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Rumba is a vibrant bar that plays commercial mainstream, chart hits, pop and dance classics as well as holding various events throughout the week.

Ranked #48 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"Bar Rumba is a late night club by Leicester Square which shows no restraint when it comes to a fun night of dancing and drinking in the West End. The commercial music, chart hits, RnB and pop is the engine of this wild and crazy club! We are able to offer generous drink deals and crazy happy hours.

There is also a comedy club side to Bar Rumba, especially on Friday and Saturdays and they even have a weekly open mic comedy night on a Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm. If comedy isn't your thing perhaps some Zumba or Salsa to get you going? Both classes can be found here at Rumba regularly and can be arranged for private hires.

When it comes to dress code you can immerse yourself into the theme of the night, otherwise keep it smart and sexy. If you are looking for a place for you and your mates to enjoy yourselves without the pretence of most West End clubs then head to Bar Rumba.

Coming on the weekend? Then pre buy a £5 weeknd wristband for Q Jump, Free entry and 2-4-1 drinks till midnight!"

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Rumba reviews

By Cherie T.

Bar Rumba, just another club that refuses entry because of the colour of your skin. A group of uni students mixture of male & female mainly black had pre booked a table along with a taxi to get them to & from the venue on 24.10.15 only to be refused entry. They were told by doormen that all the tables had been taken then later told there was on 1 table free but it was a student night. Some of the party produced their student id but they were still refused entry. While all this was happening others were gaining entry to the club who were not black.

By Carla M.

Came to Rumba last night with 12 of my friends for my birthday, we purchased the Birthday package which was great value for money all of us had an amazing time, the dj played really good tunes and the staff were a laugh also. We will definitely be coming again especially as they have a happy hour on a week day and as a student the drinks were affordable and not expensive like other clubs around the west end! I will be booking a table again with a drinks package. Fantastic place great atmosphere

By Jade M.

Basically it was free on glist 10-11 & £5 after which is decent! Otherwise £10 before 11 I think! Anyway got in as all clubs at this time not all that busy, but the venue itself is so cool, really big - long! And dance floor good size, 12 came and wow was so busy but just wicked oh yeah the cloakroom woman was lovely btw & door staff even toilet attendant - none of that 'give me some money' rubbish. Right, prices are lil cheaper than other places in area so decent for the area not though in general. Dj is really good all he needs to do is add a few more house songs & hip hop & its perfect! Not one song was repeated as alot of dj's do especially when arriving early. Anyway crowd is so cool as well no rowdiness, so. Thank you Bar Rumba! For such a wicked night out! Worth a visit more than one in fact

By Justin C.

Had an amazing 2 nights at Rumba. Both Fri and Sat.Friday - enjoyed so much it was our fail safe plan for Saturday.We tried a few other bars that Saturday and to be fair we just ended our night back at this place where we knew it'd be as good as the night before..IT WAS BETTER!I have met someone now too xx Thanks RumbaYou've made my London vacation oh so eventful!!

By Jamie R.

Great music and atmosphere! Nice to see everyone having such a good time on the dancefloor! Loved there lighting too, strobe lighting effect was amazing :D looks great in our photos! Only downside for me is the loos, there abit cramped, hence the 3 star rating but overall it was a great night and i would go back!


Went on a Saturday night so this may only apply for Saturdays: Bouncers/Entry: Entry around £10-15 per person after 11pm. However we found loads of guys advertising club night entries so he got me and my friends in for £10 and free entry to 'Avenue' club. Recommend finding street ticket sellers. In the queue it was announced that single guys or groups of guys will not be allowed in. Girls or mixed groups. Waiting line 10 mins. Bouncers standard and calm. Music: Commercial hits. Everyone happily singing along. Drinks: All I brought was a sambucca shot as I drank beforehand- £4.10. Don't know how much other drinks cost. The Crowd: I don't remember seeing anyone that looked over 30. Average crowd- 80% cool, 20% weird/attitude. I wanted to dance up on their pole but one dude made his mind up to lean on it all night! Weirdo! The staff: Bouncers in the club were friendly to me. He gave me a tip on how to keep my handbag from being stolen. Staff are all smiley and nice. Other costs: Cloakroom for a jacket £2. Building: Only one dance floor. Quite small. Even the toilets are like a broom cupboard. A pole available. Everything is on one floor. I personally don't intend to go back despite friendly staff. It's just too small!

By Darren M.

