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A popular tourist haunt in a listed building, the St James Tavern serves traditional pub food along with the usual wines, beers and spirits.

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St James Tavern reviews

By Andrew M.

St James Tavern is full of tourists during the day and a meat market at night. It is open until 1am so you get the clubbing types in here first. Friday and Saturday nights get the busiest with all the trendies. St James Tavern is a bit on the seedy side.

By Alan L.

I went there from 1983 - 1999. The landlady was Maureen latterly but before her there was a north eastern bloke and his son who was nicknamed Dolphin. Happy days.

By N B.

You mist of been there when my grandad ran it the bryan and marie that's exactly how I remember it x

By Ann B.

We visited St James Tavern on Monday night pre-theatre and ate as well as enjoying a glass of wine. Cramped- yes but room enoughthe food looked plain but was superb - just right. The seafood grill was wonderfully succulent and tasty, only a sprinkling of herbs would have improved it. The chicken burger turned out to be pure chicken a real quality meal so far as protein and flavour went - a varied menu ideal for pre-theatre. Will go again and recommending to friends already

By Alan L.

I used to be a permanent fixture in the St J in the 80s and it was gloriously seedy with sawdust on the floor etc. It was totally modernised/ruined 12 years ago but there is still a little of the atmosphere left.

By A.

I just want to say that I miss the St James Tavern a lot. I used to go there every time I was in London wich was 3-6 times a year when I was yonger. One lady who used to work at St James Tavern was called Maureen and there was also Eddie. I had a blast. A big thank you to the St James Tavern. Enjoy!


In the heart of Theatreland, the St James Tavern may not be original but it's certainly upbeat.

The Venue
Located a short, bustling walk along Shaftesbury Avenue, the St James Tavern is nestled in the very heart of the tourist district. Pubs here are packed with patrons attracted to anywhere with a close proximity to the next shop, show or sports emporium.

The St James Tavern follows a ubiquitous pattern of mass appeal and little originality. High stools and small tables squeeze people in and there are few areas for privacy. In the evenings and all day at weekends, the pub fills up fast. Wooden partitions filled with stained glass add some shape and colour to the large square pub and the floor is made up of an attractive mix of terracotta tiles and wood.

The Atmosphere
Don't expect to find much more than a noisy hubbub dealt out by local workers and tourists during the evening and at weekends. This area could be renamed Little Essex, as easily recognisable party people trot by in four-inch heels ready for a night out - at three in the afternoon.

Turns out this isn't such a bad thing - as the shots and Chardonnays are knocked back, the atmosphere becomes more infectious until you end up in a round of I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, giving 'So What' glances to the glowers of the uptights in the corners. On a base level, the St James Tavern is actually rather appealing.

The Food
Photos of the food are splashed across the menus as if you didn't know what burgers and sausages look like. The pub grub menu has quite a claim when it states that it does the ‘best fish and chips in town'. The pie and chips shows a distinct lack of colour as vegetables seem to be left out the equation in return for more chip space, but then if there were carrots they’d be castigated and any greenery flung to the rabbits.

The Drink
There's a fairly good range of drinks at the St James Tavern, where a bottle of wine from a choice of six or seven of each colour will cost you about £14. There are posters bombarding you with promotions such as extra spirits with your mixers and buy two get one free deals. The real positive is the lager pumps. Choose from a range of Peroni, Fosters, Heineken, Amstel or Kronenbourg.

The Last Word
The St James Tavern isn't a bad retreat during the week but it has its crazy days between Friday and Monday once in a while.

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