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The Tate Modern exhibits a wide range of modern artwork to suit all tastes.

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Tate Modern reviews

By Michael S.

I always visit the place when a new piece of modern art is being exhibited in the free space. It's always enlightening and great fun too.

By Kazia P.

There is a short essay about Lichtenstein mission in current world, come to say hello on my art blog cherrs :)http://localphilanthropy. Blogspot. Com/2013/07/lichtensteinisation-of-world. Html

By Josh W.

I try and visit the Tate Modern at least twice a year to see what new artists and exhibitions that they have on show. The Roy Lichenstein section is on my top areas to visit every time I come back here. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

By Holly S.

Yes this place is definitely worth a visit! I've been to the one in Liverpool and this is like a thousand times better. So much art, and saw a lot of painting that i'd heard about such as by Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock, really great. Obviously with any modern art you do get the more weird pieces but it's all down to interpretation. I also very much enjoyed the interactive section where you got to play games involving famous artist and their paintings. It was for children really, but my friend and I enjoyed having a go.

By Sophie A.

Being a student, I also was looked upon by the staff there very nastily. They monitored me and made me feel extremely on edge, although they expected me to do something. I found it disgusting that just as I'm a student that they frowned upon me, when I was really interested in all the art as I'm doing Photographic Journalism at University. I felt like I couldn't stop and look at an image for too long, so I couldn't appreciate the art as much.

By Sophie A.

Being a student I went to the Tate to view the Exposed: Voyeurism exhibition and was terribly dissapointed. Me and other 6th form students were taken to admire new artists and take in insipiration from my work but I found myself annoyed and stressed after seeing the exhibition. On the information desk it stated 'some images may be found challenging' which was expected as voyeurism is obviously mostly used for sexual gratification. We paid £7 for the tickets and proceeded into the exhibition. I enjoyed the first stages of the exhibition, admiring all the beautiful images and the different artists, however when reaching a certain point, a very serious and patronizing woman asked our age. Our group was mostly 17 years old, despite a few 15/16 year old lower years that had attended. She proceeded to tell us that there was and 18+ restriction on the further part of the gallery. Our teacher took us into it, and the man didn't seem to mind as we were obviously on a trip. The pictures were brilliant and I'd studied the photographer before. However, I felt extremely sympathetic towards the lower years that missed out on the projected images. The slideshow was a 42 minute long set, meaning that was the area that consisted of the most images. The reason why it was 18+ was because of male nudity. However I also found this annoying as in the main gallery that could be viewed by all, it showed women being raped, oral sex being performed on the women and a variety of different 'shocking' things. Which I took as art. I found it strange that they had to section off a seperate exhibition just for male nudity. I also felt annoyed as I felt they should have notifyed us when purchasing tickets- as there were alot of dissatisfied students who didn't gain alot. I believe they should have put a sign saying 'all images past this point are sexually explicit, enter at your own risk'. Alot of people paying for the show aren't going to go in mocking the art, its art at the end of the day.

By Demetrious F.

I visited Tate Modern yesterday and went into the turbine hall exhibit "How It Is" and was frankly disappointed.

It wasn't very dark, there was nothing to feel, the light coming in from the open end was enough to illuminate your way all the way to the back wall.

Very disappointing compared to past exhibits in the turbine hall.That said, the "Pop Life" exhibit is well worth the money it costs to get in and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone (except those easily offended by nakedness and porn as parts of it are X rated) but don't take the kids...