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Ruby Blue is a trendy and fun bar with a good crowd of young and enthusiastic punters. Its funky and stylish interior makes it a great place to start and continue your weekend.

Ranked #4 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
Part of the Late Night London group
"Ruby Blue prides itself on providing a luxury dining and bar experience in the heart of London, capped off by a beautiful balcony overlooking the world famous Leicester Square."

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Ruby Blue reviews

By Andrew M.

I went Ruby Blue on a Wednesday night for the first time with my girls and we had a wicked time. nThere was no attitude, the music was heavy and I would definitley go again.

By Andrew M.

I went to Ruby Blue on a Thursday and it was good. I was looking to have a cheap night out and that's what I got at Ruby Blue, because the crowd was mixed and all the men were over 21 and knew how to treat a lady. I didn't have to buy a drink all night.

By Andrew M.

Ruby Blue is a great club with a fantastic vibe, not bad prices, great music (especially on Fridays), friendly staff and cool people. I would definitely recommend Ruby Blue.

By Andrew M.

Went to Ruby Blue on the off chance with my bloke! Was a great night. We will definitely be bringing our mates to this place!

Music was great, everyone was on the same vibe, out to enjoy themselves with no hassle. Ruby Blue was Wicked!

By Andrew M.

Gone are the days of Mark Fuller owning this once fabulous venue. The food at Ruby Blue is good, the cocktails are great, but the staff need serious training in customer service! I booked my sister's hen party at Ruby Blue and took six months to get everything confirmed over and over again to ensure there were no hiccups. We had spent over £800 in the restaurant and were looking forward to the rest of the evening which we were spending in one of the private booths. We were told we had to be in the room by 8pm otherwise they would release the room however, we got in there at 7.45pm to discover that they had double booked the room! They decided to make us share the room which was squashed and cramped and it completely ruined our evening! I had not spent six months planning a hen do to accommodate them! Their apology was to give us the cheapest bottle of wine from the menu! I have requested that the manager of Ruby Blue contact me to discuss the matter but am fobbed off again and again! It is now one month later and I have still had no manager contact from Ruby Blue. If you are looking to book a party, don't do it here!

By Andrew M.

Previously known as Red Cube, but do not be fooled by the constant celeb spotting mentions in the press several years ago. The celebs disappeared with the 90s and this place is struggling to entertain anyone more than dirty men and rough hen nights these days.

The restaurant food is very pleasant, but that is where the postives end. I am not a snob or unusually fussy about a night out, however the music here is appalling, the clientele are all very drunk, very unclassy and altogether unpleasant characters. Please do not go to this bar unless you really are after a gutter night out.

It is a far, far cry from the 'celeb haunt' it portrays, there are a thousand better options, including the Burger King across the road, and you have more chance of seeing a star sweeping the streets outside than you do in this dive.

By Aline M.

First of all, all the 5* reviews you see here are written by the staff and the bouncers to make the terrible reviews this place is rightly getting look better. To cut long story short - we paid 10 pounds each, since we were promised something else and didnt get it (they first said we could sit on the terrace), we asked for a refund, as soon as we asked for the refund a bouncer took me to a side, didnt listen to me at all, took my 2 vouchers i was given for 10 pounds each for a drink, threw them in some black whole and physically removed me from the venue (Im a blonde petit girl and I weight 50 kilos) even before I could explain why I wanted the refund. I looked at him shocked and he said 'silly girls'. I am very polite and I never raise my voice. He did not have any reason to treat us like this, unless some personal frustration. The Longer story: My story is similar to the other here I see, I was talked into going to Ruby blue by a promoter on Leicester square. The promoter said we could sit outside on the terrace which looks very nice. We came up to the entry, bouncers let me in without my ID, we go up the stair through a smelly corridor arrive to a dark room with terrible music, then we notice there is stairs upstairs which is where the terrace is. The waitress lady who we followed upstairs turned around and said 'cant you read?', so we went downstairs to ask for a refund as the only reason why we entered that place was the terrace. When I was downstairs asking for a refund the bouncer asked me to step outside, took my drinks vouchers and physically removed me from the venue. For not real reason, I was not impolite and I did not raise my voice which would be the only reasons I believe you need to remove somebody. AVOID THIS PLACE. RIP OFF.

