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Spearmint Rhino is a popular gentlemen's club offering nightly stage shows and lapdancing with exclusive one to one topless and nude dancers. Spearmint Rhino also has a five star restaurant, dinner shows and VIP car service on request.

Ranked #40 of 225 clubs in London
"Spearmint Rhino Gentlemens Club in London is part of the World Famous Chain of Strip Clubs. The Award Winning gentlemen's club offers nightly stage shows and lapdancing with exclusive one to one topless and nude dancers. Spearmint Rhino also has a five star restaurant, dinner shows and VIP car service on request."

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Spearmint Rhino reviews

By Cecil F.

My most recent visit to the club was a disappointment. It's too dark in there these days, I have no idea why as we want to see the girls clearly and then we will be more active with private dances etc and the club gets more money. I spoke to a couple of the sexiest women but it seems £20 for a private dance was not enough for them, they were looking for the big spenders. Ok so I then meet a Colombian girl with stage name beginning with C, buy her a drink, £12 for single whisky redbull, a bit pricey but ok, I'm paying for her time too, but she stayed with me for just 3 mins before demanding a private show, then halfway through the private show (90 seconds!) was pressing for even more money, as £20 not enough for her, I refused to pay more for longer as I wanted a few private dances with other girls and the show practically wrapped up immediately. She left with her drink and I never saw her again. She should at least have done the 3 minute show professionally first. Poor. I now go Platinum Lace instead.

By Cecil F.

I have been to the club 4 times. Tips for a good night are as follows: 1)after entering the club you have one safe haven area before the girls will jump on you to sell their wares. This is the bar with one barman at the front as soon as you walk in. The girls cannot hassle you there, it's club rules. So stand there drinking for ten mins or so and they will shout and try and chat you up from 10 feet away but can't come over, and you can ascertain which ones you like the look of.2) When you're ready, enter the main room where 30 scantily clad women will be waiting. They get their money by 'private shows' for £20 to £1000 each. You cannot touch their bodies at all in a standard private show for £20, but can in the expensive ones, but no sex is allowed. They will hound the life out of you, so be prepared to say no thanks, many times until you find the one you want.3) However, the great thing about Spearmint Rhino compared to other lapdancing clubs is they will sit on your lap trying to chat you up for the private show,and this is better than the private show as there's proper body contact and they don't mind you putting your arms around them etc.4) Some of the women come across as desperate, and will be almost aggressive in talking you into a private show. They will also pull the stunt that after 30 seconds and the song changes, they say your dance has finished as it's 'one song'. If they do that, threaten to complain to the manager and they will give you a proper 3 minutes' worth. The english women are the best, chatty, friendly, less desperate and good value.

By Jon R.

I guess it depends on what you're looking for in a strip club. I like to sit down, relax, talk to attractive girls in a relaxed environment, and then after some time go for a private dance. If you want something like this, then this club is not the place to go to. The girls are very, very pushy and if you want them to leave you alone you have to be borderline rude or else threaten to leave. I can understand this to a degree as I'm sure the girls have to pay high fees to the club and make their money from private dances, but it's just not what I'm looking for.In better news, the girls are absolutely stunning. I mean really among the best looking girls in London. I wound up in a private dance with a Spanish girl whose name I can't remember, and she was possibly the best looking girl I have ever had a dance from. The dance itself was pretty good, without being brilliant. Also, the club is very classy and in a great area. I'm not saying at all that this is a bad club, but it's not for me. I for one will never be back because of the pushiness of the girls, but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't be a great night out for someone else.

By John J.

I went to Rhino on their Vegas night recently, they had hooked up with my local Grosvenor in Tottenham Court Road and thought what the hell... not been for ages and I would give it a try. I was blown away by what I saw, since my last visit the front bar had changed and I was presented by just the most perfect legs as its now a stage bar, walking around there were more booths and it just felt like a 5 star hotel even though it was canvassed by the most beautiful girls I had seen in a long time. There was this really cool cruiser bike on stage that the girls used to perform and then I saw the casino tables, I thought I was in heaven, I played some Black Jack for points I guess, I didn't really care, the girls were there supporting my game and for a moment I felt like James Bond! Then, Elvis comes on stage, not Vegas overweight Elvis but this gorgeous blonde in Elvis outfit who could really sing, you know I said I thought I was in heaven... now I really was!! Spearmint Rhino, thank you for an amazing night!!

