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So Sushi Bar is the upstairs sushi bar at So Restaurant.

Ranked #2533 of 5241 restaurants in London

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So Sushi Bar reviews

By Georgina P.

I really like this sushi bar. There's a good choice on the menu, the fish is really fresh and tasted great. Unlike other visitors we found the staff to be really friendly and helpful and when we mentioned we had a discount card which advertised 25% off it was no problem at all. Prices were really reasonable and with such a central location I'll definitely return.

By Andy D.

Dropped in here for a meal with friends. The restaurant is pleasant clean and modern. The people are very pleasant, courteous and smile all the time. We all had sushi and Japanese beer. All in all, it was very nice. I enjoyed the sushi, which seemed fresh and was very tasty. Seems a little expensive @ c.£8 for six rolls but it was very very nice. Think we could have a better table but then we didn't ask. There is a counter area where you can eat as well, think I would eat there the next time. The server we had was lovely, indeed all the people we interacted with were lovely. Think I would have liked a menu with more pictures in it but I managed just fine without. I saw another review where somebody complained about the 'staff' and said they had difficulty getting tap water. My experience was completely different to that. We asked for 'water' and were asked whether we would like tap or bottled! In my experience, the servers don't ask, they just bring you still bottled water unless you ask specifically, so I was impressed! I'll definitely go again!

By Katie T.

How can I best express this... Totally over priced food and unhelpful staff who seemed loathed to give me a glass of water and us kept waiting for ages for our food (on a very unbusy Thursday night) for far longer than was acceptable. With so many great sushi places in London, and actually just around the corner, don't waste your time or money here!

By Bn D.

Meal was excellent - great sushi at only slightly extortionate prices, the waitress who served us at first was fine.

And then the bill came.We had called the restaurant up previously to ask if it was OK to use the 50% discount from a special restaurant card for the whole table.

They said it was.And then after we ate they decided it really wasn't.

Highlights of argument with manager: Him calling us 'shifty' and accusing us of lying, him refusing to accept that it was possible that there was a misunderstanding.

Him saying that he knew who took our booking (we weren't even in the book.."it happens").

Him demanding that one of the party asked for his umbrella more politely becase "courtesy costs nothing" and refusing to give it to him until he did so, us deciding never to come back.

By Michelle C.

So Restaurant’s upstairs sushi bar brings quick but well prepared sushi for those who’d rather not take too long at a table.

The Venue
Cool Soho combines with minimalist Japan at So Restaurant, where the light green walls contrast nicely with the dark seating. The two floor restaurant’s sushi bar is on the top floor, just to the right of the entrance. Although it’s quite a small fit with only four chairs, this makes it ideal for eating alone or intimate meals. The thick and heavy wooden bar top is directly in front of a glass case filled with gleaming morsels of fish and seafood that you watch disappear from their plates whilst you wait for your food.

The Atmosphere
Sushi bars in general are usually really casual places – you’ll find mostly single diners or pairs of sushi fans, as the seating arrangement doesn’t really lend itself to group conversations. And just like a good bartender, the chef behind the sushi bar should be able to carry on a conversation without getting too distracted, and the chef at the So Sushi Bar is perfectly amiable with single diners wanting to discuss the finer details of the famous Japanese cuisine. The service is cheerful, friendly and particularly good at recommending dishes and explaining them once they’re brought out.

The Food
Raw fish might be the order of the day at the sushi bar, but there are many other options. A starter salad of scallop and daikon (sweet Japanese radishes with a water chestnut-like consistency) consists of tender scallops, slightly browned on the outside, perched prettily on a bed of leafy greens and a pile of daikon slices, whilst the tuna tataki is cooked perfectly – warm on the outside, pink in the middle – and is complemented well by the sharp lime ponzo dressing that comes served on the side in a small glass bottle.

And for the main event, you’d be mad to pass up So’s sushi, although there are the other usual options like tempura, teriyaki and black cod and miso. Pieces of nigiri (slices of fish or vegetables laid on an oval of rice) start from £1.50 for tofu and go to £4.00 for sea urchin. Particularly recommended pieces include the creamy scallop, smooth salmon and the nicely textured eel with a sweet glazing.

Their rolls are quite large and so much thicker than normal make that it’s hard to eat them in one bite, and prices range from about £3.00 to £10.00. California rolls are usually a good option for sushi novices, but the ones at So are so succulent, with big chunks of crab and avocado that even experts won’t be able to pass them up. The spider crab roll is definitely impressive, with fried spider crab legs emerging from huge rolls along with stalks of spring onions and sweet red peppers. The prawn tempura hand roll is great as well, with a lightly fried piece of juice prawn buried in a seaweed-wrapped cone of rice – don’t even bother with the chopsticks on this one and just use your hands.

Desserts are above the bar for typical Japanese restaurants – specials include daily mousse and tart options (go for the walnut tart if it’s available) as well as tofu cheesecake and a thick slice of rich chocolate cake that tastes like a giant brownie.

The Drink
So has a nice wine list with quite a few options, with house reds and whites starting at about £14.00. The house white is Fuzion, a sweet and citrus-y Argentinean wine. There are about 15 sakes on the menu as well, which range from £14.00 - £90.00, as well as cocktails, Japanese beer and shochu.

The Last Word
Luscious sushi in a luxurious atmosphere that’s a step above normal sushi bars. Treat yourself or the sushi lover in your life.

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