By Chris B.

Bullied inside by a group of promoters we went in as it looks nice from the outside but once inside it is small and unappealing. Another venue in Leicester Sq that smells and has no idea how to treat people.

By Kirsty S.

I have mixed feelings on Ruby Blue.
On the one hand I spent a gorgeous summer evening enjoying the outside balcony and cocktails with an old flame, it was delightful.....
But my previous experience somewhat overshadows this.
My friend and I headed to Ruby on a saturday looking for a great night. What else?
The bouncers were accomodating enough, but inside was a different matter. Men expressing an interest in you can be flattering but not when they become insistant, nasty and won't take no for an answer. We felt seriously uncomfortable.
The music was different... not in a good way. It was mindless, designed for those unable to form words in their minds after a vodka or two.
We left pretty sharpish and I've been determined not to return since.

By J.

Ruby Blue is a good club but on the dance floor it got very, very hot. I guess it makes you drink more but the music at Ruby Blue was some of the best and the club was safe.

By Rory D.

The experience I had at the hands of their staff was nothing less than physical assault, bullying and criminalisation, an attack completely devoid of warning or justification. If you wish to pay money to enter a hostile, night club environment, complete with aggressive and cavalier staff who make you feel uncomfortable and treat you like a criminal, who repay you through violent attacks and verbal rudeness, and who deny you the right to seek on-the-night justification from the management, then this is the place for you.

By Holly A.

Been to Ruby Blue a few times, and have had both good and bad nights in there. From my experience it's a good place to go for a few drinks in happy hour, but I don't recommend staying there all night as it can get crowded and messy. Worth a visit though.

By Elizabeth J.

Very happy with Ruby Blue, granted we were staying next door at the premier inn so we could 'fall in' and 'fall out' however the atmosphere was friendly, the prices were reasonable, average for that part of London. The music was good, cluby mainstream to start and a little dated towards the end but still could move to them. The bar staff impressed me the most very attentive, was served quickly and what I especially liked was that they often cleared and wiped down our table very impressed with that standard of cleanliness. Door staff were professional and helpful toilet attentive the same. Not much negatives to say, if you prefer an intimate pop club then this will suit you fine. Thumbs up.

By M.

Poor layout, narrow walkway, as you queue for drinks there are endless people trying to squeeze past. Too loud, too crowded, hard to get served. Balcony is nice when it's warm in the Summer. Otherwise I'm not a fan.

By Maria J.

I booked the table for my birthday at this horrible place. The got all my orders wrong and the staffs were absolutely rude and not helpful at all. Since the area I booked was bar they refused to give me a knife to cut my cake because we dint have dinner. Absolute money grabbers and the attitude of the manager and the staff in spite of getting the orders wrong was unbelievable. Absolutely horrible experience. Please don't waste your time, money and effort at this place on any of your specials days because they will make sure that they will ruin it for you.

By Betty G.

Not a pleasant nightclub at all. Firstly my friend paid for a table and yet when we got there the supposed security guard was letting anyone in to the VIP area. Once my friend had a bit too much to drink (as it was her birthday) the toilet attendant decided to argue with us accusing my friend of vomiting everywhere (even though it was our first trip to the WC and I can confirm she did no such thing); no medic or manager was to be found on the premises on a busy Saturday night and again the security guard guarding the VIP area didn't know what to do (in fact she wasn't interested in helping us at all). As for the music; it wasn't great - Rihanna was played far too many times and the variety of music was limited. Awful night. Wouldn't recommend this club at all.

By George K.

Take his S.I.A. licence number on his badge,or complain directly to the SIA website for inappropriate behaviour.they will suspend him definitely for serious complains.

By Sophie R.

Thank you Ruby Blue for being so horrible place to work in , so now i can work in a nice place and be happy :) Adios

By Nicole P.