By James F.

I’ve been to SR a number of times over the years since it opened. The atmosphere in the club is not what it used to be. I remember when it was standing room only with 100 beautiful girls in the club. It’s much quieter now and the girls are more eager and pushy to get money off you than ever and many appear desperate. Rather than give you a dance which is £20 they start by going through a menu of more expensive options, stating how the standard dance is not very good so you need to pay more for a sexier one. Then they insist on sitting with you afterwards trying to tempt you to the VIP rooms. Girls will use all sorts of fake tactics to get you there for example: you can touch me all over, I’ll give you my number if we go to VIP etc. etc. There are a large number of Romanians working there, they were quite rude and work in pairs. Business for the girls is slower and it shows. I sat down and before I had ordered a drink 3 girls were standing behind me like vultures waiting to pounce when the waitress had delivered my order. It was a hard job getting rid of them. Unfortunately the club has removed the front bar area, which used to be a safe and hassle free zone to have a drink before entering the main floor. There were some nice girls there on the night and I had a few dances but the rooms are far too dark. All things considered, the pressure and hassle from the girls wasn’t worth it and it completely spoilt the experience. I was going to suggest to my friends we go there for a night out but having tried it out again, I wouldn’t now.

By Paul H.


total rip off rubbish do not go near it with a barge pole rude staff, agressive door staff dont make any thing clear

By Nigel F.

YES MIA smart sexy intelligent not pushy delight full company a terrific body and a very sweet and soft approach...well educated,,and perfect company ....nigel

By John T.

6 of us lads went to Spearmint Rhino on a friday night, £20 entry and front door team were pretty strict with explaining the rules and club etiquette to us, once that 'lesson' was outta the way we were ushered downstairs and given a good table by the main stage by the floor host. Bottle of vodka was around £160 for Grey Goose which wasn't too bad considering we were in central London. Then wow! First thing I saw was a flame show with hoops and sticks, followed by two naughty school girls going through the whole Madonna and Britney Spears routine. The full works, it looked awesome! I forgot I was in a strip club for a few secs. Then we got approached by loads of dancers. Hot, friendly girls all of them, and from all corners of the globe too. I for one was spoilt for choice. Dances are £20, although you forget very quickly how much money your spending and go through your cash very quickly, which nearly left me with a very long walk home. Def a place to head on too on payday. Just trying to talk my boss into having our xmas party there now. :o)

By Robert T.

My visit last week to the club turned out to be the best in a long time! I had a great time with a dancer called Mia. Lovely petite brunette with a lot of charm and intelligence. She was very polite, friendly and not pushy or aggressive and on top extremely sexy. The bar tenders also were very polite and helpful. Overall I had a great time and spent over £500 that included half an hour in the private boot. I am already planning my next visit next month.

By S N.

I went here the other night and my view on it was mixed, hence the 3 stars. I've been to similar places but never in London and my mates and I thought we would try the experience. Depending on how busy it is they may be more lenient with the dress code as they were in our case, as well as I noticed with others when we entered. The venue itself is top notch and cannot fault it; classy and like a renaissance hall with a DJ and 2 bars. The entrance fee is high at £15 whereas outside London would probably expect to pay £5 max but this is to be expected I guess. After that the price never stops rising and for people with no end of money as to which it is aimed I'm sure this isn't a problem but for those looking for something different on a night out without endless pockets be warned. Bottle of beer ok at £6. £20 for a one song dance, the obligatory "naughty-forty" for two and around £100 for 15 minutes. The girls are on average a cut above and very welcoming; I was surprised how much they spoke to you about whatever the conversation went to and the obvious policy of name introductions and shaking hands was noted, though favourably. Next the VIP and more private encounters. £300 for 30mins, and £600 for an hour in cash (which is charged at £10 for withdrawal at the ATM). If you choose a card payment apparently VAT is added and the club takes a cut which they must do as the revised total of £500 for half an hour does not indicate any VAT rate I have ever heard of! In summary then, give it a go. It is an experience and a good one. It is currently out of my price range and you can get experiences elsewhere that don't have a sit on hands rule, but that is not the market this is aimed and rightly so.

