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Roadhouse is a vibrant establishment with a contemporary edge, serving a range of classic dishes on an extensive food menu.

Ranked #36 of 5241 restaurants in London
"Situated in the heart of Covent Garden, ROADHOUSE is an American-style retro diner and late-night bar that remains at the forefront of the London party scene. With its vibrant personality, distinct style, awesome food, signature collection of cocktails and an electric atmosphere evoked by live, nightly entertainment, Roadhouse offers the complete party package. Unrivaled live music nights from Indie Rock Covers to Rhythm and Blues, remain the main attraction at Roadhouse, along with nightly entertainment such as Rockaoke and Flair Nights followed by late night DJ line ups until 3am. Serving American favourites until late, Roadhouse’s menu will keep you satisfied all night long with the likes of the famous Route 66 Melt, Prime Steak Fajitas and Refuel Platters to name but a few. As the Original World Famous Flair Bar, expect to be entertained all night long by the lively team as they prepare delicious cocktails with plenty of skill and heaps of personality. Nightly happy hours and an extensive cocktail list make it the perfect place to party."

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Roadhouse reviews

By Andrew M.

We had a fantastic time at Roadhouse. The food was great as was the atmosphere and all the staff were really welcoming & accommodating. I would definitely go back to Roadhouse again.

By Andrew M.

Wow. Roadhouse is one of the best places I have been in a long time. Good music and nice staff. The band that played were awesome. Roadhouse is a good night out (doormen are monosyllabic but show me one that isn’t). The best place to party in town!

By Andrew M.

The Roadhouse is great for a few drinks but don't think I'd recommend eating there. The food is mainly American stuff - you get lots of it but it's not really that tasty.

I also felt the attitude if some of the staff at Roadhouse left a lot to be desired. Not overly impressed I'm afraid.

By Andrew M.

At the Roadhouse there is always someone celebrating a 21st so, as expected, the age group that this is popular with is young. The music is really loud and the bar staff are not the best. The Roadhouse does have a late licence if you're desperate for a late night pint.

By Emma B.

Very very touristy and the place stinks of food so not great if you're not going for dinner. The music was ok but kind of 5 years behind in terms of chart music. Wouldn't go there again.

By Rosalinda Z.

Had a marvelous 80th at the Roadhouse Club last night - Sunday. The security guys made my evening by singing happy birthday and afterwards presenting me with a piece of birthday cake and ice-cream,plus a hug. I enjoyed the song competition too. Five stars all the way. Linda

By E. M.

I'm a Roadhouse costumer for over 5 years now, and I don't agree with these pushy reviews towards security. Who goes to Roadhouse KNOWS people can get silly really, really quickly - it's their job to look after the crowd, make sure people are not drinking way too much or just being dicks with others (not so difficult, if you know what I mean). Also, if they notice you are slightly funny, they will hand you a bottle of water and let you drink outside - I've seen so many people doing that, peacefully, and coming in afterwards. If they kick you out, it's kinda certain that you overreacted. If they "don't like the way you look"... well, if they judged people by their looks, they probably would kick half of the club out every single weekend. I should say that I've seen so many stupid people there and in other London clubs, and I'm glad I can count on the guys to look after everything. I feel much more comfortable, and who goes to Roadhouse regularly definitely knows how the crowd can be on busy days. Sorry not sorry! P.s: not saying they are right every single time, but hey... I've seen a lot of stupid things happening and I wouldn't blame security in 1st place. I'm just giving my honest opinion. Plus, love the HUGE portions they serve for a fair price - especially in Central London!

By Marianna M.

On Friday 14th February 2014 my fiancé & had a reservation for four people at your restaurant for 8pm. We had confirmation that we were entitled to 1.5 hours to enjoy our meal. We received our meals at 8:45pm. At 9:10pm our waitress asked us if we would like some dessert & she left us to decide she came back to us & we decided to finish our cocktails & not have dessert. She left us only to come straight back to inform us that we had to pay our bill & leave. We have over 15 minutes left to enjoy our time & if we hadn't been asked to leave we would of like to order more drinks. We had enjoyed our time up until we had been asked to leave. As a customer I find this very rude, I understand that it was valentines day but this is no way to treat your customers, If we were told to go to the bar area instead of being told to pay our bill & leave I wouldn't be writing this to you & I shall not be dining with you again.

