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Snog is a funky outlet serving fat-free frozen yoghurt made with organic dairy ingredients. Try topping your "snog" with a choice of superfood or fruit, making it a fabulously tasty way to get part of your 5-a-day.

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Daily 11:00-00:00

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Snog reviews

By Guy W.

Snog is so much better than the other scarce frozen yogurt joints around town - just what London lacks in it's plethora of culinary options.

The new place in Soho looks impressive with amazing lights across the ceiling, however I haven't been to the one in South Ken yet and apparently one will appear in Covent Garden later this summer!

The yogurt is dangerously healthy boasting hardly any calories per serving but as a result the chocolate flavour suffers a bit, probably because it's too healthy to taste good (ever tried tasty healthy ice cream? trust me, it doesn't exist!), but the natural and green tea yogurts are more than enough to keep you going back plus the toppings seem to be very good quality.

Portions are easily shareable as well which is always fun.

Thoroughly recommend it late at night (great that it's open til midnight) or obviously on a hot day!

By Peter W.

disgusting. A baltant rip off of Lick in Brighton which opened months before snog and whose menu and colours snog has copied. The frozen yoghurt tastes artificial and horrible

By Cat M.

Finally, a dessert that’s good for you and can contribute to your five a day. Head to Snog – when you taste their fabulous frozen yoghurt, you will be hooked.

The Venue
Just around the corner from South Kensington tube is this wonderfully kitsch and cute venue which really stands out on the street. Its glass front and bright beaming colours are intriguing and makes you want to investigate. Outside is a fluorescent yellowish green bench for people to sit on if there’s no room in the shop. Once inside, it looks like a pink neon cartoon dream. The floor is lino with green grass printed on it, the ceiling is a soothing sky blue colour and the chairs and tables looks like little white toadstools. It’s like you’re sitting in a mystical meadow, eating fabulous frozen yoghurt. The shop is simply marvellous and has to be seen to be believed.

The Atmosphere
Open seven days a week from 11am to midnight, you can get your fix at any time, which is great if you get a sudden craving at 10pm. Mainly it’s fashionable, young women and the cool kids from the nearby universities nearby that frequent this beautiful venue, but occasionally you’ll see some men here too, but they are normally accompanied by their other half. As it is quite compact in the shop the quirky seats fill up really quickly but this doesn’t stop people loitering outside whilst they enjoy their frozen yoghurt. The staff are cheerful and always at hand to help you pick your toppings.

The Food
No surprises here, it’s frozen yoghurt - but you get to choose from two different flavours, natural and green tea. It’s good to see the calorie content of the yoghurt is actually surprisingly healthy. A Little Snog (£2.85), for those who just want a try, is only 78 calories, Classic Snog (£3.25) is 117 calories and a Massive Snog (£7.95) is 412 calories, so depending on how piggy you’re feeling, there’s a size that fits all requirements. Now for the science bit. Snog frozen yoghurt has no fat, low GI and is high in calcium and protein, possibly the healthiest dessert that still tastes good, creamy and rich.

You can have the yoghurt on its own or with some fruity toppings like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, pineapple, cranberries and kiwi, plus healthy ones like nuts and seeds and naughty ones like chocolate chips, chocolate brownie (gluten free), cookies and Oreos, all at 65p each. There’s also hot toppings if you’re feeling a little chilly and they are absolutely divine, including an indulgent apple crumble, Christmassy pear and cinnamon, berry compote and espresso, all for £1.30. When you receive your Snog pot, the words ‘I am a snogger’ are printed on the side.

The Drink
There are only two on offer, some healthy mineral water (£1.40) and a Snog smoothie (£4.25) with three different toppings mixed in. But then again, those who come here don’t need to drink, all they want to do is snog.

The Last Word
Snog draws you in with its catchy slogans but the luscious frozen yoghurt and visually stunning shop makes you come back for more. Besides, as they say, you can never have too many snogs.

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