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Steak and Co offers steaks cooked to your liking. A range of other dishes are also served.

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Steak and Co reviews

By Clair T.

great restaurant

my son had previously visited twice in the same stay in London and had raved about the place. So as we were visiting decided to try ourselves. Would clarify don't normally chose steak on a night out but gave it go. Cannot fault the restaurant we visited at lunch time, were served promptly and all of our steaks were amazing. Would recommend to everyone and wish we had one in Plymouth. Was surprised by some of the other reviews as the staff when we were there were very helpful

By Kerry E.

Was greeted by staff who where polite and friendly, we waited a little while only about 20 min so but it was a busy Saturday night in the west end of London so it was to be expected. Our waitress was lovely so polite and friendly in conversation she realised it was my partners birthday and as we waited for our bill her and the other staff came out with a dessert on the house and sang him happy birthday even though my partner went red it was a lovely surprise. Great food steak and choice is amazing and price is reasonable too. The side dishes are lovely and the dessert was heavenly. Great place to eat will deffiniatly return.

By Greg W.

Considering the prices, I was disappointed by my visit to Steak & Co. The fillet steak I had was good, although the fries were the kind you buy in your local supermarket. But the service was poor.

By Lesley Jean L.

Fantastic food. We had chicken but next time it will be a steak as they looked delicious. The staff were great - service was good. We will definitely be back

By Siobhan M.

My partner and I were in London for the weekend and were worrying about not booking a table for dinner, we walked into Steak & Co and the manager said we didnt need to book he would find space for us. He was a very friendly person and made us feel so welcome. When we arrived at 9.30pm all the staff and the manager were more than happy to help and gave us a choice of tables to sit at. We ordered a our meals and had them partially cooked and then served to us on a hot plate so that we could cook our steaks to our own liking. The stek was perfect, the service was fantastic and we would definately go back there and reccommend it to anyone.

By Richard T.

Poor service,steak came over cooked after long waiting! And server asked for service charge and mentioned it's traditionally 10% ! Worst experience ever!

By Phillipa B.

also try the ribs, my brother polished off his share of the sharing starter platter then ordered a platter for hI'mself. three different flavours and i just cant decide which one i like best. im hungry just thinking about it

By Phillipa B.

what a great restaurant. we were taken to dinner by my uncle and aunt who had eaten here before. their recommendation was brilliant. we ate steaks which cooked to a minimum maybe medium rare and then served on a hot stone. we all cooked our steaks differently the way we liked. if you dont like it too well done you put it on your side plate and put slices back on to cook on the stone with a butter to give it even more taste. we are visiting the UK from Canada for the royal wedding which was amazing. we are going to have one last meal there when we return to London before we leave to return home.p.s. the chocolate with a twist of orange is to die for. real treat especially if you have it with hot chocolate.

By M M.

Having seen the reviews on tripadviser, I thought it was definitely worth a visit due to other visitors being very happy with the quality of steak & the experience. I know wonder whether restaurant staff have been adding the positive feedbacks themselves?! My wife & I had high expectations. Service was ok, starter was ok but then came the big disappointment… the Steak…..! The menu looked fantastic with steaks cooked to perfection. Having eaten at Gaucho and Buenos Aires, 2 great steak restaurants, I thought this looked as good as they did but looks can be deceiving?! We both ordered fillet steaks and both rare. Out they came. The size was impressive but sadly they were burnt & dry on the outside. I tried cutting into the steak with the supplied steak knife and struggled to cut into it. Eventually I did and I could see that only 30% of my fillet steak was pink with the remainder well done and most of the outside very dry & burnt= VERY disappointing! I said to my wife that I wanted to say something, but she begged me to eat it. Tasting that burnt taste for the first 3-4 bites was not good at all and obviously the chef did not have a clue about how to cook a steak medium…….. yet they advertise “Our chefs are all individually trained in our “Beef Master Classes” where they learn how to prepare & cook your steak to ensure it arrives plate perfection” – VERY misleading! At the end of the meal when we asked for the bill, I asked to speak to the manager, gave him the feedback…. medium steak that should be juicy & tender came out burnt on much of the outside and definitely over cooked. He didn’t seem very interested but said he would speak to the kitchen. He never came back to my table and was nowhere to be seen when we paid the bill/ left the restaurant?! There were only approx. 18 people in a restaurant with approx. 100 seats. My advice, go to a Steak restaurant that knows how to cook steak!

By Ed H.

Perfect if you like a long wait, only half your order, slow uninterested staff and a sulky manager. We even had to wait to complain. The manager got offended that we complained and went to the kitchen and refused to come out again. Went past bad to just funny in the end.

