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Rodizio Rico is a Brazilian bar and restaurant that serves Brazillian food prepared fresh from the BBQ alongside cocktails at the bar.

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Opening Hours
Sun-Thu 12:00-22:30
Fri-Sat 12:00-23:30

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Rodizio Rico reviews

By Michael S.

Probably one of the most reliable venues to get pre-show food at the O2. After some previously unrewarding visits, my partner and I were suitably impressed on this occasion!

By Lyn L.

A bit on the pricey side but well worth it for meat lovers like myself (besides where would you go and eat so much for that price? Visited on sat 01 October 2011 as a birthday treat from my sister and I must say it was just that-a treat. Variety of meat kept on coming till I felt like bursting. Fresh n lovely salads and sauces to choose from too. Service was great and quick, management lovely too. A definate must visit, I'll be going there again *hopefully soon*

By Jalal F.

Arrived around 14:30 on a Friday. 4 aduklts and 2 children under 2. Food: The grilled meat was cooked only on the outside (first slice you get) and any subsequent slices were more or less raw. All meats were rediculously chewy and my plate was mostly filled with bit I gave up on or were just completely raw. We complained to the manager and he only charged us for the vegetarian options instead. We left hungry. And at over £60 (after reduction) it was a rip off. Service: We had to complain about the non-existing service. And once we complained, we got first slices on all the meat, but couldn't help notice they would then move on to the next unfortunate customer, who would get the next raw slice (being too polite to say no I guess). They ignored the coloured cards we had as well). We then had to fork out a gratuity charge of 10% which I thought was rediculous for having to flag people down all the time and getting the manager called. And for 4 adults?! The whole point of Rodizio Rico is the guys keep coming to your table, why am I paying for this service again? Atmosphere: A bunch of tvs here and there playing south american concert music. Hardly an atmosphere. Value: Waste of time and rip off. I read similar bad reviews before I went but thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt and (wrongly) assumed people were there on an "off" day. I was wrong. I would give them -1 stars but the manager did try to rectify the issue. Unfortunately it seems to be common occurance. Verdict: Don't bother, I have been to a few of these abroad, hence insisting I try one here regardless of reviews. This one is a fail.

By Valerie W.

I visited the restaurant on Saturday 29th May with my son before the Rod Stewart concert. We didn't have a reservation but they offered that we could share a table. This worked out fine they leave a little gap so it seems a little bit more private. Although a little pricey it is well worth a visit. The salad bar was lovely and fresh and fully stocked. Meat was plentiful.

By Kellyanne S.

My husband and I often stopped in for a drink at the bar, and thought we'd try the meals.

We were really looking forward to it, and although the meat was quite lovely, the rest of the dinner was quite disappointing, and in the end, with drinks, it worked out quite expensive.

We ate at Gaucho the week before for less money, and a much higher quality of food.

We will not be back for the food.

By H A.

I have recently heard that Rodizio is going to start up Friday nights with a new DJ playing the best of RnB. This is meant to kick off from either Friday 23rd of Friday 30th January, and then every Friday. The only other similar place in there is probably Thai Silk, but they play house way too much. I think everyone should come down enjoy the meat and all RnB lovers should assit in making a venue outside the west end the best place for RnB music.... come on you all!

By Shirley B.

I didn't think this place was very good value for money or that the food was very good at all. You start with salad items from the buffet some of which resembled tinned mixed veg in mayo and then when you've been eating this for a while the waiter brings round various meats cutting small pieces of each. £22.50 a head would only suit if you can sit there for hours and eat a lot of meat to get your money's worth. Drinks very pricey. I would have been even more disappointed had the meal not been partially funded as part of a works meal.

By Gfdsgfdg G.

Very disappointed! Visited 6th sep 2009 £20.50 per person buffet + drinks £2.80 orange juice you get your pasta, salad from buffet and wait for your meat/seafood to be carved & served by waiter. Bearing in mind the waiter serves other people in the resturant, your meat can take a while. Meat is cooked on a rotissary and meat drips on eachother and taste's the same - tasteless! It is brushed with oil before being served to you, which tasts vile! Resturant looks fab, live music was great and service is great. We went with the intent to splash out as the place looks the part. Unfortunately we were greatly disappointed with the poor value and quality of the food!

By Juliana C.

Pack your swimsuit and suntan lotion for your next trip to the O2 where Rodizio Rico transports you to sultry and sunny Brazil, land of the churrascaria.

The Venue
It is very clear upon entering that this place is all about one thing, the meat. There is almost an upscale cafeteria-like style present. Bare walls, wood tables packed in tightly, and huge ceiling light fixtures make up most the decor. Upstairs there is an equal amount of space for diners to eat to their hearts content.

The Atmosphere
Air is filled with an aroma of succulent meats being barbequed in the basic yet pleasant dining areas. The servers are attentive and eager to present you with the many options brought around to each table. On a busy weekend night, it can be a bit loud, since the tables are almost on top of one another and you might wait a while for service.

The Food
This may be the simplest menu out there with only three choices. Your options are all you can eat prime cut barbecue meats (£22.50), vegetarian (£15.95) and a children’s selection (£11.50). Friendly passadors (meat carvers) come by each table several times during the course of the night offering a variety of barbecue meats such as chicken wings and thighs, leg of lamb, various cuts of beef, pork, and for the courageous, chicken hearts. The beef, in particular, is particularly mouthwatering, with a rich, succulent flavour. You can always say no, but with all you can eat why would you? Included in with the set price is access to the amazing salad bar displaying Brazilian and some British hot and cold dishes. They even have feijoada, a hearty stew made of beans, beef and pork which happens to be Brazil’s national dish.

Vegetarians needn’t worry – there’s plenty for you as well with an endless supply of pasta salads, vegetables, and bean dishes at the salad bar. You even get a little sign saying vegetarian to place in front of you at the table to warn the meat servers that you are not interested.

The Drink
You will need a variety of drinks to wash it all down but don’t worry, Rodizio Rico has it covered. There are red, white and rose wines from countries all around the world including Brazil, Spain, Italy and France. Prices by glass range from £5 to £7. Bottles are also inexpensive and range from £17 to £70. Try the caipirinhas and the mojitos, which are both slightly sweet and very refreshing. Don’t be fooled though, they have quite a kick! Cocktails are priced from £6 to £8.

The Last Word
A low key and casual dining experience where both carnivores and herbivores can peacefully co-exist and have their healthy appetites satisfied. Come with an empty stomach and a passion for all that is Brazilian cuisine.

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