Nice music, you can definitely get down to their tunes. Staff were very friendly and helpful to me. However the female (brunette) bartender nicked my bottle of grey goose vodka which im quite annoyed about. When I called about it the next day the manager said I shouldn't have left it with the bartender instead I should've given to shift manager >:( Aside from that mishap, everything's nice.

By Pedro M.

Went in Rumba last saturday for my birthday and it was just amazing! Good crawd, really good music ,what's else. ;)

By Kevin S.

Saturday was my 21st birthday and I went to Rumba to celebrate and had a fantastic tI'me. The staff were friendly, the music was good and the drinks were also good. The only thing was that it was extremely hot and sweaty. Other than that im defo going back!

By Zack G.

We had a booking at Piccadilly institute (On anon) but after getting treated very badly by rude door staff we stumble over to Rumba, nice little place. Very intimate and friendly staff. Had an amazing night and was surprised at the drinks price very reasonable for a club in west end. Will be back very soon...

By Eliza B.

As always rumba is where the party's at, all of my friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Very attentive bar staff and a great host!

By Char R.

This saturday me and a couple of my friends went to Rumba called Rumba. Had an amazing night. It was my friends birthday and we booked a booth there. The staff are really friendly and fun. Looked like they were enjoying the party as much as we did. Music was fun and guys were cute. Had a great night, thanks guys!

By T.

wow... what a night. went along there on a friends birthday party, he had a FREE table and a massive glass of some Giant cocktail. the music was great as well. We had an amazing night.. defo will be back there.

By Grace S.

Wasn't too sure about Rumba but was very surprised!! Staff were great and friendly! Dance floor was packed and drinks were pretty good. I'm going to have to go back next weekend!

By Mike R.

Went out with mates to the comedy show they have running at Bar Rumba and i thoroughly enjoyed myself! The type of people that were in the venue were a good bunch, the party vibe in there is massive.. Love their lounge are, it gives you a chance to chill out from going absolutely bonkers on the dance floor. Stayed for the club night as well, think it was a Saturday. All staff were great from the door to the bar even some of the security knew how to party while working. perfect mix, brilliant atmosphere, genuine people. Defo going back there, have actually been there 3 more times before writing this. Peace..

By Emma S.

Went to Rumba on Saturday and had such an amazing night!! The atmosphere was incredible and the bar staff were very friendly and looked like they were having a great night!! Music was really great too!! I'm for sure going back to Rumba!!

By Julie D.

Had a very good evening at Rumba. Went on a Saturday night for a Hen do to watch comedy which the mic, Mike Belgrave was excellent and so was 2 out of the three comedians. Bob Mills should definitely retire now! The staff were very helpful and on the ball at the bar. We reserved a booth, which we got a free giant Martini which was absolutely huge, like the whole bottle (and no i'm not exaggerating) ! Music was good up til midnight, a bit disappointed after. The loos were a bit of the grubby side, but late into the evening they had an assistant there handing out paper towels which I thought was good. Definitely would go again

By Jamie W.

I was out with friends on friday night, was supposed to be going to somewhere else but happened to walk past Rumba, i saw all the army camouflage and wondered what was going on, haven't seen any other club in town look like this outside and in...was a pleasant change. Ended up staying there all night, had such a good time, staff all dressed in fancy dress, next time i probably will so i can get myself a cheeky bartab, drinks weren't that pricey compared to most places in town, i recommend this place to everybody who is looking to party and have fun.

By Sophie L.

Had a awesome night at Bar Rumba on saturday!! Booked a table FREE of charge and got Free entry and a free GIANT martini with it!! couldn't believe my luck!! me and my girls danced the night away with great music and yummy drinks!! plus there was alot of fitties ;) great night great atmosphere defo going again X x

By Maja B.

Went there on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was brilliant, staff friendly and most of all drinks reasonable priced. Would definitely recommend it and will be back there again.

By Mike S.

Amazing atmosphere on a Saturday night. You can't beat it in the West End. Rumba doesn't pretend to be anything else than what it is. A brilliant party. You will not leave the dance floor. Reasonably priced, friendly staff and I even got a giant martini! If you like to party, I recommend this place.

By James R.

I have been to many night clubs and this is one of the best :D. the drink prices are cheap. they have a great selection of cocktails made quickly and superbly. The staff were all loving the night as much as we were i think. the DJ and music was all very good with lots of the most popular tunes. they either got you in the mood or kept you in it! cant wait to shake of this hangover to it all over again!! Chaz :)

By Sasha B.

