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Spaghetti House is a well established chain of restaurants that offers authentic Italian fare. This branch is situated on Duke Street and offers alfresco dining in clement weather.

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Spaghetti House reviews

By Juliana C.

With ten other locations around London, the team at Spaghetti House must be doing something right. Fresh ingredients, large portions and reasonable prices make this great place to dine on some Italian favourites.

The Venue
Walls are painted in off white and accented with a deep red colour to add warmth. Pictures of Venice and other cities in Italy elegantly decorate the interior. The high ceilings give it an open and airy feeling while dark wood tables and chairs covered in lime green leather and wicker add richness. The only downside in the decor is that the tables are placed slightly close together.

The Atmosphere
Staff are very helpful, friendly and truly there to please you. If you leave some food behind on your plate, they will ask why and what you thought about your meal so they can report back to the chef. You don’t see this a lot in restaurants nowadays but it’s a nice touch.

The Food
For a starter the zucchini fritti (£3.50) is fantastic. Courgettes are lightly battered and gently fried. They come served in a generous portion with a wedge of lemon to enhance the flavour. Another starter is the bruschetta al pomodoro (£4.60), served in a large portion on thick, crusty, rustic bread. Chopped tomatoes, garlic and basil make up this tasty yet basic dish. Adding red onion would improve the dish and add more flavour though. Caprese (£6.35) is a satisfying mix of fresh buffalo mozzarella with ripe and juicy beefsteak tomatoes and julienne sliced basil and dressed with extra virgin olive oil.

For a main course try the spaghetti carbonara (£9.85) which is homemade spaghetti in thick sauce of cheese, eggs, cream, and bacon. The bacon used is thicker than traditional pancetta. This dish might be better if less bacon is used which seems to over power the other flavours. Tagliatelle rosticciata (£8.95) is homemade ribbon pasta with aubergine, roasted red peppers, courgettes, garlic, and a hint of hot pepper, all sauteed in an olive oil, lemon and thyme sauce. The homemade pasta really makes all the difference in the world, making this entree light and healthy, although a bit less oil would be appreciated.

For dessert there is the classic tiramisu (£4.75) which light, creamy, and not too moist. The ladyfinger biscuit layer is more substantial than usual and not overly soaked in coffee. Gelato al limone (£5.50) is a delicious choice if you love lemons. This rich and decadent gelato has fresh pieces of lemon zest incorporated in which is an unexpected bonus. The best part is that it comes with a side pot of limoncello to pour over the top.

The Drink
There in an extensive wine list at Spaghetti House and you’ll also find Champagne, prosecco, liquors and beers. The house red wine is from the Veneto region in Italy and priced at £14.95 for a litre.

The Last Word
Come to Spaghetti House for the warm atmosphere, fantastic service and of course the generous portions of classic Italian food.

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