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Socialite Bar is a trendy Muswell Hill venue that has friendly service, a comprehensive drinks list and DJs Thursday through to Saturday nights.

Ranked #43 of 225 clubs in London

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Socialite Bar reviews

By James J.

Before going to Socialite Bar make be prepared, it is exactly what you would expect, girls in short skirts and caked in make up surrounded by hoards of lads wearing bling. If you can get over these stereotypes though the venue is good and i will visit again when in Muswell Hill.

By Tori J.

My uncle had a birthday party here. I thought it would be proper stuck up, being in Muswell Hill and all. But we had a brilliant time, and my uncle was made up with his birthday cake, which was all part of the package.

By Oliver H.

Met some friends here on Friday night for some cheeky drinks. Socialite Bar was a really decent night out, quite modern it got quite busy by 11ish so getting to the bar was a bit of a hassle, besides that had a well banging night.

By Art N.

The owner Pannikos is a horrible wife beating child abuser human being from Cyprus who has beaten h

The owner Pannikos is a horrible wife beating child abuser human being from Cyprus who has beaten his own tenants living in the premises

By Dips C.

Absolutely horrible. Entry was so expensive and so I was looking to have a great time. On entry, bouncer was rude, ticket staff were rude, cloakroom staff were rude. This was a Friday night. The staff working there were all of British African origin and so were about 97% of the clubbers inside. This is not an issue for me, however, I don't like when I feel racial tension. The British Africans were 100% being favoured by the staff. When we tried to make conversation with the bouncer and ask simple questions, we received hostile, sarcastic answers and were charged a higher entrance fee, whereas the British Africans were spoke to ever so politely and charged a lower rate. Also, when we needed to be at the smoking area, a few British African clubbers also followed. We all smoked and when it was time to go back in, the British Africans were allowed in through a short cut. When we Indians tried to enter, we were told to join the long entry line. This made me very annoyed and so once in again, we left shortly after grabbing our coats. Also the place is VERY small, and I'm so sure legally they are not allowed to fill it so much as it was that night. There was no space to move, not even any space to leave the place. Very crowded and very small, its underground and the ceiling was reachable. Terrible night full of racism and favouritism. Never going back, will leave the place for the British Africans to have a good time and I'll go somewhere more fair, balanced and worth my money.

By Lolly P.

So I went to this fine classy establishment Bank Holiday weekend and a part of me was dreading it, as I know places like to ram people in but I actually really enjoyed myself. And I'm hard to please * Staff are friendly, attentive and professional. The manager/ staff are well turned out and kudos to the manager especially * Crowd are a nice mix. * Music good, The first DJ could have mixed songs a little earlier rather than allowing the whole/ most of the song to play. But I get bored easily * Clean modern fresh environment * Affordable night out, even tables are a good price *Bouncer aren't your usual grumpy suppressed bodybuilders. Professional and sharp. I observed as they handled a small situation calmly and fairly. No egos being tossed about I will definitely be going again. They are open to positive criticism which I admire. It was simply a good night out :)

By Max K.

Socialite Bar isn't bad for a Muswell Hill bar, and I've tried a few around here. Decent drinks and you won't be completely ripped off, so better than most spots around these parts.

By . ..

The Socialite Bar is smarter that the average bear in Muswell Hill I find, trying hard and achieving a cool party vibe in North London. The music is good and the drinks are very affordable.

By Jordan H.

The Socialite Bar is exactly what I expected. Swanky and sophisticated and not too brutal on the ol' wallet either! The drinks menu was massive! I made sure that I sampled as much as I could. I had a great night partying with my pals and we will be returning ASAP!

By Tracy S.

Came on a work night out with the girls here and was pleasantly surprised what a nice place Socialite Bar is. I don't tend to go out to bars and clubs too often but really enjoyed my evening here!

By Seb T.

Really classy place, they don't tolerate any bad stuff here so you know you can have a well class nite and not worry. Always lots of well fit girls too :)

By Rose N.

Came to my friends birthday here at Socialite Bar last weekend. Was actually a really nice night, the service was great and we had a special VIP area and table service! The free entry was also really good to, felt like a proper celeb :) cheers Socialite Bar for a lovely evening xox

By Gary M.

Always have a well good night here at Socialite Bar! always play a well good range of music and their is loadz of space to dance in :) always get on the cocktails as soon as I get here then switch to vodka and orange as its a bit cheaper, not that I remember though LOL

By Josh S.

Can't help but think that Socialite Bar is always trying to be something that it's not. This is Muswell Hill after all not Central London, have had the odd decent night here though, just think they could have done something a little less generic.

By Sally S.

Prefer Socialite Bar during the week when it's not so busy like the weekends, nice for a catch up with friends over a few of their cocktails :)

By Jenny H.

I have visited Socialite Bar quite a few times in the past and have always had a good evening here. Really nicely decorated, Socialite Bar has the feel of a WestEnd club but without all the tourists and ridiculous drinks prices! The selection of Champagne cocktails are also a real treat and pretty decent prices too :) JenHoney x

By Tommy N.

Always have a well good night at Socialite Bar in Muswell Hill. My opinion is that Friday and Saturday nights are the best times to go as its like a proper club then, good selection of drinks and well bang tidy girls!

