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Tayyabs offers a range of Punjabi themed dishes in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Ranked #52 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Tayyabs reviews

By Jonny S.

rude staff, oily tasteless curries and why bother booking if you have to wait in a queue for an hour. Don't bother - Sagar or Veejay's Sweets are a different league to this crap. Only idiots that know nothing about Indian food would go more than once.

By Jenny B.

Well done Terry you finally got the point, it is and in out place.

It is not for sitting around making small talk, just eat and get out and let some others do the same.

If you want to Hog a table go and pay ten times more for a pile of rubbish in a pretentious dive. People like you make me ill.

By Laura G.

The mixed grills were very tasty, the food came quick bearing in mind how packed it was. The downside was poor customer service and the curries lacked any real flavour. I would try elsewhere for curries but for mixed grill Tayyab does well.

By Suzanne N.

It was all hustle and bustle at Tayyabs, we waited about 30 minutes for a table but to be honest it was not worth the wait. The only good dishes on the menu was the mixed grill and tarka dal apart from that the other dishes did not meet expectations. Service was non-existent but yet its still packed to the rafters.

By Michelle M.

We had an unfortunate dining experience here last night. It was very noisy therefore difficult to order. The waiter brought us the wrong dish, which we ate because we thought it was part of our mixed grill. Then when the bill came, that dish was actually mean't to be for the table beside us (as we saw the waiters apologise to them). When the bill came, they charged us for this dish costing us £22 extra. My husband mentioned this mistake, then the waiter refused to remove or discount the £22 dish off our bill saying if we don't pay for it, it'll come out of his own pocket. Then he deliberately threw mango chutney all over my husband! this really upset us all so he had to take the £22 off our bill in the end. Really miserable service from overworked waiters.

By Mike T.

The best mixed grill I have had in London by far. What more can I say except prepare to wait for a table for at least 30mins. Service is ok if a bit rushed, food is cheap and cheerful. BYO makes it a really good choice if you looking to dine out on a cheap.

By Felicity D.

This restaurant is awful. We booked a table for 8 for 9 o'clock. When we arrived, there were 60 people waiting, crammed into the restaurant doorway and out in the freezing cold. We waited for an hour and a half to be seated despite having 'reserved' a table. The waiters were rude, exhausted, unhappy and aggressive. Once we were seated we were rushed through our entire meal. We were out of the door, having had starters and mains, within 35 minutes of sitting down. The food was good but not exceptional, which it would have to be in order to come close to justifying the hour and half wait in cramped, noisy and cold conditions. What a horrible evening!

By Pat R.

Amazing mixed grill that came out sizzling but food portion was very small. The naan was a small plate size which was a disapointment. The curries were not flavousome enough. However the restaurant as always was buzzing at 6pm. Not the best curry but not the worst either. Go for the mixed grill alone.

By Tony E.

went with 4 friends 5th feb booked a table for 9pm about 50 people waiting to be seated place was packed at 9.15 shown to a table given menus ordered starters which were lovely chops and chicken tikka went for a saag chicken for mains wasnt rushed at all rest of the party had a great evening nothing to go crazy about but not as bad as previous reveiws staff were run off their feet but were polite and helpful the place started emptying by 10.15 very pleasant night would go again but have had much better indian food the bill was £90.00 for 6 of us i pay that sometimes for me and my partner so stop moaning and give it a try

By Ahmad A.

Having read all the reviews thought I would give this a try! So persuaded my Husband to take me on Sunday evening and did the 15 mile drive. However I have to be honest and say I was disappointed...the restaurant was not busy so we were given a table straight away. But the Service was very poor and waiter did not recommend anything to us so we ordered what we knew. Food came no less then 10 minutes and tasked okay...nothing special. Atmosphere was poor - the music was the same because the CD was on repeat and I had a headache as the same songs were repeated around 10 times! Another table was having a argument with the manager during our meal which also didn't help. Credit Card machines were not working at the restaurant so my poor husband had to do a 10 minute walk to the nearest cash point in the rain! As we left no one greeted us to say goodbye! Don't think I will recommend the restaurant and sure will not be visiting again! ;(


I would give this place no stars,six 0f us went on Saturday night to celebrate my son's birthday it was late but we were seated then told to order in five minutes, everything we ordered they said they did not have then another waiter would say they did.They were rude and ruined a great night, horrible place horrible people.We just got up and left.

By Marina Z.

