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Using authentic cooking methods and ingrediants, the Saffron Club creates a diverse range of Indian and Nepalese dishes.

Ranked #259 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Saffron Club reviews

By Jonathan H.

May I ask why you felt it necessary to review this venue twice? Your review reads as though this was the first time you have eaten at the Saffron Club. However, in the review that you posted on 05/05/2011 you say that you have eaten at the Saffron Club may times. I'm afraid that I don't believe that this review is genuine . I would also like to point out that another user ("lovelyjubbly") has reviewed the Saffron Club four times, giving the restaurant 5 stars on each occasion. Funnily enough, most of the positive reviews of the Saffron Club sound like they could well have been written by the same person (with the possible exception of "xavier01"). I stand by everything that I said in my original review (including the 2 star rating), except that I would like to add that we have had much better food elsewhere. For anyone who is interested in an alternative, I can recommend both Greenwich Tandoori and Taste of Raj. Khan's is also supposed to be very good, but we have yet to order from there.

By Ravi T.

An italian friend who is a chef invited us to his house for an indian meal,we were licking our lips in anticipation and had stopped eating the previous night in awe of what we were going to experience. We were in for a culinary delight as the friend took us out instead citing a lateshift at his place of work. He took us to The Saffron Club and assured us this was his local favourite. From the welcome we got from the staff we knew that we were oncourse for a royal treat.The starters were fantastic melt-in-mouth salmon tikka lovingly presented, the malai chicken succulent and moist to the midle, lamb solid and spicy and the vegetables danced fresh with vigour.We ate, laughed and ate more, the waiters were onobtrusive and yet to hand replenishing the sensibly priced wines. This by far was the best indian meal we have had for a long time, not your normal greasy oily far found locally. Well done Saffon Club we will be back soon!

By Jonathan H.

Having recently moved to Greenwich, we ordered our first take-away this evening. After a quick rummage through the hundreds of menus that had been mercilessly rammed through our letterbox, we settled on The Saffron Club. We ordered chicken korma (normally a good indication of the quality of any Indian restaurant/take-away), paneer makhani, saag bhaji, saffron pilau and a peshwari naan. The food arrived in just over an hour, which is not at all bad given that we placed our order at 7pm on a Saturday night. The driver was very pleasant, and the price was not unreasonable. Unfortunately, the food was less than impressive. The meat in the korma was standard take-away fare (and by that I mean watery and flavorless) and the sauce was anemic. The paneer makhani was extremely sweet (even for a cream dish). Not my cup of cheese, but my girlfriend liked it very much. The saag bhaji was, frankly, awful. It tasted of nothing in particular, which would have been a good thing if it hadn't been mashed to within an inch of its life so that it resembled pond weed. The saffron pilau rice was well cooked, but tasted more like plastic than saffron (or rice for that matter). I'm afraid that I wouldn't recommend The Saffron Club's take-away menu to anyone. I have given 2 stars on the basis that some of the flavours were interesting, but as a whole or meal was well below average.

By Harri S.

Saffron club, great food,we have just come back from India and were missing the food and got invited to the Saffron Club for a birthday,...this was a treat to us! Fabulous food turned out great, even a large party of 30 people the food arrived together, beautifully presented, beautifully garnished and very quickly eaten.!! The lamb Momo were followed by the chefs signature lamb chops quite the best in London.Good quality lamb cuts too.The wines were a sensible price and cold cobra (as opposed to just not cold). Main courses were fresh and oil-free and displayed art like, the tandoori chicken tikka a yummy must-eat. Lovely lovely night, keep it up Saffron, Im not a great tipper, but even I tipped that night!

By Naps J.

I rate saffron club as 2 out of 5, food and service were fine. One would expect to have a nice environment and space when you are really expected pay a premium. But sadly, space is a big problem and it seems like they wants to have 300 seats in a small restaurant. When it comes to take away, it s a sloppy service. They stand no where near any other Blackheath restaurants (Taste of Raj, Mountain View and so on). I had the same problem as one of the review here and same lie. I guess honestly is a credit and they should take this serious.

By A B.

Your review is shockingly shallow! I think your name must be dishonest foodie, you seem to be a member of staff at the restaurant you keep mentioning. How can a takeaway from a greasy spoon compare with a fine dining restaurant? Go and and actually eat at the Saffron and then see what all the other reviewers on this site are talking about until then please keep your vitriol to yourself.

