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Sumosan is a stunning restaurant in Knightsbridge. They serve a range of Japanese favourites on their menu and sushi is a speciality.

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Sumosan reviews

By Kelly H.

While many of us are still feeling the pinch despite positive signs of a recovering economy, many Londoners continue to spend lavishly. Mayfair is one place where you’ll find these big spenders – it’s not prime real estate on the Monopoly board for nothing. And so a Japanese fine dining restaurant with eye-wateringly high prices thrives, but when the food is this good and the punters this rich, it’s hardly surprising.

The Venue
Sumosan is located in the heart of Mayfair – a place where drivers pick up clients in Rolls Royces and the stores showcase couture fashion. It’s the perfect location for an upmarket sushi restaurant but this place doesn’t flash the cash in a tacky fashion – this is a place that exudes class. The décor is suitably minimalist with a neutral colour scheme and rows of feature lighting. Chandeliers, white tablecloths and excessive table decorations are all refreshingly absent in favour of a distinctly Japanese feel. But that’s not to say it’s all style over substance. The chairs are some of the most comfortable dining chairs you will have ever sat in, which is a refreshing change from some of London’s more trendy dining destinations.

The Atmosphere
Sumosan is on the expensive side so it’s not surprising that you’ll find a lot of rich tourists and Londoners in designer clobber enjoying a sophisticated meal. That’s not to say it’s stuffy or dull however, as nothing could be further from the truth. The staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming, from the waiting staff to the sommelier and front of house. They are moving with the times, escaping the formality of fine dining with a smile and genuine friendliness.

The Food
Make no mistake, Sumosan will test the limit of your credit card. The portions aren’t tiny but sushi and fish isn’t particularly filling at the best of times so you can quickly rack up a bill of £200-£300 for two. Sushi is the most expensive with two small pieces priced over £10 depending on what you want and wagyu beef coming in at just under £50 a dish. A miso cod main for almost £30 is also expensive and showcases what to expect. That said, the quality of the food at Sumosan is exceptional. Everything is intricately created, carefully thought through and the ingredients are made up of only the best quality produce.

All of the dishes here hit the high notes but stand outs include the aforementioned miso cod. It may be expensive but it’s worth every penny. A decent sized fish fillet, the cod flakes effortlessly at the lightest touch of a fork and the sweetness of the miso sauce is strong without being cloying. The lightness of the fish with the sweetness of the sauce showcases the skills of the kitchen and this is one of the top dishes on the menu. Also great, if you want to fill up on meat, is the Banbury duck with an unusual lingonberry sauce. The duck is tender and rich, and once again the portion is a good size. The sweetness of the fruity sauce works well with the duck and is a pleasant change from the same old orange and cherry accompaniments you see across London.

However, it’s not just the main courses that impress. Sumosan also do well with their accompaniments. A fine example is the mixed vegetable tempura, which is so often an afterthought at many restaurants. The generous heap of vegetables is covered in a light, perfectly seasoned batter that allows the flavour of the vegetable to shine through. And they do a good job of avoiding too much greasiness or sogginess with their pleasant crisp texture. Peppers, courgette, aubergine – these taste sensations are much more than a mere side.

The real star of the show here is the sushi and sashimi. This is where they really show off their exemplary ingredients. The sea bass is particularly good – light, soft and delicate. Eel meanwhile is meatier and more substantial, adding depth to a sushi selection. Slightly less impressive is the cod roe, which isn’t for everyone, as it has an unpleasant popping sensation in the mouth. The octopus is meaty and perfectly tender while the bream is so delicate it practically melts in the mouth.

The Drink
Sumosan does have a well sized wine menu on offer but, as you’d expect in Mayfair, the mark-ups are large and you need to pay upwards of £80 for a decent bottle (that would normally retail at closer to £20). Instead, you can bring down the cost of your meal here by enjoying a glass of Champagne for around £10, which works well with the fish, followed by one of their Japanese beers (think Sapporo and Asahi). Also highly recommended is their above average selection of sake with a few available by the glass if you don’t want to plump for an entire bottle.