By M.

I have been to the Roadhouse many times over the last 5 years, and my experience there has been consistently bad. Door staff are arrogant, when I wanted to go pick up a friend from the station they said they don't allow it, and they don't give stamps for re-entry. The happy hour prices sound good during the weekdays, but when you taste the drinks you'll be disappointed, not much alcohol, poor quality ingredients. The barmen are always arrogant and impatient. I've eaten there many times, at the bar and also booked through TopTable to get a deal. The food is really sloppy and worse than microwaved supermarket value food. They put out too many tables, so if you're there just for a drink you're forced to hang out near the bar, but there's no other place to stand so people keep pushing past you in the narrow walkway, then they need to buy drinks so you're forced back into the narrow walkway. If you're with friends you'll be separated before long. Consistently poor experience. Most recently we phoned and were told there was a happy hour 2-for-1 and free entry until 9pm, I arrived early to find it was £5.30 on a handful of cocktails and my friends arrived at 8.25pm to be told they had to pay £5 for entry. My friends were overcharged later on drinks and a fishbowl. Rubbish, avoid this place.

By B B.

Really terrible the reviews below and do not go!! The staff let it down they really are on such a power trip. I have never had to deal with such rude staff!!

By Chanette B.

Loove this place! My friends and i always have a good time. A lot of cute guys and the place is always busy :)) the staff is really friendly and lots of fun - also the bouncer. I have never been in London without being at roadhouse!! Best place in london.

By Lucy K.

I took my 2friends who were visiting london for couple of days to Roadhouse on Monday night. We arrived at 8:30pm, there was no entry charge, which we were very happy about. Had couple of drinks that bartender recommended. 2out of 3 were absolutelly amazing. Had second round of drinks in some kind of late night happy hour, very reasonably priced. then lady signing people for karaokee approched us. We were offered a free drink if we decide to sing-as 1st, but as non of us were stage types we polightly refused. We shared giant portion of nachos(more then enough for 3 of us for 10pounds), &the cheese sauce was fantastic!! Bar staff was a bit cheeky but very entertaining, doing little shows and throwing bottles around. Some very untalented singers entered the competition, which we had mostly laughed about. It got quite busy considering it was monday night, and its not easy to find busy place in this day. Atmosphere was great and we drunk and danced enough. My friends had wonderful time, even though by 2am one of them got refused to be sold more drinks by the bargirl and given bottle of water instead...So at that point we decided to leave. At the end of the day we had fun, didnt spend a fortune and got home in reasonable state. will definatelly go back when my friends are visiting again!

By Lou B.

I go to Roadhouse quite a lot and it's such a good night out, yes the drinks are a bit pricey- but where isn't in London, live bands are always really good, great dance music played after, bar staff are lovely, def best place to go to in London, been on thursday nights and weekend night and always have a great time!

By S M.

I've just returned from Roadhouse, where I went with ten friends to celebrate someone's birthday. I've been to Roadhouse a couple of times and had no problems, but on this occasion several members of staff and the management were considerably rude to us - and with absolutely no provocation at all! We turned up, sat in an unoccupied booth and ordered food and drinks, which took a considerable amount of time as the waitress didn't seem to understand simple English, didn't seem to know if it was Happy Hour or not, and took ages before she finally came to take our order. Some of my friends were told they could not stand near the booth; the staff then set up a table where they had been standing but told my friends they could not sit there. About half an hour later a man started packing the table away; I asked him cheerfully if he was taking it away, he said yes: someone had reserved it but got stuck in traffic. I asked if my friends could stand there now, and he replied "yes, but if you carrying on talking to me this way I'm going to escort you out immediately". ! I was in shock and thought he might have been joking, so I said "sorry, I didn't think I was being rude.?" to which he replied "you're being really lippy with me and I'm going to escort you out if you carry on". I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I know how to identify a totally unreasonable manager when I see one so I just apologised once more and continued eating. Things continued from bad to worse throughout the evening, with many examples of the staff being so unnecessarily rude to us, over and over again. We were asked to leave the table about an hour later with the reason given: "i need you to leave the table because people have made reservations and have been waiting to have food", so we did immediately, and although we stood opposite the booth for the rest of the night (about 3 hours) no-one sat at the booth (or the one next to it) at all. Strongly suggest you avoid this pl