By Ravi T.

I have eaten at the Saffron Club many times and always the food has been good, its obviously fresh and beautifully presented. The Saffrons motto is Good food food for goodtimes, and hats off to them, they do a fabulous job, no curry house is the south east compares. I suggest if you want frozen vegetables and frozen chicken and colour in your food and fatty oily greasy dishes, which taste ok when still hot then stay away.If you want good food then go the Saffron Club.

By David H.

Unlike all the other reviews, I did not have a great experience with the Saffron Club. I will first state that I am commenting on a takeaway, rather than a sit down meal. After waiting for an hour, rather than the 35 minutes stated, our food arrived. It was completely the wrong order. I sent the order back, it then took another 40 mins for my food to get back again. This order was still wrong and stone cold, we had to reheat it ourselves and use our own salad with the duck, There was only one papadom ( we ordered 4) and it was crushed to dust. When I rang up to speak to someone, I was told that it was the traffics fault, this was a lie, I live in blackheath and I know what the traffic is like! I was then told that somebody would call me back that evening, nobody bothered! The food itself was passable, but not worth the extra cost, especially when the Taste of Raj is just around the corner, and i have never had a bad experience in there. I did e-mail the owner directly, he said that he would get to the bottom of the issue, he never came back to me after that. I am sure that on a good night, it is a fair restaurant, but personally, i will never stray from the Taste of Raj again.

By Angela B.

I just discovered this restaurant on Saturday and will definitely be back. The food was of a high quality, we tried lots of starters all of which were scrumptious and our curries were brimming with lovely tender meat (nicely spiced). The staff were attentive, but not overbearing and were happy to let you enjoy your meal. Even though the restaurant was busy with people being turned away, I didn't feel rushed to finish our meal to make room for the next sitting. Highly recommended.

By Zoe W.

We have eaten her a few times over the last couple of years and each time have found it to be a fantastic restaurant. The staff are so friendly and helpful and pay particular attention to detail. The restaurant has a lovely all round vibe, where you instantly feel welcomee. The food is very fresh, aromatic and individual to what you normally experience in Indian restaurants. They also have the most amazing Naan breads. This year, you receive a free winter warmer speciality welcom drink, which is a hot (temperature) tomato flavoured drink served in a shot glass, with a touch of spice which was just the thing to warm you up after being outside in the cold

By A B.

The Saffron club gave us a fabulous meal , the reviews about this place made us go both from here and other sites. The food is not the same-gravy-same-same-colour-dross that you can find in indian restaurants.It is fresh vibrant and beautifully presented, not a drop of oil in sight! This will rate as one of the best indian meals that you will have had.Not an idle boast..just try it. Really really good people, very attentive decent wines at decent prices.

By Tikoo T.

this is THE place for indian food outside the west end,pukka food,delicious to the last, fine beautifully presented , friendly attentive service-could be better trained but willing to go the extra yard.You must try the platters which gives you chicken,fish,lamb king king prawn all marinated and grilled in the tandoor,fresh and healthy. I noticed that people were ordering delivery of food constantly, a pity we live too far away.I asked the mangager if they would do a birthday party catering for us and we booked it there and then-even got a discount!

By A B.

My partner and I have eaten have Eaten in the Saffron so many times now and are never dissapointed.

The hiryali chicken is as good as it gets anywhere, the dal makhani is only betterd by the dal i had in a bombay hotel!

The nans are refreshingly soft and melt on your tounge, service can be a bit slow,and they now deliver for free too for the times we cant be botherd to go out.

All in all the best place to eat in the area

By A B.

this really is the best i have had outside the city,

the best lamb shankanywhere, not your usual curry!

lovely food, lovely people,lovely time.

Keep it up guys

By A B.

we first went in the saffron club thinking it was nightclub! it's an indian resturant with nepales dishes, not oily or greasy the food was fab.

the presentation looked good, the decor is modern..the waiters were busy but still attentive..a city restaurant with local prices..keep it guys

By A B.

fantastic food,indian and and nepalese best for a long time.

i have eaten there three times since valentines day, its always been good so far.

The waiters are eager to please, good value too,,make sure you have the tawa prawns!

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