Went to Bar Rumba after being dragged in by guys off the street.. Ended up having a bloody good night!! Cocktails were FAB! Especially with happy hour prices! Music was brilliant, we didn't leave the dance floor (except to go to the ladies) Staff were so nice, actually really friendly and looked like they were lovin' it as much as we were.. Really nice compared to the rest of the bar staff in the west end clubs! Definitely going back without a doubt!

By Dan V.

Amazing night... So good in fact I managed to leave all of my belongings including my coat; not the best idea when it is snowing outside. The drinks are fantastically reasonable in price hence the above. I have to say I was a little dubious about heading down there at first but pleasantly surprised by how different from my expectations it was. Pleased I took a look. Staff were great stuff too... Cheers Guys!

By Jessica L.

Had a wicked night at Rumba for works Christmas party... Although I was definitely the drunk of the evening I think it was all worth while. All the staff are great, really helpful, although I do hold them a little to blame for hangover today. All the same I will definitely be back again in the New Year.

By Jennifer C.

We had a great night at Rumba on our works Christmas do. The staff were lovely in particular the general manager who really went the extra mile to make sure we had the best night. So a big thank you to everyone there. We shall return again soon no doubt.

By Jamie W.

I remember going to Bar rumba a long time ago, and im telling you it lived up to the stories, I have since been back many times, most weekends and me and the people ive been with had a wicked time, the staff are polite and look great, the drinks are good value, the club is looking a whole lot better than it used to (and thats saying alot!) and the music is good too..a great party atmosphere seriously!

By Bob B.

Popped in the other weekend to see how it was after the revamp. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!

Place looked a lot cleaner, music was good fun, staff we friendly but most importantly the drinks were REALLY good value for west end.

By Tim K.

Rumba is set in one of the most unappealing yet popular parts of London, just off Piccadilly Circus. Upon walking down to this basement bar, hopes of anything high brow are quickly dashed with its slightly grungy decor. However, they offer some good nights such as Rockaoke on a Thursday, which is worth checking out.

The Venue
Rumba has had a renovation, dropping the ‘Bar’ in its name, and the results are fairly impressive, albeit slightly underwhelming. With American cafe style booths featuring comfortable seating, two bars and an almost complete lack of decoration, the overall impression is of a slightly chaotic attitude to interior design. However, when the place fills up the last thing drinkers will be focusing on is the interior.

The Atmosphere
The atmosphere here tends towards rowdy, although that’s meant in the best possible way. People come here to let their hair down, and let their hair down they do. The staff buzz around with quiet efficiency and (oddly for London) even apologise if you have been made to wait for a drink.

During the week, you can expect a mix of suited drinkers engaging in mid-week revelry, groups of friends on a slightly quieter night out, and a few people taking the music a little too seriously. At weekends the area attracts a larger contingent of out-of-towners who crowd into Rumba after seeing the flyers boasting of the nights on offer.

The Music
Rumba has a varied focus on music, depending on the night that you attend. For example, Tuesdays you’ll find RnB and reggaeton, and Fridays play host to a mix of house, old school and garage.

On Thursdays, the bar hosts Rockaoke, billed as the ‘Ultimate Rock Star Experience’. A halfway house between karaoke and live music, Rockaoke allows audience members to sing one of their favourite songs backed by a live band. Expect to endure butchered versions of tunes like Let It Be by the Beatles, an Oasis song that sounds like, well, Oasis (not necessarily a good thing), and to learn that The Smiths really should be left in the '80s. There are a few diamonds in the rough though, as there always is with karaoke. The play list is extensive, which is impressive considering that the band has memorised all of the selection. There is everything from Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen to Like A Virgin by Madonna and The Kinks’ You Really Got Me. It certainly fits in well with the bar's fun ethos and shows that this is a bar that doesn’t take itself too seriously – much like the punters who visit it.

The Drink
The drink here is fairly standard, although it’s well priced for Central London. You can choose from a list of cocktails including Mojitos, Cosmopolitans and Mai Tais. You can even order a giant Martini that, considering its £60 price tag, must be truly giant.

The choice of beer ranges from Budweiser to Becks and Peroni, priced at £3.50. There is a happy hour on Thursday, Friday and Saturday every week where cocktails are priced at just £3.50 for a glass or £9 for a jug, Stella is £2 a pop, and all wine is reduced by £6 and Champagne by £10. Dangerous stuff. There are also a few shooters available.

The Last Word
If you are struggling for options on the tourist-belt of London, Rumba presents a good option for a fun night out. On busy nights like Friday and Saturday, get there early.

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