By Arne S.

the roadhouse is one of the worst places to go out in london. i have just been yesterday evening to a birthday party there and regretted it immediately...we had to wait 1.5 hours for our food which simply consisted of cold fried stuff. the starter (pls do not order any of the tiny portions. its a waste of money) came at the same time as the main course. the quality of the food was fairly poor considering how long they needed in order to produce such plates of disgrace. our waiter got rude because our friends from the other table gave us their bottle of wine (which we bought in the roadhouse) but didn't order with her. anyway you also wont have any mobile connection in the roundhouse and the bouncer react very "nice" if you just want to text someone from the staircase...."please go outside its a fire exit". "i am just texting my mate and i checked inside, there is no fire" (what is that all about?!) to sum up: rubbish food, hours of waiting, rude service, arrogant bouncers and packed with tourists. this qualifies the roadhouse as one of the worst venues in london.

By S M.

Great night out with the live band "The Hound dogs, absolutely excellent. It all went down hill when a certain DJ Marco Da Silva came on after though, if you even try to request a song from him then you will be greeted by a "I'm too good for you" look and he will ignore you....what a idiot, it really let the night down and a few other people said the same too. Can't fault the venue, the bar staff and the band though, it's just a shame about the "up himself" DJ.

By Judy J.

I went to Roadhouse in the summer for a friend's birthday on a week night and it was one of the best nights out I'd had in a while. I love laid-back bars which is certainly the style of Roadhouse - perhaps because it was an after-work time period and not a massive night out. The live music once it got started was brilliant, and really got a crowd gathering on the dancefloor. It reminded me a little of TGI Fridays or other chain bars in atmosphere, but with a better layout, nicer staff and a bit more personality. Definitely my favourite place to go in Covent Garden.

By Claire S.

Went to Roadhouse last night with a friend and my husband. My friend wanted to check the place out as a potential spot for a leaving party in a few months time, I was sceptical as I'd been about 4 years ago and it was not a good experience. Within about 4 seconds my friend had come to the conclusion that she wouldn't be having her leaving do there. We had a couple of 2 for 1 cocktails which were fairly unimaginative but fine. The bar man serving us was about 20 and completely disinterested in us as customers (maybe because we didn't tip him for his rudeness?). The atmosphere is a bit weird, lots of tourists, girls in tights dresses and young men. This all wouldn't have been so bad until the staff approached us at about 8pm to say they needed the stools we were sitting on as they had to clear them away to make more room. Eh, what? You're asking 3 paying customers to get up off their chairs so that that people in the half full bar have room to "dance"? Yes. On that note we left, why in the name of god would anyone stay in a bar when they been booted off their seats? Never, never go there.

By Oliver P.

I do feel I have to laugh at people who bag Roadhouse out! Everyone needs a bar where you can go drink beer/wine/cocktails get drunk and have a good time. You want good food you walk 5 minutes and go to the Ivy. You want good drinks you go to the London Cocktail Club. You wanna listen to a live rock band 7 days a week and have a blow out and not have to worry about pretentious people eyeballing the room high on gak. Roadhouse has been doing what it does since forever and has out lasted all the other bars in central London period! There are great bars and live music venues like cbgb's and they come and go. This does what it says on the tin and if you don't like it. Just don't go. Let the good times roll!. Oh and if your complaining about prices and you have been drinking in central London. Your a tourist or poor! Peace

By N N.