By John S.

We went here for a late lunch recently, food was OK, drinks reasonable. There were a few nice girls but a £20 dance really doesn't last very long, about 3 minutes. The girls will try to encourage you to pay for VIP - essentially the same thing only for half an hour or an hour at a time. Unsurprisingly they'll try to get you to pay between £300 to £400 per hour (the same as £20 per dance/music track) but our advice is to haggle as when it's quiet they have nothing else to do and £100 per hour is still excellent money by anyone's standards. We found the dancing uninspiring as the girls have been trained to go through routines and they always seem to have their minds on where their next customer will come from. To that end the girls were continually making excuses to go for a break so that the time actually spent dancing during the VIP period was quite reduced. We found the whole thing a novel experience but would only recommend it if you are looking for something quite trivial and essentially shallow.

By Luke P.

I was recently at Spearmint Rhino in London with a group of friends for a birhtday party and just wanted to let everyone know what a brilliant night we had. Especially when you hear about how people get ripped off but I must say the girls were exceptionally respectful and we weren't pestered at all. Bar staff and waitresses very friendly would recommend this establishment to everybody. Even the security staff were very helpful and explained everything to us and nothing was to much trouble for them which is quite unusual as they very often get a bad name and seeing some of the idiots and drunks they deal with I wouldn't do they job for all the money in the world. They dealt with situations very professionally. Top club and top people. If you give respect you will get respect back no matter who you are or how much money you earn or own. Great club go and enjoy.

By Carl O.

Not a bad place at all, with some nice girls

Having read some of the reviews on here, I wonder what people really expect from a lap-dancing club. On my first and probably only visit, it was very enjoyable. Yes the bar prices are steep, this is a nightclub in London, not Wetherspoons - so you take that on the chin. The staff were busy but not rude and door staff weren't unpleasant either.
I would say most of the girls were very attractive and friendly and even if you explained in a nice way you weren't up for a dance they would chat for a short while and move on. Remember they have to pay to work here so they need to make money on dances. They were very friendly polite and very tactile which was nice. This is a business and the girls are working, they're not your girlfriend.. I chose a dance, £20 is pretty good value, she was beautiful. chatty and sexy and yes Eastern European - in fact the only abrupt girls I met were some of the English ones.
All in all a good experience and although light on the pocket I felt it was a very good place.

By Sheena B.

Rubbish never again

Overated overpriced rude staff you pay service charge at the bar overall a shit place
Drinks are so expensive you pay to get in pay at the bar 15 percent service charge what a joke of a place

By Pri B.

Very rude! And not in a good way

Well didn't even make it into the club cause apparently I am not worthy of their business - even though I have money and wanted to buy drinks and lap dances. I think the fact I look young put them off but you missed out cause for all you know I have a load of cash to splash here ! But instead we spent it somewhere else .
So in conclusion will try somewhere more hospitable next time where we can get drinks and dances as we please!

By Matt P.

Not the place it used to be

Lapdancing would suggest the combination of lap and dancing.
This wasn't the experience here.
Very tame and way overpriced.
Not the same place as a few years ago and you'd be better to try an alternative.

By Paul P.

Went over this past weekend. Had various dances but ended up with a spanish girl Valentina... my mate and I had a few VIPs and was upgraded to a larger room on the house. Can't wait to go back!

By Darren W.