What the hell? I cant believe I wasted such a nice outfit on this horrible place when people were wearing muddy trainers and tracksuits. No idea why the promoter said it was "basically like Penthouse". We went to the cloakroom first where the man insisted my friend paid 4 pounds for them to hang up her bag. Complete madness. We walked through to the dancefloor when a god awful smell hit us. Have they never heard of air conditioning? Everyone there was extremely annoying, sweaty and half dressed. (I know that's not the clubs fault but they had literally let in anyone). The boy to girl ratio was ridiculous. It was not a fun atmosphere at all. The floor was sticky and wet and covered in broken glass. We never bought one drink as we didnt see the point. We tried our best to entertain ourselves with the music. Im sure we heard Rihanna - We Found Love at least 3 times during the night. WHY? The DJ tried to mix songs but it ended up messy and boring. When the night was over the music came to an abrupt finish and bar girls came up to us harrassing us to buy shots. Why would you ask us to buy shots when the night is over? The queue for the cloakroom on the way out was unecessarily slow. I will not be going back there ever again. Ever. Horrible.

By Maaike D.

Make complete use of tourists, let them pay thrice as much as normal door fee. Inside you will find a cheap and tasteless club which is absolutely overpriced and even more overrated. No fancy clothes needed, because they will let anyone in. Would never-ever go here again!!

By Coral I.

I've been to Ruby Blue several times over the course of 6ish years and have thoroughly enjoyed it before. I went there tonight after not been for about a year. Firstly the menu has changed, I don't find the menu very exciting it is now mainly seafood or steak. Hardly any chicken dishes (only poussin or chicken fajita on offer) or steak and certainly no pork. I had half rack of BBQ pork when I visited a year ago which was lovely. Tonight I had a lobster burger with skinny chips. The burger was awful & I thought skinny chips meant fries but they were chunky and fried from frozen using old oil because it came out dark. The burger was basically mashed potato with dill, I did not detect any lobster. Besides that the service was awful. It took 20 mins to even order our drinks. Eventually our starter arrived before our drinks did. It was another 25 minute wait for our mains too (from clearing our starter plates). The couple at the table beside us wasn't impressed as their food wasn't hot so sent it back. I couldn't get my head around the slow service because it wasn't heaving busy. When it came to paying, we asked them to take off the service charge. It's a shame that Ruby Blue has gone down hills because at one time it was my favourite place to eat.

By Jimbo B.

Really good place. Top atmosphere and lots of hot property. Drinks were cheap and the bar staff were great. Had some blinding cocktails and will be going back next time I'm in London.

By Joey P.

Went to ruby blue just to stop off for some food. really good value for leicester square and the food is 10 times better than most of the places around here. Don't come if you're expecting the savoy or anything, but if you're looking for good food at a good price I would definitely reccomend.

By R N.

I am a good customer at Ruby Blue. I go there at least 3/4 times a week I really enjoy the bar. The bartenders are really friendly and I know the manager Kevin really well. But I felt I had to write a review just because one of the bouncers has a really bad attitude. If you ever come across him. He is the small ugly bald guy with scars all over his face. You will practically see him everyday. I personally urge management to get rid of him. Unless management has a word with him and to tell him to stop thinking that he is a boss. Because he is not. He is completely out of order and there are a lot of men worthy of his job. He doesn't deserve to work for any of the Novas leisure bars period! He's not going to stop me coming here because he personally can't do anything, I know the management far too well. He has no say on the matter but this guy is seriously starting to concern me and will stop me from booking Ruby Blue ever again unless he is put in his place. Apart from that, the bar is beautiful and has a lovely balcony. The manager is a top bloke!

By Emma M.

I went to Ruby Blue with two of my girlfriends. It smelt of shit, but upstairs was bearable. There was a guy there who'd been doing high kicks for 4 hours and was so sweaty, when he touched my arm it was wet. He also Iris danced. Then I met these really cool 5 guys. One of them was about 17 and two of them were Swedish twins and they all came back to ours for a party. I'd rate this club 9/10. It would be 10/10 but there were strict no-sex policies so I couldn't wank off this guy until I was in the taxi.

By Berkesova V.

