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The Star and Garter is a contemporary bar that serves a wide variety of drinks, including an extensive menu of wines dispensed by the specialist Enomatic system and a vast choice of gins. The Star and Garter also offers a unique selection of artisan cheeses and charcuterie meats from across Europe.

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Star and Garter reviews

By Andrew M.

The Star & Garter gets packed on summer nights with loads of trendy, young peeps. There is usually a more of a rugby crowd in on Saturdays, watching some sport and drinking large amounts. The upstairs at The Star & Garter is more popular than down. Nice staff and friendly atmosphere.

By Chris B.

The staff were all super friendly, and the meat and cheese boards are to die for!

The Star and Garter in Putney is a really impressive venue. It's a huge space, with plenty of comfy seating and tables to choose from. The staff were all super friendly, and the meat and cheese boards are to die for! I popped my head into the Ballroom, just to be nosey and it's beautiful. Having been to my fair share of weddings this year, I can imagine this is a really popular spot to tie the knot. I will definitely be back here next time I'm in Putney. Very highly recommended!

By Michelle W.

I booked in for Sunday lunch as the Duke next door was fully booked. Before I booked I had a quick look online at the menu and it looked delicious. Arrived to an empty pub and thought it was strange when next door was all booked but put it down to the snow. That was until our food arrived and we couldn't believe how little we all got for around £15 each. Two roast potatoes, 3 baby carrots, 2 tiny bits of parsnip, kale, one small yorkshire and a small portion of lamb. Don't get me wrong the meal was ok, not outstanding but nice enough but for c£15 you expect more, especially considering the other putney pubs served twice as much for less money. I don't normally write reviews but we were all so peed off i felt i had to. On the plus side the guy that served us was very friendly and polite.

By Jessica S.

I don't usually write these reviews however i was at Star and Garter a few Saturdays ago. The bar was maxed out, with a wine tasting going on in their private glassed in room and waiters giving cheese tasting in another glassed in room. Our waitress brought over my steak (which i was equally impressed with) and she informed us that there was an event downstairs in their Cellar Bar and another event.... a wedding yes a wedding upstairs in their Ballroom. Like i said i don't usually write these but I was so impressed with the amount that was going on yet our experience was still relaxed and sociable. For this i give you five stars see you soon.

By George G.

Love the heater for smokers! Beautiful bottle of red - nice T-Bone Steaks, job done - now back out to face the snow!

By Macey T.

Love, love, love Star and Garter! I think some people misunderstand it though as a venue - expecting restaurant, stuffy service but is more relaxed than this. My friends and I go there for the excellent wine, luscious cheese and relaxed friendly service. Seriously I have never got people who take birthday cake to a bar?! It's a bar not a place for a children's tea party! Looking forward to New Years Eve guys best party in Putney - Michael I hope your working! ;-) Macey Thompson

By Melina H.

The reason I am writing This review is to complain of the lack of service we received my self and my guests on my birthday gathering on Sunday 26th of September. I am absolutely astonished, how come and such a great venue, with amazing interior, fantastic settings, great presentation of food, how on earth have they got such a poor service, and unfriendly staff? To start with on arrival,nobody greeted me or any of my guests, we just knew where we will be seating and went straight on and sat down. We had to go to the bar and order our drinks. Basically from 6.30pm - 10.30pm ( 4 whole hours ) nobody, of the staff came to check if we wanted or needed something. When our food was finished, nobody came to clear the table, I had to clear the table from the empty plates, to have some space for my birthday cake! At 10.10pm a waiter at last showed up just to let us know that the bar is closing and if we want something else to make our order. Well after a few bottles of wine my self and my guests wanted some coffee, only to be told that the coffe machine was closed and 'was nothing he could do about it' ! At this point I do not want to loose my temper in front of my friends, after all we did had a good time, I told the waiter that they should have come and asked if we wanted any coffe before they switch it off! I just wish the service was as good as everything else in there!

By Darren K.

Yes. I remember the Star and Garter from 1986-1988. What a place. Sewing machine bases as tables (everyone squeaking the damned things after a few), the wonderful stuffed squirrels in glass cases above the bar sat in deck chairs next to a can of John Smiths, (i always wanted one of them - wonder where they went)?! People rushing to get river view seats on a Sunday for the fantastic Sunday lunches. We were there one Sunday night (quite late) when police rushed in the place from both sides, charged up to us (sweating by now - us not the policemen) and shouted at us, 'where are the bar staff?' Bemused, we hesitated and this god awful copper bellowed again, 'where are the bar staff?' My companion (from Cardiff and clearly more use to these sort of surreal events (well it was after several pints of flat John Smiths) calmly suggested, 'behind the bar?' (of course they had all disappeared.)! Yes, the old S&g. They were the days. I took my partner there a few years ago saying you must see this amazing, incredible place in Putney, my old local (we had come down to town staying in some amazing hotel in central town so I had to use my absolute charm). We walked up to it and it became apparent it wasn't the same old boozer. I peered through the windows, saw a lot of chrome and leather chairs and tedious decoration. 'you've dragged me down here, let's go in' she demanded. 'no! I exclaimed. I can't.' I walked down to the river, contemplating for a moment to throw myself in. Being an understanding, intuitive creature, my amazing partner said with a supportive arm around my shoulder., 'well it was 20 years ago.!' She was last seen bobbing down the Thames. Just joking. Now I've seen the new S&g online and it's slant on wine, cheese and meat. And now I am 20 something years older. And into this shit. I just may, one of these days, take a deep breath and wonder into the old place again and ask, where did the squirrels go.?

