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Shoryu Ramen is the latest venture by the group behind the Japan Centre. Shoryu Ramen specialises in Hakata tonkotsu ramen noodles.

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Shoryu Ramen reviews

By Kelly H.

We all love a bargain and there’s nothing quite like bagging a cheap dinner in central London. Shoryu Ramen looks to open our eyes to quality cooking at low prices, street food style.

The Venue
Although it’s frustrating that no-reservations restaurants are always tiny, Shoryu Ramen does have an authenticity about it that often only diminutive Japanese restaurants can attain. The exterior is modern and sleek with white signage and lots of glass while inside the black walls and signs are given a homelier edge courtesy of exposed brick and wooden tables nestled against brown leather sofas. It’s a very simple set-up with the only real design flourish coming from the low-hanging lights over the bar. But when you're an ‘in and out’ quick-eats spot you really don’t need to spend a great deal of time creating the perfect look.

The Atmosphere
Shoryu operates a strict walk-ins only policy and the word has gotten out that the food here is both cheap and good, so you can expect a lengthy wait at the door. That said, it hasn’t reached the hour+ mark set by the likes of Bubbledogs, so it could be worse. To be sure of walking straight in you want to avoid weekends and peak after-work times when hungry bellies send Londoners out in search of sustenance.

The Food
There are two restaurants in the Shoryu group but this is the bigger of the two with a larger selection of food than its younger Soho sibling. It still revolves firmly around tonkotsu ramen with prices mainly below £10 a dish. Also, unlike the Soho branch, this restaurant does have one solitary veggie option. This is because the essence of the tonkotsu ramen is pork broth and barbecue pork and they like to keep it authentic.

If you want to enjoy a simple ramen but with a bit of added kick then opt for the piri piri tonkotsu (£9.90). This is formed from the standard base of pork broth, barbecue pork, egg, mushrooms, beansprouts, spring onions, sesame, ginger and nori but it’s given a spicy edge from a massive whack of bird's-eye chilli. This is more in keeping with the east-Asian love of spices and is not for the weak of heart. Alternatively, opt for the wasabi tonkotsu (£9.90), which replaces the ginger with wasabi oil and pickled wasabi leaves. Again, it is on the spicy side, but it’s not quite as intense as the peri peri version. Whichever you choose, however, it’s worth remembering that this is no mere watery soup. The broth is thick, rich and stew-like and is more than enough to fill even the hungriest stomach. If you want to bulk out your meal then go for additional sides. The Regent Street branch offers sushi and sashimi alongside the usual mix of dumplings and rice balls.

The Drink
There is a huge selection of sake on offer at Shoryu Regent Street, above and beyond what you usually expect to see at a London-based Japanese restaurant. The prices are good, too, with bottles coming in at £19-£120 and glasses starting at £4.40. This is further bolstered by Shochu and Umeshu Plum Wine. Unlike Soho, Regent Street serves up a selection of Japanese-themed cocktails, such as a Wasabi Martini or Shochu Sour, which is inventive. If you really want to get merry then push the boat out and opt for the Japanese Whisky.

The Last Word
Shoryu Ramen has hit the cheap-eats nail on the head. Inexpensive, yet genuine quality.

By Til M.

Have been to Shoryu many times and have to say my experience has always been the exact opposite of the reviewer's before me so I'm surprised. I love Shoryu not only for their amazing ramen, but also because the staff are always friendly and happy to help (I had to use their toilet once without being a customer ;)) It's my favourite restaurant in London at the moment. Anyway, more importantly the food. The first time I went I ordered their signature tonkotsu which had a silky, rich and creamy pork soup, bouncy noodles, juicy bbq pork and a subtle variety of vegetables. It was an amazing bowl of ramen I'd just not experienced before outside Japan and it could be down to their head chef being a Hakata-native, the origin of this type of ramen. I've tried a few different types from their menu since then and think the yuzu tonkotsu with a spicy citrus tang is my favourite, though don't hold me to that they're all great! There are also lots of nice sides to choose from like gyoza (of course) and these fluffy steamed buns filled with belly pork which everyone seems to be eating every time I go in there. I haven't tried them yet but will do the next time I go for sure! Since the word got out about this place the queues sometimes are quite long, but they move quickly and you have chance to see those inside get their dishes and make your mind up. I would really recommend this for authentic ramen at a great price in central London, the portions and huge and the quality excellent. Will (of course) be back!

By K T.

I visited this restaurant with my father who was visiting from Tokyo. Being a Japanese who lived in London for many years and longed for authentic ramen restaurants, I had a high hope for this new tonkotsu ramen place. Therefore it was extremely disappointing to experience one of the worst services I have ever encountered in restaurants. When we arrived the place was very busy and since nobody greeted us we tried to take a free table but the manager came over immediately and snapped “you will have to wait, there are other people who arrived before you”. A manner not typically seen in a Japanese restaurant! But we were given a table soon after and the ramen dish I picked from a fairly wide range of choices was pretty tasty so I put behind the initial unpleasantness. Then the bill came: my father spotted that they added 30% service charge! When he pointed this out to a waiter, he blamed it on the till machine. We thought it was a poor excuse since machine does not ‘make mistakes’ – it must have been a human error! We called the manager to complain about this appalling error and the insincere apology provided by the waiter but he was equally unapologetic. So we ended up storming off the restaurant (after paying the bill but without any tip, of course!). A very disappointing experience indeed. I will not return there until they change the manager! Luckily there are now a couple of other good tonkotsu places in London.

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