Appalling! Phone stolen by waiter! My husband and I went to Tayyabs for a dinner with our friends (another couple) and our evening went wrong straight from the start. Our waiter was clearly trying to get rid of us asap, he was in a shocking mood and we felt very unwelcome. We took about 10 minutes to go through the menu and decide what we want. All the time he stood over our table with a face like thunder. When food came, one of our curries was missing and it took them a long time to rectify that. They also tried to charge us for the wrong amount in the end. It was all such a hassle! The atmosphere was horrible and they made us feel rushed and very unwelcome all the way through. But worst of all, after we left, we realised that my husband's phone disappeared! There were about five waiters going back and forth past our table. In particular, there was one waiter, who rubbed very closely at my husband while cleaning away the plates. At the time we thought that he fancied him and laughed it off but, in reality, he was probably the one who stole the phone! There was nobody else, who came close enough to my husband throughout the whole evening and later when we went outside before the loss was discovered. We tried to ring the restaurant but, of course, we were told that they did not find anything and they were unwilling to help in any way.

By Sameena K.

Treated myself last night to a take-away Karahi chicken dish with roti. Wait was just a few mins and the food was fantastic!

By Samantha W.

Its the first time I visited Tayyabs and it was worth the wait. The food was really good and cheap. The dry meat was delicious, and mixed grill was really good. I recommend this restaurant for its canteen style atmosphere and great food.

By R A.

Terrible service, They do not treat their customers the way they deserve to be treated = shit. We reserved a table for my friends' birthday, when we went they made us wait for an hour for a table, what is the point of reserving A table if they cannot provide A table like Other restaurants when you reserve? Restaurant staff are unhelpful ' one minute ' they say as they walk past, one minute goes by - no table! Tayyabs is shit.

By Annie W.

waited for about half and hour for a table on a Monday evening, we were quickly seated in a smOKe filled space. Then we ordered our food and I must say the dry meat at tayyabs is one of the best dishes i had. The mixed grill was ok, but overall it was a unique experience.

By Holly S.

We queued for a hour and a half before getting a table, I really couldn't believe the queue. Then when we got a table I couldn't believe that we were actually on the same table as some other people I didn't know. That was kinda crazy lol. but I did enjoy the meal very much. We all got different things and shared, and its such an eclectic menu that I really felt that I was getting something different. Luckily I had an Indian woman with me at the table and she knew what all the dishes were. I wouldn't have had a clue if I had been on my own. The staff were very friendly. Everyone in the restaurant seemed friendly. Was a good atmosphere.

By The F.

Crap. Went a few years ago and it was amazing. But how success is a double-edged sword. There may be queues out the door every night, but that means they have stopped caring. The food has gone down hill, the service is abysmal, eating areas are cramped, the noise is outrageous. The waiter we had couldn't hear what we ordered, we couldn't hear what he said we ordered. Et voila - two completely wrong orders and a bill for £50. Never again will I darken Tayyabs' door, and now I just laugh at the people who say they have read about this wonderful back street place where they serve delicacies for next to nothing... maybe 2 or 3 years ago, but now your better off on brick lane, and thats saying something.

By Ruksana B.

Went to this restaurant after being recommended by so many different people, for a friends birthday, so was looking forward to it. However, even though we had made a reservation, we had to wait about 20 minutes for our table, standing in the main restaurant, where people were eating, which was really embarrassing. In addition, our clothes was smelling intensely because we were so close to the diners and kitchen. The restaurant is so tiny, that people have to squeeze in to let others pass and so are the tables. Me and my friend, who were sitting opposite each other just about had enough space to put our plates , glasses and a dish between us and our side was already congested. There was such a limited range of dishes that I was very bored and did not feel like eating. The food was very standard, nothing special and the portions were tiny. However, the staff seemed quite attentive, sometimes a bit too attentive. I was deeply shocked by the lack of space in such a popular restaurant. I will not be going there again.

By Curry K.

Tayyabs has gone down hill big time. I have eaten here many times and still dream of the wonderful meals I used to eat. I have eaten here with many different guests and am talking from experience not like a tourist who eats here once and does not know. Since the old manager left, service can be really erratic, food orders incorrectly taken, long waits (which is amazing as anyone who knows Tayyabs of old could have called Tayyabs fast food!)

Seating was reorganised several times for a refit, and left it cramped and something out of a comedy show annoying everyone when trying to enter and exit the table and vice versa for other customers. Controversy aside the prices have risen as the clientèle have changed, I am not going to spell this out, but you if you are not daft you will know what I mean, this used to be a community canteen style affair and the prices reflected that. Now that prices have risen and portions have decreased, you do not have to be a genius to work out that those who are really in the know go elsewhere, get much better quality and pay half the price, and I am not going to say where as those that do know have left the New Tayyabs way behind.