I visited the Rhino last week, haven't been for ages and had an amazing time. It was a Friday night and I was with a group of friends, soon as I walked in I was immediately struck by how gorgeous the girls were, all 8's and above! We sat at a table and ordered a mixture of beers and shorts and again was pleasantly surprised that it didn't cost a fortune, as so many clubs in central London do. The waitress who served us was smoking hot and gave us a really good night with great service and banter, the stage shows were crazy with fire and snakes and the girls were fully nude! We all had a few private dances each and left the club with a big smile looking forward to returning soon.

By Timon G.

Went to Spearmint Rhino after reading about it in the internet. I was only few days in London but I definitely enjoyed my experience. It was about 7.45 pm when I walked in, first sat at the bar desk to drink something, a girl looked toward me but I pretended to have not seen her. Then two awesome and super hot looking girls walked toward me, we had some nice chat, they put me in comfort without problems. Afterwards I had a double private session with these two girls, despite the fact that my budget is quite low I had a great time for 120 £ in total! Really nice girls, awesome bodies, especially Sofia. Next time I will definitely try to have more money to spend!

By Frank A.

I went a couple of months ago and there are pluses and minuses. First of all the girls are gorgeous but secondly they take the view of getting money off of you a bit too far. When I went it was mid week and the club was quiet there might only have been a couple of other punters in there. I got a beer and was immediately pounced on by about 7 or 8 girls. I only wanted a dance from one and it was tough to get rid of the others. Even then she took me to a private room where a friend of hers showed up and wanted paying too. She ordered a few drinks which I was obliged to pay for. I didn't really mind but all I wanted to watch a naked girl dance around a bit but we got no time alone despite shelling a fair bit. Next time I'd go when it's busier as oddly you want a bit less attention. I still rate highly for the looks of the girls.

By Thomas P.

Good club with some faults- The decor is okay, if a little tacky, but the layout is good with clear view to the stage. I came in early afternoon so it was a very quiet. When you walk in you are immediately bombarded by the most desperate unattractive girls who shout at you until you ignore them or tell them no. Eventually I chose a stunning beautiful black girl with the most amazing body and curly afro hair who was not in that group, I think called Bri or Brie. She told me she was very new to the club and hadn't been dancing long. fantastic intelligent, well spoken, hilarious- not your usual girl. First person in any of these clubs who spoke to me like a real person. Very sophisticated but at the same time incredibly girly and fun. She didn't push me for any dances at all. I bought a private room for 30mins which was fairly pricey but worth it. she had easily the best body ive ever seen and unbelievable all natural. Drinks were also surprisingly cheap and the waitress was not pushy. Next time I'm in London I will definitely try to return for the same girl, and the cheap drinks. T.

By Jack S.

Went other day, had a wonderful time a bit disappointed Kimba a lovely half Slovakian Austraillian girl was not there. She is well worth the money she will give you a cheeky feel in places I can not mention. Will be back in new year, this club is hands on for the right price.

By Darren W.

I visited this club a few weeks ago with my girlfriend and we had a fantastic time. The dancers were all friendly with us and definitely made sure we had a lot of fun ! We decided to get something to eat while we were in there and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food, the steaks are great and reasonably priced. I will definitely be returning to the club soon as a friend is having his stag do there next month so cant wait for that !

By Darren W.

I recently visited the club with my girlfriend and had a wonderful time, whilst in there we decided to get some food and was pleasantly surprised with how good the food was. We had quite a few dances and the girls are definitely 9's and above, very friendly and ensured that my girlfriend and I had a lot of fun! We visited on a Friday night and there was a show called Taboo which had girls on the stage doing fire shows and another girl walking around with a huge snake it was pretty awesome. Will definitely be going back soon for a friends stag party and can't wait!

By Lisa O.

Went here with Tstars parties as we have explored alot of nights out with them! and they took us here once! was great night! as they do so many clubs this was one of our favs

By Mark D.

