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Sugar Cane is an exotic bar in the centre of London offering a mouthwatering selection of food and a wide choice of drinks including classic and Tiki cocktails as well as imported rums.

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"Sugar Cane is a Polynesian themed cocktail bar, influenced by the natural beauty and the tropical atmosphere of the islands, their culture and their Aloha spirit. It has a great selection of rums from a number of Pacific & Caribbean regions and other rare spirits. In addition to its own signature cocktails, such as Pele, Island Princess, Mango Bango, etc, it also offers a huge selection of traditional Tiki inspired cocktails such as Diki Diki, Mai-Tai, Pina Colada, Planters Punch, Zombies, etc. Other exciting offers include sharing cocktails served in purpose designed canoes or sea shells, cocktail classes and delicious food - all served with a smile. So come down and experience the 'Aloha' vibe, our sharing drinks and food - whatever you do just remember to bring some 'love' with you!"

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Sugar Cane reviews

By Chris B.

Great cocktail bar in Clapham!

Great bar in Clapham! Popped in for a few cocktails on our way to a club and had an absolute blast! Can't wait to come back and try some more cocktails, especially with the 50% off deal

By Sarah S.

Clapham have a great choice of Bars but this is now up there as a favourite, went there for a party and I loved it!! Cocktails galore and they really went to town in looking after us!! Thanks Sugar Cane!!

By Natlie S.

I was visiting London for my friends birthday, last year there were a few of us and we went out on the Friday night to a few bars including the Sugarcane where we shared some food platters. This year there were a few more so we decided to make it a Saturday and start at the Sugarcane. We arrived around 8.30 ish, which was lucky because by 9.30 it was well busy. We had sharing food platters again and as the drinks were reasonably priced and people were queuing in the dreary weather we decided to stay there all night. The decor made it seem a bit tropical and we all had a good night -- but if we do it again next year, we will make it a Friday night so we can sit and chat a bit more.

By M.

I have been in Sugar Cane before but last Thursday was there with friends from work and was a great night. I always love the relaxed holiday feel of the bar. Above all the cocktail choice and quality is super. When it comes to cocktails this bar is up there with the best. On Thursday does all night £3.90 Mojitos & happy hour on some cocktails and that definitely helps.

By Bruni L.

Been at Sugar Cane twice and had fab time. Great bar for a night out. Really love the atmosphere with bamboos, thatching and huts. Their cocktails are lovely, not overpriced like in some other similar venues. They do also very nice food. Staff looked really well after us and space allocated to us was very generous. They also don't have any entry charges. Definitely going back again.

By Sugar C.

Hi there Tom, Many thanks for your review of Sugar Cane, we are glad to hear that you had a great time. Please contact us before your next visit and we will look after you. Best Wishes, Sugar Cane Management

By Sugar C.

Hi Stephanie, Many thanks for your review of Sugar Cane, we are glad to hear that you had a great time. Please contact us before your next visit and we will look after you. Best Wishes, Sugar Cane Management

By Sugar C.

Hi there, Many thanks for your review of Sugar Cane, we are glad to hear that you had a great time. Please contact us before your next visit and we will look after you. Best Wishes, Sugar Cane Management

By Stephanie G.

I reserved a table booking at Sugar cane for the day of my birthday on the 24th of May. I got the area I wished to have had,the music was great and the cocktails was amazing. All staff was friendly and a great atmosphere all round. I got wished a happy birthday from staff too. Defo check this bar out. I'll defo go again ?? Regards, Stephanie.

By Tom T.

03.11.2013 Been here so many times. Venue is fantastic .Great place to meet up ,it's a really good vibe.The staff really helpful and professional. Thank you for wonderful evening, enjoyed every minute of it.The bar prices was very reasonable and it was no problem to reach it during the evening. Thank you to everyone there. I would definitely recommend it !!

By SR M.

Fabulous atmosphere, and the waitress that served the four women at our table last night was lovely. However, the bar tender/manager seemed upset that having order 2 daiquiri's, a virgin and a normal, I then asked for them to have the same consistency. One was satisfactory - icy, sweet the other watery, not sweet, too much lemon juice, warm and no alcohol. The burger circumference had a complete burn crust and the BBQ chicken came with a over salty gravy, to which I was told "this is the way its done here." Having been given a warm daiquiri, which seemed to have been corrected by adding more syrup and later some ice, there was no way that I was going to take the risk of another burger or BBQ chicken with gravy granules dish. What annoyed me was the managers treating us as though we were trying to pull a fast one. So I have woken up still annoyed that my point was not made and I have paid full price for food that was not eaten.

