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Sophisticats is an exclusive gentlemens club with lap dancing, pole dancing and fully nude cabaret dancing thrown into the naughty mix.

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21:30 - 05:00


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21:30 - 06:00


21:30 - 06:00


21:30 - 06:00



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Sophisticats reviews

By Phuong L.

Went here last night as a group of 2 boys and 3 girls for my birthday. Was told by staff private booths can be booked if champagne is bought and available for the whole night. We opted for this and had a good time with the girls. Halfway through our time in the "private" booth another group of customers came in. This defies the whole point of private. Then we were told by staff to leave the private booth for no reason at all, even though we already paid for it. We were to be escorted to the main room. Mind you, we have done nothing wrong, we were all well behaved, paid for their very overpriced drinks, (£8.50 for the tiniest glass of wine, £46 for the cheapest bottle of wine) paid a lot for lapdances (we all had lapdances £20 each time and one of the guys paid for £100 for 30 mins but didn't actually get 30 mins) We didn't see why we had to leave the booth? Oh another thing as well the strippers helped themselves to our champagne! Lapdances here last about 1 minute. I have been to other strip clubs where they usually dance to a full song. After arguing with the staff, we knew we weren't going to win, so just decided to leave the booth and go into the main room. We were cheated out of our money. Yes stripclubs are there to make money from customers, but this place cons the customers. Customer service does not count in their books. They just care purely about money. They go back on their word whenever it suits them, if they can make more money out of customers. As soon as they got your money they couldn't care less. They are greedy. First and last time here. I will be taking my business elsewhere. There are better strip clubs out there that I would happily spend my hard earned cash. If you want a good strip club experience go elsewhere, avoid this place! This place is an absolute joke and ruined the first time strip club experience for my friends.

By Nik J.

What's not to enjoy!

Great last minute night out on the town, great girls who ensured we had an excellent night! Will be back

By Dunc S.

Absolutely nailed it! As the Bard himself states: "be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." At Sophisticats this sentiment rings loud and clear. GO to Sophisticats and don't be afraid of the greatness that lies within! The girls at Sophisticats are a special bunch; they combine unadulterated sex appeal of classic beauties such as Marilyn Monroe, Kyle Minogue or Cheryl Crowe. I was overawed by their amazing stripping talents - I even saw a woman turn her ample breast into a flaming display of Sophisticats glory through the use of a well placed clipper. As I entered the club all my worries melted away as I became immersed in the sexual gyrations, engaging music and the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of the dancing girls. Before I knew it, 4 short hours fleeted by and many, many pounds were spent on a variety of personal dancers. At the end of this magical whirlwind of a night combining the most beautiful exotic dancing I have ever seen I can only say I was in the company of Goddesses and yes, I fell in love. Thank you Sophisticats! Dunx

By Rupert C.

The best club in town! Highly recommend it to anyone, it ticks all the boxes of the finest gentleman's striptease club service. Always enjoyable and relaxing, a great place to bring work buddies or just to simply unwind after a hard days work. Top class!

By Yuda Y.

I have been too many places in london i've been to many places all over the world including las vegas nevada. the vibe in sophisticats. There is no way to describe it the only way to experience it is if you book a v i p on any Saturday night any time of the year, just make sure it's saturday & make sure your wallet has a fat belly don't worry if you have one! All that matters is your wallet. Now if that has put you off then close this review and forget sophisticats ( tourists are welcome as well i'm sure just don't hang about because you won't have much change to take back home) Now for the real g's out there. I will eat my hat if you don't have the experience of your life

By John T.

I recently took a client to this club and was greeted warmly from the start. The girls here aren't too pushy and they're vreally nice. We walked in and the club atmosphere was very elegant, the club isn't too big so you're always close to the stage. I also liked the fact it wasn't too dark in the club as I have experienced elsewhere. We bought a bottle of champagne andntwo beautiful English girls Lacey and Renee came over to greet us. We had a dance but as theyare on the main floor infront of everyone we decided to go to the pruvate vip rooms. We had a great night and my client was very pleased. I would definitely recommend going and will be returning with clients in future

By Simon L.

