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Established in 1988 Tamnag Thai has established a reputation for authentic and carefully prepared Thai Food. Their restaurant is recognised by some of the top food guides as one of London’s leading Thai restaurants. Tamnag Thai will be happy to introduce you to the delights of Thai food.

Ranked #1317 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 12:00-15:00 & 18:00-23:00
Sun 12:00-23:00

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Tamnag Thai reviews

By S.

Tamnag Thai is like no other Thai food I have ever tried. There is real quality in this restaurant and the dishes really reflect that. It makes me annoyed with myself that I have spent so much money in other Thai places when Tamnag Thai has been here all along!

By Antoinette B.

My experience on this restaurant is a bit of a bitter one, the food is expensive yet you wait ages with continuous apologies which sometimes become more of a nag. Their food is unbelievable bland. The staff seems confused and so not organised. There r not enough air vents, to allow smoke out, and the fan above us wasn't working. Even though I wasn't please with their service they were happy to cancelled my order which they had burn.

By Lucy O.

Ordered take away from here this evening (November 2011). They said our order would arrive in 45 minutes. An hour later no sign and I called, got an abrupt "the driver left 15-20 minutes ago" and no apology. Our order arrived 15 minutes later (so half an hour late) again with no apology, and a convoluted contradictory story about "just having left the restaurant" and "I had lots of orders to deliver.". Food greasy and bland, lamb green curry had a dodgy plastic sort of after taste (probably from having spent too much time getting close to the cling film around it) and the tempura had gone completely limp as though they'd been lying around for ages in the container and were inedible, which didn't tally with the "I've just left the restaurant" version of the lateness explanation. Needless to say we won't be ordering from (or visiting) this restaurant again.

By Joe T.

Unfortunately South east Thai in westow hill closed so I was forced to try this one for a delivery. The woman on the phone could not understand and kept going off to check. By the time it came to the mains i gave up and said "i cant be bothered to do this anymore". Her response was ok bye bye. Then put the phone down! I think from reading the other reviews i was lucky.

By Billy T.

This great institution is tumbling downhill. Today I ordered a take-out coconut soup that arrived curdled-like cottage cheese. When I called to complain I was told that they can't source 'Thai' coconut milk, and this is what happens to the Chinese coconut milk. Also that I shouldn't order coconut soup in the future (!) Frankly I won't be ordering anything at all in the future!

By Mary B.

Erghhh Bad service And in fact was turned away by a rude desk lady Then she simply turned her back and stood fiddling with papers Loads of people left Because they didn't have the staff plus half the tables were closed off? Odd for a restaurant Won't ever go back They can keep their empty tables

By Kath S.

Mixed experiences at Tamnag Thai. I first had it about 5 years ago and I really didn't like it. I risked going back about a year ago and I was pleasantly surprised by the cost of the lunchtime menu and the food. The service, on the other hand, is much to be desired. I had to wait quite a while at the front desk to be acknowledged, even after pressing the bell 2 or 3 times. I was about to walk out when we eventually got placed at a table. Waiting to order food wasn't much better. The food itself is nice, it's not spicy but it is garlicky and a bit salty. If you've got time, then go to Tamnag Thai. The decor is nice, but as previously said, the thing that ruins the experience is the service.

By Michelle M.

I have visted Tamnag Thai many times and have always raved about it. However after my experience last night - 12.2.10, I will never ever return to Tamnag Thai. The staff has always left alot to be desired but the food has always made up for it, but last night took the biscuit. On arriving we were given a lecture on how to use Tamnag Thai website by the manager as we booked online which was coming soon even though it gave us the option to key in our details, Then left waiting for a table even though the restaurant was not busy,our food arrived cold and not all of our order made its way to our table. I mentioned this to waitress a few times but was totally ignored.

I mentioned it to the manager on leaving he told me that I should have found him in the restaurant to ask him personally for my food. We then waited and waited for my boyfriends jacket and when I suggested that we help to find it the manager rolled his eyes at me! We later found his jacket on some boxes in the kitchen! Tamnag Thai your staff let you down

By Emma H.

I ate here just after New Year and had a awful time! Our Fish cake starters could easily have been bounced off the walls they were so rubbery. My boyfriend ordered the spicy curry but certainly didn't get it and I ordered a prawn salad and 2 of the prawns were only half cooked. Having complained about the starters and my boyfriend's meal being cold when it was first delivered the waiting staff (of which there is about 30!!) decided to give our table a wide birth. We decided to cut our losses, leave the food and get the bill. Was very close to refusing to pay for the meal altogether it was so bad and I've never done that before in my life.

By Jayne F.

Generally I have great meals in this restaurant but I was in there last night 23rd June 09 and had a terrible meal.

My boyfriends dish came out cold and mine hit the floor, although they did replace them swiftly.

I ordered a soft shell crab dish in a Curry paste sauce...... Curry paste sauce is was not...... it was in a sticky sweet & sour sauce.

My boyfriend ordered The 3 Musketeers which he has eaten there frequently before. This was previously is a nice dark chilli sauce.

Last night was in a sweet sticky tomato sauce. When questioning the waitress she brushed us off very quickly implying the dishes were as they should be.

Maybe it was the chef's night off!

By Tracey D.

Tamnag Thai is the Grand Madame of the Crystal Palace culinary scene and SE19's secret weapon in the London food wars.

The Venue
This ivy-coated restaurant has dominated the food scene on Westow Hill for nearly 20 years. Inside the decor is bright, clean and filled with the typical teak trappings of a Thai restaurant, but prepare to be dazzled by the tropical sea of cocktail-coloured parasols which cover the ceiling. Outside there's a tiny alfresco courtyard sparkling with fairy lights offering the perfect romantic spot on a balmy summer’s eve. The spiral staircase in the centre of the restaurant leads you to the facilities, making short skirts and large cocktails inadvisable.

The Atmosphere
Famed in South London and envied by its Dulwich neighbours, Tamnag Thai is gratifyingly full most nights, much to the despair of its overworked staff. The weekends are filled with the pop-fizz of celebrations: proposals, anniversaries and those who've filed their taxes on time. It's more of a smart chinos than trendy jeans sort of place and is popular with visiting parents of the swathes of young professionals who live in the area. The staff hip-swing around the tables with sizzling plates of fragrant fare, get them in the right mood and they are friendly and attentive, but on an off day, tip well and hide.

The Food
Tamnag Thai has maintained its decades of success by cooking impeccably good Thai cuisine, consistently. The vast menu caters well for vegetarians without any loss of invention or flavour. The very reasonably priced green curry with chicken positively explodes with flavour and is rarely beaten in quality. All the dishes are beautifully presented on large white platters adorned with artistically fashioned radishes and other root sculptures.

The Drink
There's the usual selection of Thai beers on ice, and a well-considered, if not a little traditional, cocktail menu. The wine list is reasonable and works well with the wide range of tastes Tamnag Thai has to offer.

The Last Word
For exceptional Thai food in a colourful setting, Tamnag Thai proves to be real treat and well worth trekking to Zone 4 for. Recommended.

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