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If you are looking for something a bit differnt, Roti Joupa is the perfect choice with their West Indian food using traditional recipes passed down for generations.

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Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 12:00-23:00
Sun closed

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Roti Joupa reviews

By Sweet A.

Authentic Trinidadian cuisine, friendly staff value for money!

Been visiting this place for years and they never disappoint, authentic Trinidad doubles, sweet snacks, Caribbean soft drinks & homemade non fiZzy drinks. Reasonable priced thAt they have maintained over the years, curry goat , chicken and roti & buss up is to die for they even folded it like a burrito so I could eat on the go! Would definitely recommend this for even vegetarians! Keep up the good work guys!

By Yazz M.

The food is nice I have to say, but the owner has been absolutely rude when asked about the a so called 'cucumber sauce' which was on their menu under 'a choice of sauces'. I was curious so I had purchased this the day before as sauce wondering what it was. Having paid £1 for it, clearly well overpriced, I was shocked to find that all it is is shredded cucumber bits without even a pinch of salt. I found their menu very misleading and the lady i bought this from could have mentioned this as well. When I asked someone, who I presume is the owner, the next day he gave it all the attitude he had and said 'well obviously its not sauce', refused to explain it any further and ignored me straight after, serving another customer. And then local businesses wonder why we chose bigger companies over them, its mainly because of the ridiculous customer service. Will never buy from them again!

By Jai K.

For those who know good Trinidadian food this place will disappoint. The dhalpuri was the worst I have ever had and as such their Chicken Roti, a very popular local treat is awful as will any of their roti+ meat or veg dishes. Their doubles is equally disappointing. Only items that were average to good was their pumpkin + channa dishes. Loaded up on stuff as I got a good review so purchased alot of stuff for take away. Curry Duck was well below average, containing gizzards and liver. Anyone that knows good Trini food, don’t waste your time or money.

By Cindy M.

The food is alright. It doesn't taste as great or yummy as back home in Trinidad but still has some flavour of home. The staff are really nice and I love how you can see how they make the roti there on site. The shrimp roti is good whereas the doubles is a bit off due to lack of proper seasoning and some strange curry they use. You can probably make better using the Naps cookbook.

By Pritti S.

Just because I can spell and I like a restaurant, I am a fake?? No. It's called writing a review and knowing how to spell. And no, I don't work in advertising. Thanks for the input though.

By Jon B.

Your review was spelt perfectly and sounds just like the other ones. do you work in advertising? What a fake!

By Pritti S.

I love this place. It's the best place for west Indian food in south London. I have a friend in the area who introduced me to the take away restaurant. I can't stop coming back here and I live about 30 mins away! My favourite? Curry goat roti with aloo and lots of hot pepper sauce. The macaroni and cheese pumpkin pie is a perfect side dish. Portions are quite large but leftovers are always good the next day. Not the cheapest west Indian restaurant around but definately the best! Worth every penny!! Mmmmmm craving some now so will have to pop in after work!

By Mary D.

Well...there's not enough stars available to give to Roti Joupa!! I could eat their food ALL my life; every day! I'll have 3 doubles and a solo for breakfast; phulourie for brunch and 2 big rotis for lunch! Then their curried duck, pumpkin and bhagi for dinner with mauby to wash it all down. Then on my way back to North West London, ah taking some tamarind balls, khumar and red mango on the road. NICE!! This is the best Trini food you'll ever taste outside Port of Spain people. Seriously! And they take pound sterling not TT dollars :-) You'd better reach quick before I eat up all their food. Its the best. x

By Andrea B.

really nice traditional food, friendly service.

Doubles were are nice snack and roti is always a tasty, not to mention the macaroni pie with a touch of pepper and tamarind sauce wow, you have to try it steady on the pepper if you cant do hot.

Overall great food would recommend to anyone.

By Joan W.

Authentic West Indian cooking served on Clapham High Street that’s healthy, nutritious and delicious. You can’t go wrong.

The Venue
Situated on Clapham High Street opposite Clapham North tube station, Roti Joupa’s blue neon sign reminds you of its presence. If you were new to the area there is absolutely no reason at all why you would stop and take notice of this place, as it looks like any normal cafe or takeaway. That’s until you look closer and see the continuous stream of people patiently waiting for their West Indian home cooked food. There is an open kitchen and a counter and a few stools and benches. Most people seem to take there food home with them as the decor isn’t exactly plush, but very basic. Patience is a virtue here, no one is in a rush and in true Caribbean style, neither are the staff.

The Atmosphere
Very laid back. Really laid back. Expect to wait up to 20 minutes for your food as all of it is cooked fresh to order. Take a newspapaer and wait, it is well worth it and obvious by the other patient, eager faces. Even better, make your order and go next door and have a pint – Roti Joupa is right next door to The Royal Oak. Open every night, Roti Joupa is packed with singles, couples and locals. Everyone seems to love it and it’s well priced, too.

The Food
Choose from the menu above the counter. If you’re unsure, ask the regulars queuing what’s best, as everyone has their favourites. The menu is small but it’s really authentic food, focusing mainly on Trinidad and Tobago. There are no starters as such – you choose a main meal and a homemade roti (thin, flat, pancake-like bread, cooked on the traditional tawa) to accompany it. You can have shrimp, lamb, chicken or goat. There is also a speciality dry fried fish.

The roti goat dish (£5) is served with fresh curried vegetables and a light roti on the side. The goat is succulent and tender and the traditional spices really come through in the flavour of the meat. You don’t actually need to have rice with this dish but if you do it will cost you a little extra. The vegetable roti costs between £2 and £4. You get a tray of curried spinach, pureed pumpkin, marinated runner beans and potato aloo. It’s delicious. Ask for the buss up shot – smashed pancake bread instead of the plain roti. Be prepared to get down and dirty and use the bread as utensils to scoop up the food.

There is a huge macaroni pie on display behind the counter and its worth getting a slice of this for £1.50 to eat with your meal. Its literally macaroni cheese with a spicy dressing on top but it’s delicious. There are a number of homemade puddings including a sweet sorrel bread with raisins (£1.50 per slice), Kurma homemade fudge (£1 per packet) and a tamarind ball (50p), a sweet and sour tasting ball of pastry, sugar and tamarind traditionally eaten after a meal. A meal for two will set you back an average of between £10 to £12. It’s very reasonable and the food is tasty and fresh.

The Drink
You can buy a normal selection of canned soft drinks and fresh juices, including one made from sorrel. They don’t have a licence to serve alcohol here but you can bring your own for no corkage fee.

The Last Word
A local secret, seriously. Word travels far and people from all over Clapham come to get a meal from here.

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