By Jonny P.

Great venue. Affordable cocktails throughout the week (great date spot), and buzzing vibe at weekends - open late, making it a great alternative to bigger nightclubs.

By Mike M.

Massive fan of the Sugar Cane! Great cocktails, classic tunes and friendly staff. Highly recommend - especially Thuesday's cheap Mojito night. Great atmosphere, top bar!

By Reuben R.

Went to The Sugar Cane a year ago just passing by, and have been back so many times since, I find it hard to remember. The contemporary up tempo music is always interspersed with some serious classics, Fridays and Saturdays kick off, and many a shape has been cast on the downstairs d-floor. Great Atmosphere, tasty cocktails and really friendly staff, The Sugar Cane is without doubt London's premier Tiki Bar!

By Anthony S.

Had a great 35th Birthday here, its funny, but I thought at 35 I would not be doing this, but we all felt as if we were still 25 to 30. Anyway had a great time and would recommend this London bar to anyone having a chilled out celebration.

By James

One of our regular haunts. Never fails to disappoint. Highlight has to be the perfectly charming and beautiful blonde bar maid that serves the most 'accurate' mojitos in London. Visit and enjoy.

By Free L.

I'm Pacific Islander and visited Sugarcane, the decor was very inspirational and gave me an island touch as if I was back at home. I ordered a local beer but to my surprise the bartender had no customer service orientation what so ever. It's a shame that I took with me that memory rather then the beauty of Sugarcane..

By Feydrah A.

I have been here a few times & I do really like it, but the staff are really rude! Just unfriendly, impatient & they took my drink before it was finished and when I mentioned it they just said 'well it's your own fault, you should have kept in in your hand and not on the table" where i was sitting!

By A M.

We booked the Cave area and had fantastic time! The staff were great leading up to the evening and stayed in touch with me to make sure everything was as we wanted it. The waiting staff were patient with us, even though we were rather loud and drunk, and were quick with our drinks. The food was delicious and was served at the times we wanted it. It's a nice venue that is not snobby or rude. Definitely worth comming back.

By Ben P.

We were looking for somehwere to meet for our stag night, and googled hen night venues and found the Sugarcane. We booked/told them we were starting there and checked it was OK. We didn't want problems with the staff. They said there was a themed hen party the same night, and a few guys decided to theme. We were planning a good stag night – not a boozy one. We arranged to have some food and for it to be the place where we would start. It was great, we turned up a few at a time and they suggested we have the food near the corner where the hen party was. We enjoyed the food (large platters, we just ordered another when one was empty), we weren’t bothered about the price of the drinks, but a few of us got talking to the girls and when they got some cocktails, the prices were good. We stayed longer than we thought we would because we were having a good time with the girls (in the hen party). We then moved on, but some of us are going back in a few weeks, and some of the girls said they were doing the same.

By Vero S.

Had girls night out here! Was not sure as I am a North London'r and have rarely ventured south of the river. Loved it and will be coming again soon!

By Nich A.

I took my girlfriend to the sugarcane, on Saturday. The atmosphere was very cool, the drinks were awesome, and we had a perfect night. If you're looking to impress then this bar is my top tip. Just the right blend of cool, with food and cocktails to go. A really good London Bar IMHO

By Dave M.

I hope this appears in the right place, there is one single review which is negative and looks a bit 'sus' -- Its a bit odd that it is so different from all the other reviews, also the English seems to indicate they might be e.g. the owner or staff from a Clapham ethnic restaurant? no caracter (should be 'no character') Sorry there is so many places in Clapham --should be 'sorry, there are so many places in Clapham

By James M.

Went to Sugarcane on Saturday 8th May 2010, the decor is pretty cool and the place suits a hen party or birthday celebration down to the ground. The drink prices are fairly reasonable for a Clapham bar (3.50 for the cheapest beer, 6.50 for a cocktail), but the place is way WAY overcrowded, it sometimes took 5 minutes to get from our sitting area to the bar, meanwhile getting people's wine and beer sloshed over you whilst you attempt to slide past them. The queues for the bar are 5 people deep, but the service is quite quick once you get there. The toilets are stupidly small for the amount of people this place lets in, the ladies were queuing right the way up the stairs, and some were even diving into the mens toilets. It's also the first bar I've ever seen a queue for the blokes toilets! Overall, it was a lot of fun, but you really need your own area booked as if you're left standing in the middle the experience is a form of human bumper cars.

By Kathy-Anne T.

