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Scala features DJs, live gigs, Latin nights and more, with two floors of clubbing action to explore in King's Cross.

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Scala reviews

By Andrew M.

Scalais a great club! It's for the indie kids of any age and it's about the music and the drinking and the making friends and lots more. It's about having a good time.

If you love indie and alternative, Scala is a great club. That's what the main floor concetrates on. There are other dancefloors which concentrate on 80's and pop (the Trash Room) or Motown and choice R'n'B (The Love Lounge) but it's the atmosphere that does it. Everyone is so friendly.

By Andrew M.

Scala is every clubber's worst nightmare.

Venue: Great with high ceilings and a centre stage with 'mini-podium'.

Crowd: Young uni crowd, no serious hardcore hip-hoppers here. Low level dancing talent. Club was empty an hour before closing time. (past children's bed time I guess).

Music: Decent commerical r'n'b hip-hop however, good luck in getting DJ to play any requests!

Ratio: About 70% little boys, 30% young chicks.

Real worth: Should be charging £2 entry. Save yourself the journey if you're after a club that goes off.

By Chang W.

Use to be a good club and venue in its early days, back in the late 90s early 2000 but went down hill very quickly. As other venues have adapted and progressed the scala had gone backwards and declined.

By Olivia B.

I went here after 1 beer and the bouncers said i couldn't come in because my pupils were too big - except i wasn't on drugs like they said i was - they are just paranoid power mad horrible people - shite club don't go!

By Matthew S.

Red hot and rockingwent to Scala for the first time on the said event and left feeling postive. To confess, I excepted a metal and rock themed night with lots of great tracks being spun out and lots of dancing - that, alais, didn't happen. The music at the said event, was not the mainstream metal and rock, but extreme metal - which is a scene I'm not really into. However, on the plus, the club was very nice. A bit of a maze around the various corridors and staircases and you can easily get lost - but it added a sense of quirkyness to it and you could easily go and explore. Drinks wise, felt a bit ripped after paying over £4 for a Rum and Coke (single shot), but after finding their drink promos was more than happy with my under £2 jd and Coke :)but clearly, this night in particular was not a night for great music and dancing - this was focuses on the entertaiment which it excelled upon. From live bands and musical acts to red hot dance groups to keep you entertained all night long. During the break from each act, music was played so you really got two clubbing experiences in one. (there is also another 2 floors of just music if so wish! Overal, left feeling happy with the night. Not what I had expected but I guess it's good - it really broke the mould of convenital clubs. With plenty of different themed club nights they'll be a night for you - whether you're into metal, rock, pop-punk, pop, Rnb, Whatever! Just be prepared for the unexecpted! :d

By J A.

Good venue and friendly staff but the crowd was too chavvy and the music was quite poor. If you want more appropriate music thats not metal/emo etc and intelligent conversation then i would recommend elsewhere.

By Liz G.

oops I meant to rate the Scala as a 5 but got a bit trigger happy previously with only 3 - so here, I meant a 5!

By Liz G.

I went to the Scala for Prologue on the 9th Feb and I have to say for a venue I didn't know much about I was suitably impressed. It's pretty big and all the staff were really nice which makes a change from most clubbing experiences. I had a top night and am looking forward to many a night out there in 2008 -Come on the Scala!

By Sam M.

Horrible, horrible, horrible! This place is a dump. The clientele are mad and chavvy. I got assaulted by a crazy girl in that club (no provocation at all) the bouncers let her run away, refused to call ambulance or police. Kicked me out of the club bleeding and badly injured. Do not go here. If you do its at your own risk.

By S.

I haven't been to the Scala for a few years now but I guess it hasn't changed much. I've had a few (good) nights out on Fridays. The music was quite cheesy on the top floor, some crap 80s, the main room was pop, rock and indie and the last room had some DJ playing house.

I remember it was good fun, as others mentioned in reviews. It was free to get in before 10pm and the drinks were really cheap. The crowd was quite mixed, gays and heteros and a friendly atmosphere. I would recommend Scala if you're after some commercial music and a cheap, fun night out. If you are into the hardcore clubbing scene, of course this is not the place.

By A.

I tend to go Scala on a Friday night specifically because of Popstarz and for me it's a great laugh. Okay I appreciate a lot of people who go out clubbing won't neccessarily be interested in your more mainstream pop, RnB and rock, but if you are stuck for something to do on a Friday night it's a great place to be.