By Amber A.

I got married in Star & Garter upstairs Ballroom last week and had the most amazing time.

Unlike other places, the venue has reasonable prices and we were delighted with the helpful staff while organizing the wedding and then during our special day as well.

I would definitely recommend this fab New York decor place to anyone looking to have a drink gathering or a wedding in the Ballroom.

By Sian A.

I attended the Star and garter at the previous mentioned date and thouraghly enjoyed it the from what I and my husband viewed the group in question where drunk and upsetting the staff and customers where leaving. after they left the atmostphere changed and got rather busy its a shame that people who act that way then write a review. and to add further when we walked on our way home we did see 2 of the group being sick in the alleyway next to the walkabout.

By Sheryl C.

Very dissappointing!! Went there on a Thursday afternoon with about 15 people (we were the only ones in there) and they wouldn't serve us as 'we were too noisy'... come on it's a pub not a library!!! Very pretentious and boring!!! Don't waste your time going... you'll be let down....

By Fiona A.

The Star and Garter has just completed a major re-furb, and I have to say it's looking pretty good! We're definitely in bar territory rather than pub, but the decor is smart and the layout well thought out. Prices were OK, particularly if you consider it's a smart bar in SW15 - £12.50 for a bottle of very drinkable Chilean Sauvignon, and £3.70 a pint of Kronenburg. Food is limited - they do lovely cheese and meat selections (there is a proper cheese room with glass walls, so very well kept), and a few nibble-type things at the bar, but no main meals. I wouldn't have bothered with the quite poncy 'private room' - a table behind glass walls so everyone can see you being private, but all in all I absolutely loved it, and I'll definitely be back.

By J.

The Star and Garter used to be the best pub in Putney - a real spit and sawdust traditional pub. Sadly this was converted to a tacky themed wine bar in early 2000. Now known as Bar M, its adopted decor is more late nineties night club - think Ritzy in purple! As for the clientele, it tends to be frequented by those trying too hard to be middleclass hoorays, which all combined makes for a pretty miserable atmosphere.

If you want a real pub with friendly atmosphere just go next door to The Dukes Head. It has retained a traditional feel with tasteful decoration and the clientele don’t try too hard to be something they are not.

By Stephanie P.

From halfway across Putney Bridge, the Star and Garter's huge illuminated sign beckons from the rooftops, suggesting a Moulin Rouge-style dance hall or some kind of indie nightspot. However, once you're in the door, it's more chic and shiny than rough and edgy, inviting guests to get their glam and glad rags on instead.

The Venue
Gleaming whites and silvers contrast with seating in deep brown velour, while a small fire is surrounded by a stylish mantelpiece and wooden chairs for toe warming. Huge front windows offer views to the river and the park beyond, but, once it gets dark outside, the lighting can cause some discomfort. Spotlights seem to be positioned directly above the main seating spaces, bathing each punter in a personal circle of light, and jarring with the elegant cocktail bar surrounds. The lights also serve to highlight stains on the seats and sticky tables, though. Elsewhere, décor is hard and brutally fashionable, but with questionable cleanliness and a little too much to see, it all teeters dangerously close to becoming tacky.

The Atmosphere
This bar attracts the chic and shiny clientele that fit in with the better part of its interiors. With live jazz and gin and tonics, weekends bring a cool and contemporary buzz, and spacious seating areas are welcoming to large groups whether they're indulging in cocktails or a bite to eat. Even on quieter week nights there is background music of swanky soft blues. The bar staff can come across as somewhat impersonal, even verging on rude, and sometimes a quiet drink is in danger of disruption from behind-the-bar chatter that leans on the shouty side. Generally, weekends and busy evenings can create an enjoyable buzz, but this swanky nightspot is designed for weekend cocktails, parties and private events, rather than a casual pint or Sunday pub lunch.

The Food
The menu brings something a little alternative to the table, with geographically themed tasters of charcuterie meats and specialist cheeses sourced from Borough Market. At £9.50 for a platter, they're not cheap treats, but produce is stored in a specialist cheese room and deli, and dishes are a sound investment for food connoisseurs. A meze menu features other dainty dining options ranging from a mixed salad for £4.50 to hot fillet of salmon for £12.50. There are plenty of vegetarian nibbles too, but meat eaters can get their teeth into bavette and fillet steaks, or even a chateaubriand between two for a £50 indulgence.

The Drink
These guys specialise in gin, and they do it particularly well. No less than nine gin and tonics grace a dedicated menu, with anything from classic Bombay Sapphire to Sipsmith, brewed using Thames water, or even Death's Door, an American spirit made using Red Winter Wheat. G and Ts are generally £8 or £9, and again, they are tailored towards the experts. However, there’s also an impressive selection of other spirits and mixers, cocktails and even a few unusual pints up for grabs. The wine list is expansive and varied in both price and flavours. A glass of thick and fragrant house red is not unreasonably priced at £5.75, while Champagnes work their way up to £145 for a bubbly bottle.

The Last Word
As a cocktail bar and glamorous pub, Star and Garter does what it sets out to do, providing a haven for cheese lovers, wine buffs and gin and jazz enthusiasts. The bar is set high, and in many ways it delivers. However, it's hard to ignore sticky tables, strange lighting choices and alienating bar staff. At the end of the day, it's these little things that can make the difference between a comfortable cocktail with friends and an underwhelming experience where you’re itching to leave.

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