By Kalvin W.

I visited the Socialite Bar this weekend and I was very impressed with the place, I was expecting it to be busy and it was however there was still space to move and have a dance! I stuck to beers all night and at 2.50 a bottle I'd say this was a great deal

By Jon N.

Not bad! Socialite bar surprised me as I have heard about there being a lack of atmosphere and it being a little pretentious but it was nothing like that. It had a good vibe, friendly crowd and some decent music bringing it all together quite nicely. Don't knock it till ya try it!

By Flo S.

Socialite Bar is nice cosy bar where you can really just chill out and have a good night. I came here during the week and had a lovely time with my friends, we shall definitely be returning.

By Dany R.

Had to jump in on this just to say how much I enjoy my time at this place. Yes it can be small in comparison to other areas, but its so relaxed that space hasn't ever been an issue for me. No matter who I come along with, we always have a good night out, and many of my out of city mates really like the vibe in there.

By Talia R.

I really like the big style clubs and bars more, but this was really good for a smaller joint. I went out on a triple date with my girl friends and their latest male conquests (LOL!) and it was a really comfy relaxing place. Drinks were pretty cool, and the lighting was pretty swanky so I reckon I'll be back.

By Scott L.

I've heard the ad on choice FM about Socialite Bar and thought id give it a go instead of Camden or shoreditch. Went down with a few lads, pleasant surprise, decor was amazing compared to other local clubs. Looked like west end. It was a bit small in there but they were really good on the door with the people they let in. The manager and all the staff were really friendly and the music was amazing all night and the ratio or girls was pleasing ;) Deffo gonna book my bday there!

By Scott L.

Heard the ad on choice alo saw a flyer in my barbers wasn't too keen on muswell to be honest but thoughtwe could give it a go with the lads as the website pics looked good. had a great night, club was a little small but they are strict on the door with who comes in, they were doing 4 drinks for a tenner and 2 cocktails for a tenner on a friday was surprised as its a really nicely designed club the manager and staff were all really helpful and friendly not like most places and the music was banging the oldskool section was great and they play the stuff you miss hearing going west end and shoreditch, all in all i would defo be going back good music and good prices and there ratio of females was great! ;-) it was like being in a top class house party great vibe! defo gonna book my birthday party

By Angela I.

This place used to be N10. they decorated it- still has similar boring vibe. feel indifferent in terms of atmosphere and vibe nothing great. music is good if you are looking for a night full of music in the r 'n' b family . but don't have a fun vibe and still some cheesy/ sleezy men although not as bad as loccos next door. I n general muzwell hill is dry for partying.

By Micheal K.

great club great vibe and great music couldnt ask for anything else the staff were very polite also,im looking forward to going to the upcoming events with my friends :)

By Paris J.

One of the best places I have been in a while. Lovely crowd and the music, I couldn't ask for better. The staff are friendly and take great care of everyone, even as far as calling us a cab home. This place is underrated would definitely go again.

By Lucy M.

Great to go somewhere with a great atmosphere and the people as well as the staff are having a good time. Great cocktails too :)

By Lucy L.

Excellent club great vibe and atmosphere I have been the last couple of weeks and the crowds always there to party like the old days no trouble and excellent staff :)

By Bridget L.

Went to Socialite Bar as a quick stop off with friends for my birthday night. Did not intend to stay as I've been there a few times on a Friday and the vibe isn't usually that great. However, despite the venue staff stupidly setting off the fire alarms with their smoke machine at one point, the music after that was fantastic! The second dj played a mixture of old school garage, rnb, rare groove, ragga and soca (not often you hear soca played in a North London club!)but we decided to stay @socialite for the rest of the night! Had a great night!

By John C.

i heard the ad on choice fm then kiss fm and thought might give it a try, I decided to go down there on saturday last weekend and it was absolutely amazing. the design of the club was far better than what i would have expected and the staff were very interactive and friendly. the music on the night was really good but what impressed me most was the vibe everyone dancing having a good time not a single disturbance reminded me of the good old days clubbing. will defo be heading up there again come payday and will give the live comedy a try on may 1st.

By Richard S.

All i wanted was a nice night out with my girlfriend, but guess what, it couldnt have been any better. Walking past I was welcomed by a extremely smart security who literally gave me the key to a new kingdom. Went downstairs and didnt come back up until the end of the night. Competitive prices combined with a nice atmosphere and music = perfect night.

By Abi C.

Was here on Saturday night, cool little place - very intimate and nicely decked out. Had no idea it was there but found it right near the main high street in Muswell hill. We only went in for a couple but ended up staying the whole night as the music was so good! If you like rnb etc then it will be your type of place if not prob best to avoid. Drinks are well priced although lacking a little in variation. Check it out if your looking for a cool little drinking den in Muswell Hill where you can dance the night away. A nice change to the generic chain pubs in the area anyway.

By Bryan J.

Wow what an outstanding club in the middle of north London. We kinda stumbled across it too. Socialite is a beautifully designed Mayfair like club in Muswell Hill North London and has a really friendly up market crowd who enjoy having a good time drinking champagne and cocktails and listening to a great mix of RnB, Funky House and Dance music. I'll definitely be a regular customer, you'll see me on the dance floor or chilling out in the VIP sofas at the back of the club.

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