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With a well priced menu and friendly atmosphere, Tandoori Nights is a good choice for those who appreciate Indian food.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours

12:00 - 14:30, 17:30 - 23:00


12:00 - 14:30, 17:30 - 23:00


12:00 - 14:30, 17:30 - 23:00


12:00 - 14:30, 17:30 - 23:00


12:00 - 14:30, 17:30 - 23:00


12:00 - 14:30, 17:30 - 23:00


12:00 - 14:30, 17:30 - 23:00

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Tandoori Nights reviews

By Andrew M.

Tandoori Nights is a bit of a celeb spotter place, or so I've heard. Not that there were any famous people there when I went. I love a bit of curry, so Tandoori Nights was a nice night out for me. The food was good, but not that good - for the price.

By Inga B.

Really enjoyed the food and atmosphere in this restaurant. Met up with a couple of friends for a pre-Christmas dinner and was thoroughly impressed! The food was excellent.....I had the King Prawn Peri Peri which was absolutely delicious and a side order of aubergine bhajee....again delicious. The service was both attentive and friendly...and even though the restaurant was very busy...the staff make an effort to make you feel welcome! Great location as well.. Will definitely being going back in the new year!

By Mark O.

Brick Lane is world famous for its curry and those in the know head to Tooting for their fix, but what do you do if you fancy a curry and you’re being dazzled by the bright lights of Covent Garden? Restaurants like Tandoori Nights aim to please the masses and you will find all of the classic dishes on the menu at reasonable prices, something which makes it a popular choice with transient tourists and theatre-goers alike.

The Venue
The area, joined by Drury Lane and Great Queen Street, is most remarkable for the Freemasons’ Hall, an architectural wonder that almost makes you want to see if they’re accepting new members just so you can get a peek inside its humongous vaulted doors. Over the road you will find Tandoori Nights, a fairly inconspicuous building that looks like it could have had the same frontage since Margaret Thatcher was in power. The decor inside dabbles with the contemporary – salmon pink walls are juxtaposed with chocolate-coloured, tall-backed leather seats and smart white table linen. It is a thin, long space, which is clean and bright but not particularly pleasing on the eye.

The Atmosphere
Staff are friendly, welcoming and pro-actively go about their business as groups in celebratory mode tuck into stacks of poppadoms. Later on in the evening, two dancers take over what little floor space there is and perform a Bollywood-inspired dance routine. Whilst they give it their all, the restaurant doesn’t really have enough room to cater for this sort of thing and, as waiters have to navigate their way past a dancer’s flailing arm, it becomes painfully clear that it’s been shoehorned in.

The Food
One of the best options from the appetisers is the prawn puri (£4.50). Tiny prawns are served in a spicy tomato-based sauce which has a decent thwack of chilli heat and this mix is encased in a greasy (in a good way) folded roti. In the interests of experimenting, a hazarvi kebab (£3.95) is selected to go with the puri. Described as a combination of chicken, homemade cheese and spices, those of you who think chicken shouldn’t be mixed with cheese shouldn’t stress too much as when it arrives it is more like a chicken tikka, with no cheese in sight. The chicken needs more time on the grill too – it’s barely cooked in the centre and doesn’t get finished as a result.

Just as soon as the starters are lifted from the table, the mains arrive, so request more time if you need it. The lamb Hindustani is boneless, which seems a shame, and comes in a thick, blended nutty sauce. In terms of its flavour it’s pretty inoffensive but, if anything, the lamb could do with being slow-cooked for longer as it's not as tender as you’d like. Hopes are high for the Goan fish curry, a South Indian speciality, and whilst this has more of an impact thanks to its feisty seasoning, it again feels a little like a dish that could do with more time on the stove to truly bring out its flavours. The fish used in the dish is tilapia, a white fish common to Asian cuisine and it is served in an iron karahi, which has the appearance of a miniature wok. The pilau basmati rice it is served with is absolutely fine as is the garlic-flavour naan bread.

Tarka daal (£4.50), a true measure of an Indian restaurant’s ability to do the simple things right, shows Tandoori Nights does have the potential to excel. A bowl of pulped yellow lentils, with the consistency of soup, is infused with fresh coriander, and this particular dish has a rounded, lingering flavour that suggests care and attention has gone into it. The daal and the puri prove to be the high points of the meal.

