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Tamada serves authentic Georgian cuisine to eat in or take away, ideal for when you're in the mood for something different. Specialities include Shoti Puri, a charcoal-oven baked bread and Tkemali, a homemade plum sauce.

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Tamada reviews

By Tami E.

I never rely on other reviews and I hardly ever write them. Nevertheless our recent visit to Tamada completely changed my philosophy and suddenly I had a desire to share my experience with others. Everything in this restaurant is elegant and tastefully done, even the washroom! Mixture of paintings and photos with the dimed lights and unfamiliar but pleasant background music makes you completely forget everything that stressed you out during a long day. Natalie’s smile and big bright eyes make you immediately relaxed. Everything she recommended turned out to be exceptional. The restaurant was almost empty when we arrived at 7pm but by the time we devoured khachapuri and baked mushrooms with cheese there were no tables left. John (my husband) and I were already content when a mouth-watering flat fried chicken and Tamada special arrived. Outstanding place!

By Irina M.

Can't describe how much fun we had here. It was New Year's Eve and we were a party of 10. At the beginning a set price of £60 seemed a lot even for a five course dinner with some freebies, but at the end of our celebration at 3am it felt that this was the best way to spend the money. We had a lovely dinner and nice live music before the midnight but right after the fireworks there was a lot of dancing. I am not even going to mention the food, as if you read this it means that you read other reviews so they sound very real, the food is very good at Tamada. What can I say Georgians know how to party. Very highly recommended! Ira

By Daryl C.

Just ate there last night, I've been here 5 years and without doubt that's one of the most interesting and nicest meals I've had in my time here. Great service, flavoursome food. Could not recommend it more.

By Nata M.

The minute you set your foot in Tamada, you are transported into Georgia – everything looks, smells and tastes like in Georgia. Food is the best you can have in and outside of Georgia, without exaggeration. The owner of the restaurant, Tamara Lordkipanidze, makes you feel at home, staff make you feel like you are paying a visit to a friend and not just being a client in a restaurant. It is almost a cultural experience! My daughter has dairy and egg allergies and does not eat even slightly spicy food. The owner herself consulted us on what the best for her to have and advised her staff on preparation of the food. They really went out of their way to accommodate us! My 5 year old finished a full order of mushrooms and had Georgian pudding at the end. Khachpuri – flat bread filled with cheese – is an absolute must. Kuchmachi melts in your mouth and khinkali is so good you will keep coming back for it! I really enjoyed every single dish I had and now can’t wait to go back and try other dishes. The menu tailors to all tastes and is vegetarian and children friendly. If you never had Georgian food before, this is absolutely the restaurant to go to! Great food, cozy atmosphere, and friendly staff and you will be greeted by the owner who has the brightest smile you have ever seen!

By Elena S.

Tamada’s excellent location near St.John’s Wood and authentic Georgian menu makes it an amazing place for eating out. A cosy room with walls decorated with native painting, tapestries and crafts available to buy, romantic lighting and a fairy-tale like tree in front of the entrance make it a magical experience. Everything is fresh, with many vegetarian dishes on the menu. Khinkali (huge dumplings) just melt in your mouth, khachipuri (freshly baked bread with cheese) is the trademark that you cannot resist. There are also aubergines with walnuts and beans, heavenly spinach starter, vegetable ratatouille and many other dishes to choose from. The owner Tamara is the keeper of all the recipes as she introduced many dishes based on her family traditional cooking in Georgia. She cooks impeccable food, creating a home-like atmosphere where you will feel welcomed from the very first minute.

By Nitin F.

My partner and I dined at Tamada last week for our anniversary and had a wonderful meal. The service was excellent, not too fussy. We had a Georgian sparkling wine first which was lovely and then continued with a red wine Satrapezo which was recommended by the waitress. It was not cheap but it was worth it! The food was excellent in every way and would recommend a visit to anyone. We shared a cheese bread and a chicken in walnut sauce and then I had a spicy lamb in wine and plum sauce and my partner had a flat fried chicken in garlic sauce, which not only look but smelled excellent. At the end we had a walnut cake which was perfection! I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. This was our first time at Tamada and it lived up to all our expectations. We would definitely come back.

By Lardini M.

We went to Tamada restaurant last Thursday and although it was not very busy the atmosphere was very warm and relaxing. The service was excellent, with the waitress ensuring a quick and professional service and the elegant owner herself coming to chat with us to ensure that everything was to our taste. She gave us a very interesting overview of the Georgian culture and history of some dishes. Her hospitality and attention made us feel at home. The food was delicious and the presentation was rather sophisticated. We had a famous khachapuri - a cheese bread and a selection of cold starters as well as lamb casserole and a vegetable ratatouille as our main courses. Unfortunately we could not have deserts as the main courses were rather big portions. However we had a Georgian coffee with a bite of a walnut cake which was something incredible. We will definitely be back to try some other dishes and particularly that walnut cake! We have already recommended this restaurant to our friends. Maya

By Maria L.