Perhaps one of the worst places I have ever been in London. I was there on a Saturday night and it seemed that the staff couldn't have been more rude or sexist if they tried. Really despite some of the other reviews I wouldnt bother going here. I am simply writing this review to save you wasting your time and ridiculous over the top entry fee!

By Bev A.

Just left this dump and thank god. This place is a load of shitte! Crap food, crap music, crap service. Hard to believe places like this still exist in Covent Garden. If I could give it zero stars I would.

By Cat H.

This venue is terrible, over busy later in the evening and most people where pretty annoyed in the Que to the cloak room and at the bar.

It is alot easier to get served if u are female, and also you stand some chance of getting the correct measure of alcohol in your drinks!!!!

They free-poor there drinks and my friend is a ex cocktail bartender and had to call the bar tenders up twice for under-pouring our drinks. So i suggest u stick to beers if you are male.

The doorman where pretty good but impatient at times, but the bar staff and managers where rude and service was poor at best.

Again service was prioritised for the girls and so most of the time we let the girls get the drinks for us but its no way to run a club.

The venue was a mess and really could do with a good clean. Its annoying that clubs like this are allowed to operate in this manner, the owners/managers of the venue should be ashamed to run such a poor establishment.

I highly recommend you avoid going to this club!!

By Bob B.

- I have to say, I'm somewhat surprised by some of the negative reviews of this venue!

Although we went on a Sunday night, the place was still quite busy, which made the atmosphere pleasant.

I went for a meal with my GF on her birthday.
Sat in a 1950s style diner booth, we watched a "Dare to Flair" competition (which was good fun..) while we sipped our free first cocktail, and checked out the menu.

The food is all american style... tasty and large portions!

The atmosphere was vibrant, the patrons were all enjoying themselves.. the doorstaff were visible - but not overtly (I've worked as a doorman in my younger years, and I'd happily work with some of the guys there..) the barstaff were friendly.. the waitresses were industrious.

The cocktails are good, the prices aren't bad (£4.95 - £6.95)- all in all, a good night.We missed the tube by about half an hour, so headed back to the club, where a helpful doorman helped us secure a taxi.

Overall verdict - a good night out!. If you are looking for something different, give it a go!!

By Adam G.

Wow, this place is crap.How some other reviewers can say this is the best bar/club in London is mind boggling.

If I could give it zero stars I would.Like everywhere else in Covent Garden, this is a tourist trap, plain and simple.

Bland music, rude staff, expensive drinks, repulsive clientele. Don't go. Ever.

By Kenny S.

just awful, the people, the music and the venue needs a bloody good clean.

They let too many drunk people. the bouncers are really rude shouting at people to move out of the way when there is nowhere to go as it is packed.

have been before, about a year ago and it was much the same.if you are looking for a meat market, without and standards, djs who play the same records three or four times a night and poor customer service, then this is the place for you.

By Alma M.

Had lot's of fun there. Gets crowded, but the music was great, the people were alright and most of all everybody was having fun, there was this vibe of fun and happiness, what a great night out!

By S.

Possibly the best establishment in London. I have never had bad night there despite being 'removed' on a number of occasions, usually because of a few misunderstandings with the bouncers. the music is great, the food / drinks well priced, and a great happy hour. I have been there on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and all have been equally impressive. The clientele are great, and the bar staff very efficient. Get there early though, it gets pretty full on the weekend. The band is awesome too.

By Brett M.

decent flair bar- if not world renowned but can't help but feel this bar isnt the same without the smokey atomsphere, it had tht dirty element to it.. classic rock american look. Oh and whats with the one cubicle toilet in the guys- not kosher

By Em K.

ah, what can i say? roadhouse is the best place in london for a fun night out! everyone is really friendly, the drinks and entrance fee are not ridiculous. the staff are friendly and the music is fab. would def recommend to anyone!!!

