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Delightful Vietnamese restaurant offering a wide range of Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. Song Que is popular with locals and visitors alike.

Ranked #1287 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 17:30-23:00
Sun 12:00-23:00

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Song Que reviews

By Sarah P.

Our experience at this restaurant was one of the worst ever. Our starters (spring rolls and pork wrapped in betel leaves) were decent, even good, but the service was brusque from the very start. Our mains, (vermicelli noodles with stir fried pork and beef) were awful and completely indelible. I signalled our waiter and told him that I could not eat my meal. Glaring down at me he demanded "Why?" I responded the meat seemed old and had a strange taste. "We are busy!" he said. "Meat is fresh!" "Well, I cannot eat it." I said, pushing my untouched bowl in his direction. "You must pay!" he growled. So we paid for the full meal and left, swearing never to return.

By Rita B.

Disappointing service. We were asked before we sat down to leave in 1 1/2 hour, to which we agreed. However, we waited at the table for 10 minutes before someone came, only after many wild hand waves, and the place was still pretty empty. The waiting staff were walking about without paying much attention to the customers. We had to carry on waving wildly for everything we needed. I asked for green tea and got jasmin tea. The food was quite good but I will not go back because of the poor service. They can only survive on good reviews for a while and after a few bad comments it's easy to lose the good reputation, and with all the competition around and the hard times, they should really up their game!

By Andy C.

i was put off vietnamese food due to the last experience i had in chinatown. but my friend recommended this place. 'get the soft shell crab' he said. it was fri night and proper packed to the max. i ordered the soft shell crab and the rare beef and tripe in soup. absolutely fantastic!! ive been here many times and recommended to everyone. the price is affordable too. its a pity ive moved home but i always visit if im passing through. hard to find parking thou thumbs up

By V T.

Fantastic food. The service is average, but the food is fantastic. As a Vietnamese person, I can confirm that the food is very authentic. Great price and great food, what more can you ask for.

By Roger M.

All I can say, after the other negative reviews, is that the restaurant must have changed, as I was perfectly satisfied (no, really) with a delicious meal last night, with no negative impressions as to service.

I do intend to use this restaurant again, and incidentally, what is revealing is the number of obviously Vietnamese customers eating there: that says a lot about any restaurant.

By Sarah P.

Awful service at Song Que last night! We were basically thrown out before having finished our meals despite there being empty tables and no queue waiting.

The rudeness of the waiter was unbelievable, he refused to serve us tea or dessert and insisted that we leave as our time was up.

No one had mentioned there was a time-limit at any point.

When we asked to see the manager he said he was the manager. Never again to Song Que, there are plenty of other Vietnamese around with great food AND service.

By Elton J.

Sorry to hear of the last reviewer's experience -- the waiters are a bit on the rough side, no doubt about it, but to me that adds authenticity to the place.

I feel fortunate not to have been in the situation that they found themselves in, however.

That having been said, I often go to Song Que on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to enjoy a pho and a starter, and invariably have found the food superb.

By Emeline V.

At the risk of going against the general opinion, this will not be a review about the food, which is (and I still think so despite the awfull experience I had) delicious. This critique would be more about the awfull service and personnal attack I was victime of on peaceful Saturday afternoon. Living on Kingsland Road, Asian food addict, there is no need to say I was a regular and loyal customer of Song Que, until that Saturday of September, when I was unfairly assaulted by one of the moody waiter of the "critically acclaimed" restaurant. Considering the cheap prices and good quality of food, when one goes to that type of restaurant, one woud not expect to be greeted and treated like a queen, but lack of politeness has its limits and rudeness towards customers should not occur, anywhere. Firmly decided to enjoy my favourite tofu noodles dish, I was brought on the table instead, a plate of seafood noodles, which I do not like, and which I should not even justify myself of as this was not what I wanted to eat. I then asked, nicely as usual, to the waiter to bring the toffu dish I ordered. This is how I was unfairly accused of having ordered the wrong dish. Instead of apologising and let it go, he ran to the bar to grab the order sheet and put it right under my nose deliberately accusing me. His incongruous reaction left me totally baffled and upset. I did not say anything, and patiently waited to be served my toffu dish, which I was not craving for anymore, and decided to talk to the manager at the end. More than being untruthful, he has shown unwarranted aggressivity and huge lack of respect towards me. This is not really the order that matters at this stage, but more the insult that was made, and out of principles I thought fair to talk to the manager. When I got to the bar, I was told there was no manager. The waiter said to my face he would not apologise, but when the manager finally came up, he finally did, with a big fake smile. I will never go again to Song Que.

