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The Salmon and Ball is a busy pub serving the usual range of beers, wines and spirits.

Ranked #1137 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Salmon and Ball reviews

By Serena A.

Me and my friend nipped into the Salmon and Ball the other day (we don't know the area that well), big mistake! The place seemed really intimidating. We won;t be going back.

By Jennifer M.

I,ve being using the Salmon and Ball for a while now, and i,ve got to say i find the other review completely off the mark , i,m a buisness woman and i live quite near by. I use this pub 2 or 3 times a week with work colleagues an social friends alike. I don,t remember seeing any trouble there , The pub had a fire recently and its a testament to the owners and staff how quickly they turned it around and had it reopened. This pub is not some poncey wine bar or dupicate pub that are everywhere with no soul, it has live bands and great friendly atmostphere. Such a crying shame that people who do not use a pub regularly can go there and make horrible remarks about it on one observation. see for yourselves well worth a visit. Thank you.

By Andrew J.

I've been to this pub a couple of times. It is pretty rough but convenient as it is my local and has a big screen to watch rugby. However after my last experience there I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK. The barmaid was pleasant enough but one of the male barstaff was extremely unpleasant and hostile. I was waiting to place my order and he dumped a whole pile of empty glasses in front of me and ordered me aggressively to "move over, son". I politely moved over and then found myself a seat. A few minutes later he came over and told me to move my seat. I did so, but was repeatedly told in an antagonistic manner to move again. I did so but eventually got fed up and requested that he please not call me "son" as I don't respond well to being patronised especially by someone younger than myself. He then shouted at me extremely provocatively "This is my ******** pub. Anyway, he was obviously unhappy enough already without being given a black eye so I left him to stew in his own juice.If you fancy a punch up then this pub is great.

By John T.

On my last visit to London from the us. I Stopped in the Salmon and ball. This is A Working man's pub. Not for the kids or the family(then Again it is in bethnal green)i was accompanied by A younger female friend who has never been to London. At the end of our trip she Stated That it was the best pub she has ever been to. I enjoyed my time there. The Drinks were priced right. That staff was Great and the locals were fun to talk to. If Your Looking for A real AuthenTIC east end pub go to the Salmon and ball!


Salmon and Ball glares over Bethnal Green tube station with an evil eye. Like a rough port city, it offers a harbour to the underworld of the underground and beyond.

The Venue
The crowded pavement in front of Salmon and Ball is the first sight that greets you; not just customers sneaking out to smoke but rabble, secret Super Tennants drinkers and Big Issue venders. All very salt of the earth but not particularly welcoming.

Inside, the walls are stained beige and the size is deceptive due to the mirrors. A big screen hangs proudly in the corner, with an ability to draw in a football crowd and match days get fairly packed out. Small bench chairs, stools and high tables provide rests for yourself and your drinks and black and white photos decorate the walls, featuring boxers from the past. The images lend the pub a level of class that is betrayed by the rest of the gritty interior.

The Atmosphere
At the Salmon and Ball, a shaved head or mean look isn't mandatory but, judging by the crowd, it is preferred - presumably the infinity mirrors might be included for novice hard nuts to work on their nefarious complexions. There is a kind of simmering that seems to bubble within the pub and it has a knack of reminding you of what it felt like to stare through the windows of pubs as a youngster and see an exotic but dangerous looking place inside. The atmosphere isn't all bad, however, and there is a fraternal feeling to things during the football.

The Drink
It's all predictably standard. The Salmon and Compass is a type of pub that doesn't need to import to impress. Perhaps the only interesting thing to say is the famously aggravating Stella might inspire some to attempt to emulate the photos on the walls.

The Last Word
Salmon and Ball is fairly wretched and best left to those that already drink here. It's regularly packed and probably won't miss the custom.

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