The Drink
This being Covent Garden, any self-respecting restaurant has to have a cocktail menu and Tandoori Nights has recently introduced one and drinks are about £6 each. The Mumbai Cooler, a mix that includes cranberry, lychee and gin, is a refreshing drink that uses fruit juice rather than fresh fruit. They often have they have 2-4-1 specials available as well. Most people dining at Tandoori Nights are happy to go down the traditional route of drinking bottles of Cobra or Kingfisher but a decent wine list is available should you so desire, with bottles starting at £12.95 and glasses starting at £3.50.

The Last Word
Whilst curry connoisseurs won’t be flocking to Tandoori Nights any time soon, this place continues to do a brisk trade with those who are passing through Central London or who want to take advantage of their pre- and post-theatre deals. In return you’ll receive a middle of the road curry at recession-proof prices.

By Angelina F.

We had a Bollywood Xmas party here and it is one of the best nights I have had in a long time! It was a unique and raucous occasion! I have been here before and the food is always excellent with the staff friendly and efficient. It was a three course deluxe menu which is not their usual a la carte (I had the lamb shanks which is lamb cooked on the bone in a delicious garam masala sauce...mmm!) They have recently put a new cocktail menu in place which has a quirky collection of names, but delicious to taste (try the new tandoori nights signature drink.....Tandini). The dancers were colourful, energetic and fun...and then invite customer to come up and learn a few moves. Good to watch my colleagues having a go! All in all a great night!

By Tony P.

Went Tandoori Nights for a friends leaving party and it was a great night!The food was excellent....

I ordered a meat thali and my friends ordered an array of dishes too numerous to mention!

The staff was friendly and helpful, especially with the various surprises we had organised for him and generally found them to be good sports on what was a fairly boisterous night!

The atmosphere was busy and lively for a Thursday night..and would recommend to anyone!

By Samanta A.

Booked a table for 5 at Tandoori Nights and have to say that food here was superb.

My colleagues work in the area and this is by a long distance one of the better indian restaurants in covent garden.

I had the hervazi kebab to start with followed by the karahi lamb with a side order saag paneer, pilau rice and garlic naan....very, very good and very stuffed!!

The service was friendly and attentive with the atmosphere being a mix of theatre goers, tourists and us, local workers!!!

The manager gave us a drink on the house for guessing all the movie characters on a quirky painting that they have on their main wall!

Although we were wondering why it was up in an indian restaurant.....oh well...who cares....it was a free drink!!!!

Had read good and indifferent reviews of this place, but have to say that my experiences has only been good!

By Peter B.

good food and friendly service. I had the lamb karahi and my mate had the chicken vindaloo (hot!)

They've got an interesting picture on the wall of old movie stars and they run a competition (i think a bit ad hoc, but good fun) that if you can name all of them you win a free drink...!

If anyone knows the one fourth from left, please let me know as that's the only i could'nt get!!!

anyway a thoroughly good night that I recommend to anybody!!

By Peter C.

There are quite a few indian restaurants in covent garden and I've checked out all of them as I work in the area.

The food here is excellent and staff are very warm and friendly.

If you like a classic curry, but with something more creative then I recommend this place highly!

I have to say it is the best curry in Covent Garden and a good buzzy atmosphere on Thursday and Friday nights!!!

By Amy C.

I found to be of excellent quality and the atmosphere is friendly and informal. The staff are warm and it is a place I would definitely go back to.

By Jan K.

Awful, awful restaurant.Staff were rude to me on my birthday, leaving me in tears after just half an hour of being there.

Though the food, to be fair, was tasty, the service was poor. We ordered two different potatoe dishes (one a mumbai curry, and the other a fried dish) and were told 'They're both the same. Potatoe and potatoe are the same thing, do you understand?'

I do not pay to take rubbish from anyone, and had it not been for my 20 guests, I would've kicked up a much bigger fuss.Ridiculous night, ruined my birthday, will NOT be returning.

This place is a joke, I truly dont understand how it got any decent reviews.

By I.

The food at Tandoori Nights was very good. I particularly recommend the Chicken Xcutti (not sure of the spelling!), the staff are friendly and take the time to have a chat. The wine menu is good but I do recommend the house wine as it is a good choice. I think the one thing that really stuck out for me about Tandoori Nights is that in the middle of central London, you feel that you have a local!

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