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Sushisamba sees Head Chef Jeff Kipp create a menu of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian dishes. Highlights on the menu include roasted kabocha, wagyu gyozo and warm chocolate banana cake. Sushisamba also features a comprehensive international wine list overseen by Patrick Frawley.

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"Located on the 38th and 39th floors at 110 Bishopsgate, SUSHISAMBA delivers a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, culture, music and striking design to the City of London. The location features the highest outdoor dining terraces in Europe, offering unparalleled, 360 degree views of the City. Two panoramic glass elevators whisk patrons from the ground to the 39th floor, opening up London from inside-out as the lifts climb further and further upwards. SUSHISAMBA’s main dining room – with its dramatic ceilings – overlooks views of London with floor-to-ceiling glass on three sides."

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Sushisamba reviews

By Sebastian M.

We booked a table for a birthday dinner, first welcomed with a fake smile and no reference whatsoever that it was my husbands special day! Brazilian waiter over eagerly tries to advise us on the speciality dishes which aren't cheap mind you given the size of the portions served. Looked around and wondered why on earth one had to book at least a month in advance and basically the eating area isn't at all large! Service was fine so far ,the usual over enthusiastic waiter smiles especially after ordering a bottle of bollinger. After 20mins, our so called friendly waiter asked me how the food was, I had only just started to explain and he ignored me and dashed like a dog to the newly seated Arab guys beside us and just ignored my husband and I. My husband called him over to explain how rude he was to me which left him flustered. After watching all the waiters and managers running frantically and returning good these Arabs weren't happy about, the floor manager who was on duty on September 30th came over and apologised about the waiters behaviour,but wait it doesn't end there, his apology was so insincere that as he was talking to us he kept looking at the Arab guys next to us!you would think after this extreme rudeness, the 12.5% discretionary service charge would be waivered or a small gesture on the dessert front but no no no! Unless you want to be treated second class even though we splashed at least £400 there, by all means we wish you luck! Terrible service and wouldn't recommend this place to any sane individual!!

By Duglas F.

Have had friends stay over from Japan so have been visiting many sushi restaurants, this venue has the WOW factor! The view is beautiful, the service is first class as expected but it is all expensive...I think you pay for the view! It was something special and of for this type of occasion I would say it is perfect! :)

By Ellie S.

I have been to Sushisamba 4 times and every elevator ride down, I am always eager to plan my next visit! The service is second to none, the waiters always know exactly what to recommend, the views are spectacular and the food is always delicious. My mother has to hold onto the handrail in the elevator with her eyes closed and legs shaking to actually get up there (she is that terrified of heights!) but says there is no doubt that the food and atmosphere is worth the fear, even though she keeps well away from the balconies! It is expensive, but the experience is hard to forget. I definitely recommend ezo samba rolls and the ishiyaki hot plate of beef!

By David G.

This review is for the bar, what an absolute load of of rubbish, had to buy your way onto the terrace with at least a bottle of bolly for 125 quid and then you were constantly harassed by staff to buy more, the outside terrace views are rubbish although inside is much better and drinks half the price, if you want to go to a cool bar with a good vibe then avoid this place

By Laura R.

Sushisamba proves you don’t have to visit The Shard for good food with a view, although you’ll still be paying a pretty penny for it. Fans of fusion food and slick, City surroundings will be sure to feel right at home here.

The Venue
Up on the 38th floor of The City’s Heron Tower, Sushisamba sits parallel with the tip of The Gherkin, providing ample photo opportunities. The lift will leave you weak at the knees and you’ll step out to a very Sex And The City venue – Carrie and the gang would love the slick appearance of the oval-shaped sushi bar. The décor references Japanese Organic architecture, making plenty of use of wood and bamboo, while also reflecting Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s unique Modernist style, with natural, curved lines and fluid surfaces. An outdoor terrace bar sits beside and holds a beautiful Japanese maple tree, lit up prettily and with glowing orange leaves. The floor brings in a South American motif, mosaic tiling adding a splash of the samba element.

Through to the restaurant, where great bamboo shoots arch up the windows and interlace along the ceiling, the typical light bulbs hanging down loosely, too. Red upholstered booths curve round tables in the middle of the room while tables for two cluster around the edge of the room and provide the best view out to the streets of the City and beyond, and fancy seats in brown leather have been custom-made for comfort. Further seating in this 600-cover restaurant is available on a secretive mezzanine level, where seating is more informal and overlooks the main restaurant floor.

