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San Miguel Tapas Bar and Restaurant boasts a comprehensive range of drinks to enjoy in comfortable, relaxed surroundings alongside a wide selection of Spanish dishes.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Thu 11:30-23:00
Fri-Sat 11:30-00:00
Sun 11:30-23:00

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San Miguel Tapas Bar and Restaurant reviews

By Andrew M.

I've been twice to this San Miguel Tapas Bar and Restaurant. The first time was with a newish date so my focus wasn't on the food, but I do remember thinking that service was unattentive and the food was rather mediocre for the price.

I went again recently to San Miguel Tapas and as someone who eats out regularly I can truly say that this is the worst Spanish restaurant that I've ever been to. True the Maitre'd was Fawlty Towers style grumpy, but the food is not good and it's not cheap Tapas either.

Stay well away from the Paellas, as they are not authentic in my opinion. And cost £22.00! The fish soup was equally bad.

By Blackheath C.

San Miguel feels authentic. Partially because it is unashamably Spanish, being full of genuine Spanish articles that seemed such wonderful exotic holiday keepsakes for our parent’s sideboards in the 70’s; and partially because it was full of Spanish speakers - staff and guests. The menu was so extensive that had to get our iphones out and make a shortlist in order to knock some of the options off. Flaming Chorizo and spinach scramble were perfect. Makes sure you ask for the churros that weren't on the menu. Friendly service. Read the detailed review here. Http://blackheathcoffeeshops. Wordpress. Com/category/san-miguel-tapas/

By Syyeve M.

brilliant food , the new owner is an arrogant pig though, love san manuals unfortunately won't be going back as the new management has ruined it with her stinking attitude , waiters very nice though feel sorry them having to work for such a dragon

By Taylor J.

The best place for friendliest staff I have ever come across. The moment you walk in you are treated more like a friend and the atmosphere is buzzing, can't explain why it works but it does. Go for staff food and drink is secondary. Place is wonderfully just right

By David W.

I have been going to San Miguel for many years. Amazing place!

Abdu and Tev, the owners, are the perfect hosts and the "united nations" of Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian, Equadorian etc waiting staff work as an oiled machine and exude good humour and friendliness from every pore.

They have regular Flamenco nights where the dancing and guitar playing are out of this world.

I have been to Spain many times and can say that for the most part the tapas at San Miguel are as good as any I have had in Barcelona and San Miguel is the only restaurant I have found anywhere that can cook lamb cutlets (chuletas de cordero) just the way I like them.

I now see from a flyer in their wine list that they are organising a wine tasting evening on Monday 14 September 2009.

How they are managing to keep the cost of tasting 8 wines and a buffet down to only £30 per head when, and I know about Spanish wines, at least one of the wines they propose for the tasting retails at over £125 per bottle!

Keep it up, San Miguel

By Mafalda T.

I have been coming year for the pas 2 years and I'm always welcomed with a friendly smile..

the food is great and specially the cocktails served by the handsome barmen, Miguel (from Portugal).

Thank you for making my evenings always wonderful. I definitely recommend this place, specially for birthday parties.

By Janet J.

DID he go to the same place???? Sam Miguel is a fantastic busy buzy bar/ restaurant.

Staff on first names with you by your second visit, offering bread olives and one for the road at end of meal.

In fact I am on first names with other customers that we keep meeting up with too.

Come and have a drink judge for yourself, We all love it and the waiters are dishy too which helps .

Food is fresh and never had bad meal here yet, all try hard to make you feel welcome live Flamenco shows and last Friday waiter and waitress were showing a large birthday party how to salsa .

By Kay S.

I Love love love this place. The service is friendly, the atmosphere is always really nice and the food is good. Pretty good value for money too.

I would recommend a visit here if you are in Greenwich, my friends and I always find ourselves looking for an excuse to go :-0

By Kelli W.

Our favorite tapas place in all of the UK! Gorgeous food, friendly staff, delicious sangria... we go out of our way to visit Greenwich just to dine here...

By Alison J.

I always have a fantastic time at San Miguel, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is fab. Good night out guaranteed.

By Claire H.

I have been to San Miguel several times and every time I amazed at the good service we get! The waiters help make a relaxed but buzy atmostphere. Many reviews I have read state its not real tapas ... but as far as I am concerned it tastes GREAT, it also allowes you to try a few things you wouldnt normally order. Drinks can make it a bit pricey - but I enjoy my visits!

By Abdu A.

sam portelli is a failed restuarant owner that has a restuarant near sanmiguel and cant enjoy the same custom that sanmiguel enjoys so he has posted the sight and web with his rubbish .shame on him

By Joey B.