Went to this club with some friends, they were all doctors and one was getting married. We had been to a few bars and a couple of other strip clubs first which were terrible, the night was almost over and everyone was a bit dissapointed. I had been to Sophisticats before and said let's give it a try, as I knew it was open late. Well, we were treated wonderfully from the minute we arrived, a host walked us downstairs to the bar and organised a table for us, real VIP treatment, we got our first drink and then some of the beautiful , and I do mean beautiful girls began to come over and chat. There was no pressure to have a dance but how could we resist? We had a bottle of champaygne and all moved into a beautifully decorated VIP booth. The dancers were great kept us company and danced if we wanted we had a great night and stayed until 6am it is not cheap but not too expensive considering the entertainment we got, and we could have sat with just a beer. The decor is great, cosy and relaxing, I highly Reccomend the club and I read some other reviews saying it was pushy and expensive which is not true , definatly worth trying J.k.

By Andrew T.

Stratospheric prices and pushy, aggressive girls. 3 of us spent over £1000 on a private booth with 4 girls and they did nothing in particular for an hour. My dancer, Adriana, although admittedly stunningly sexy, had the worst case of garlic breath ever. I've been to much better clubs.

By Barry J.

very poor club, rip off prices! £12 for a bottle of beer and £11 for a shot of 'cheap' tequila. £20 to get in. Lots of much better clubs in London.

By Simon L.

Well I was out with my wife and a few friends and the girls decided they wanted some sexy fun so we asked our cab driver to recommend a good club, he said he knew a place that he would Recommend as his friends went there and as with most of the other clubs you can get ripped off here you only pay for what you order. So he dopped us off at Sophisticats it was in a quiet st in the west end, we went in and were told all the prices on the door I liked that no hidden charges. We got a drink at the bar and were shown to a nice table in front of the stage. The view was amazing three very sexy girls dancing in various stages of undress, my wife got very excited so when the girls suggested we go to a booth for some very private dancing we left our friends and went as they seemed to be enjoying themselves. We bought a bottle of champagne and paid the girl whose name to dance for us, well my wife got so turned on that she told me I was going to be a very lucky man that night:) the atmosphere was electric the decor was great made you feel like being in the cabar in morroco, the entertainment was superb and our dancer was hot hot hot. We will definatey go back, my wife gave me a night to remember all because of Sophisticats see you very soon, ps it's not cheap but well worth it. I've been to london clubs and spent a lot more and not had the entertainment

By Arnstein I.

Spent a Saturday night alone in this club. One of the more exciting and thrilling nights i have spent in London. Girls are stunningly beautiful and the atmosphere is relaxed, but still electric. Decor is nice and service is marvelous. If you go for the full package with VIP dance and champagne, it certainly will cost you, but for me it was worth every penny. They inform you what you pay for and what it will cost. No hidden charges or extras. Then of course, it's up to you. I just wanted to have some relaxed and harmless fun for a few hours and got a night to remember for a long time. Highly recommended ! Regards A.I.

By St K.

Yeah even the though the girls are not the fittest in the world they are definitely HOT at what they do, very flirty very nice, had been a while since I'd been to London and our 'quiet' night in London led us there. Try and get a VIP/private booth if you can, this really is the most value for money (nevertheless VERY expensive). Some English girls, mostly varied, VERY hot babe from Brazil called Luciana.

By Micheal B.

yikes. last night at sophitcats. decor? yikes. DEFINENTLY OUR LAST EVER VISIT.

this place was recommended when i spoke to the receptionist on the phone. what we saw was the complete opposit. We left.

By Micheal B.

Sophisticats? whats in a name?
I was dissapointed at this venue. Not high class, the website is rather misleading.
When we arrived it was very quiet and empty. Alot of the girls looked very ordinary/dull and could barely dance or speak any english.

this isnt the place to visit if you want to have a great night and be entertained by beautiful cats.

By Jonny B.

Avoid, rubbish boring moody rip off

I am writing as a fan of lapdance clubs but unfortunately sophisticats is a typical example of the worst of them. We had similar experience to one recent reviewer in that we had champagne all night which was supposed to come with private room and so on. First off we were offered a room which already had some old guy sitting in there. After some discussion with the waitress we finally got our own room but she was pretty unhappy about it and even came and moved us to a different (worse) room after 10 minutes. It's £100 for half hour each girl which is not too bad, but after about 15 minutes the girls start asking for more money and tips on top. My friend and I stayed 2 hours with 3 girls and had two very boring lapdances each, and you really have to watch the time as they are constantly asking for more money and champagne drinks all the time. One girl, Scarlett, kept asking for £200 even though we'd already paid the waiter for her time. When we left the girls wouldn't stop asking for tips on top of what we already paid them. The only reason we had a good time was because of our own company, the girls were actually making the evening worse!
I don't mind spending money in a good place, unfortunately this is not a good place. Avoid and take your money to a better lapdance club.