The Atmosphere
Although the restaurant’s name may conjure up visions of the latest gimmicky fitness craze to sweep the capital, Sushisamba is far from a fad, brimming with custom throughout the week almost a year after launching to the London public. Perhaps it’s because the Sushisamba name has international acclaim – outposts exist in New York, Chicago, Miami and Las Vegas – or perhaps it’s because this restaurant is so geared up for the flush City customers who crowd in and up the lift. It’s a City slicker’s paradise up here and most customers are smart financial workers doing business lunches or unwinding in groups after hours. They’re lulled into out of office mode by a soundtrack of funky and Balearic house and Hed Kandi chill-out albums. And although the décor is more sushi than samba, the waiting staff are mostly South American and are attentive yet relaxed, full of character yet polite. Bear in mind that the popularity of this prime location means you may be rushed through your meal and time slots are applied to tables. Perhaps you’re best off observing more relaxed hours and dining after dark.

The Food
Drawing on the cultural cross-pollination that resulted from clusters of Japanese migrants settling in Sao Paulo in the early 1900s, Sushisamba fuses South American – particularly Brazilian and Peruvian – cuisines with Japanese food. The result is a blend of miso and moqueca; sushi and ceviche. New head chef Claudio Cardoso has a formal background training in the best Portuguese kitchens and adds a few ideas of his own to the menu, such as escabeche criollo (£14), a refreshing spring leaf salad with slithers of lightly battered turbot and a Japanese sunomono dressing. This starter appropriately sets the tone for creative fusion food. Prices remain as sky-high as the Heron Tower, though.

Small plates or sushi rolls are a great place to start and yellowtail taquitos (£12) is one of the most popular dishes. It’s easy to see why; the crunchy little morsels hold a sweet and spicy meld of moist fish flakes and avocado. Just as enjoyable are the samba rolls – beautiful maki rolls with occasional Latin American twists. A Samba London plank (£15) is an all-rounder option, with six different raw fish toppings and accompanying wasabi mayo and soy sauce reduction. To suit extravagant City diners, wagyu tataki (£17) comes with the addition of foie gras and a fried quails egg. This is one of the richer dishes on an otherwise light starter menu.

Another delicacy on the small plates menu is kuromitsu glazed pork belly wraps (£12). Four caramelised morsels of fleshy meat are served in individual lettuce leaves, with little nibbles of orange flesh to add an extra citrus kick. Peruvian corn makes an ideal side dish to accompany larger main course options – the large kernels are less sweet than corn found in this part of the world, and are cooked in a fragrant coriander glaze. The robata grill provides ideal main courses to share, with asparagus on skewers (£8.50) tasting crisp and crunchy with a sesame tang.

Duck breast (£14) from the grill is cut into slithers and is intense in iron-rich flavour and deliciously pink in the middle. Meanwhile larger plates are on offer for bigger appetites and a fleshy cut of sea bass (£27) is perfectly presented sitting neatly on a corn leaf. It is sweet and zesty from a leche de tigre marinade and comes with a pretty heritage tomato accompaniment.

Desserts aren’t as consistently accomplished as some of these stunning-looking main course dishes, and an apple tiradito (£10.50) has a slightly synthetic flavour from its Granny Smith foam, although its accompanying coconut lime sorbet is a real palate cleanser and a pretty mosaic of apple and peach slices looks pleasing on the plate. The chocolate banana cake (£10) is a much better bet, with a moist texture similar to that of a sticky toffee pudding, and with vanilla rum ice cream and plantain chips adding the necessary Latin flavour.

The Drink
The sake offering is substantial here and 100ml measures start at £8 on the list, although real connoisseurs can pay extra to try sakes from a seasonal list. For City slickers less inclined to sample sake, there’s plenty of bubbly to go around., including some vintage Cristal and Dom Perignon. Wines are well chosen to suit the subtle and citrusy flavours in the food, such as a robust Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley for £7.50 by the glass or £43 by the bottle. Cocktails include a Japanese twist on the Peruvian Pisco Sour, as well as a couple of tequila- and rum-based concoctions. Finally, the beer list is perfectly representative of what Sushisamba is all about – Brahma from Brazil, Cusquena from Peru and Kirin Ichiban from Japan all cost £5 by the bottle.