By Zoe H.

In amongst all the Vietnamese restaurants on the bottom of Kingsland Road, Song Que is serving up incredible Vietnamese cuisine at outstandingly good prices.

The Venue
Located on Kingsland Road, Song Que is easy to find – the name is emblazoned across the front of the fairly large restaurant and is painted a pea green for extra visibility. Inside, everything’s pretty rough and ready – the chairs and tables are pretty basic and the larger tables stretch across the restaurant to cram in as many customers as possible. The walls are again painted a sickly sort of pea green, there are a few fake lobsters on the wall for decoration, the menus are laminated and a bit greasy – it’s all pretty kitsch without a hint of irony. But really, going to Song Que isn’t about plush decor or glamour – it’s about authentic, delicious food.

The Atmosphere
The people who come here don’t fall into any certain group – there are Shoreditch trendies, families and older couples all tucking in together. Song Que has long been the best Vietnamese in London, and people are willing to travel far and wide to sample their rare steak pho. This means it gets extremely busy – Wednesday evenings look like Saturdays, even in these credit crunching times - it’s just a case of getting in line and waiting your turn. And boy is it worth the wait.

The staff are calm under pressure and the food is whisked to your table very quickly. However, the service isn’t over the top – no one will be opening your napkin for you because the staff are simply too busy trying to keep up with demand. The vibe of the place is a feel-good one though – everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves. Big parties crowd around the longer tables and have lively conversations whilst other couples murmur amongst themselves – no one is getting stressed about the crammed conditions because everyone has come knowing what to expect.

The Food
Song Que’s speciality is beef pho – a beef stock noodle soup, served with very thinly sliced, rare beef (you can have any combination of steak, tendon and tripe) and there are over 20 variants of it on the menu, including some deviations including beef meatball pho.

However, don’t be tempted by pho and skip the starters as these are also a delight. There’s a great option of a platter for two comprising of: deep fried vegetable spring rolls, spare ribs, deep fried chilli squid sesame prawn toast and seaweed. Without exception, everything on the plate is delicious. The deep fried spring rolls are crispy and crunchy on the outside, with the inside vegetables steamed to perfection. The meat on the spare ribs strips off the bone with tender ease. The squid is light and perfectly cooked, with a surprisingly good chilli kick at the end. The prawn toast is a baguette sliced, with meaty prawns hiding under a layer of sesame seeds – so good that you’ll be craving them for days afterwards. All this for £10 is fantastic – you’ll finish the course nicely full and wondering if the main course will match up.

On to the pho, which is completely reminiscent of the pho you’d be served on a street in Hanoi. Accompanied with a plate from which you can choose what to add (red chillies, beans prouts, basil leaves and a wedge of lime), the steak pho comes sliced with very rare beef on top, with plentiful amounts of flat white starchy noodles underneath. The steak is delicious and extremely tender, almost melting away on your tongue. The soup itself is seasoned well and tastes meaty and salty. The noodles underneath are extremely filling and mean you might reluctantly not be able to finish the meal. A huge bowl of pho weighs in at about £6 – an absolute bargain.

There are of course, other dishes on the menu including the chicken in black bean sauce with chillies. This style of dish seems to be neglected by the chefs, who obviously are extremely talented but yet remain uninspired by the Anglo-style Asian food. The dish is as good as any middle of the road Chinese, and is cheap at around £5.50, but it just doesn’t pack the same punch as the pho.

The Drink
The drinks menu is brief – there’s a range of bottled beer including the Vietnamese beer, Saigon which is a good variety of Asian beer. It’s about £3.50 for a bottle, which is pretty standard for the area. There’s also wines and soft drinks available including a coconut meat drink which is perhaps worth a go.

The Last Word
Song Que serves excellent food at astoundingly good prices. Believe the hype – there’s no better Vietnamese food in London at this price!

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