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The Alexandra pub offers a choice of beers, wines and spirits as well as Sunday roasts. Entertainment includes a large TV screen which features some of the most important sporting events, and there are quiz nights.

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The Alexandra reviews

By Emily F.

This is a great boozer in Clapham. its a lovely big building with quirky decor inside. Its a great place to watch sport as they have a big screen at the back and lots of smaller TVs scattered around. There is always a fun atmosphere and has a good selection of drinks. This is definitely a place you should visit if having a night out in Clapham.

By Dempsey D.

Just got here to watch the champions league, arsenal v barca, and guess what the build up to this game is.........wait for it, Emmerdale!! Okay, quality soap, but 30 mins before a football game!? You're hav'ng a laugh! Asked the barman to put some sport on and he said (quote) "the French are in charge and won't change the channel", sports bar? Or soap bar? Either way you're better off at o'neils over the road. Another yawn for the Alex...

By Jason B.

I’m not going to write a review here as I am actually the manager of The Alex. Just thought I’d drop a note about St. Patrick’s Day as it’s just around the corner. There was a change of management last year shortly after St. Patrick’s Day. So for those of you who wrote in to complain about last year, I can assure you that this year we’ll have truckloads of Guinness, and plenty of staff to serve it up!!!! We’ve also got a special Irish stout made by Adnams Brewery to try. Sorry, but there’s only a limited supply of this one; so first come, first serve. And as for the music, this year we’ve got The Blackthorn Ceilidh Band to entertain you in the evening! We will be open late and for those who get there early, the Irish Stew is on us during the day! Hope to see you there!

By Patrick B.

Brilliant place to go!! Have been going with my mates for years, the atmosphere when sports is on it is especially second to none!! I cant understand these people who have given it a one star? Probably because they are pretentious yuppies who have invaded Clapham themselves??!!!If you hate the yuppie vibe and love sports then this is for you, if not, then you might as well go to All Bar One!!! Proper lads bar - but yes some it does attract some good looking ladies as well!!!

By Nerrisinlondon

I'm rather shocked at the previous reviews of the Alex here, Clapham is overrun with "poncy bars" and the Alex is a welcome respite from all the pretentious venues that are available for everyone in Clapham. The venue is a fantastic venue to watch the Rugger, yes it's a lads pub, yes it's all about the sport, but yes women are very welcome. For once though, it's a bar where the guys can have a chat to each other without spending the whole time eyeing up some girl! I agree that the pub is not always the cleanest, and yes when they are busy the bar can be crowded with glasses. Having run bars myself, this is entirely down to the Island layout of the downstairs bar and the restricted room behind the bar, it is impossible to have enough staff to keep the place clean during busy times as they are fighting through the crowds trying to get back to the bar the whole time loaded with lots of glasses. I'd ask those that have posted negative reviews not to go back if they don't like the place, there are hundreds of us that do and please leave us to our pleasures!

By Sunday B.

i've never been downstairs in this venue as I only go on the Lazy Sunday Acoustic night upstairs and I have never had a bad time.

Regardless of the reputation the place has downstairs, the first floor bar is the perfect space to hold an acoustic night.

By M R.

This bar just goes from worse to down right horrible. What does the manager know about providing customer service? and cleanliness? That was the last time I would step into this dump.

By M R.

PLEASE offer a minus rating.This bar would get it, it doesn't even deserve 1 star.

Save your money and time, if it wasn't near a bus stop it would be a vacant building right now.

Customer service non existent.

By Sally S.

Sums up everything I have heard of the place, on going problem. Has a major reputation of staff with bad attitudes.

By Sally S.

The Worst St Patricks day venue I have ever seen.Being from Ireland I am not sure if I have high expectation but this bar was woeful.

I was told not to go there by many locals due to bad attitude of staff and they were proven correct. The staff were aggressive and VERY rude.

I understand it is a very busy day. Maybe more staff or even staff that can prepare for a day like that. It is a known fact you will be busy on St Pattys day when you claim to be an Irish bar.