By Caryn W.

The Roadhouse is a great night out. Only ever been there on a Friday eve, and arrived at happy hour (remember to get the majority of your drinks in then). The music is a mix of cheesy pop, dance, rock, a little of everything really. The bands I have seen have been good, although not always able to dance too... The atmosphere is friendly, and as another reviewer said, you can wear whatever you like and still fit in. As with all London night spots, it's a little pricey (I paid £18 for a bottle of wine that is £4.99 in tescos!) Even that said, if you buy your drinks in happy hour, you're bound to have a great and fairly cheap night.

By S.

A group of 14 of us visited Roadhouse on saturday night for dinner and drinks and dancing and we had such a great night. We wanted to watch the england rugby world cup final and we had the most amazing table for dinner with 2 plasma screens at either end of our table. We had the set menu and the food was really good and the cocktails were great. Atmosphere was brilliant, band were really good. Only downside is that we all ran out of money by midnight because we were having such a good time. As another user said it is a classic!

By S.

Roadhouse advertises itself as something different. From the moment we got in til 3am it was none stop house music. I asked the DJ to play stuff that was in keeping with what they advertise and as I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head, he told a bouncer I was being awkward and then proceeded to ignore me! I went back with a few suggestions which were blanked.

I could have been in any club, in any part of the UK. Roadhouse was nothing different or special. It was very mediocre and needs to do better on the music to live up to what they say they do. The only saving grace was the friendly crowd.

By A.

The Roadhouse is an absolute classic! It's a real favourite, not only for the reasonably priced cocktails (created in a flurry of bottle spins and leather waistcoat clad bar tenders) but the atmosphere is fabulous.

Go straight from work, dressed down in jeans or glammed up and you will always fit right in. There is always a live band with a great variety of music and the bouncers are actually friendly! The Roadhouse is an absolute diamond.

By D.

Everything about Roadhouse is brilliant! The bartenders are great, even though they make cocktails they are very quick. The music is good too and the atmosphere is great, relaxed and chilled.

Me and my friends go to Roadhouse all the time and it's never a let down.

By D.

I went to Roadhouse for a middle aged girly night out. It was brilliant, the atmosphere, the bar staff, the band and even the girl in the cloakroom were just bloody great. Had such a great night out and can't wait to get back to Roadhouse.

By E.

I love Roadhouse! Every single time I've gone there (which is around 5 times now), I've had a fantastic time. We usually arrive around 9:30 or 10 when the cover is just 5 pounds and it's happy hour (9:30-10:30 on weekdays), then load up on the 3.50 doubles while we can!

The live cover bands are always fantastic and really get the crowd going! Plus the bartenders are great and, if you're there early enough, usually remember your drink order for the entire night. Sure, the dance floor is small but people usually crowd around the bar anyway. Roadhouse is definitely recommended.

By T.

Roadhouse has to be the best bar in London but get there early to avoid the queue and cover charge. Early doors means cocktails for around £3 and discounts on the food menu. Pace yourself though...steak now, nachos later. It's amazing with only 4 bartenders working on the main bar I didn't wait once for a drink. They served, took 3 other orders as well as mine all night long and were constantly doing bar tricks as well.

I only went in to Roadhouse to meet some mates for a couple of beers and ended up missing the last tube because the band ROCKED, always stay for the second set! I'll be organizing the work do there - check it out.

By Y.

Even though Roadhouse made me feel old I loved it!

Had lots of fun at Roadhouse! The stuff was great, and most definitetly will be back there soon! And it takes quite a lot to please me!

By R.

Well I would just like to say a few things about Roadhouse after my experience there last night. Contrary to the review suggesting that this is a great place for new bands, this all depends on the mood of the manager and the illiterate bouncers they have on at the time.

The food and the service is quite dreadful. I wouldn't recommend Roadhouse to my worst enemy. Thanks for the worst evening I have had in a long time boys!

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