By Simon L.

The best table dance club in London

This is the best strip club I've been to. All the staff were helpful and polite from the foot staff to reception. A host took me to my table seated me and got the waiter to get me a drink. The girls were stunning and more importantly intelligent and I was able to have a conversation I will definitely come back the next time I am in London

By Nicolas J.

It's been a long time since I have been here, nearly 2 years in fact, after reading some of the recent reviews I thought I would give it another go, the atmosphere was great, personal but discreet service, girls are very friendly and eloquent .... stunning in fact .... the quality of service, decor, staff, everything in fact, seemed to have improved greatly ... will be visiting again soon either on my own for a quiet drink and quality entertainment or would happily entertain friends/clients here ...

By Carlo B.

I went to this club on Sat night with a couple of friends, the atmosphere was electric, the girls stunning and the decor made me feel comfortable. It is not cheap but none of these clubs are and if that's what you want then central london is not for you. Before we got to sophisticats we also went to the other clubs and were quite disappointed by their standards. The service was brilliant and I can highly recommend this club. There is a review from anonomouse who obviously has not been to the club and probably works for one of the other clubs. I can highly recommend this club

By Adam D.

Amazing girls, great atmosphere, definitely going to come back here some time... worth every penny to go here

By Josh C.

Had a great night at Sophisticats recently, was Valentines weekend so the girls had gone all out with the dressing up and were def little devils. Great music, atmosphere and gorgeous girls!

By Robert F.

I understand that other reviews for this club were posted a long time ago so things may have changed but me and some work colleagues went here for a few drinks on Monday eve and had a great night, some fantastic looking girls, many English if not spoke excellent English ... will be heading back here very soon!

By Ben W.

Discreetly situated on a quiet street just to the north of Oxford Street, Sophisticats has been providing adult entertainment for more than a decade, as well as being one of the first West End clubs to gain a 24-hour licence.

The Venue
Walk downstairs from street level to the Bedouin-themed club in the basement. It‘s darkly lit, with candles on the tables, and the main focus of the room is the stage where three women at a time perform to a soundtrack of Top 40 hits and R&B. As well as the tables around the stage, where most sit and have their drinks brought to them, there are various roped off VIP areas and low key booths around the edge of the room.

The Atmosphere
The clientele is a mixture of regulars, many of whom have been working into the small hours elsewhere in the West End and head here for a late drink, along with businessmen from all over the world. While you wouldn’t want to mess with the door staff their approach seems friendlier and more relaxed than at some of their competition, giving the place an air of being a real club that you belong to rather than just a venue that you go to. As for the ladies, there are literally dozens on duty at any time, personable and chatty but less likely to hassle you remorselessly to take you for a private dance than at other places.

The Entertainment
There’s no charge for watching the floorshow, but personal dances performed at your table cost the standard £20, and there are various other options to spend more time with one or more of the women in more secluded surroundings (£100 per 30 minutes). There’s strictly no physical contact, though, so sitting on your hands (either metaphorically or literally) is probably advisable.

The Food
Food isn’t top of their agenda but there are mini pizzas (flavours include pepperoni, margherita, ham and pineapple etc) at £5 each, for those in need of sustenance.

The Drink
Comes at a premium, as is usually the case in gentlemen’s clubs. A Jack Daniels with or without a mixer is £9 for a single shot or £11 for a double. A bottle of Beck’s is £7.50, a glass of house wine £6.50, or if you’re in the mood to splash out, then a bottle of Tattinger Vintage or Laurent Perrier Rose champagne costs you £135 - but also gets you a private booth (maximum four people). The champagne menu goes all the way up to Cristal Rose at £615.

The Last Word
Certainly a bit more relaxed and laid-back an environment than some gentlemen’s clubs, both in terms of the staff and the dancers.

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