The Last Word
Sushisamba is a City slicker’s playground and the food, drink and views go a long way to explaining why the 600-cover restaurant is consistently flowing with custom. If you can justify the price tag, then this is the perfect place to sample some serious fusion food in supremely stylish surroundings.

By Jakob S.

Such a thing never happened to me! This sounds unbelievable, but a waiter of Sushi Samba (i think he is Eastern European) hit on my girlfriend, when I was on toilet! Just ridiculous! Nevertheless,i find the view, opening times and food excellent. However, I cannot give more than one star, because of the above mentioned issue and the excessively high prices.(even for a place with such great location and view)really disappointed!


Thank you for your review of Sushisamba London. We would like to extend our appreciation for dining with us, and for taking the time to provide feedback. We are happy to hear you enjoyed the atmosphere and the cuisine! We are sorry to hear about your experience with some of the Sushisamba team. If you could email us at guestrelations@Sushisamba. Com, we would like to learn more about the experience. Thank you! Sincerely,joannamarketing and pr Director

By Flynn T.

Dined here on Saturday night. Spectacular views. Food was good if a little expensive. Service was tip top though, knowledgable courteous and warm. Our evening was spoilt though by an overbearing, pushy manageress (Brazilian i think) whose sole role seemed to be to run around haranguing staff and customers alike. This person spoilt what otherwise would have been a great night. Hence the two stars.


On behalf of our team at Sushisamba London, I extend my sincere apologies for your recent experience. At Sushisamba our goal is to ensure that our guests receive both stellar cuisine and customer service. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the cocktails and the view, and appreciate your feedback as we take every customer comment, and critique to heart. I would appreciate the opportunity to reach out to you personally. Could you please contact us at guestrelations@Sushisamba. Com. With sincere apologies, Joanna Marketing and pr Director

By S S.

Good points: the view, the cocktails Bad: Where do I start?! The waiters were extremely pushy. They were reluctant to give us any time to think about what we wanted to order. We felt constantly rushed. As soon as we entered (7pm), we were taken straight to the bar. Upon requesting to sit down first so we could have a look at the menu and decide on what to order, we had this reply: "why don't you first order your drink, and then go and sit down?". Awful customer service is what that is. We could not even have a look around and admire the views in peace without a waitree tagging along pushing us to the bar at every possible opportunity. As a couple, having spent so much just for the two of us, the least one would expect is good service. Disappointing to say the least. It's a shame really, as the views really are fantastic and was it not for the service, it would be a place I would recommend to friends and use as a sure venue for client entertainment.


On behalf of the team at Sushisamba London, I extend the sincerest of apologies for your recent experience. At Sushisamba our goal is to ensure that customer receives both stellar cuisine and customer service. I appreciate your feedback as we take every customer comment, and critique to heart. I would appreciate the opportunity to reach out to you personally. Could you please contact us at guestrelations@Sushisamba. Com. With sincere apologies,thank you joanna marketing and pr Director


Dear JKB- Thank you for your review of SUSHISAMBA London and your kind words! We would like to extend our appreciation for dining with us, and for taking the time to provide such positive feedback. We are thrilled to hear that you enjoyed your menu selections along with the atmosphere. (And yes, cheese and sushi is a wonderful combination!) As we continue to grow, we are especially thankful for the support of friends like you. We look forward to seeing you again very soon! Sincerely,Joanna Marketing and PR Director

By Matt D.

We were really looking forward to going to Sushisamba and as they were open to 3am on a Saturday evening, booked a table at midnight, as we had been to the Olympics all day. After the amazing lift up to the 38th floor and taking in the amazing views of London, we thought we were in for a treat. However things quickly went downhill. Our server, who was pleasant enough, gave us menus, but only after thay had up sold their bean tempura. Nice, but it would have been good to look at the menu first. Cocktails were chosen which were well made and were drunk as we decided what to eat. Our server then came across and informed us that as the kitchen was closing, that we had to choose quickly. Certainly not what was expected as a so called top class restaurant. We chose various selections, and for the most part the food was great. However, whilst still eating our large plate of meat, a dessert menu arrived and we were told to chose something as they were now closed. This was at 1:15am, no where near the 3am closing time. I got the feeling that this was due to the fact that we were the only remaining diners. Still, extremely shoddy service. One of the plates we ordered didn't arrive, with the manager blaming the server after implying that we couldn't possibly have ordered it. No apology at all. Dessert was chosed and eaten fast so we were finished by 1:30am. We asked if we could go to the bar for a drink and were reluctantly told we could, but that they would be closing at 2am. The food was in the main, great, and the views spectacular. However the overall service and the way in which we were rushed in and out was appalling and left a really sour taste in the mouth. It is af if because we weren't city suits they were not interested in us at all. So in a little over 2 hours, we spent over £250 to be treated appalling. It is such a shame as this restaurant could be amazing. Unfortunately, u ntil such time as they change their abrupt and impolite service, it never will be.

