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Snog is a popular frozen yogurt outlet that serves an extensive array of mouth-watering toppings with organic dairy ingredients.

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Opening Hours

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11:00 - 00:00

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Snog reviews

By Tacita V.

You don’t have to be a kid to love frozen yoghurt, especially when it’s made in this colourful and vibrant frozen yoghurt bar. This celebration of love, ice cream and contemporary British coolness is not to be missed.

The Venue
The small corner venue is a cross between a colourful dream and a cutting edge art gallery. With its predominantly hot pink decor and accents in vivid colours, it definitely cannot go unnoticed – even in Soho, even opposite Madame JoJos. The ceiling is covered with a dense cloud of round glass bulbs glowing with different colours which changes the mood of the space. The back wall is hot pink whilst the side wall is white and covered in stylised flowers and plants. Between the wall and the mushroom-like stools, it’s as if you're in an indoor garden. The furniture is entirely white; there are a few round tables, a bench against the window and plastic patterned stools. It’s hard to imagine something more creative, contemporary and colourful.

The Atmosphere
The good news is that you can treat yourself to a perfectly healthy frozen yoghurt for over twelve hours every day, since Snog is open between 11 am and midnight. During this time, different waves of people take over the seats, varying from mothers with children in the mornings and early afternoons to surprised tourists around midday to the nighttime crowd that populates Soho after dark. Everybody seems too concentrated on their sweet dessert to actually be able to pay attention to others, so expect a quiet but passionate date with your yoghurt.

The Food
Frozen yoghurt is seeing a resurgence recently, making it acceptable to order vanilla once again – even if you’re well past childhood. The non-fat organic yoghurt is blended with skimmed milk and agave nectar, keeping things as healthy as they can be. Pick (without shame) between three different bases: natural; green tea, a concession to the educated tastebuds of adults, and chocolate. Then decide how many toppings you’d like, choosing from the healthy berries, fruit, nuts, granola, mochi, or the less healthy chocolate brownie, Oreo cookies, hot espresso shot and chocolate nibs. Finally, choose what size you’d like your little monster of sweetness – either 140, 210 or the gigantic 630 grams. Prices vary between £3.55 and £9.90 depending on the size and the number of toppings.

Although the chocolate Snogs may seem the most tempting they’re not actually as indulgent as you’d think. The tangy, acidic nature of yoghurt doesn’t marry well with the sweetness and roundness of chocolate. A better choice is natural with berries and fruit or green tea, which has a refreshing taste complemented by everything from nuts to mango and pineapple. There’s nothing immature about the green tea frozen yoghurt but the experience has all the childhood joy of eating ice cream.

The Drink
The drinks are kept to a bare minimum: at Snog you are meant to have a frozen yoghurt and nothing else! However, you can have a Snog smoothie, a more liquid variety of the solid Snog, mixed with three toppings and costing £4.25. Or mineral water (£1.40) – your choice.

The Last Word
Provided you like frozen yoghurt, Snog is absolutely not to be missed. It provides you with a sensory experience that goes beyond your tastebuds to touch your eyes and imagination as well. The dreamlike, visual shock you’ll get when you walk through the doors is just as worth it as the delicious desserts.

By Andrea Z.

I have two favourite places in South Kensington - one of them is called Snog. No, not saliva swapping, but a far superior orgasmic experience.

Snog is a café serving fat-free frozen yoghurt made with organic dairy ingredients, found just around the corner from South Ken tube station at 32 Thurloe Place.

The outlet is fun and funky with lumo-pink and white as the decor colour combo and a blue sky (ceiling) with fluffy white clouds that move. Seriously, the clouds really do move!

Snog frozen yoghurt comes in three different flavours: there is the Natural Snog for those with a penchant for a honey aftertaste, a Chocolate Snog for the decadent and daring and a Green Tea Snog to get rid of all those oxidants.

Snogs come in three different sizes: small - for a quicky, medium - to satisfy the craving and large - to indulge.

To make your snog that much more exciting, there are a variety of toppings, ranging from fresh fruit to chocolate brownie and cookies to nuts and granola.

Yummy Yummy! Definitely a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday…or any day for that matter. Your Snog adventure will be as cheap or expensive as you make it, depending on how long you want it to last.

Two medium sized snogs with two toppings on each will cost you less than a tenner. If you are a snog virgin, the cafe assistant, or yoghurt concierge as I like to call him, will ask you if it’s your first time and if you would like a taste.

You will be hooked.

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