By Resident N.

Went there on Saturday night for dinner. Absolutely one of the worst eating out experiences I have ever had. After waiting 10 minutes to place any kind of order, the staff were then invisible. When our steaks arrived, 3 out of the 4 of us were told our side orders were on their way...we waited and waited and had to chase them up...all the while our steaks were sitting getting cold. No real apology, had to complain that we thought it was unacceptable for food to come out seperately (especially as the kitchen can't have been busy because it was virtually empty in there). Tried to order some more drinks but no waiting staff on the floor at all. Went to try and order direct from the bar with no luck. When we made a complaint our waiter couldn't have cared less, neither could the manager. The manager seemed like he'd been spending more time out the back getting drunk rather than giving any thought to what was happening in the restaurant he was supposed to be managing. In the end, after some heated discussions, they took the drinks off our bill. We'll never go there again. Absolutely abysmal.

By Ian L.

4 of us went for a meal prior to going to a show, the restaurant was recommended and we were certainly not dissapointed. The place has a nice relaxed atmosphere and the steaks were melt in the mouth, and wnes reasonably priced. We were not rushed with a nice break between courses. The waiter was attentive and a bit of a wag, and my wife thought Christmas had come early when he asked if she would like to try sex on the beach, havn't seen her so exited for years (it's a cocktail you daft bat).

By Karyn L.

The experience my sister had at steak and co was immaculate, there was a warm welcoming feeling when you walk through the door not just in the atmosphere but from staff who enjoy what they do. The two waiters that served us where very pleasant and accommodating. The meal its self was served at a timely matter and was worth waiting as it was cooked to perfection. I would say that the whole experience is definitely worth it and I would be recommending it to family, friends and colleagues.

By Simon W.

Steak and Co was an amazing find. First of all, it is situated in the heart of the West End right next to Capital Radio's headquarters on Leicester Square. When you think of steak houses in that particular area, you probably think all red, plush furniture, green light fittings, 1970s brass fittings. Steak and Co couldn't be further from that image. It is a modern, comfortable, ambiently lit restaurant right in the hubbub of the West End. The maitre 'd sat us personally and welcomed us to the restaurant and before long we were choosing from the very reasonably priced wine list. There are enough tables for this to be a buzzing restaurant but few enough for you not feel claustrophobic. We chose three courses. For starter I had the prawn cocktail. Not just any prawn cocktail but a beautifully presented cluster of prawns circled with green vegetables topped off with a regal looking king prawn and a choice of dips. All beautifully presented. My friend had the mushrooms which came in a steel pot with a side of garlic sauce. He raved about these to me. We both then followed with the waiter's recommendation, the fillet steak on a sizzling stone. This is a must. It is a generous portion of tender fillet steak with a choice of butter and sauce sides. We had the mash to accompany this along with a small salad. Truly amazing. The steaks at Steaks and Co are absolutely first class. By which time, we were full but still managed to get in a desert of chocolate fondant and berry crumble, respectively. Steak and Co was a wonderful find and I will be doing my best to spread the word about this restaurant that has everything going for it.

By Melanie F.

Gathering on a Sunday night with my husband, my 2 years' old daughter and my parents from abroad (I'm Polish), I decided to have a dinner in Steak & Co. Leicester Square was very busy, since it was right before Christmas, and we needed a break to chill out after crazy gift shopping. As soon as we got close to the doors, a very friendly host opened the door for us and greeted our group with a smile. The staff promptly allocated us to a table. The atmosphere was really nice, with soft music and cosy lighting; so we felt immediately at ease and relaxed. The tables around were occupied by a different range of people: other families, some couples and groups of friends, contributing to a good festive mood around us. The décor in Steak & Co. is quite stylish but unpretentious, so we felt welcome even if we were just wearing our day clothes. My baby daughter got a special high chair, and the staff seemed pleased of having a baby in the restaurant (and believe me, this doesn't happen in many restaurants, especially in crowded west end). They told us they are launching a new product, the Steak Stone, and my husband decided to give it a try along with my dad. My mum and I decided to take chicken Alfredo. The Steak Stone concept was explained clearly on a table display, and the waitress gave us further information + a list of wine suggestion; we ordered a nice rose, with a reasonable price. Also, we shared an onion loaf (which I've never seen before), some fries and a mixed salad. The Steak Stone caused a big attention among the nearby tables: it came sizzling to our table, with the hot stone cooking a side of the steaks. Funny enough, the family sitting opposite us, eventually decided to take a steak stone, clearly amazed by our dish! We felt kind of VIP! Fries come in a tiny metal basket, which resembles the old frying baskets, such a stylish note, I've never seen these baskets in any other restaurants. Sauces were really tasty, and my daughter enjoyed di

By Kelly H.

