - what a goer! I'll be back again at Reflex this weekend!

By Andrew M.

Reflex - what a nightmare! A girls night out turned into a night of fighting off drunken old men who were looking for a good grope. The Reflex bouncers ignored our pleas and the bar staff were very rude. It was a real shame!

By Andrew M.

Once you get past the bouncers at Reflex it's a really good night, if a little packed, but it starts to thin out a bit by 11.30ish. The music is pure cheesy 80s, with the odd late 70s and early 90s thrown in for good measure.

There's not really an offical dance floor that I could see but everyone just seemed to be doing there thing where they were, plus there's a pole dancing stage if you fancy a go! All in all, Reflex is a top night!

By Andrew M.

Reflex is quite possibly the worst club I have been to in London. The door policy was a joke, the bouncers didn't have a clue and neither did the manager running the door. I queued for 45 minutes on a Thursday night because of a one in one out policy, depsite watching groups of parties walk straight in.

Once inside Reflex there were hardly any bar staff and the ones there were didn't have a clue how to work a queue. I gave up after 20 minutes and left for somewhere that was recommended.

By Andrew M.

If you fancy a ride back in time to the good old 80s where the Happy Day's and Grange Hill theme tunes are played all the time, then Reflex is the place to be! If you're stumbling around the City late at night - then drop in to Refelx.

By Andrew M.

What a great club Reflex is! You get greeted by David Hasselhoff as you walk in the door, except its a card-board cutout, but after a few Chardonnay's he looks real enough to give a quick wink to! The music is top notch - tracks from Dirty Dancing, Grease, Footloose - and the list goes on! The plastic microphones and blow up guitars add to the full-on cheese flavour too!

So if you like that kind of thing and are looking for somewhere to show your 80s moves - then Reflex is the place to go! Thursday nights get rammed - so get there early, before 9.30pm.

By Andrew M.

Reflex is a great place. We had loads of fun and the music was fantastic. 80s music all night! The Reflex staff even do dance routines which we all joined in with. We got there late though and had to queue so next time we're going in earlier.

By Stephen F.

I'll never set foot in Reflex again. Only because the bouncers are the most arrogant pigs I have ever come across. My friend had been in the bar downstairs from 6pm and had to make an urgent call so went upstairs by the front door to get signal on her mobile. The bouncers would not let her back in saying how could she prove she had been in there all night. The fact that she had one of their party hats on and had no jacket on wasn't even enough proof. A lone female stuck on her own. The ginger haired bouncer should be sacked. All we wanted was a good time and this was ruined by this man! Good customers lost to another bar!

By J.

I love the 80s so I love Reflex, lots and lots! The great thing about Reflex is the music, it takes you right back. Well, I suppose it's only any good if you don't mind remembering how old you are!

By Sophia T.

Reflex! Such a fun and happy atmosphere!Don't you dare get rid of the partinis!!!! They are the best things ever. Booked a booth for my sisters birthday and will definitely be booking my birthday in April! See you soon Reflex

By Agata P.

Have been there few times and always had an amazing night! Everything is kept in the 80s spirit, what is what we are all looking for! The music is great, prices are good and the staff is always helpful! Recommended especially for hen dos and bday celebrations, you will love it just like me and all of my friends did!

By Natalie B.

We celebrated my Mum`s special birthday at Reflex in London recently and what a birthday night to remember! The staff were very helpful from the start of organising the celebration and nothing was too much trouble. Upon arrival on the evening we were greeted by the Events Manager who showed us to our booth we had arranged for our group, she ensured we were happy before leaving us to party the night away and thats exactly what we did. My mum and the group did not leave the dance floor it was lovely to all party in a venue which is suited to a variety of ages in a group, the atmosphere in Reflex is very enjoyable and definitely gets everyone in the mood to party, the crowd were very friendly and in good spirit. Its the perfect venue for any celebration or just a night out as you are certainly guaranteed a brilliant time. My mum can`t wait til her next birthday now!

By David B.

The place is dirty with very unfriendly staff and very overpriced. The style of 70's 80's seems to be around about the last time someone cleaned the place. I would advise people to find somewhere different. Keep away!

By J C.

