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Stringfellows is probably the best known gentlemen's club in London. They opened in 1980 and are firmly established as one of the most famous table dancing clubs in the world.

At this strip club you can enjoy a meal in the full a la carte restaurant.
There is no admission charge when dining.
No membership required.

Ranked #65 of 225 clubs in London
""Famous for a reason" Truly world famous, situated in London’s Covent Garden, Stringfellows is memorising. As you step into the club you are transported into a world of stylish luxury, sophistication and discretion where your experience will exceed all expectations. Featuring a fine dining restaurant, show stages, private rooms and booths, you will be surrounded by some of the most beautiful girls from all over the world."

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Stringfellows reviews

By Rory W.

Stringfellows is perhaps the finest ‘gentlemen’s club’ I have been to as everything about it is luxurious and makes you want to go back. The women are incredible, and as the focus of Stringfellows, make it worthwhile every time.

By James J.

Priding itself on the quality and high standard of the food not just the bevvy of beauties - Stringfellows is world class and puts other ‘gentlemens Clubs’ in the shade.

By Walter W.

You can't do better than a bit of Stringfellows. It takes the seediness out of the whole gentlemen's club scene, which may not be what you're expecting. Bravo Peter!

By Colum W.

Peter Stringfellow really knew what he was doing when he created this place. Takes me back to my younger years, and the women make you feel like a king. Very beautiful.

By Andy P.

I have been to a number of strip joints over the years and I must say that this Stringfellows is without doubt the best. The beautiful women are matched by the luxurious décor and the food is actually very good also. My steak was sublime, as was my private dance!

By Zack S.

Stringfellows blew me away the other night, the girls were so friendly and welcoming and although they were hungry for the money, they were very chatty and for this I will be going back!

By Dory F.

Full of stunning girls and luxurious surroundings, Stringfellows is the place to be! If youre looking for a stripclub in central London then look no further!

By Bryan T.

I obviously only came to Stringfellows for one reason but I ended up having food and my steak was actually very delicious. It was only bettered by the wonderful, scantily clad women swanning around :)

By Chesney P.

Wow the girls here are stunning, I would challenge any man not to have a good time. Come to Stringfellows and you won’t be disappointed.

By Adam J.

Took some clients here the other night and I must say we were very well catered for. The girls were absolutely stunning and we were quite spoilt for choice. The name clearly precedes the place and there’s a reason why it’s so famous.

By Raj C.

Stringfellows oozes class. everything from the decor to the ladies is top quality! i couldnt imagine any group of men not having a v. great time in there. without doubt ill be returning for our work party at the end of the year- ill even save up for it!

By Micheal B.

This club has seriously gone down hill. the crowd are no longer inviting presigious and high class but young drunk footy players.

what ever happened to good old strings?

By Luke L.

Great for entertaining clients

Needed to take few clients out to close a deal. Stringfellows has done the trick a few times over the years. Yet again it didnt fail to disappoint. Smiles all round!

By Tom D.

I felt as though I was in heaven at Stringfellows! The girls, staff and (surprisingly) food were all perfect and I had the best time. Cheers peter

By Josh A.

Stringfellows sets itself apart from the regular ‘gentlemens Clubs’. Sophisticated, classy, fun and friendly. The girls are beautiful.

By David J.

Highlight of night was seeing Kenwright and Stallone out on the lash dressed as Darth Vader and Judge Dread.Kenwright said he'd buy me a bevvy but then reneged as he said he diddn't have any pockets in his Vader costume.

By Jason D.

I took my clients there recently. I had a few reservations based on previous experience with similar establishments, but they insisted. I booked a table for dinner. The food was amazing. An impressive wine and champagne list. The steaks were delicious. They have this stage in the restaurant where girls were coming on and off every few songs. The girls were stunning. What an amazing experience to look at beautiful girls whilst enjoying perfectly cooked steak! I was very pleased. Having finished our meal we moved downstairs. A perfectly designed room with another stage and quite large sitting area around it. We asked for a bottle of champagne, which arrived with complimentary strawberries, I thought that was rather polite! The waitresses were gorgeous! Very relaxed and friendly. I am used to being pushed to choose the most expensive option on the menu everywhere I go but that was not the case at Stringfellows. Later that evening I went to a private booth - a rather romantic cosy place where I enjoyed a private dance from a stunning girl! I was speechless! Obviously it is famous for a reason!

By Mel P.

I am a dancer there, started in November, I have quite a lot of good tattoos and i'm also a suicide girl model ;) yes there are some plain girls but there are some quite hot ones now, you should come back!

By Laura S.

Dissapointing,most of the girls were quite plain,was expecting alot better, not very glamorous would of like to of seen girls with tattoos not the girl next door type.

By Dominic M.

Disappointing and uncomfortable. A stripper friend who works in London had recommended Strings which bodes ill for the other stripclubs in London.

70 girls there (on a weekend this pushes up to 100), and while fat, middle-aged bankers might drool over most of them there were only three or four who really deserved more than a 7 out of 10.

Stringfellow's set up does not seem at all geared to the customer. Upstairs is very cramped and crowded. All the bar stools upstairs are filled with strippers, obliging the customers to stand around like twits.

