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Scott's is an elegant restaurant located on Mayfair's Mount Street. The menu specialises in fish and shellfish but also offers a small choice of meat dishes. The decor at Scott's features works of art by renowned artists such as Tracey Emin, Martin Creed and Damien Hirst.

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12:00 - 22:30


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Scott's reviews

By Josh D.

If you love fish you will love Scott's

Scotts on Mount Street is in my opinion one of the best restaurants in London. I have been many times and i have never had a bad experience. If the weather alloys you to, sit outside and watch the world of Mayfair pass you by. The service is always incredible and the food is consistently excellent.

By Kika M.

Scotts is the one of the best fish restaurants in I was told. It locates on the lovely street and very expensive looking decoration. But that is only thing I see. I am a fish eater, and the dishes are fine. But not with this prices. I shared the dishes with my friends, and the best food was...meat. The rest was overly salted or oily. Not nice presentation. I recommend people for the atmosphere and power business dinner, maybe. But service and price don't come along with more than 20-30 pounds price dish. None of us will go and visit again.

By Marjorie W.

I have a pet peeve about booking tables that need to be returned in two hours. It seems to mean that the service will be slow and either the staff ignore the two hour ban or as was the case with Scotts kick you out without offering dessert. The first hour at Scotts was impeccable, We arrived at 630 on time when the restaurant was quiet. The cocktails were lovely and the waiter offered a pillow to my pregnant guest. The waiter was helpful and we ordered the shellfish platter for one, which more that adequately served three All went well although it took a long time coming and when the waiter offered to change the ice on the platter, no one seemed to be in a hurry. The fish was lovely except that the Turbot was over salted. Everything was going well until the waiter came, cleared our table and abruptly offered us coffee. I thought it strange but assumed the desert menu would follow in some strange custom of the establishment. Suddenly a man appeared and between is 'camp' looks and his preposterous manner asked who was the host and when I confessed drilled me on whether I enjoyed the meal, the service and I said it was very good, which at this point I meant. Then he dropped the bomb. The table was needed immediately. The people it was reserved for had arrived. I asked if this is why we hadn't been offered desert and he was not apologetic at all. The bill came. over 200 pounds for three of us and a cover charge to boot. As we walked out there were empty tables and no one waiting at the bar. What shame that such a fine restaurant has to put on stuffy airs. We would have happily understood if we had been offered coffee and desert at the bar.

By Michelle P.

Disappointing service. Food was delicious but evening was tainted by surly staff.

A real shame - think twice before booking.

By Liam M.

Fine dining at its best located in the most exquisit surroundings London has to offer. Not just a fish restaraunt lamb and pork belly also delicious choices. King prawns to die for, and the lobster is f#*#ing serious... Oh and the pork scraching freebies. mmmm nice

By Emily C.

Scott's may have been around for a while, but it's still competing with the best of them... and winning.

The Venue
Set in the heart of Mayfair, Scott's sits among the fashion elite, with Christian Louboutin, Roland Mouret and Vivienne Westwood as its neighbours. With so much to live up to from the outside, it's no surprise to find the interior is every inch as chic. With its rich wooden paneling, burgundy leather banquettes and impressive mirror displays, Scott's oozes style from every pore. Art lovers will especially appreciate the décor, with modern British masterpieces from the likes of Gary Hume and Don Brown adorning the walls. Tables look on to the elegant Champagne and oyster bar, which serves the full à la carte menu throughout the day and is a popular choice for more casual dining, with solo businessmen often propping it up. The restaurant's centrepiece is a mountain of crushed ice, chilling dozens of fresh oysters shucked to order.

The Atmosphere
The restaurant has a sophisticated buzz about it, with romantic dates, corporate entertaining and exclusive rendezvous playing out in perfect harmony. The service is everything you would expect, with staff exerting an element of pride as they glide between tables. Scott's is classic and traditional, with a noticeable air of prestige. Understandably, it's a popular destination for special occasions, but its relaxed atmosphere has also ensured it's earned top billing as a regular haunt for the casual (if privileged) Mayfair diner.

The Food
Scott's certainly hasn't earned its legendary Mayfair status from dull, lacklustre dishes – and while the restaurant specialises in seafood, the meat and game courses more than hold their own.

Food is flavoursome, well-portioned and, in keeping with Scott's impeccable standards, immaculately presented. The seafood menu offers a wide array of fish, including smoked varieties, as well as crustacea and of course, oysters – all caught sustainably, so environmentalists can rest easy. For those feeling extravagant, there's a selection of caviar blinis, ranging from £80-£295.

Even the simplest dishes are delivered with panache. Seared scallops in the shell, dressed with garlic and chilli butter (£17.50) are delicate, succulent and alarmingly large, which is rarely ever a factor for complaint. Baked spiced crab with toasted ficelle (£14.75) is creamy and warming, with the crusted outer crumb making way for soft, fleshy crabmeat with a smooth finish. A highlight from the meat and game menu is Black Mount loin of venison with game pie, curly kale and sour cherry sauce (£26). Lean, rich venison packs flavour, with the cherry acidity cutting clean through – it's the sort of dish that makes you sit up and savour every morsel.

When it comes to dessert, why choose when you can have them all? Scott's dessert plate (£9.50) is a prime example of having your cake and eating it – a selection of sweet treats in perfect miniature form. Mascarpone cheesecake with raspberries is a sure fire winner.

The Drink
The wine list is extensive and staff are on hand to offer their recommendations, though the lack of a sommelier is something of a surprise. Wine is served by the glass, carafe and bottle, with glass and carafe options helpfully laid out on a separate menu. The maître d' will bend over backwards to help, even going so far as to bring out taster measures to assist your decision. Champagne is of course readily available, with the Krug Collection 1985 a mere trifle at £990 – or if you're not feeling quite that flush, flutes start from a tenner. A limited selection of beers are also available.

The Last Word
Scott's leaves no stone unturned; professional service and exceptional food in the most stylish of settings. If you're fortunate enough to own one of the many chauffeur driven BMWs lining the road outside, you're bound to be in your element. If not, it definitely qualifies as a worthy payday treat

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