Place stinks! I booked Ruby Blue for my sister's hen. It was our first visit and definitely last as well. Couldn't believe the smell it's revolting! My table meant to be for 10ppl and decorated. The table was not decorated and for 4 ppl. I will never bring my friends there! Avoid Ruby Blue!

By Ania M.

My 30th birthday party ruined by rude staff and unprofessional management! Book one of the booths close to the dance floor for me and my 25 guests, month in advance when arrived found out that they give away my booth to a larger party and didn't even bother to let me know. Whilst making a booking I've been promised so much, but when it came to the actual day of my party received huge disappointment. Management was so unhelpful and rude, the guy who took my booking wasn't even there. Been given little table on the opposite end, far away from the dance floor and couldn't swap it as they were all book already. After 30 min of kicking off went to the bar to order some drinks been told i got £100 tab to spend (should be £50 as originaly booked) assumed they compensate me for screwing my booking and give away my table. Half way through the night manger called me requesting some money for a mistake they made, had to almost argue with him that after all that missunderstanding how dare he is asking me to pay extra. There was more unpleasant expierences through the night, like food platers arriving hour late after few reminders and chasing, plus got delivered to a wrong table glasses that came with our jugs of cocktails were so dirty that even drunk person would notice and won't even mention rude bouncers and collecting dirty glasses people who were knicking half jugs of cocktails! If it wouldn't be down to my friends my party would be a big disaster! Please avoid place like hell, half priced drinks is the only positive thing, but they have to do something to get people in!!

By Marion G.

What an absolute shambles! No wonder they wanted to transfer us to another restaurant. They had been overrun by a previous booking and should never have taken our money. They tried to squeeze all the pre-theatre bookings into a tiny, dark space. The noise was deafening, waited 20 minutes before we saw a menu, another 30 minutes for the starter to appear. (long time for a bowl of soup) At ten minutes to 7, we finally received our main course, with barely enough time to eat it before having to leave to get to the theatre in time. At least 4 tables of diners had to leave without getting the main course at all. The 2 waitresses were so unorganised, they were taking food orders on tiny scraps of paper and kept getting distracted and then forgot what they were going to do. Complete chaos. Would never go there again.

By Kelly M.

Fantastic! I had my hen party here last Saturday night and after reading the reviews in the weeks beforehand, I have to say I was a little more than worried! Nothing could have been further from the truth - the bouncers and staff were fine (not quite sure what the other reviewers expect from bar-staff!?), the meal was fantastic, the DJ in the balcony bar was probably the best I have ever heard in a London club and the convenience of the balcony for smokers was great! Drinks prices were as normal for London so again so issues there! I would recommend this venue to future hens or anyone looking for an all round good night in London - don't be put off by the miserable reviewers!! A really good venue for anyone looking to dance the night away!

By E K.

This is 'normal' for them. Last week my phone and camera been stolen on the night out. It's been a week I've been calling and asking them to view CCTV records. Furthermore, I made my way back to the club to speak to the 'manager' who literally 'been too busy to go through the records'. I'm really disappointed about the service and the way they treating their clients. They have at least four security guys on the same shift, however they deal with drunk customers only. Stealing and robbing people isn't their competence as I can see. That's really sad. Loosing clients trust is also sad, innit.

By Lee R.

Went to the Ruby Blue night club last night! The worse place on earth. It was absolute GROSS! People working behind the bar gave us a limonade instead of a glass of a shot and a water instead of tequila. Bouncers were rude telling us to get out of the club. The problem started with the polish promoter who obviously doesn't know anything about this job... The whole club stank of sick. You guys seriously need to sort this mess out! P.S. I suppose people who visit London for the first time will be wile into this mess and they will regret visiting this venue for the rest of their lives. Yes,thats how frustrating I felt last night. Thanks!

By Merrik B.

Great location - shame about the food and the staff. You have to go into the club below to go the toilet. During the day this is acceptable but negotiating your way past drunk clubbers and bouncers after 10pm is not. The bouncers priority is the club and therefore the restaurant very much comes second. The food is ok at best. Best avoided if you aren't going to the club afterwards.....

