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Rupert Street Bar is located in the heart of Soho and is a stylish gay bar that offers a comfortable space to relax in at lunch or in the evenings top London DJs Friday through Sunday.

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Rupert Street Bar reviews

By Andrew M.

Rupert Street is a lively gay bar in Soho that gets very busy at the weekends. They do food all day which is really good (especially the breakfasts) and Rupert Street is a great place to waste a few hours!

By Andrew M.

Rupert Street is a lively Gay bar in the heart of Soho. The crowd is mid-late twenties professional people who are pretty stylish. Rupert Street does good food and they have a good variety of drinks. It gets really packed on the weekends and quite loud at night.

By Cathy N.

Good, clean & well presented bar with a reasonable selection of drinks. Friendly staff & a great atmosphere

By Tony B.

This is the busiest bar of Soho and there must be a reason, gorgeous and professional bar staff and fantastic music from the best djs in London. It is not very easy to find in a bar hosting top deejays playing their dj set while you enjoying a drink or meet new friendly people. Ruper Bar is very modern, like the best European Trendy bars. It`s not the classic old English pub with the stinky smelly carpet cleaned 100 years ago. Its clean, fresh, modern, vibrant and full of sexy young lads. On weekends is so packed that you will see a huge queue outside. The best bar in London, if you like drinking with very good house music. Very young and trendy crowd.

By R A.

Unfortunately, I must agree with the more recent posts on here. A friend and I had the displeasure of stumbling across this bar and received what can only be described as shocking lack of service. This place should be avoided at all costs due to the unfriendly, abrupt and down right rude nature of the so called 'bar staff'. It is a disgrace and it is this stereotypical type of service with an Attitude that let's this place and the gay community in general down. Better to go to Comptons around the corner or Barcode where you get treated like a human being instead of doggy do-do.

By Chris B.

Arrogant pretentious staff, gets crowded but then service gets slower, average food, for a gay bar nothing to write home about.

By Jamie E.

This place has recently had a makeover and looks quite good. The biggest problem is the attitude of the bar staff.

The all look miserable unless they are serving their friends and look at you as if they are removing dog mess from the ground when they attempt to serve you. (tip: when they scowl at you that is the sign to give them your order!).

Obviously in this position this bar is always going to be busy, but really...get some new staff, they're not even "hot".

By Scott R.

We found this bar on our first nite in London in cold January and had quite a nice evening.

It was quiet as it was very cold and we enjoyed watching the stagedoor of the Gielgud Theatre. It was good.

Being cold it was empty.Today we went to see Plague Over London about John Gielgud and gay rights etc.

Great play, hugely recommended. So after that we thought we'd go and have a drink at Rupert Street bar in honour of Gielgud.

The bar as is usual was busy HOWEVER the attitude of the bar staff was the WORST I've encountered for many years.

We were not drunk, reasonably well dressed and basically just orderiing drinks.

Maybe we were meant to leave the bar staff tips BUT I assure you I only leave a tip after good service not to somehow appease a barman who has been appalling to me.

I'm fine with playful 'cute' barman attitude , it can be a fun little game but this was very, very different.

Really this place is to be avoided at all costs. I've been in some snooty places recently but nothing like this. Disgraceful in this day and age really.

By M.

Rupert Street bar is a somewhere I have visited on numerous occasions when travelling from abroad. The staff are excellent and friendly, the patrons are also very friendly. I found it such a great place to relax and have a drink and fun.

The food is fantastic at such a great price. You could not be made more welcome, even as a straight male, just having a great time. Thanks, Rupert Street.

By J.

Contrary to normal intimidating vibes you get from bars with clientele who look like they all just drank a litre of 'Esquire' Beer or 'Vogue' Wine, the great looking patrons at Rupert Street are unbelievably friendly. The staff are always happy to give a bit of cheeky banter. Prices are....well let’s not quibble! It’s a great loud evening out. Fab bathrooms and BIG windows to check out the talent before you walk in. Its fun, up market and it’s where I always take visitors to London. London at its diverse and drunken best and I'll be there tonight.

By John G.

Rupert Street Bar packs in a trendy crowd of gay men, keen to enjoy the eye-candy and fantastic atmosphere. Rumoured to be the highest earning gay bar in Soho, it must be doing something right.

The Venue
Located on a corner of Rupert Street close to London gay mecca Old Compton Street, Rupert Street Bar is ideally placed to capture the pink pound, at just a five minutes’ walk from Piccadilly Circus station.

The large venue has long, tall windows out onto the street in a gesture of defiance at the gay bar tradition of darkened windows, and the crowd pick up on the sense of pride by spilling out onto the pavement on warmer evenings. Inside, the decor is modern but nondescript, and the venue is usually too packed for it to matter much.

The Atmosphere
It really can’t be stressed enough how busy Rupert Street Bar gets, with crowds at the bar at peak times making it a battle to get as far as ordering a drink. That said, once you reach the bar the staff will be ready with a grin and some friendly banter, and you won’t find yourself waiting as long as you might expect given the hordes of customers.

The punters are a nice bunch to be squeezed in with, expect media type in their twenties-to-thirties wearing anything from funky skinny jeans and Converse high tops to the suits they wore earlier at the office. Any gay bar that gets this crowded can feel somewhat cruisy, and there’s a definite element who are here to pick up some romantic action.

The Food
Although hardly the main focus, Rupert Street Bar does serve food all day long, with a wide choice on the menu depending on your appetite. Go for nachos with sour cream, salsa and melted cheese for just over £3 if you just want a bar snack, or if you’re in the mood for something more filling try the bargain fish and chips, bangers and mash, or a pie, all priced at £5-£6. The portions are hearty and filling, and there are also wraps, stuffed pittas, jacket potatoes and burgers, and there’s nothing that will set you back more than a handful of change.

The Drink
The trendy, gym-toned Rupert Street crowd like nothing better than a trendy bottled beer such as Becks or a Bud, but there’s also bottles of wine for under a tenner, and a cocktail list priced at around a fiver each. It’s limited, but the three big hitters are there so there will be something for most tastes – Cosmopolitans, mojitos and caipiroskas are all whipped up efficiently by the good looking bar staff.

The Last Word
In essence, Rupert Street Bar is much more than the sum of its parts. The drinks, food and surroundings are all distinctly average, but it has won itself a loyal following of attractive and urbane gay men, and that’s why more follow them through the doors each night and keep this place so very busy.

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