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At the Safari Bar and Restaurant you can sample authentic and freshly made Indian cuisine. Here you can enjoy your meal in a friendly and calm atmosphere.

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16:00 - 23:00


16:00 - 23:00

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Safari Bar and Restaurant reviews

By Tasha V.

I ordered a vegetable biryani, and a naan. I received some vegetable rice and my naan was as flat as a pancake and tasted like a chapati. I have never ordered a biryani that didn't come with a vegetable curry before, so I did complain and they said "this is how we do it, make sure you remember for next time" I asked if I could then have a bombay aloo to got with my rice, they obliged, however this was no ordinary bombay aloo. It was about 4 small cubes of potato floating in an oily watery sauce! Beware! Food is almost inedible!

By Ian W.

Superb food. It's not the flashiest restaurant you'll ever go to, but the quality of the food more than compensates for the decor. I've been eating here most weeks for a few years and it's consistently the some of best Indian-style food I've had in London (and Manchester and Sheffield and Birmingham!). Everything is cooked from fresh - no stale curry sauces. It's not an identikit UK-style North Indian restaurant, it's food from the Gujarat with a Kenyan influence. The service is friendly, I tend to eat in the bar section which has a big screen for football/cricket. Always a good non-aggressive atmosphere when the footie is on. Some recommendations would be Onion bhaji - always crisp and freshly fried with a nice fennel seed flavour. Not the usual microwaved stodge. Grilled Lamb chops - tender and tasty, delicious marinade. Kebab role - lamb mince kebab wrapped in nan bread dough then cooked in the oven - best 'pigs in blanket' ever :) Channa Masala - excellent chick pea curry. Methi Chicken - tasty chicken with green leaf curry Goat curry - tender, rich dark sauce - my personal favourite

By Mark F.

Safari Club is a Kenyan influenced Indian restaurant and bar located fifteen minutes from Woodside Park Underground Station. The fresh and authentic food served here ensures Safari Club stands out from other restaurants located in this area of North London.

The Venue
The restaurant stands midway along Woodside Park’s busy High Road. While ample seating is laid out in a typical style, Safari Club has the look and feel of a local pub which takes a while to become accustomed to. However the North African statues on display create an interesting feature while exotic plants prevent the restaurant from looking bland.

The Atmosphere
The staff at Safari Club are friendly and approachable and are extremely knowledgeable about dishes and ingredients. Traditional Indian folk music is played subtly in the background allowing diners to enjoy their food in a relaxing environment.

The Food
Food is the main focus of Safari Club and the fusion of Kenyan and Indian cuisine is clear throughout its varied menu. Guests are served a selection of plain and spicy pappadoms with three dips - mild mint, dry tamarind and the hot yet sweet chilli option. A wide range of meat and vegetable starters are available including vegetable samosas made with fresh vegetables that are ground finely till almost a paste. The two samosas are subtly flavoured with peppers and coated in a thin, crispy shell. The lamb chops are a substantial sized starter with four pieces served sizzling from the oven on a large bed of browned onions with a lemon garnish. The chargrilled lamb is slightly blackened and crispy on the outside with a succulent pink centre.

The Nairobi Curry is a house specialty that is cooked to taste. Made with tender chicken pieces the peppers, cumin and curry powder ensure this dish is deceptively hot, although the coriander mixed into the dish adds a refreshing cooling element. The chicken pieces are plentiful and one portion of the fluffy pilau rice which accompanies the dish will be enough for two. More traditional dishes are available at Safari Club such as lamb, prawn and chicken masalas. The clever use of seasoning and spices work extremely well here and staff will create dishes from scratch to suit diner’s taste buds. The lamb masala is a mild to medium hot dish made with thick pieces of succulent lamb, onions, peppers and shredded tomatoes. This creamy curry is sweet with hints of coconut and almonds.

Dessert options include traditional kulfi and British ice cream options. While savory dishes are the specialty here the homemade strawberry cheesecake is exceptional, with a crispy gingerbread base, a soft bright white centre topped with fresh strawberries - the perfect dessert to share.

The Drink
Safari Club offers a full range of wines, spirits, fruity house cocktails and continental and Indian lagers. The wine menu, while not extensive, has a fair selection including the South African Kumala house wine. This light bodied red has a strong hint of berries with an undertone of vanilla which works exceptionally well with the strong, spicy dishes created here.

The Last Word
The food at the Safari Club restaurant is fresh and the mixture of cultural influences ensures the food is not bland or typically Anglo-Indian. A fun, informal atmosphere combined with great value make Safari Club a good starting point for a weekend night out or for some midweek indulgence with friends.

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