By John D.

went to this club last friday and had a wicked time! me, my girlfriend and a couple of friends had never been before and thought we would see what it was like. good music, good atmosphere and overall a good night!

By Lisa R.

I went to this club with a group of friends and we ended up having a really good time! we decided to go for a meal first in the restaurant where we all agreed the food was really good and reasonably priced as well, then we went into the Balcony Bar where we danced to some of the music and those of us who smoked went onto the terrace. Later on in the night we headed to the main bar area and had a dance on the dancefloor and enjoyed some drinks. Overall i would recommend this bar to my friends as we had a really good time here!

By Warren R.

i come from South Africa. this is the worst club i have ever been too, and i come from a 3rd world country. avoid like the plague. I think going to jail for a night would be more fun.

By Sandra H.

Entry is expensive, drinks are expensive, music is shit, staff are rude. Would not recommend not even to an enemy.

By Len W.

Giving Ruby Blue 1 star is far too generous. I paid £5 (half price) entry and I still felt like I wasted my money. Me and my friends were promised a free vodka mix and half price drinks all night. Our complimentary vodka shot did not have vodka, and when we told the barman about our 50% off drinks offer, he told us he didn't care. We gave up with the rude barman ended up paying standard price for a tiny vodka and coke. And yet again, no sense of alcohol present in my drink. The music was beyond sh**; half the time I found myself standing there, depressed cos my night was just getting worse. Why are they playing Justin Timberlake from 2000. The Dj didnt remix anysongs, so we found ourselves bored & waiting for the next tune halfway through every song as the songs werent event cut short. No suprise the dancefloor was tiny and still empty! Every 10mins or so I'd end up getting walked into by a security guard, wandering around aimlessly like a twat. I hate Ruby Blue: sh*t music sh**ter atmosphere, and the worst barguy eve. Avod please!

By Gwyneth B.

Conned into eating here on our way to theatre, attracted by promise of half price meal & drinks. DON'T be fooled-drinks double price to start off with! After waiting an age the waiter admitted they gave our food order to someone else and then added insult to injury by plonking down replacement steaks which were well done bordering on cremation rather than medium rare as ordered! Only after complaining did they offer 1 steak free meaning that with half price offer on rest of meal the cost was comparable with other restaurants. Would not recommend this place to worst enemy-AVOID!!!!!

By Sam D.

I attended Ruby Blue with my mother as part of my birthday present and was very impressed when we arrived with the look and feel of the place. However our pleasure was short lived. Our service was incredibly slow and was not well organised. We were one of the first tables to arrive on the pre-theatre dinner and they were slow then. On the table to our left another pre-theatre dinner couple and on our right a full paying couple. Both these parties arrived some considerable time after us. We finally were served our starter of chicken some 20 minutes or so after ordering it. This starter was okay and then cleared away. The table to our left was served their starter after our starter had been cleared. The table to our right had already been served their starter and their main (a lobster surf and turf) which would have taken some considerable time more than the fish and chips we ordered. The table to our left received their main meal before us. When we got our main meal - the peas were cold, the chips luck warm and the fish only just cooked. As soon as the waiter put our plates down he ran off - before even asking if we would like any sauces with our meal. I had to try and find a waiter to ask for new peas as mine were stone cold (it did not appear that they had been cooked at all) and to ask for sauces. When my new peas were returned they were still not warm so I did not eat them. We had to wait for 10 minutes for our bill once we asked for it and was shocked to note that a 20% service charge had been added to it. We queried this with the waiter as we refused to pay it because we had not had the service we would expect to receive. I must say that we felt like second class citizens compared to the table on our right and that I was disgusted to be treated as such. Following our meal with Ruby Blue both my mother and I ended up with food poising. Would not reccomend this place to anyone not paying full price but use an air of caution!

By Marcus W.

Probably the worst club I've personally been to. We payed £10 to get in with a complimentary shot. This shot as far as 10 of us could tell was pure orange juice! We had been promised drinks would be 50% off. That was a lie, well over £4 for a small bottle of Budweiser... We ended up leaving after 15 minutes. Disgusted but not surprised there are so many fake reviews on this for that club. p.s. the bouncers are all twats!

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