By Jennifer B.

I was so excited when I learned Sushisamba was opening here! I went to the Miami location in the states and fell in love with Sushisamba, and let me just say. The London location is incredible. I was speechless over the views, the food was just as good as I remembered and the staff was friendly and accommodating. The one thing that was missing here is the full drink list that Miami has. When I asked about this, the server they said the cocktail offerings will be expanding. This being said, for sake lovers and wine connoisseurs the selection is extensive. My recommendations: the Rock Shrimp Tempura, which is quite addictive, from the black truffle sauce to the spicy mayo. I had one of the kanpachi sashimi dishes - it had a mix of truffle oil and yuzu with the fish was perfect. My friend and I split a couple of their signature rolls - the El Topo and Ezo - both of which were very good. When have you ever heard of cheese on sushi? Well they do it here and it's delicious. Will be back!

By Veronika U.

While in London for the Olympics, I learned of the opening of Sushisamba London. I had heard of Sushisamba in the States, and it has always been on my to-dine list, so I took the timie of the London opening as a sign that it was time to try it out and up the 38 stories of Heron Tower we went! We were greeted by friendly hosts, and the most beautiful views we had ever seen. We only had time to grab a drink, so we found our way to the terrace where we sat at the bar under a magnificent orange tree. We wanted to try some Sushisamba cocktails we had heard so much about. We waited for the bartender to come over. Then waited a little bit more. Once he worked his way across the crowded bar he was extremely helpful and guided our way through the menu. All in all it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon in London. Now to try Sushisamba in the states.


Dear Catherine,thank you for your review of Sushisamba London and your kind words! We would like to extend our appreciation for dining with us, and for taking the time to provide such positive feedback. As we continue to grow, we are especially thankful for the support of friends like you. I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed your experience. We are looking forward to seeing you again very soon! Sincerely,joanna


Just moved back to London and I’m looking forward to trying out new restaurants and bars, first on the list was Sushisamba. My overall visit was very exciting. The weather was lovely, so we could enjoy the amazing view. As for food, I shared a plate of Samba London sushi with a friend that were beautifully presented and certainly best sushi I’ve had in a while. However we had to wait before we could enjoy our food, as our waiter took his time explaining to us the ingredients of each sushi roll. Nevertheless, I would love to come back in the evening to taste Sushisamba cocktails and few other dishes.

By Page N.

Apart from the location, nothing good about this place. Extremely overpriced and awful staff. The staff were very pushy and controlling. We couldn't even have a look around in peace. Layout of restaurant also makes no sense, with seating all facing away from the views. Lots of other places in London with similar views, with much better prices, much friendlier staff and a better atmosphere in general. I'd avoid this place if I were you.

By Morrais T.

Yet Another American based and funded restaurant Chain selling over priced fusion food on the hype generated by the TV series Sex and The City on a nice location. Selfish, stingy, short sighted attitude towards superbly skilled hand picked hard-working staff it's clashing with the pretended grandeur of the restaurant. I bumped into some of the staff changing their uniform on the stairs for there's no changing rooms for them. There's plenty of high class fusion restaurants in central London.

By Paul C.

This restaurant steals tips from staff. A 15% charge is added to the bill but it is not for the waiting staff. A large proportion of it goes towards costs and breakages. A restaurant that is as overpriced as this one can surely afford to pay for its own breakage costs without deceiving customers into thinking they are paying for the waiters service and underhandedly stealing it from you and them. Even if the tip is left in cash the company still insists that it owns the tip and can dip it's hand into the pot to take its share. Absolute theft. I will not return. Food is overpriced. Location is good.

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