What could be better than a gorgeous Georgian wine and food in a wecloming comfy neighborhood restauarnt. This was unusual experience and is worth trying. Try a platter of meze with a cheese bread for a starter and dumplings or lamb stew for the main followed with the walnat cake and you will be coming back with friends. Tsinandaly a white dry wine was very good indeed. What a lovely experience! We are coming back for a birthday party next Sunday! Maria

By Ben L.

My friend and I specifically visited newly opened Georgian Restaurant to look for something different and it was terrific! It was quite an experience … dimly lit, inviting and comfortable main hall … an unusual décor with a modern look … friendly staff and nice service. We ordered Badrijani, Soko Kecze, Khachapuri, Jarkoe ‘Tamada Special’, freshly baked warm Shoti Puri and a mouth-watering sauce Tkemali. The food was excellent – perfectly cooked and delicious. In addition a £45 bill excluding wine was a great bargain for an authentic national cuisine.

By Jamie F.

What a fantastic place this is, the food is quite exceptional. There were 4 of us and we all tried some of each others dishes and they were all mouthwatering and distinct, the balance just seemed to be perfect for everything. There's a lovely warm feeling in the decor, the service is excellent and everything about the place has an air of quality. We were all very impressed and will be heading back soon!

By Michael G.

At last! Decent Georgian food in London as good, if not better than what I have had in Georgia.

It's a distinctive, original cuisine (aubergine with walnut paste is one of the excellent starters) that is just as good for vegetarians as meat-eaters. I loved the ajarian khachapuri (flatbread with cheese and egg), the lobio (bean stew) as well as the khinkali (meat dumplings).

The wine too is fantastic. Sweet red wine may sound all wrong but don't knock it until you have tried the kindzmarauli, although my favourite is the more conventional, deep red satrapezo that knocks the socks off wines at a similar price in other restaurants.

It's a 15 minute schlep from St John's Wood tube but definitely worth it.

By Gabriella C.

I went to Tamada with friends and family and the food was excellent, the wine superb and the atmosphere was just as I like: elegant but family atmosphere and unpretentious.

I will go back as soon as an occasion will arise but I have already recommended this restaurant to all my friends.

By Mimi B.

It was a first time I have ever tried Georgian food and I have to say it was absolutely fantastic!

Prices at Tamada are reasonable and atmosphere is relaxed and cozy. You just have to visit Tamada to experience it yourself. Good luck Tamada!

Madeline Bartlett

By Leigh M.

I first become familiar with Georgian cuisine this January when I visited Tbilisi capital of Georgia.

I really liked Khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread), and Badrigani (Aubergine with Walnut sauce).

When I came back I was missing this lovely original tasting food, and a colleague suggested visiting the Georgian restaurant Tamada.

The restaurant is bijou with panoramic pictures of Tbilisi giving it a unique atmosphere and character.

I found the food was as good as that in Georgia, and even my favourite Khachapuri was actually better here than in Tbilisi.

They also had a good selection of Georgian wine; I particularly liked the semi sweet red which complimented the food.

The staff were very friendly, and the service provided was excellent. We had a great evening, and I plan on becoming a regular!


By Anna S.

We went to Tamada on Sunday, a group of ten people. All very particular and demanding when it comes to food, the place and the presentation.

The place is very cosy, the staff welcoming and professional. They make you feel at home. The owner - a very beautiful and elegant Georgian lady personally attends to every tableto see if everything is fine.

But most importantly, THE FOOD WAS SUPERB! Everything we tried was absolutely delicious! And even though we are well familiar with Georgian cuisine, what the Chef produced was beyond our expectations!

It was just fantastic. You must try the meze, blinchiki, khachapuri, khinkali and all the other dishes on the menu. Go to Tamada- you will have an unforgettable evening.

We have already booked a table for today to celebrate a birthdayand are looking forward to this gastronomic feast.Dr Anna Zohrabian,MD;Dr N Jordan,MD;Dr Zara,MD; Tato,Journalistand all

By Anne F.

We’ve found the Tamada restaurant a wonderful place for a family diner! Cozy room, friendly, warm atmosphere and delicious food. We would greatly recommend everyone to forget about their diets for a while and enjoy really organic and healthy homemade food such as “Khinkali” (dumplings) or Georgian unique cheese-bread “Khachapuri”! Go experience and have a taste of aubergines, stuffed with walnuts and Georgian spices (“Badrijani”). Particular complements to Georgian wine! We’ve enjoyed an amazing semi-sweet “Kindzmarauli”. The owner, who also cooks herself, was very welcoming and had told us a lot about the traditional culture of dining and enjoying Georgian wine - elixir of life. It was fascinating experience! We’ll remain permanent customers. Good luck in discovering Georgia! XXX Anne.

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