You used to be able to eat here in seconds, it added to the charm as soon as you sat the order was taken, food came hot and fresh and all at once, starters mains everything, to some this was hurried, but really it added to the charm, amazing quality food at ever so cheap prices that made Brick Lane and any other curry house look like a joke. If you wanted to take your time over the meal, they were not going to kick you out so you took your time, but if you wanted to eat and leave quickly then it worked perfectly. Now the service is overly complicated and poorly run. The breads are not as good as they used to be and anyone who knew what they used to be like will know what I mean. The main problem apart from the smaller and more expensive food, is the blandness and insipid nature of

By David R.

To those who keep complaining, here's the deal. Tayyabs is a victim of the fact that it appeared in the Sun newspaper last year. Now it's rammed all the time and you have to queue forever in the evening. Also the recent poor service is not not helped by the fact that their head waiter for years left them and opened his own place (Needoos) round the corner in New Road. So this is what you do. If it's before 6.30 go to Tayyabs. No queue, service won't be rushed and food will be excellent. If it's after 6.30 go round the corner to Needoo's and have exactly the same excellent food in a quieter and less rushed atmosphere. And they do a lovely pot of mint tea at the end !

By Sam B.

Worst night out I've had in an extremely long time. Tayyabs was once a great restaurant with fantastic food. The service was always average, but overall a well above average place to eat. Now however, I'm afraid the word is out and the place is absolutely horrendous. Rammed no matter what time you arrive, I made the mistake of arranging a night out there for a group of six. We arrived and our pre booked table was no where to be seen, the waiter actually told us to stand out in the rain until it was ready. When our table finally became free after a 20 minute wait (and a lot of persuasion) we finally sat down to some of the rudest service I have ever experienced. As soon as we had sat down we were being hassled to order, before we had even had a chance to look over the menu, we were practically threatened into placing an order, this was after our waiter had tried to order for us, telling us what we were to eat. We made it clear that we weren't yet ready and he was definitely not pleased. Once the food arrived it was not bad, but no where near the standard which gave it the reputation that it no longer deserves. Squeezed round our very small table we were forced to confront a different waiter, when we pointed out that he'd given us several dishes that we didn't order, included lamb filled naan bread given only to our 2 vegetarian friends (suspiciously feeling like sabotage). We were constantly harassed into eating faster and moving on. We were made to feel like a complete inconvenience to both the staff and the restaurant as we were bullied through every aspect of our dining experience. I had been to this restaurant on more than a couple of occasions when it was still a hidden gem, but now, you couldn't drag me back. If you want a great brick lane meal, I'd head for Aladdin's up Brick lane and avoid Tayyabs like the plague.

By Amy J.

Tayyabs is a loud and lively, it reminds me of my school school dinner hall with people fighting each other to jump its now famous massive ques.

Well the acid test comes when the food is served and Tayyab does not disappoint but at the same time does not excel.

The mixed grill is wonderful with kebabs, tikka, onions and chops.

However the curries are nothing to shout about. Overall it was worth the visit and bill was reasonable.

By Ishan E.

My favourite restaurant. food is amazing.. I normally just gorge on the starters. The lamb chops and sheek kebabs are amazing.

Service isn't great but , food is cheap and great. never spent more than 15 pounds a head... and believe me you will be stuffed for that price.

Expect to queue for an hour is you after 7 pm .

By Johnny S.

Theres a lot of fuss about Tayyabs so I paid a visit and now I can tell why.

Its amazing looking at the long ques of people waiting to get in the restaurant. They day I went they must have had about 50 people outside waiting for a table.

As for the food its nothing out of the world, some of the Brick Lane curry houses do better food. Its worth a visit if you want cheap curry and its cheerful.

By Terry K.

I think most people have said it all on this site. The food is good but the service is awful.

I booked a table for 2 at 6.30hrs on Friday. We were given our table within 10 minutes but no sooner had we sat down and the waiter was waiting to take our order.

The order arrives very quickly, too quickly as we got our starters and man courses at the same time.

the waiter had to lean across another table to give us our food.

We felt we were rushed as they just want to get you in, fed, and then get rid of you. If i wanted that i could have gone to MacDonald's.

however, having said that the food is good, go for the lamb chops as a starter they are fantastic.

Bring your own drinks as the do not have a licence. There is no corkage charge.When we left, in under one hour, there were over 60 people queueing for a table.

So my advice would be to book a table on their website. So, to recap, book on the website, expect good food, expect to be rushed and expect poor service.


By Mack R.

Insanely busy during the weekends. The grills are really good and the lamb chops are a must.

However, the curry dishes are not on par with some of the Brick Lane curry houses within the locality.

There are some elements of customer service that could be improved but when your serving a full house it can be difficult to manage the crowd.

The biggest trump card for Tayyabs is the fact they serve excellent grills at a very reasonable price.

By Sarita B.

I think Tayyabs has given into greed and money and forgot about the customers that became regulars there after my last experience.