In a time when the celebrity chef is king you can live out your culinary fantasies at Steak and Co with their new menu concept.

The Venue
Steak and Co can be found at the lower end of Charing Cross Road, just off of the tourist trap that is Leicester Square. Not an area known for its devotion to quality, this is a restaurant that finally brings a passion for ingredients to this neck of the woods. The venue itself has a style that’s cautiously glamorous. Masculine elements of exposed brick, bold leather sofa style seating, modern lighting made up of large bulbs, an iron bull’s head statuette and unembellished wooden tables mix with more feminine touches of dimmed lighting lifted by candles, rows of neat wine bottles and steak themed artwork on the walls. Surprisingly romantic, it’s a beautifully presented venue.

The Atmosphere
The real highlight of the atmosphere here is the care the staff put in to making their customers feel welcome. Smiles and greetings upon entering mix with well observed restaurant etiquette to produce an atmosphere of ease – you won’t be left waiting for your drink or the bill for too long. Instead, they ensure you’re enjoying the food, offering recommendations on the menu, managing to do so without making you feel suffocated. And if you order their steak stone, be prepared for a theatrical edge to your dinner.

The Food
The menu at Steak and Co offers a mix of tourist favourites alongside additional options aimed at tempting those Londoners that are usually averse to dining in the area. An additional side menu of unusual cuts of meat and steak raises the bar, and although they're not cheap (the most expensive steak comes in at just under £40), it shows a care for the quality of their ingredients.

If you’re after a dinner option that’s not too expensive and will add a fun, unique edge to your meal then opt for the steak stone (£25). A slab of 8oz fillet steak arrives two levels below your requested cooking specification, served sizzling on lava stone set within a slab of wood with a side plate, a choice of sauce and butter and seasoning. Allowing you to cook your steak exactly how you like it, it’s an innovative and intriguing idea. The excellent quality steak is tender and flavoursome and slicing off slabs of still-sizzling meat and searing it exactly to your taste is as fun as it is delicious.

Order a side of tomato and onion salad and you’ll soon be frying up slices of vegetables and living out your Jamie Oliver fantasies. Far from being a gimmick, it’s actually a very well thought out menu addition that will especially appeal to anyone on a first date or out to impress. Starters and desserts are decent, also, but it’s the steak stone that steals the show. And as the plates of sizzling meat are brought out, food envy is evident in anyone silly enough not to have made the bold decision to choose a dish they have to cook themselves.

The Drink
An excellent selection of wine perfectly complements the skew of the menu towards steak with some complex bottles chosen to match your meat. Ask the staff if you want to pair your dinner with your drink as their knowledge of the menu is evident and their suggestions spot on. With most bottles coming in at under £20 it doesn’t have to send the cost of dinner soaring.

The Last Word
Steak and Co is much needed antidote to the unending spread of sub-standard eateries that spill over Leicester Square. If you’re a Londoner who finds themselves stuck there, then this is the place to come.

By La B.

I've been to Steak and Co. right before Christmas with my flat mate and we have had such a great dining experience! We wanted to have a girls catch up and dinner in central London, therefore we chose to be close to Leicester Square, and head to the cinema straight after dinner. My flat mate has chosen Chicken Alfredo, while I decided to order the new Steak Stone, a special steak that you can cook directly at your table. The staff was very helpful and friendly, and I felt like being Nigella for a night! Cooking my steak was a fun and quirky experience, loads of laughter involved. Clever idea, they give you a choice of flavoured butter and different sauces to dress your steak up. Prices absolutely reasonable and excellent choice of wines, venue decor and the central location are a big plus.

By Edward S.

You too, I wondered if it was the Springboks eating those massive steaks! We had a massive debate at our table if it was or was not - and all of us to scared to ask them!

By Steak L.

Amazing time at Steak and Co.!! I went there with a couple of friends, and the atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed, the staff was very helpful and our steaks were cooked to perfection! Better of all, the whole South African rugby team, the Springboks, were dining there, eating huge 20 oz. steaks!!

By Steak L.

Amazing dining experience at Steak and Co.! Challenging the snow, my friends and I decided to have a well deserved break from the shopping and walked in. The staff was friendly and welcomed us, promptly accommodating us. The interiors are stylish and warm, and we were really surprised to notice that the South African national rugby team, the Springboks, were dining there! At their table there were huge 20 oz steaks, which the hungry players seemed to appreciate. Our steaks were tender and perfectly cooked, and the desserts really tasty. Definitely a great experience, we will be back there!

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