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sketch is a unique venue in Mayfair featuring five restaurants and bars each with their own quirky decor and a funky atmosphere.

Ranked #347 of 5241 restaurants in London

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sketch reviews

By Lee A.

Friendly Service and Great atmosphere.

My first visit to Sketch yesterday and ordered an espresso. Great service and very relaxed environment.
Had a tour of the venue and was really impressed by the decor and artwork on display.

By Anna N.

very high end and expensive but def worth it.. Great for networking and meeting gorgeous people. Me and 6 of our friends went, we were just enjoying a bank holiday night out.. The interior and the atmosphere is lovely but always plan to go on a Top Mayfair promoters table afterwards... Great place to have on or two drinks but not anything more because it will be too expensive lmao We usually go Project, Whisky Mist or even sometimes dstrkt/Maddox My PR is well connected in London so he sorts it out here is his details anyway 07449310849

By Iryna C.

I went there last Friday. It was unplanned and my first time at Sketch! One of the best nights!!! The interior is fantastic, didn't have any problems with the staff. The DJ was perfect. Everybody was dancing what is quite unusual for this place. Maybe it's expensive, but you are paying for the whole experience. Will definitely be back!!!!

By Robbie D.

Visited this on a Friday. Breezed past the door staff with a bit of banter,. Once inside busy but the place has no soul. Lights were on but no one was in if you get my meaning. Drink prices similar to other such like establishments. This place just did not do it for me. Left for roof gardens. Wont be entertaining corporate clients here in the future.

By Svs S.

I would describe this place as an oddity. The layout is rather quirky and is a strange use of the space in my opinion. I have never eaten at the restaurant, but the place still manages to retain some atmosphere in spite of the tiny size of the 2 bars. The poon quotient is very high... plenty of models here including sloanies and the usual eurotrash. Face control appears to be in operation at the door so can be tricky to get into but generally a good place for drinks earlier in the evening. Enjoy!

By Marion C.

Sketch used to be super cool and really enjoyable, It was one of my favourite spot in central London. Went there on Friday evening with friends omg! So disappointing. The staff is so rude and at 15 pounds a cocktail, I am expecting a bit of service there, what happened to Sketch? Poor Pierre Gagnaire, shame you have this under your name as it doesn’t reflect what you are anymore. Will never go back and wouldn’t recommend. The décor is still very nice, that s all what s left……i give them one star for this!

By Aditya D.

Visited Sketch on a Saturday night. The venue has a lot of potential, interior is attractive and comfortable. The music and crowd pretty good, glad for that. Toilets are a bit tacky but still interesting. Drinks pricey which would have been okay if the proportions were right. Most of the staff were friendly

By Aditya D.

I would not recommend the bar to anybody. Drinks are so overpriced and no value for the money! I wasn't even tipsy after two double Jacks! Nonononono! The music was decent and the crowd was okay! But otherwise it wasn't the nightout I was looking for.

By Sandra N.

I have been there twice. Restaurant was great, very beautiful inside. Bar was amazing. I went there on Monday so there were no people, very quiet.. cocktails were awesome. Very nice place to go with friends..

By Vika S.

The East Bar is a great place for a drink, quite intimate and fun atmosphere. The crowd is quite different every night.

By Martin S.

Trying too hard to be cool, Sketch succeeds only in being completely uncool. Most of the staff clearly mean well but just come across as weird and stressed out. Maybe they are. Not so the two young chaps "working" in the tiny round cocktail bar! More interested in chasing each other around, grabbing each others' bottoms and other "hilarious" behaviour, after necking a few shots they thought they were being clever by taking several different orders at a time only to mess them all up and forget some entirely. Management take note: wasting your customers' time (especially when your prices are high but drinks quality not so) is terrible business. Worst of all, however, the much discussed toilets: These white eggs, are (of course) thinly disguised portaloos. Made of plastic, they don't flush properly, the doors don't lock and they stink. Clearly this has excited a great many punters in the past, but if this sort of thing is your bag my advice would be to go to Glastonbury in the summer - you'll have more fun.

By Adriana C.

So disappointed! Sketch looks great from the inside. But actually it's not that great! Food has not a good value/quality. The mains are too small and more often cold. The drinks are ok, but not that exceptional. When you go in you have the feeling that you're welcomed by some call girls, which does not sound very professional for this kind of place! The managers don't seem to be concerned. They have a fake smile, that sounds awful! I don't know if the board forced them, but it could be better not to get a smile at all! In the parlour for afternoon tea, the manager tried to sell us with his bad french accent (i couldn't get any words) cakes many times, that was really a pain for us! Leave us some space! thx! In the gallery it's nearly the same problem. I really not recommend this place! It's really over valued for the quality and the quantity we eat, and the managers are awful!

By Ryan R.

sketch is fantastic! one of the best bars in London. the decor is wonderful- will blow your mind.

the food and drinks are also amazing! although a tad pricy, it is well worth it. the staff are so nice and will do anything to help you.

quite often a celebrity or two kicking about but a definite must go when in London !!

By Nick D.

This place is insane - loved it. Great party venue, excellent presentation visually and audibly.

Organisation was very good and the food was superb.Eclectic decor which is refreshing not the usual clean lines blah blah blah where you find everywhere else.

Very much recommended.

By Bijal P.

The most amazing place I've ever seen! I would recommend the the champagne, tea combined with the exquisite selection of cakes. The service was wonderful! My party and I were given a tour...I am definately returning.

By Nathan B.

be suspicious of any bar where the talking point is the toilets. my main concern for a night out at a bar is the atmosphere is good (not here i'm afraid), the service good (is ok) and the drinks value (definitelty not). Too many people talking in hushed wispers about who they've spotted. get a life and pay more attention to the company you're with- it's much nicer that way!

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