I couldn't believe how money grabbing they have become - the staff there lacked any customer service, were rude and difficult when you challenged them about how long we had to wait (over an hour and a half).

I was told by their manager on Friday last week that I would have to wait approx 15 minutes - but ended up waiting for an hour and a half.

I was with a pregnant friend and felt it was unreasonable that she had to stand that long. When I asked the manager for help, he was so flustered he couldn't take it in and was rude and difficult and upset me.

Food is good but customer service is bad and they have given into greed by organising bookings and a queue system which they can't manage or maintain.

I wasn't the only disgruntled customer there and I won't be going back (after being a regular for years)

By Yasmine N.

What a fantastic restaurant! We were very lucky to be given our table as soon as we arrived (We booked 2 weeks before!)

The food was out of this world and the service fast and accommodating.

Being a teacher in the art of Indian cooking, I have to rate the food 10 out of 10.

Our guests a french man and his lovely Spanish wife found the food mind blowing!

The queue's were a little daunting as people queue around our table and were almost salivating over us.

Love it and would definitely recommend for the posh and the poor!

By Mark E.

Went to this ruby house a few months ago with a couple of mates. It was our first visit, luckily we booked in advance got our table at specified time and that was the oly plus point of our visit.

The food was crap, the worst curry we have ever had and it will be our last visit to this venue even if they offered the grub as a freebie.

If possible I wouldn't rate this one star, but as i can't zero it, i will give the star for getting us seated at the time we booked for.

Mark Ellis, Ingatestone

By Andrew M.

Went there last night. Food as always was amazing, however as it was extremely busy and there was plenty of people queuing, our starters and main course came up at the same time.

With 8 people dining, we were balancing our dishes on our cans !!

Just as we all finished, we were told people and especially families with children were waiting for our table.

Will go there again but just order starters, when finished, will order the mains

By Ruma R.

my fiance always talked abt this place and eventually we did go to eat lol it was splendid for a indian restaurant - it isnt very romantic or so but it is really good service and ideal for small getherings with friends or family.... food was really good although lamb chops was a bit too chewy but not bad price as my fiance paid abt £38 for both! will go there again inshallah :-)

By Minnie M.

This place is always busy. We did book in advance but found that this does not make any difference and you still end up waiting for your table. As other reviewers have said this place is a good cheap eat and ideal for a group-not a place for a cosy meal as it's quite noisyand the service is quite hurried and rushed. The lamb chop, chicken tikka and sheesh kebab starters are great. The currys are okay, portions verge on the small side. Minnie

By A A.

The food is great. The price is even better. But don't go here for a relaxed meal in the eveing on any day. They do rush you a bit and its always very busy. We usually go for a late lunch/early dinner at about 4ish. At this time it is quiet and more relaxed. But still not dead as is the case with most places at this time. The service is acceptable but only just. They added a few extra items to our bill, we crossed them out and re-calculated. The staff didn't query this at all and accepted what we had paid. Maybe they were being nice or maybe the often overcharge and were not going to kick up a fuss when caught out. Take the positive view if you wish but check your bill anyway. On balance I enjoyed the food so much that I can forgive the other issues mentioned. It is very good value for money and the food is very good. This is a rare combination these days.

By Cerian G.

Fabulous starters, the Lamb shops are an absolute must. The mains are average for a very good place. THe value is incredible though and by far the best restaurant for the area. The atmosphere ranges from buzzing to stressful though. Don't go here on a date or if you want a quiet meal! Unfortunately it is frequented by drunken city guys who think they own the place but reassuringly lots of families go as well.

By M. S.

I agree with others on the high quality of grilled stuff served in New Tayyabs, like seekh kebabs, chicken tikka and lamb chops. However, curries are just average and nothing to talk about. My biggest issue was with their charging us for poppadums which we didn't even order! I went with a friend and as soon as we had taken our seats, the waiter hurriedly put a plate of poppadums, some chutneys and a plate of salad on our table.

Since everyone was being served this, we thought this was on the house. But when the bill arrived, we realised that we had been charged 50p for each poppadum, half of which we hadn't even eaten! Obviously this was annoying and I told the waiter that we hadn't ordered any poppadums. He didn't reply and I saw him talk to another guy, perhaps the manager. Anyway, no one came to talk to us about it and we didn't take up the matter further.

However, it left a bad taste in the mouth. I'm surprised to see that this thing isn't mentioned in any other review. Quite possible it didn't annoy others as much, but I thought it was very unfair and unethical of New Tayyabs.

By T.

I have lived just off Brick Lane for the past four years and although I may not have tried every single venue, I've tried plenty and I've found nothing that even gets close to New Tayyabs. In particular I'd highlight the New Tayyabs food (superb) and the value for money (bonus!). Can't say fairer than that, can you?

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