Let me paint you a picture. Close your eyes and imagine going down into an underground passageway which comes out into an oasis filled with open fields and flowing water. The smell of fresh grass and spring flowers excites your olfactory receptors. Woodland elves guard this utopian realm from any evil spirits with fair and kind hands. Deer, rabbits and pixies frolic and graze in the pastures. A unicorn appears and magic streams out of its horn making all around float with glee. Now imagine that instead of the underground passageway coming out into open fields and flowing water, it comes to a dark dungeon with flowing WKDs and Smirnoff ices. The smell of grass and flowers is actually piss, sweat and vomit. The woodland elves have morphed into grunting trolls. Costumed stag and hen parties graze away. Worst of all, the unicorn is actually an obnoxious DJ/MC/tool. That's more or less what its like.

By T A.

Was at this club on Friday and Saturday nights this week, good memories, this is 80s, simple, drunk, fun, when man can dance (I have not seen man dancing for ages :-) so recommend it if you want to relax and return to your childhood or youth. Entrance was 10 pounds, cider cost 3.95, white wine 4. so it's quite cheap and fun place. Thank you to the previous reviews, you helped me with choice. Tatiana Moscow

By Lizz K.

Last week i had one of the best night i Reflex. Great fun, nice people, great service. Big thanks to Iga bar manager for looking after us with high standard and Sophie for organize our night. We def will be back soon. kind regards Liza Karaage

By Debbie S.

What a load of b****ks! I made a booking on line for my hen night, eventually. Got a call back! Anyway that was fine all booked! Booked in good time! When I got to the doors, my name wasn't on the list? So didn't get my Q jump or free bottle of bubbly afterall! Also, my step father was 50 last year, got asked for id and was refused entry because he didn't have this! Hahaha! Pathetic! Never going back!

By Kirsty S.

Reflex is a mad mix of full on cheese music, crazy outfits, absurdly drunken people and 'slightly older and dirtier than should be allowed' men.
But I should point out now I had a fabulous night!
Fair enough, I would suggest more than a few drinks to help you get into the mood but once you start queuing at the bar to buy crazy glasses and David Hasselhoff pants, you know you are truely in the spirit of reflex!
I would not recommend this night spot if you want a pulling session (the men are certainly not tall, dark and handsome), or if you want to pull an all-nighter (it closes at 2am) but, you know what??? Reflex is a hell of a lot of fun!!!!

By Naomi H.

Horrendous DJ

I used to go to Reflex all the time , loads of fun , the DJ Matt would interact with the crowd and play songs you asked for . Last night I went to reflex to find a new DJ who was so utterly rude and miserable . My friend asked for a song as he replied with “can’t hear you “. Then six songs in a row played where no one really knew the songs and people started to leave the dance floor .. on top of that he just sat behind his post looking like he really didn’t want to be there .. I shouted “you are a s*** DJ “ .. 5 min later he came storming up to me and my friend shouting in our face and got us kicked out . Clearly couldn’t take a heckle or the truth . Won’t be going back until a better DJ comes along .

By Michael B.

If you love the 80's!

Great venue to party. Have been to reflex a few times now mainly on Saturdays and Thursdays after work. Always a fun night at this place!

By Sam L.

You got to love a bit of cheese

Great venue. I have been a regular here for over 6 years now and every visit is always bright! Thank you for all your great nights Reflex and the many more to come :)

Reply From Reflex

Hi Sam, thank you for your lovely words!

By Samantha M.

I came here for my birthday and had so much fun! My friends were shocked such a place existed. As soon as you walked in you were back in time, the bright colors and music! Soo good and thank you all for such a good birthday deal and for an amazing evening! I will definitely be back here!

By Jeanette C.

Absolutely disgusting door staff we walk up and they refuse entry to one of us the guy out of two girls saying his drunk. It's 10:30pm and we have had mc Donald's. DISGRACEFUL!!

By Chloe B.

Reflex best 80s bar iv been to not many around that still only play 80s had a great night can't wait to go back lovely manager and host and friendly security.

By Emma M.

I first heard of this place from a friend who went here so I decided to go one Friday night and I had an amazing time the music is great and the staff make you feel really welcome the door staff are polite unlike some places I have been I have been a couple times since and the service is always great and I have told friends about it which I don't do often

By Andrew L.

Great night out friendly staff highly recommend for anyone looking for a night out to celebrate or just enjoy going back to the 80s

By Scott B.

I have been to reflex many times recently and every night has been one to remember! Full of good vibes, welcoming staff and 80's music. What more could you want. Everyone is up and dancing having a good time and the drinks prices aren't as expensive as other bar/clubs in London. Me and my mates have made it one of our top places to go in London, highly recommended.

By Sarah J.