I would, be warned, this is an excuse for the performers to exploit you more: "go on treat your partner to a dance" or "i'll give the two of you a special dance". If you are fickle (as I was) you will get owned! Despite the negative undertones of a guy who felt like he'd been financially raped (lol), the performances were incredible, and added an aspect/sensuality to the sexuality that was already on offer from the nakedness emptying my wallet. Painful, but painfully worth it! Go see.

By Mark D.

I have been to the TCR club several times, and have enjoyed myself, I have even brought my girlfriend along with another of our female friends. Not only have we been made to feel welcome by the management and not to mention the performers (who I couldn't help but wonder if it was only my money that they were interested in), but the atmosphere is what it is, a tease, a very enjoyable show, albeit quite expensive! Expect to drop at least 200.00 for the evening, or don't show up! You are going to get owned, accept this or stay home.

By Sarah M.

Strip clubs are always appropriate for couples as long as the female is comfortable with the fact that it is a strip club, where other women will be taking their clothes off. Dancers are usually quite happy to dance for women as much as they are men but the female has to respect that it is the dancers place of work so can not be disrespectful. Strip clubs are not just for the boys! Enjoy!

By Mark H.

Ill be soon visiting again to see if tcr can get the number one status back. Ive just visited their website - its pretty crap , they have lots of special offers all revolving around food and drink...dus VA management really think I go to SR for the food n drink, only a Fat bar steward would ask to see the food menu when they have a choice of a hundred young chicks. Cum on management use that brain cell. 2 for 1 should mean 2 girls for the price of one and not 2 boring dances instead of one. Anyway, Friday night I shall visit and let you all-know if it gets the No1 spot back (the No1 position has been vacated by the poor performance of my other fav. club)

By Mark H.

This is still one of the best Lap dance venues, 2nd to be precise. The stages are positioned well so you can focus on the dancers. The dancers are still pretty good quality although they still employ quite a few girls the wrong side of 30 with plastic boobs ,its far better than the competition. Obviously allot of reviews here are over critical about SR. Some customers obviously have overspent the budget . There are a few greedy B*tches around so you do have to keep you wits about you but thats true for any club. Sometimes you may be lucky enough to get a 2 girl stage show - pretty tame but good enough to get your imagination going. Like I said 2nd best club in london means its def worth a visit (i wont tell you who is number one...thats for you to decide)

By Darren W.

Took a group of business partners in last night. Real 'wow factor' when entering. Great club good service and quite shocked at the reasonable prices cheaper than alot of London bars! As for the girls! Wow.

By One O.

Thanks for a great time Spearmint Rhino. Brought some guest in for a nice time and ended up having a blast myself. At first I did not want to particpate and take care of my guest but they were having such a good time I had to join and of course the beauty next to me at the bar helped out!! Hope to see you again Missy!

By Not R.

I went here with a group of friends just the other night. We thought it would be fun, but how wrong we were. I wish I could give 0 stars. All round disappointment. Go somewhere else.

By J H.

Dont know about las vegas but this is 100% not true for London. My friend works there and she is beautiful yet struggles to make money as they charge her A Lot just to be there before she even makes anything and then they take 20% of that, and most of the men aren't as generous as you'd think, she works extremely hard for very little thanks. add to that the fact there are about 3 girls to every man in there, you do the math. So be generous!

By A J.

Hello, dont know if anyone can help me but I'm sorting out a stag do and have been told about massages for around a tenner a go? Does anyone know what this consists of? Is the bird naked or even topless??

By Dick W.

I was just at the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas (flagship). Let me explain how the funding works. The club keeps the entry fee, bar fees, etc. The girls get 90% (yup) of the payments to them, club takes 10%. So that's why you have very beautiful women highly motivated to separate you from your cash. They have this down to a science.

By Jag S.

I went night benn to a few of their clubs but this is the worst. Most girl don't even give u a proper lap dance. There were 2-3 girls out 7 or 8 I danced with that were 7 who put a nit tit in ur face. This is a flagship venue, the one in brim is much better for £60 you get vip. Don't waste your money go somewhere else!

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