The very front bar was covered in empty glasses and the staff made no attempt to move them. I never saw any managers yelling but I did see a lot of staff running around without a clue on where to be standing or who to be serving, added to staff pushing their way through customers like they shouldnt be there drinking.

Can someone explain why we were listening to American country music in England on St Patty's day? Ridiculous.

Word of advise, if you looking for poor customer service, attitude and a bar without any respect for the customer you will love this poor excuse for an irish bar.One Last thing -

Q:What Irish bar run out of Guinness on St Patricks Day? A: The Alexandra, Clapham Common

By Laura C.

I only gave it one because I couldn't give it 0. I don't usually mind proper pubs, in fact generally prefer them to poncey bars, but this place is just awful.

How does an Irish themed pub run out of Guinness on St Patrick's Day?! Did you not have 364 days to prepare until the next year's festivities... and does it not fall on the same day each year?

Did you not maybe think that getting some extra bar staff in would have been a good plan?

Or maybe a glass collector to move the hundreds of glasses that were piling up on the bar?

Also overheard the manager (I think) having a proper barney with some guy at the bar because the guy had complained that one the bar staff had told him to f*ck off...

Really not worth the hassle, effort, money or time.

By Russell C.

Unbelievably arrogant and unprofessional management. Got served a 'pint' of Adnams by the Eastern European Manageress. Asked for a top'd have thought I'd questioned her parentage, sexuality and right to work in the UK all rolled into one. Basically it was 'that's how we serve beer here, so if you don't like it f*ck off'. Poor, poor, poor. Was recommended this pub by a friend but will now go out of my way to tell as many as possible the truth. It gets 2 for the vaguely ironic but still annoying decorations.

By A.

The Alex as it is affectionately known by locals is one of very few semi-proper pubs around with all the dark dingy qualities of a smoking den combined with just enough pretentiousness.

The downstairs bar is generally home to men watching sport (be it football or rugby) the more civilised may prefer to sit upstairs where a pleasant drink can be had without the chaos that seems to surround sporting occassions.

I love this place, I will continue to go there, anything to stay out of All Bar One (not that there is one in Clapham, but I am sure that the cancer will spread to us soon).

By Rory B.

A grand tavern smack bang in the middle of Clapham, this half Irish, half Aussie pub is full of testosterone, sport and cheap beer. Alexandra is what drinking used to be and great fun, to boot.

The Venue
‘Once an Irish pub, now an Aussie one’ – whatever that means – Alexandra is full of Claphamites attracted by the reasonably priced drink, sport, rough around the edges boarding, and bric-a-brac. Large screens and projectors litter the pub downstairs, whilst upstairs, large windows pour light into a cavernous room stretching across the property. Conveniently situated almost on top of Clapham Common tube station, with efficient staff, good views over the high street, and an unwavering, but intangible Australian soul for high volume drinking, Alexandra is a lad’s pub.

The Atmosphere
The Alexandra is like a Wild West drinking house airlifted onto the trendy Clapham High Street, which is why it’s so popular. It combines its Irish and Australian heritage to give a unique experience in this part of London – perfect for sports. Everything from floor-to-ceiling is worn down timber, which gives a functional age and character to the place. The buzz on drinking in such a grand and unfamiliar scale is infectious and the staff and largely friendly spirit serve to keep the big crowds positive. The grand gothic windows add a sense of drama to the pub quizzes and major sporting events.

The Food
Very simple, pub grub is served most days, but the Sunday Roast is a particular favourite – beef, chicken and the works – although in all honesty unless you’re engrossed in a game, there are better places to eat in Clapham.

The Drink
All the lager a drinker could want is sloshing about in the cellars under this place, with some crisp and cold favourites to gleam among the few glasses of house white you might guiltily cling to. But a good selection of spirits and fruity ales makes up for wine that seems a little out of place.

The Last Word
If you ever wanted to know what drinking in the Wild West was like, without leaving the crowds and relative safety of lower Clapham High street, The Alexandra is the place to go. Gritty, chocked full of character, and a great place to watch big sporting events.

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