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St Moritz Club is located in a spacious basement. It has hosted a variety of music evenings over the years and continues to reinvent itself.

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St Moritz Club reviews

By Jeuze C.

I used to play at the St Moritz Club every Wednesday - way back in 1967! It was with a band called The Healers - a London based Soul Band. It was from there that we were seen & asked to go & play in Beirut Lebanon. We did & stayed for 2 months. It was always a fun gig at the St Moritz, especially during that period. The sixties were in full swing & it was one of the many hangouts for both celebrities - artists & musicians alike. There was a circuit of Clubs within a close distance of each other. The Scotch Of St. James - Marquee - Candy Box - The Revolution - The Top Hat in Carnaby St & many more. The Healers had a good reputation as a hard working band - even playing The Playboy Club in Mayfair just before leaving for Beirut. We also went to Athens Greece in 1968. The band disbanded not long after that. Livy Wright went on to join Boney M on guitar - Winston - bass player went to live in Germany - Little Dee the vocalist, ended up in The Middle East. I entered the world of session work in London. We did do one session for the bbc - johnny walker show - that's about all I can remember of a short lived band back in the 60s, playing the London Clubs. Good to know its still going strong. Should do a Blues gig there sometime!

By Tracy K.

St.Moritz Club is one of Soho's best kept secret's and at the top of my list of favourite, non pretentious west end basement spots that still have that original Soho feeling. Whilst the door staff could do with a serious attitude adjustment or reality check, the venue itself is more than worth a visit, especially on a Saturday when the most unique characters come out! Expect glam rock, big hair, skinny jeans and lots of eye liner!A real gem!

By W B.

The place was THAT BAD, i felt compelled to write a review. it has too many stars. I went on a Saturday for a friends birthday. i saw the place and wanted to run... i stayed. wrong choice. my friends said "lets try something new", this was not the new i was wanting. turned out to be the rockers night. where to start... 1. The drinks are limited, only becks on tap and unless you drink whiskey or rum there is not much else on offer. ( so getting that drunk that the possibility of the place becoming remotely good is off the cards) 2. The place is tiny. really very very small. Barely a pub size...certainly not a club. 3. there is only ONE toilet for females, TWO for boys. ok so i can get down with that its small thus less toilets, but the conditions were cramped and no room to even Q. Overall, just don't bother. Babysitting for god awful children has better entertainment value.

By Sally W.

Brilliant night. Went last saturday two bands, the second of which was fantastic. The dj after was brilliant a complete mix of songs from cheese to proper indie and rock.

really friendly atmosphere too. great place Go go go!!!you must dance though, as if you don't lose fluid by sweating you'll need the loo and the facilities are a bit poor,

one cubicle for women in the whole place and there also seemed to be a queue for men too?!

By Kate O.

I thought this place was a dive!

For one they have no mixers that are diet, slimline or sugar free, not good if your a diabetic like me, and the attitude from the bar staff was abysmal, infact it was just plain rude when i asked what diet/sugar free/slimline drinks that did have.
A patronizing's tone and surly face just added to my disappointment and anger.

The place was far too packed and had a huge queue for the loo. It looked drab and dirty plus the massive leak and small swimming pool they had in one room was just the icing on the cake.

And to think i paid £8 to get in on a week night! It was just an insult.
If i could give it zero stars i would!
This place should come with a health warning

By X.

We had a great night at St Moritz Club last Friday, until it was time to go home and I tried to call a cab. I've never come across such a rude door man in my life! I can still remember how he looked at me and refused to give the St Moritz Clubs postcode so I could call a cab. They should fire him!

By J.

St Moritz is a great club/bar, and only a fiver to get in. Went for glam rock/hard rock night and it was brillaint. It's like an old world underground pub, and drinks are not too expensive.

I could have sat there all night listening to the likes of Areosmith, Motley Crue and Whitesnake. St Moritz Club is brilliant, if thats your scene and it certainly is mine!

By M.

St Moritz Club will always be a special place to me as this is where i met my other half and the father of my baby. It was 6 years ago and I'm glad to read reviews saying that it still is a rock club. Maybe one day I will go back again, but its not easy to be in a mosh pit with a 10 month old baby.

Anyway, I can recommend the St Moritz Club to anyone as it is a great club, with a nice atmosphere and good music.

By M.

Went to Gaz's Rockin' Blues at St Moritz Club and it was onof the best nights I've ever had. Small, hot, sweaty and everone having a fantastic time. The music was amazing. I highly recommend St Moritz Club.