Have been there few times and always had an amazing night! Everything is kept in the 80s spirit, what is what we are all looking for! The music is great, prices are good and the staff is always helpful! Especially Pareèce!!!! Would Recommend especially for hen dos and bday celebrations, or even just for ur Friday or Saturday nights out ,you will love it just like me and all of my friends did!!!!!!

By Johnny R.

This place is a dive made worse by the incompetent staff. The young gay bouncer is the worst if the lot, he looks to cause problems rather than solve them. Avoid at all costs.

By John S.

Many people say, its overpriced which for its location isn't. Fair dues bouncers are very rude but which bouncers aren't. I think its a great night out, great 80s music! I would definitely recommend going 25s to 35s you will have a great night. On the few occasions i have been there is a girl behind the bar, asian looking, i absolutely fell in love with her, the nights well worth watching her alone!

By Sam G.

The worst place on earth! Dirty, all drinks served in dirty plastic glasses even champagne. Went with large group of friends for birthday celebration spent lot's to be treated like dirt by management. I don't blame staff or bouncers but management for rudeness and all the 'rules' that ruined the evening for all and we left well before midnight to other club. Would not recommend to anyone!!

By Lucy G.

What can I say; what a great night, felt like I was 18 again! Had a fab night dancing to all the classics. Dressing up is optional but really adds to the whole experience. Booked a booth but must admit it was a bit chaotic when we first arrived as someone was in our area and took a while to get things sorted. However, that didn't spoil the night. Pure cheese on a stick! Wear comfortable shoes as you will dance your feet off!

By Vicky K.

I love going to Reflex, the music is great and the staff are warm and welcoming , its a place that you can go to and know that tere is never ever any trouble , so for a great nightgive it a go

By Carly M.

Went to Reflex for my 30th bday shenanigans! I was very disappointed as I have heard great things about Reflex! Most of the security were rude at door, told me my name wasn't on guest list even though I had booked online and booked a booth, after a big hoo haaaa my name miraculously appeared on the guest-list! The place was packed it took forever to get to the bar and back - and when u politely ask someone to let you through it seemed like they wanted a fight- ridiculous! They let way too many people in and believe it or not I never write horrible reviews etc but it has to be said- Reflex was an absolute let down! Oh and the dj was as absolute w***er!

By Greg M.

If you are looking for great night out look no further , From the outset of your evening you are greeted at the door by friendly staff club entry prices are minimal and if you book your visit before hand free via the guestlist availible on the Reflex London website or via twitter / facebook . I have found that because of the clubs popularity it is better to book in advance where possible or go early to avoid queing Once in the club you are transported back to the 80s the decor of the club is fantastic classic images adorn every square inch of the club . take a trip down memory lane with the sounds you grew up with , DJ plays all your fav 80s classics and gets the whole party going ! The club even has an authentic light up dance floor !! Drinks prices are a fraction of what you will pay locally in the City of London plus if you arrive early drinks are usually reduced till 10pm all crazy coctails are available ( which i highly recommend ) . As for the dress code Anything goes really you can go in what ever you please including fancy dress !! hen and stag parties are welcomed and all manner of crazy 80s props are available at the bar like sunvisors blow up guitars etc . I cant say anything about this club is poor its a fantastic atmosphere , run by fantastic staff when you first go you'll wonder why you haven't been Reflex before ! And when you're all partied out and leave the club a minicab service is waiting for you just outside Perfect night out ! @greg_the_dancer

By Punita S.

Highly recommend this place! I went for the first time in May 2011 and have been twice since then. Great music, friendly staff, reasonable drinks prices and there's always a little something extra planned by the staff. The last time there was a dance off! Drinks offers throughout the week and birthday packages! Can get quite busy on some days but the crowd is friendly and all after a good night- none of the hassle you would come across at a club in Leicester square! Reflex is definitely worth going to!

By Sophie L.

Had a great time at Reflex! Me and a couple of friends went for a girls night out and had the best time! Door staff were very polite and as we were on the guestlist we had queue jump :) We had booked a booth downstairs by the dance floor and danced the night away while drinking the amazing Cocktails! Amazing night out thank you Reflex! Cant wait to come back soon!

By Robin M.

Hello Reflex, Thanks for a great.... night....we had a fantastic night out with my friends. bar staff was brilliant and management was very helpful......we didn't had table but one of the manager (Jay) Look after us very well and gave us a great deal package. I would definitely recommend all my friends for a night out at Reflex London...

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