Downstairs looks more welcoming until you realize that all the armchairs are "reserved" unless you shell out a small fortune. Just too greedy, Mr.Stringfellow!

In the end, I walked out of the place with a wad of Stringfellow's useless "heavenly money" still in my pocket.

It had been burning a hole in my pocket, but the boredom of the girls (who seemed to have collectively given up under the weight of competition from other strippers) was putting me to sleep. Zzzzzzz.

By Alex B.

Very expensive!!! But girls dont make a lot of money... they trying to hide the cash, I had private dance with Tracey some east european girl and believe me or not she put the money betwen her ''lips'' ist that f.....g strange??? But good fun...

By Stuart S.

Classy place and very beautiful girls of all nationalities and all figures, all absolute stunners. But be warned these girls are experts in open wallet surgery, they divide and conquer, my friend and I were separated and double teamed by two very gorgeous ladies each. With a £20 door and £10 a beer and £10 for a drink for the lady (don’t forget there are two of them & very hard to say no) and £20 a dance you will run up quite a bill in here if your note very careful. The girls are also mainly after getting you in the VIP room at £650 an hour. Like I said, big money. You need to budget £100 an hour to have a good night here. (Excluding the VIP room). But all the costs aside, if you’ve got the wedge, go for it, you’ll have a great night.

By David W.

Stringfellows: the very name conjures up preconceptions. The brainchild of the flamboyant Peter Stringfellow, the club is as unique as its creator, but there is far more to this late-night hot spot than you might first think.

The Venue
A short walk from Leicester Square in the busiest part of central London, you might be forgiven for not noticing the somewhat subdued doorway to Stringfellows, with its well dressed doorman. After paying a very reasonable £20 entrance fee, you are greeted with a long, well stocked bar to your right, with large video screens on the walls displaying information about the dancers and the venue, and in the middle of the room are the first dancers you will see – the first of many, no doubt. There’s a collection of private booths, discreetly curtained-off to save your blushes and to avoid anyone getting a freebie glance.

The club is saucily decorated with deep, dark colours and comfortably downplayed lighting, and there is a good amount of leopard print and elaborate furniture, too. You may be surprised to find a whole other part to the establishment - it's three times bigger downstairs, with three more bars and private rooms in a large open-plan style, and a full cabaret-sized stage with plush seating for punters to enjoy the view of yet more gorgeous girls dancing.

The Atmosphere
Watch the girls on the stage and the hostesses chatting with the customers, and you realise that this place is actually worth all the hype. You feel a multitude of different positive pleasures - relaxed by the warm decor, happy with excellent drinks, and charmed by staff and the warm and pleasingly genuine girls. The clientele all seem ecstatic, perhaps down to the fact that everything is ‘quality’, from the drinks to the girls to the music spun by the DJ.

Girls sashay around in cocktail dresses and only disrobe on the podium as they dance - they don’t need to parade around in their underwear until the time comes, reminding customers that they are not just in a strip club, but in a sophisticated night-time establishment. The Angels (as they are known) are a credit to the club, with a relaxed manner as they welcome you to the bar, join you for drinks and encourage you to leave your inhibitions behind. Private dances are only a very decent £20, and the dancing that you see on the podium or the stage downstairs is but a mere taster for the delights on offer from these very talented girls. There is also an option to have the lady of your choice join you for an exclusive time at your table, but be advised that their company does not come for free and chunks of time need to be paid for at a higher rate than the dances.

The Food
Stringfellows has pulled off something of a coup as far as its restaurant is concerned; the food is so good you could almost forget you are in a gentlemen’s club at all. The menu is brilliant, the service is excellent and the meal is comparable to fine restaurants anywhere in the West End. You’ll enjoy it so much, the fact you are surrounded by beautiful girls becomes almost incidental.

Starters include an excellent chicken Caesar salad or a delightful king prawn and shrimp cocktail served with avocado and a baby salad. The main courses, which feature a mouth-wateringly succulent best rack of English lamb with red onion and mint chutney and the sublime ‘Papillon’ – Stringfellows’ celebrated ‘butterfly’ Scottish steak served with a Boursin and wild mushroom sauce – are nothing short of perfect. Additionally, the £20 admission charge is waived if you are dining, and so the incentive to try the food in the club is even stronger.

The Drink
The bars offer a good assortment of the usual lagers and spirits. For the more discerning of drinkers, there is a superb wine list available, from which a great choice of fine wines or Champagne can be selected. A particular highlight is the Chateau Cadet Soutard (Grand Cru St Emilion), which is so dry and delicious it’s good enough to drink all by itself, although it’s even better as an accompaniment to the fantastic dishes on the restaurant menu. The cocktails are well worth a mention too and barmen make a very good Manhattan.

The Last Word
Stringfellows is everything you might expect and so very much more besides. You immediately feel like a VIP thanks to beautiful and genuinely friendly girls who work the eager customers so well. Food is superb, service is excellent and the style of the establishment is one of easy, cool sophistication. The legend surrounding Stringfellows is well-earned in every sense.

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