Having visited Sugar Cane a couple of times, I thought it was the perfect venue for my hen's night. Location is excellent as I had friends commuting from Basingstoke, Windsor, London and Brighton. The venue it's self is fab. I booked space a few weeks in advance. I was flexible with Friday or Saturday night, even a month in advance, the Saturday was fullly booked - so we went with the Friday instead. I had plenty of contact between Sugarcane & myself up to the morning of my Hens night. Some of my guests wanted to come themed - no problems. I took decorations to personalise our space (the cave) and drapped them around - staff were very friendly and helpful - offering assistance. The night itself was excellent - my group of 18 women of varying ages truely enjoyed themselves and all have said they'd go back themselves. The champagne and excellent cocktails flowed all night and the food platters were good size and really tasty (both the vegetrian and meat versions). Music was fantastic, service was great and special mention needs to be made of the bouncers who were so incredibly friendly - an extremely rare occurence in clubs and bars anywhere in the world! Thanks very much Sugar Cane - I really had an excellent night - and look forward to celebrating the next event with you guys :)

By Leanne B.

My last visit to the Sugar Cane was over a year ago and they have definitely become much more popular since then, the place was heaving by 9pm. It was my friend’s birthday and although she was unable to reserve an area as they were fully booked, she still decided to have her birthday there. If you are into your cocktails, they make some of the best cocktails I have ever tasted and combine this with the bamboo covered huts and the cave area, it feels like you are in the tropics, just so it happens to be in south London. It was a Saturday night and they seemed to be operating a queuing system once they reached full capacity inside, but the bouncer was very polite and friendly, which in my opinion makes a big difference, comparing it to some of my experiences with door staff at other venues in London. I was told that you get more leg room on Fridays, therefore my next visit will be on one of those nights.

By Andy D.

I went there last Saturday night for my friend's birthday and I had a really good time. The staff was very friendly and the cocktails were amazing. The bar was full of hot chicks. A brilliant night for boys. I loved the music as was a very good mixture.

By Jo Ellen W.

Sugar Cane is a very very poor mans Mahiki and was dangerously over capacity when I went their for my boyfriends birthday on Saturday night. We emailed the bar in advance with a guestlist to avoid our friends queuing and when we arrived we realised there was no need as there was no cover and everyone was being let it. The whole of Clapham was in this small bar and trying to make your way anywhere was really difficult. Obviously Sugarcane were happy to have Sugar Caned over capacity to get more bar spend. Maybe fun but its was just too many people! The only real highlight was seeing the Yasmina from the Apprentice!

By Naomi A.

I chanced upon this bar on a very rainy February night and it really cheered me up after a miserable walk in the rain. I loved the decor and atmosphere. The cocktails were really tasty and had a real kick-not like some places where they are watered down. Only negative was that it was very crowded-but what do you expect on saturday night? Get there early and bag a table under a straw canopy (or did I imagine that?)

By Morena Z.

Had my first Sugar Cane experience on Saturday night for my friend's birthday and have to say it lived up to the hype. The door staff were super friendly and got us in quick despite the massive queues. Inside the atmosphere was great, music was brilliant, crowd pretty cool for a saturday. Only negative was a little too crowded maybe at the bar, but I guess better being inside than queuing outside. Will definitely be back.

By Flamur Z.

Although I just live down by the junction, I had never managed to get to Sugar Cane. I usually tent to head to the common or down Battersea rise on weekends, but having heard good things about this place from friends, this last weekend I decided to check it out. It’s definitely different from other places in the area with the whole hawaiian/tropical theme to the place and it is heaving on Saturdays. There is a pretty good selection of cocktails, some all time great tunes being played and a pretty attractive crowd. I had a great night and I will definitely be back.

By Flamur Z.

The theme at Sugar Cane is Tiki, same as the likes of Mahiki or Trader Vics. It is a concept emulating the pacific/tropical parts of the world, giving you a holiday feel. It was designed by Cheeky Tiki, the same designers behind Mahiki. The kitchen is open every night until 10pm, besides Mondays, when the bar is closed. It attracts an afluent and attractive crowd, usually from the 20-35 age group and the place is usually packed out on weekends, particularly on Saturdays, creating a great atmosphere that has been missing from Lavender Hill.....

By Rob H.

The review by ‘anonymous’ below sounds a bit like sour grapes from local competition….I have been living on Lavender Hill for years and when Sugar Cane opened nearly a year ago, I was glad we finally had a cool venue just around the corner. The place has grown in popularity since then and is buzzing with affluent and attractive people, very busy, particularly Saturdays……but that’s my opinion, you will just have to find out yourself…

By Claire S.