The Last Word
Sumosan is a fantastic restaurant perfectly pitched for its Mayfair postcode. If you’re not one for expensive fine dining then this probably isn’t the place for you but if you’re not short on cash, or you are just looking to celebrate a special occasion, then this should be high on your list of must visits.

By Rachel K.

Best Sushi I have tried outside Tokyo the Tuna and truffle roll and the albemarle roll salmon avocado tempura crispies to good to be true ! I also loved the artichoke salad and the pineapple with white chocolate for desert. It was packed and servic was polite and friendly. Can't wait to go again.

By Hugh W.

Well having read your review thought i'd give it a chance but I just went there for lunch. Place wasn't that busy and when we ordered were told it was going to take 25 minutes for the majority of items we choose. This wasn't the case as it took 45 minutes. Would have said that was ok if the food was good but it was very average. Service was deplorable. So if you have no option but to try it give it a go but don't expect to come out saying it was a great meal. We asked how long it was open and they mentioned 8 years, which was a huge surprise to know it has lasted this long.

By Anna O.

I do not understand why Sumosan have such a bad reviews?

I love Sumosan, the service is excellent and food just melts in your mouth... is one of my favorite places, do not rely on other reviews - this place is a must to go!!! You wont regret

By Shaz H.

I disagree with what this person said and think about Sumosan Restaurant.

Sumosan Restaurant is one of the best Restaurant I have been, they make the best sushi comparing to other restaurants in London.

The food and service are excellent. I love going there.I really recommend this restaurant to everyone, if you fancy eating Japanese go to Sumosan which is located in Mayfair.

By Sara S.

I would not eat at this restaurant again. The service was slow and appalling. The first course was the only decent part of the meal mainly because it was hot (had to ask for soup spoons though). The main course, after waiting an hour (and asking a very disinterested waitress how long it would be) arrived lukewarm. When telling the waitress about it she just said it shouldn't be and walked off!

People are spending a lot of hard earned money for this food. The least they should be able to have is good service and good food. Neither of which was on offer in this restaurant. I will not be recommending Sumosan to anyone else or going there again.

By S.

Sumosan is an amazing restaurant! Trust me, if you like exquisite, melt-in-your mouth sushi this place is exactly for you. The tuna sashimi salad was incredible, I definitely recommend it.

The food at Sumosan is superb, not a bit worse than Nobu! Unfortunately it is also not even a bit cheaper. It is worth the money however, if you are a true fan of Japanese cuisine.

By J.

I booked this restuarant based on some of the reviews that I had read about it. The evening started off well enough with friendly staff and a few drinks in the bar. However things started to go wrong when only two mains arrived (we were a group of four). I asked one of the waitresses where the other two mains were expecting some sort of explanation. She went off to find out and never returned. I then had to leave my seat to ask another waiter what the deay was. When they did eventually arrive we had been waiting 30 minutes. When the bill arrived i decided that because of the delay that I would only pay half the optional service charge and I told the Waitress this. She then returned the table with teh full amount charged to my card and argued that I should be paying the full amount. I will never return to this restuarant and I suggest that there are better places to go with alot better service.

By S.

After reading the lovely reviews about Sumosan I was extremely disappointed. Upon arriving the service (which we eventually got 1hr late) was poor. Despite there being an abundance in staff they all just seem to walk around ignoring you! I ordered the lobster tepanyaki as recommended by another reviewer on this site. It was not what I expected at all, half of half a lobster, that had obviously been frozen and, from the taste for a long period of time, the 'vegetables' were no better than a spoonful of chop suey from your local Chinese takeaway, all for the bargain price of £30! Crazy! I don't mind paying good money for good food but this was a shambles. Our table did eat a selection of Sushi and Tempura which were lovely, but definitely over priced. They charge you for them 'cutting' the sushi?!! Sumosan definitely lacked atmosphere, a big thumbs down I'm afraid!

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