By S.

I went to the metal night at St Moritz Club on Saturday and I wish I hadn't. It is highly misleading to call this place a club, it's just a pub with a lot of rooms in it. There wasn't a problem with the music, except you have to be in the same room as the speakers.

I would have rather stayed in and watched Channel 5 than go to St Moritz Club. I was highly disappointed. Sod going out on Saturday night, stick to Fridays and go to the Sin City (Electric Ballroom) instead. This is a REAL club.

By Shaun S.

St Moritz Club is one of the secrets of Soho, although I sometimes wish it was more of a secret as the gig can get a little crowded.

At first, the venue reminded me of the basement in Silence of the Lambs, although better lit with a Swiss cottage decor!

Last time I was there there were three excellent live bands, playing proper Rock on a stage the size of a manhole cover, but the restrictions didn't stop the dancing.

Electric atmosphere, reasonable (for Soho) bar prices, chill out areas and some friendly-as-**** people make St Moritz Club a place I'll drag my non-Londoner biker mates to.

By R.

The St Moritz Club is a very cool place to go if you're looking for a chilled evening drinking with your mates listening to the best rock music around. Or it's a very cool place to go if you're looking for an night of dancing to your favourite tunes from the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Rage and Franz Ferdinand.

Drinks are reasonably cheap, for a London club, and there are enough places to sit and relax away from the music. The place feels like an old pub with its low ceilings and wooden beams but is nicely laid out, and the DJ with his endless supply of music is totally willing to take requests and play what you want to hear.

If your're looking to get away from mind-numbing house music or fancy a change from the same RnB and Hip Hop that is played everywhere then this place is definitely worth a visit. Anywhere that plays The Music is an instant must go in my book.


St Moritz Club hums and rattles in the depths of a Wardour Street basement, a submarine of kitsch beneath Soho's concrete waves.

The Venue
The quasi-famous St Moritz Club has been an underrated Soho venue for years, enticing people through whisperings and word of mouth whilst retaining some sense of aloofness. The club’s doorway cuts into brick beneath its grand badge and the rope and chain outside lend it press. This is no anonymous basement bar. The club below ground combines the exotic with English, distancing itself from the more considered decors of surrounding Soho.

The namesake of the Swiss winter resort, St Moritz Club plays with its holiday ties. The brash lights dazzle against the oaky fixtures, shining beams of leisure and good times. The bar begins at the foot of the stairs, the familiarity of brass bars, and dark, sticky wood compliments the more modern features. Orange and yellows parody the faux exoticism of the St Moritz resort’s own bars and clubs, warming the dark with tubes of neon. There is plenty of seating; a separated section contains runs of tables and chairs giving this subterrane venue a logistical conformity that is perfectly juxtaposed by the dance cave. A canteen for liquid diners.

The dance hall is almost a cave. It is sunk deeper into the walls, with the low ceiling sloping down to the floor at one end, setting the stage for the live bands that line up against it.

The Atmosphere
There is a sense of exclusivity here, without the pretense of a place trying to obtain such status. St Moritz Club is what you know, not who you know. The people are as mixed and diverse as the bar’s own appearance. It’s not all good, however, the clientele are young and it's possible to find yourself suffocated in corners by gaggles of teens, seemingly shipped out to a temporary youth club for the rich.

The bar is all talk, but the dance hall's low ceiling invites the adventurous and tempts the shy. A sensual claustrophobia spreads and squashing and shortness of breath ensues, but the need to explore the dirty dancing reigns you in and the room is a pure velvet underground. The live bands are at the core of this frenzy, heating up the cave. It’s cramped and clingy, but never uncomfortable.

The Music
St Moritz hosts Gaz's Rockin' Blues - London's longest running one nighter and a way to enjoy the musical integrity and diversity that still stands London out as the greatest city in the world. Rock ‘n’ roll, Rockabilly, Calypso, G-Funk, Psycho Billy, Pop, Ska - the list could go on. This club has an enterprising oeuvre of live acts, and continues to entertain and encourage the new.

The Drink
Drinking happens in St Moritz Club. Oh, it definitely goes on, but the age and type of customer means that on top of wine, beer and spirit based fun; the drink most likely to be ordered is by the bottle is Champagne. But it's the St Moritz. They're on holiday!

The Last Word
The St Moritz is rocker – come down and be tempted by its secreted away world of unabashed exoticism.

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