I was looking for a venue for my 30th and a friend of mine recommended Sugar Cane. I found the booking process straightforward and simple, no reservation fee and no minimum spend required and the staff was really welcoming. The place does get quite busy on Saturdays however, there is a really cool vibe in there and the crowd is non-pretentious, funky and up for a good time. As the View London reviewer said, the place has a similar theme to Mahiki’s, but without the pretentious people and the sky-high prices. The previous ‘anonymous’ reviewer says that there was no food, well, we ordered the party platters, which were quite tasty and ideal for our group to share, and the kitchen was open until 10pm. In addition, the cocktails were exquisite and although you might find cheaper places around, I thought Sugar Cane prices were quite reasonable for the type of place it is and the crowd it attracts. It’s a great place for a party and I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for somewhere with a tropical feel that takes your mind away from the gloomy weather…..

By Ferial L.

l have been living in lavender the last 15 years, and l was there once, no caracter, no style, cheap bamboo all over the place, sorry what's there idea and the concept, drinks are not cheap either, food menu display but no food?? sorry there is so many places in clapham you can choose from if out in the area

By Suzi S.

Really funky bar with a holiday feel to it, fabulous drinks served by dishy bar staff. I went there for a friend’s birthday and had a great time, really cool vibe. The sharing cocktail fishbowls are a treat and the whole experience was great. I would definitely recommend it……

By Tacita V.

Pure tiki at its best. Sugar Cane will blow you away with an exotic and friendly Aloha vibe.

The Venue
Sugar Cane is a tiki bar with all the trimmings: huts as booths, straw chief chairs, tiki statues, exotic flowers, palms, lots of bamboo and woven banana leaves covering the walls, and even tiki face cocktail glasses.

All of this can be found on Lavender Hill and, with its pleasant patio area being the icing on the cake, this can claim to be one of the most stunning looking venues in South London. Designed by the same team behind Mayfair’s Mahiki, Sugar Cane has an equally eyecatching decor but without the pretentiousness and the expensive prices: Clapham Junction may have just found its new centre of gravity.

The Atmosphere
Since its opening in late 2007, people have quickly stood up and noticed this exciting addition to the Clapham bar scene. Hen and stag parties in hula skirts are already staples but the bar is also popular with groups aged 25-35: notably, some are from the area whilst many have made the point to travel in for a visit. Try Sugar Cane during happy hour and you are sure to become addicted to its laid back fun nature.

The Food
The food isn’t overly exotic: you will find rocket parmesan salad and chicken burgers listed together with New Zealand green shell mussels. You can nibble on the generous Sugar Cane party platter (£15) made of lamb and red onion skewers, jerk chicken wings, vegetable spring rolls and wedges. Prices are a decent £4.50-£8.50 for dishes of different sizes. You’ll get the feeling, however, that the food menu will probably evolve with time to include more elaborate tropical flavours: watch this space.

The Drink
The drink list is well put together and there are surprises in every department. Within the beers (£3-£4 with some priced down to £2.50 during happy hours), you can pick exotic bottles like Lao, Mongozo, Coconut Organic or the Tahitian Hinano. Wines (£13.50-£22) and Champagne (£35-£120) are available as well, but it’s the cocktails (£6.50-£8.50) you should try.

Exotic and well presented, you can navigate through a selection of classics and several Sugar Cane own mixes, like the signature Pele – Goddess of Fire (passion fruit, vodka and rum with half a passion fruit shell containing a liqueur set on fire). The Do You Voodoo (vodka, rum, lemon, blue curacao) is just as satisfying and is available in individual glasses or as a jug to share (£15). For a real strong drink, try Dead Mans Punch (a bold mix of tropical fruits and the house special rum grog). All cocktails are heavy on exotic ingredients and a nice list of classic tiki drinks like Mai Tai and Pina Colada complete the list. And you still have 50-60 different rums to choose from!

The Last Word
Sugar Cane is a great tiki bar with a laid back atmosphere: the venue will truly impress you and, best of all, you don’t need to wear designer gear or spend half your salary to enjoy a night out!

By Edmond D.

It was very good.Brand new Tiki Bar and Restaurant with Londons only A Frame entrance.
Inside you can sit in the Tiki Hut booths or the Sunset lounge, Bar serving all the usual Tiki classics and some of its own inventions, food menu is a mixture of dishes designed and cooked by a Kiwi Chef.
outside area enclosed by bamboo for smokers/Summer
New stuff being added constantly to the Decor.
Designed by CheekyTiki.

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