The staff are friendly as well as the people you meet there and if you are gay/lesbian it's a great place to meet guys/girls. If you are a hardcore clubber I wouldn't recommend Scala but if you're up for a laugh, then this is one of the best places to be.

By H.

I think that Scala's a place for all under-age teenagers to go to - I know of enough 14-17 year olds that club there. Scala really need to get a proper door policy!

By N.

I went to the Scala last Saturday to Desire and I thought that the place was complete shit!

To start with it was advertised as having Goldie and Andy C playing but neither of them were anywhere to be seen (so the £20 entry fee wasn't justifiable). Also, it was advertised at £13 entry and we ended up having to pay £20 each! The place was a complete joke and the woman @ the ticket booth was so rude and sarcastic to me that another member of staff had to intervene because of her behaviour! Scala was also full of underage kids and never got more than 1/2 full.

I can't believe how wrong they got it, I spoke to more than one person who had been led to believe that the night was Funky House when it was obviously D'n'B. To be honest, the list of shoddy things at Scala goes on and on, there was the misconduct of the staff, the false advertising...need I go on?

I had heard good things about Scala prior to this but after my experience I'd encourage those thinking of going to Desire to save their money and go elsewhere.

By D.

We went to Scala last Sat and...well...the venue itself is ok, but definitely not the best London has to offer. The main room had a bit of a school disco feel to it which I wasn't really loving. There's a smaller room upstairs which was OK and quite a funky chillout/bar room with lights shining up out of the floor but, to be honest, the best area for me was the reception area which was a bit more interesting in layout than the rest of the place. The music was great in the reception (House/Beats) but maybe a little two heavy in the main room where they kicked straight into Hard Trance without really warming us up at all.

My main problem with Scala was that it was only two thirds full, maybe three quarters at best (and when I say full I mean comfortably full, not rammed so you can't move) which is a little poor for a Sat night. It was a mixed crowd too, the age range must have been 18-35. We still had a laugh and if the place had been busier then the night would have been better but basically London has a lot better to offer than Scala and I for one wouldn't go out of my way to return.

By C.

I went to Scala last weekend and I thought it is was really good but it is mostly 18-25 year olds. There were a lot of people there till the end so dont listen to the granny on the other reviews, go to Scala if you are young and like a good CHEAP night out.

By S.

Well, firstly the crowd is young; it's a place to go if your're 19 - the music's good, the atmosphere is good, the club is just average! Go here if you're young and up for a laugh!

By Laura Ann S.

It’s hard to miss Scala, with its giant neon sign lighting up Pentonville Road. It’s also hard to stay away, what with an eclectic mix of live music during the week and club nights at the weekend. There is quite literally something for everyone.

The Venue
Located slap bang in the heart of King’s Cross, Scala is a former cinema - complete with a stage in the main room that’s perfect for live music sets. Different levels and balconies mean that a good view can be found almost anywhere. The building as a whole is a veritable labyrinth – either fun or frustrating depending on your mood. Try to find your way upstairs to the spacious Glass Bar, which offers sofa seating with a view over the dance floor. If you fancy a bit of variety, further on up is another room with a separate DJ and sound system to the main room. Various floors are available for hire.

The Atmosphere
The atmosphere at Scala is absolutely buzzing. With its reputation as a hotspot for a good night out, Scala attracts all sorts, but mostly young professionals - prices are a bit high for your average student. The result is a club that’s heaving, but not overcrowded.

The bouncers are – and take note, because this is rare for London clubs – friendly, and bar staff seem relaxed and happy, making for a nice change from your usual stressed-out bar service. However, stand your ground at the bar, as staff aren’t the best at keeping track of who was next in line.

The Music
The musical offerings at Scala are an eclectic mix (to say the least) depending on which night you choose. From live rap, indie and rock, to the latest pop sensation, to Spanish parties and numerous club nights, there is surely something on offer for you. That said, it is advisable to research what’s on before you head out, especially as tickets can be pricey on the door (up to around £17.50).

The Drink
Drink is exactly what you would expect from any self-respecting nightclub. It’s the usual fare, with an extensive selection of spirits, mixers, bottled drinks such as Smirnoff Ice and beer - and cans of Red Stripe if that’s more your thing. You may find it’s a tad on the pricier side of things, but it’s no worse than is to be expected in the area.

The Last Word
Scala manages to pull off what a lot of other London clubs struggle with – straddling the dichotomy between live music venue and club. It’s definitely worth pencilling in a night out at Scala soon, but plan ahead to make sure it’s the right night for you.

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