Londoners lodging on the opposite side of the city may be green with envy with all that Greenwich has to offer its fiendish foodies but San Miguel Tapas isn’t exactly emblematic of this affluent, ebullient part of town. That the restaurant is smattered with traditional, time-honoured Spanish motifs is a turn up for the books though it does make for a refreshing antidote to an otherwise snazzy stream of souped-up food spots.

The Venue
With the resident Cafe Rouge resembling something like the entrance to the Royal Opera House, you get an idea of the style and sophistication of the Greenwich restaurant scene. As such, San Miguel doesn’t exactly stick out like a sore thumb but it is a little more humble than many of its neighbouring establishments and is more akin to the kind of unassuming Spanish cafe you might find in the back streets of Santa Maria. It’s much the same inside what with its vine-draped ceilings, shaggy, red-checked tablecloths and scruffy, dog-eared plastic menus. There’s even a miniature pirate ship mounted to the wall and a giant wooden steering wheel that acts as an archway at the back end of the restaurant, perhaps as some kind of homage to the Spanish explorers who brought home salts and spices in the 15th and 16th centuries. But it’s a darn sight bigger than you’d expect, seating 90 covers, a bigger than average bar and an open plan kitchen to boot.

The Atmosphere
Aside from the obligatory Spanish soundtrack, staff are perhaps the only element that detract from the restaurant’s authenticity with nationalities spanning the globe. At about 9PM hordes of hungry customers pour through the door with all the relish of well-seasoned Spanish bull fighters.

The Food
There’s nothing unusual about the menu though it’s a little larger than most and selecting half a dozen or so dishes isn’t as easy as it seems. With tapas, it’s as much about choosing a good combination so unless you’re drawn to one of the more expensive meat or fish courses or fancy a whopping great big plate of paella for £19.95 (albeit for two) then chances are you’ll plump for a mixture of hot and cold side dishes. There’s significantly more of the warmer variety in what seems to be a bit of a mixed bag – certainly price-wise.

The usual suspects – classic Spanish omelette (£3.95), patatas bravas (£3.35) and meatballs in tomato sauce (£4.55) are tried and tested but if you want something a little different there’s plenty of choice. Pan fried calf’s liver (£4.95) is one worth taking a gamble on. Served with sweet caramelized onions and thin, gravy-textured brown sauce – it’s a surprising standout. Grilled and brandy flamed Spanish sausage (£4.45) is a more conventional choice though no less interesting. The chorizo is rich, salty and substantial and it’s served in spiral format on a small dish that resembles a boat, perhaps as a nod to the decor. Marinated chicken kebabs (£4.25) are another excellent option. Earthy, succulent and imbued with just a hint of spice, it’s just a shame the portion is so small. Unfortunately, this seems to be a bit of an overriding theme and one criticism that can be leveled at the food at San Miguel. A case in point is the langoustines (£6.35). They’re juicy, flavoursome and seasoned well enough but £6.35 is too much to pay for something that’s likely to be gobbled up in the blink of an eye. This isn’t fine dining after all. The calamari is better pitched at £4.25 and the batter is said to be fresh but it’s nothing more than ordinary. The cold meat platter (£5.25) is another serviceable offering but the fact that the salami, Serrano ham et al are overshadowed by a couple of sharp and sprightly pint sized gherkins says it all.

Desserts don’t stray far from the beaten track and may be a necessity following the modest portions in the mains. Profiteroles (£4.95) are of the moussy, milk chocolate variety which makes for a nice change. Served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and garnished with a thin layer of dark chocolate sauce, they’re arguably the highlight of the evening. Crema Catalana (£4.35) – Spain’s answer to creme brulee – is another solid bet though in truth, the only thing that separates it from the traditional French pudding is the scent of lemon that seeps into the foamy underbelly of the dish. Nevertheless, it’s a pleasant tweak to a familiar favourite.

The Drink
Traditionalists or large groups may well opt for a jug of sangria (£14.95) but otherwise, bottles of house wine are reasonably priced. £13.50 for red, white and rose and £3.25 by the glass is nothing to turn your nose up at – especially not in Greenwich. Reds reach £49.50 but a bottle with the Cabernet Sauvignon Viana, a fragrant, fruity choice that never threatens to overpower the food is a solid bet at £20.50. Whites are priced from £16.50 to £32 and there’s a small selection of international alternatives with Chile and New Zealand particularly prominent sources of inspiration. Otherwise, there’s a large cocktail list - long, classic and non alcoholic options, bottles of beer including the titular San Miguel – all priced at £2.95 with draught at £4 a pint and halves at £2.20. Soft drinks can be purchased for £1.50 and non-alcoholic cocktails are £1.95.

The Last Word
Kudos to San Miguel for sticking to its Spanish roots. The food is a little mediocre and a shade overpriced and the decor leaves much to be desired but it might just be worth a visit if only to feel like you’ve stepped off the beach and into a sultry Spanish cafe after sunset. Even if it’s just for a moment.

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